Part 7: Birds of a Feather, The Dragon's Tower

Chapter 41: The Golden Goose

Ada had lit her signal fire with her dragon’s breath, and Pasco’s first response had been to chastise her for coming twice in a row before he’d seen the real concern on her draconic face.

She’d slipped into the captain’s quarters in the usual way, collapsing on the bare wood, and for the first time she did not make it even a little bit wet.

She saw that he found the recounting of the tale almost as arousing as she’d found it in real life, and Ada had been excited that this would bring her back. But while she’d certainly enjoyed Pasco’s pleasure, and even helping with it, she still felt overall apathetic about her own. This was not the beggy, fun denial of the sirens — it was just, sort of odd.

Ada had taken a few flights to stretch her wings over the following three days, but mostly had been cooped up in the hold, trying to not be depressed.

She was confident that she was not pregnant. Rather, something else was happening. A feeling of something vaguely magical itched under her skin.

Her scales remained tightly shut. It was not all bad. She did, finally, sleep as a dragon. Dreamed as a dragon. Became very hungry as a dragon. There were not, unfortunately, many good meal options for her. Pasco was considering a detour to a port town so that they could buy a pig. Or several. 

There were some quiet moments that she savored. Pasco falling asleep curled up in her tail. Sneaking her head out of her window to just watch the stars at night.

She’d retired from her star gazing, late, and curled up into a light slumber. Human-Ada must have grabbed back control of her dreams that night, because they were very sexual. Lots of growling and pawing and feelings of fullness.

Ada awoke and thought she must still be dreaming. There was the most wonderful heat in her belly, and her legs and tail were slick with wetness. Ada stirred, her scales rubbing against the wood, and it felt good. Not just nice, but oh my gods good. She leaned into the feeling — at least she’d get to enjoy her dreams for a bit. But then, she realized. She wasn’t dreaming. She was sopping wet and rubbing herself and fuck did she feel full. As full as that knot had felt.

Hurriedly, she poked her shout out into the hallway. A passing pirate snapped to attention. “Get Pasco, tell him— mmmngh — tell him something’s happening.”

Pasco arrived nearly immediately with a pallor of worry that shifted to a flush of arousal as he found Ada cooing and writing in her own slick, which was now even thicker on the floor than during her usual activities.

“Pascooooo,” she flopped her head towards him, pleasure-drunk, “It feels so goooood. I’m so full. Oh, oh another one’s coming, another— ohhhhh.

Her muscles clenched like they around the dragon’s dick but in reverse, from deep within her down to her entrance. The contractions pressed the fullness right against the muscles of her entrance, a feeling that was similar to the dragon trying to pull his knot out of her. 

She was intoxicated by the ecstasy, a heady mix of urgency and acceptance, a greedy breath of anticipation before each moaning exhale.

Her parted scales let out a gush of pent-up wetness with every convulsion. It had started slowly, but they were coming more frequently now.

“Can you tell what’s happening?” Pasco asked.

“I think I’m… I think I’m laying an egg.”

“A living egg?” Pasco seemed ready to panic.

“No I… I can’t explain but… we’ll see. Oh! Oh gods that’s good…” Another contraction rolled down Ada’s abdomen. Pasco could do little more than tend to his growing erection as he watched. Ada liked that and spurred him on with a few luxurious licks and ample moaning.

The magical itch under her skin had intensified, and she felt a sort of burgeoning pride not unlike what she felt when she surveyed the brook on the island. What sort of blessing might this be?

Another contraction washed over her, then another, each near-orgasmic and stronger than the last. Nothing else had given her this kind of pre-orgasmic pleasure except for the waterfall. But this sensation was different, with this incredible fullness inside of her. If she could combine this and the waterfall she might actually die of happiness.

It wasn’t the strength of the contraction that would release the egg, so much as to what degree she relaxed. And it would be difficult, because it felt so good when the fullness met the resistance of her muscles. She felt like she might be able to stay like this for hours.

Dragon-Ada knew implicitly that in the case of actual dragon reproduction, the male would still be nearby and would wrap the female like he had during coitus and similarly relax her so that she could deposit the egg. Human-Ada figured that this was, perhaps, even a built-in mechanism to help ensure that the female did not accidentally lay her egg without the male there.

But she was not really an actual dragon, and this was not really a live dragon’s egg, so she would find out what happened when there was no male dragon around.

The answer she seemed to be building to was, ‘an indescribably powerful orgasm’. 

The next contraction milked a howling roar out of her as if she was actually coming. But, not yet. It was a good thing they’d stayed out on the open sea — if they’d been in port, the whole town would be about to hear, because she was only going to get louder. As it were, the whole boat was about to get a treat.

The next wave came, almost right behind the first, and Ada got louder. Pasco picked up on the change and perked, eager to see what happened.

Ada had a mere moment to catch her breath before the next wave. “When this comes out, it’s gonna make me— ah, aaaaah! Fuck.”

Ada hadn’t really needed to explain the contractions to Pasco, since it was externally obvious the way they coursed down her abdomen, clenching at the egg that was now right at her entrance, spreading, stretching.

The waves were now coming right on top of each other, no rest between them, just this incredible throbbing fullness. Ada’s thoughts became silent. Time seemed to bend.

“It’s c… it’s c… it’s coming!”

The egg slipped past her entrance with the most delicious stretch.

Ada collapsed into trembling waves of orgasm.

As they finally faded, Ada found herself sitting next to an egg as big as her human self. Pasco rushed over to hug her from behind, and his warmth was comforting to her now much smaller and much more naked body.

They were both transfixed by the egg. It was perfectly smooth, shining, and golden. Ada reached forward and knocked her fist on the egg. It was solid. Pasco reached forward and did the same.

“So let me see if I’ve got this straight,” Pasco said.


“When you come, you turn into a dragon. Then, if a dragon comes in you, you don’t come for a while — but instead, you’re like the golden goose, and you lay a golden egg, and that makes you come.”

Ada nodded, dazed. “I uh… that about sums it up. That witch may have been… not very good at magic. And may have been mixing spells.”

“You must have made her very mad, to make her that careless.”

“Apparently. Did you figure out the next part of what this means?”

“Probably not. Enlighten me?”

“It means that all I have to do is keep going out and getting fucked by that dragon, and we’ll be unspeakably rich.” It appeared that Ada could add wealth to the list of blessings that she had brought upon Pasco and his extended family of pirates. And she could add pride to the list of feelings that she had about it.

It also meant that, since she’d be finding the dragon again, he might get to watch the next time. She might have him open the locket so that she did not need to worry so much. And, she might actually get a chance to experience the combination of two of her favorite sensations — the fullness of the egg and the rumble of the waterfall.

And though her mind eagerly flickered through the possibilities, she would share them all with Pasco later. Because already, his eyes were starting to glaze with overwhelm. Any more promise of pleasure and he’d remember little of whatever she said next. So, she waited.

All he could say was, “Holy fuck.”

“Yep. I think the only downside is I don’t really feel like fighting when I’ve got a golden egg in the oven, so we’ll have to time our combat carefully.”

As Ada had anticipated, Pasco wasn’t really listening anymore.

His member had gone soft in the excitement and confusion of the egg appearing, but was now hardening back to attention. 

Ada giggled and turned to him. “You didn’t get to come yet, did you?”

“Uh, nah, but it’s not—”

“C’mere, then.” Ada wrapped her mouth around him, which quelled his protests. She was feeling satiated and ready to turn selfless attentions towards Pasco. 

As she did, she gave her silent thanks that he had not ever once thought to exploit or contain her — except in the ways that she wanted. This golden egg thing could have proved dicey if she trusted him any less. Even with the tantalizing promise of riches before him, she knew that if she pulled the slip knot, he would respectfully let her leave.

She also knew that for as long as she lived, she never would.

Ada also felt a strange gratitude for the witch, bitter and misguided as she had been. Ada hoped that the witch had found some peace in the life beyond.

Never in Ada’s wildest, wettest dreams had she imagined she might ever live like this. Rich. Loved. Loving. Sated.

Happily ever after.

Part 5: Paradise, The Dragon's Tower

Chapter 29: A Proposal

They had eventually retired to Pasco’s hut and snuggled up on a bed of cushions. Ada awoke before him, early in the cool morning, and watched him sleep as parakeets twittered outside. Despite her best efforts, she couldn’t help but wonder if he was so very skilled because, well… he’d had lots of practice.

Now, that was the pot calling the kettle black something fierce. Ada had enjoyed many lovers back at the castle, but she was coming to realize that there was a difference between being a lover and a partner.

She wanted, deeply, for Pasco to be her partner. He’d happily agreed to be her lover, but what would he think of really marrying her, for real? He’d offered a marriage in name. Had that been only consideration for her, or did it also hint that Pasco was not looking for a partner after all?

And what, specifically, was Ada herself looking for? Not monogamy, certainly. That was not, to her, the difference between a lover and a partner.

As she watched him sleep, a deep and primal feeling came over her, a certainty that she would fight anyone, face any trial, run any distance, to be with him and care for him.

The difference to her between a lover and a partner, she realized, was that a lover was there for the fun stuff. For the sex, and the romance, maybe even for the thrill and adventure.

A partner, on the other hand, was also there for the harder things. For the anxious introspection. For the times when the tensions between two different dispositions were not so nice to tug on. For the soft spots and the rough patches. Someone who would listen as she talked through how angry she was with her parents, and yet how much she still, even now, yearned for their approval. Who would console her, and give her advice.

Someone who would tell her of their own hidden tendernesses, their own deep fears, so that she might soothe them in turn.

Someone at her side, holding her hand, if something terrible happened that they couldn’t stop, like the death of a friend or the loss of a home. Someone to cheer with her, knowing intimately the full depth of her joy when something wonderful happened, like her playful flight, or when the child had given her the headband of mismatched parrot feathers and conch horns, which she had set carefully over a hook on the wall.

All of those things were what she wanted so deeply to have with Pasco, but she was quite unsure of what she’d do if he didn’t want those things in return.

And yet the thought was beating around her chest like a caged bird. So, she thought that while he was asleep, she might confess to him and bleed off some of the urgency, so that she could perhaps endure a bit longer and find a better way to broach the subject.

“Marry me,” she whispered to him.

Pasco grinned in his sleep, but then his eyes fluttered open, and Ada realized with a flutter of panic that he had not been asleep at all.

“For real?” he asked, his voice hoarse from sleep, and quivering with a nervousness that mirrored her own. She realized suddenly what a fool she’d been to fear his rejection. He’d already practically confessed his feelings in the tavern, especially that he was frightened of boring her. Had he withheld any further proposals out of fear that she might see them as too much of a cage?

“For really real,” she said.

“A thousand times yes!” He turned towards her and caught her in his arms, then kissed her long and deep. 

Ada would not normally have been able to endure such an embrace without developing a thirst that she could not leave unanswered. But those had been lovers’ kisses.

This was a partner’s kiss, as emotional as it was physical, and it meant something different. Still urgent, still visceral, but more vulnerable, sensitive.

It did not end with sex, but with Ada curled in Pasco’s arms, telling him about what she hoped for in a partner, and him echoing back her sentiments with equal enthusiasm. She told him about what she had learned in the pool, the way that stress made her seek sex and that she could finally relax with him.

“If it’s from stress then… is it bad sex?”

“No!” Ada said, wanting to quickly assuage the flicker of guilt in his eyes. “Not at all. In fact, it’s kind of fun. I mean, it’s hot, right? Like, I shouldn’t, but it just gets me so…”

“Insatiably thirsty?”


“You sure do like doing things you’re not supposed to.” He grinned with mischief.

Ada giggled. “Yeah. Sometimes. So, don’t feel bad. It’s still great sex. And… both is good. Because like, the waterfall… with you… and being so relaxed… it was, wow. Totally new to me.”

“Really?” Pasco seemed greatly encouraged by that. “It’s my favorite sort of way to climax, personally.”

“I can see why. And don’t get me wrong, I also love frantic, pounding, slavering sex.”

Pasco’s shaft twitched like Ada had hoped it would.

“So yeah… both is good. I like both in my life. I like you in my life.”

He brushed his fingers through her hair. “I like you in my life, too. Believe me, I would chain your little ass here in a heartbeat so that you could never leave, but I don’t want to trap you.”

“Please trap me.” Ada’s brain melted like hot candle wax and poured out of her ears. Her arm under her quivered and she collapsed into the pillows, arousal throbbing in her sex but her body too obediently limp to do anything about it.

Pasco raised his eyebrows. “It really gets to you when I talk like that, doesn’t it?”

Yes,” Ada said. “It’s like…” She bit her lip as she tried to find words, which was difficult with what he had just done to her mind. “It’s a bit like when I asked you to tie me up in the tavern. Which, yes, was for directly pragmatic purposes. And this feels a bit like that too, like… like I’m having a moment of lucidity, and for my own good, I do want you to trap me here. With you. And it’s not that I’ll really try to leave, or that I’ll really forget that I want to be here, it’s just that… it feels good to have something to tug against. Something that I can pull on, so that I can see how firm it is, and be confident that it isn’t going to break so that I know that you want me to be here, I know that you want me to stay, I can just…”

“Feel safe,” Pasco offered.

“Exactly. Does… does that make sense?”

He ran his fingers through her hair and she nearly melted again.

“It does make sense. I’ll ask the king and queen to come up with the most binding contract that they can think of.”

Ada whimpered and squirmed and that seemed to be what Pasco was going for, because he grinned wolfishly and continued.

“I am going to marry you so hard. And then I am going to fetter your little ass to me so that no matter how hard you try, no matter how hard you fight, I keep pulling and pulling you back to me, because you are trapped here with me my little dragon, and I am never going to let you leave.”

Ada was panting, quivering, intoxicated. “F-fuck me, fuck me right now!”

With a mischievous growl, Pasco did. There was no lingering this time, no teasing, just primal, visceral sex as if the climax would seal their promise.

Fucking with abandon like this, Pasco didn’t last long. “Fuck, fuck, Ada, I, Adaaaaa!” He thrust into her and stayed as his shaft throbbed and his seed coursed through.

“Yes, give it to me!” The sensation was hot and intense though not enough to make her climax. Even so, Ada felt waves of sympathetic pleasure roll through her and she moaned with him.

He lowered himself gently on top of her, still inside of her. His shaft twitched and she squeezed him. He gasped.

He was heavy enough that she couldn’t move him, she could only clench at him and try fruitlessly to grind against him.

As she shuddered, he started to get up. 

“N-no,” she gasped. “D-don’t move. This is the kind of trapped… I want to be… forever.”

Pasco growled, his own arousal twitching back to life, keeping him firm inside of her. He kissed the nape of her neck, nibbled at her ear.

She squirmed and quivered.

He put his tongue to the side of her neck and licked her.

“Gods,” she moaned, “Nooo… fuck!”

Waves of heat shook in the pit of her stomach, but there was precious little sensation.

Without moving off of her, Pasco reached for one of her hands and brought it around and up towards their faces, then placed two of her fingers in his mouth. It was hot and wet and he moved his tongue over her sensitive fingertips, sucking at them.

There were so many nerves in her fingers and absolutely every sensation in her body was coordinating around her throbbing desire, and he brought her to the tantalizing edge just by sucking her fingers like that.

She rocked her hips as much as she could, but he was so heavy on top of her, she could hardly move, she could hardly breathe.

It was absolutely perfect.

“I can’t take it anymore…” she whined, “Let me up!”

Pasco started to shift, but then caught himself and settled down a bit heavier. “You know how to get me up if you really want,” he crooned in her ear.

Gods, her whole body was pounding with hot sensation.

“N-not fairrrr,” she gasped. “Let me up!”

She wriggled against him, trying to shove him off in earnest now. She was more and more certain, with each passing moment of struggle, that the was no way that she could get him off of her, no matter how hard she tried.

“Why do you want to get up so badly?” Pasco teased. “I thought you liked it here.”

“B-because! I need to…”

“You need to what?”

“I need to…”

“What’s that?”

“I need to come!”

“Hmmm…” Pasco considered. “No you don’t.”

Gods. She had truly created a monster. 

“Yes, I do!”

“Or what?”

“Or I’ll die.”

“Mmm I checked the history books, and y’know what? Nobody has ever died for lack of sex.”

Ada whimpered. “I’m going to!”

“No, I think you’re just fine.” He twitched his hips teasingly into her.

After so long marinating in arousal, the sensation was much stronger than before, especially the feeling of him inside of her. She clenched hard around him, the quivering light of sensation nearly blooming into orgasm before it flickered out again. She groaned.

“I think I’m going to keep you here forever,” Pasco said.

“You c-can’t…” Ada was panting heavily now, struggling to breathe under Pasco’s weight and her impending urgency.

“Oh yeah? And why is that?”

“B-because I… I’m gonna…”

“Because you’re going to die?” He thrust her hips into her again and she yelped.

Everything was so hot, so intense, that it was hard to tell where her torturous bliss ended and her impending orgasm began, until the heat ignited in an unmistakable way.

“N-no b-because I’m g-gonna… come!” Ada did not know what was going to happen if she became a dragon with him on top of her like this, so all she could do was scream, “Red, red!”

Pasco shoved himself off of her, the feeling of his shaft sliding out of her tipping her completely into her climax.

She came to her senses still feeling a firm pressure around her, but it was not Pasco anymore, it was the hut fighting to contain her draconic body. The walls groaned and Ada curled herself in more tightly, relieving the pressure.

Pasco sat in the center of the room, staring up at her with a grin, fortunately uninjured.

There was one other thing she was worried about having broken, but she sighed with relief as she saw it right at her nose, just barely having escaped the crushing force of her expanding body. The headband from the children still hung safely on the wall.

Ada would not be leaving the hut unless she tore it down or came again, because the door was much too small for her dragon body.

“I’m gonna need a bigger room,” Pasco laughed.

“Yes, please,” Ada grumbled in her dragon’s voice.

“I’m surprised you were able to come like that.”

“Well, it really gets to me when you talk like that, apparently.”

“Like what?” He grinned wolfishly.

Uh oh.

“Like when I call you a greedy little slut?”

Ada whimpered.

“Or when I tell you that you’re trapped here with me forever, because no matter how big or strong you are as a dragon, you will always, always cave to your thirst and come crawling, slavering back to me?”

Ada’s eyes rolled back in her head, her body trembled, wetness drooled from her mouth and from her vulva and onto the cushioned floor.

What Pasco said was true because she wanted it to be true.

She listened to him so completely because she loved everything he said.

She would always come crawling, drooling, begging back to him. He had her heart, her sex, her everything tied up around his little finger.

But, she had learned a thing or two about knots, and she knew that this was a slip knot. If ever it wasn’t what she wanted, if ever it was doing more harm than good, she could simply tug on her end and it would unravel, and she would be under her own power again.

Presently, she wanted everything that was happening. She wanted it so bad. She wanted to collapse to the floor in the pile of cushions and to ooze drool and femcum onto the floor for him, to plead and beg and please him. And the way that she had seen his arousal fall so quickly when he worried for her made her trust him even more. Unlike herself, he would never get too carried away that he was not listening to her true intent, keeping her true pleasure in mind.

With a shuddering sigh, she collapsed to the floor.

“What happened to the big, strong, dragon?” he teased. “All I see is a drooling, begging mess.”

“Pleeeeease…” she groaned.

“What are you even begging for?”

“I…” Ada searched in her heady confusion. “I don’t… I don’t know I…” Surely, there was something?

“Are you so lust-drunk that you’re begging just to beg?”

“N-noooo,” Ada moaned, though she knew the answer was ‘yes’. She curled up the knuckles of her back feet to touch herself.

“Ah ah,” Pasco said, “I don’t remember giving you permission to touch yourself.”

Ada yelped, her sex clenching, sending a wave of fluid out over the floor, but her feet stilled. “W-what?”

“You heard me.”


“But what? You want to be a good little dragon, don’t you?”

Ada’s head flopped back down to the ground and she lay there dripping and dazed as Pasco started to stroke himself.

“Can you lick yourself?”

Ada nodded emphatically.

“Do you like it?”

“Y-yes, it just t-takes me longer than rubbing…”

“Perfect,” Pasco said. “Do that, then. Lick yourself for me.”

It was almost impossible for Ada to comply, the way that his tone of command seemed to melt her will into sheer heat. But somehow, she mustered her wits and curled into a tighter circle, draping her forearm over her back to hold her more easily in place, and she flicked her tongue out at her own sex.

She tasted amazing and it was enough to give her a surge of even greater desire and energy.

She started with long, slow licks over her outer scales, greedily licking and swallowing all of the wetness that covered her. That arousal sent more oozing out of her, which she licked up all the more enthusiastically.

Her inner labia were now puffy and swollen, spreading apart her scales with the most delicious stretch, and Ada pressed her tongue between them.

It felt so good to have something inside of her. Ada moaned, the sound traveling through the bones of her jaw and vibrating against the scales of her stomach. It was a lighter, more teasing feeling than the rumbling of the waterfall, but it felt amazing.

She pressed her snout harder against herself, spreading her outer labia more with the tip of her nose, savoring the strange twin sensation of the softness of her inner labia against her snout, and the arousal of her snout against her labia.

She licked deeper inside, tasting herself and drawing out even more fluid as her sex clenched.

Ada curled herself a bit tighter, pressing her snout just a bit deeper, until the tip of her chin rested against her clit and she moaned experimentally.

The sensation of vibration directly against her clit was so intense, so brilliantly pleasurable, that she could not help but moan even louder, which redoubled the intensity.

It was almost too much to handle but she couldn’t bear to stop. She licked and moaned and quivered and drooled and the heat ignited. Her roar of pleasure because the most intense sensation of all, rumbling through her in the delightful wave that rose up around her and carried her over a smooth, long peak and finally, gently, onto the shore.

Which was, in this case, a puddle of drool and femcum.

“Adaaaa…” Pasco gasped, stroking himself vigorously, somehow having resisted his own climax through all that. Gods bless that man.

His voice broke through her haze and she pulled herself to her knees under him. Though, this wouldn’t afford her the angle that she wanted. “Lie down,” she said.

His curiosity brought him back from the edge, though only just, as he complied.

She made sure that her hand was nice and slick with dragon cum, then came over to him where he lay, his legs slightly spread, still stroking, other hand cupping his balls.

Ada grinned down at him and slipped her hand over his perineum and to his rim.

“Fuck, yes, yes!” His face was alight with pleasure. 

She slipped two fingers inside.

“G-gods you feel so good!” He gasped. “You’re gonna make me… you’re gonna make me…”

She pressed her fingers up into his spot of especial pleasure, and his muscles clenched around her as he started to come.

She greedily wrapped her mouth around his shaft, his hand falling limply to the side as she sucked and licked him through his long, trembling orgasm.

Finally, he started to shake with overwhelm and she gently withdrew and flopped down next to him.

Pasco heaved a sigh. “Gods, you made me come so much…”

Ada licked her lips with satisfaction. “I know.” Then, she surveyed the room, which looked as if it had recently been flooded. “You uh… made me, too.”

“Maybe we should just… live at the waterfall. It would make clean up way easier…”

“Oooh, sounds good to me.”

Part 5: Paradise, The Dragon's Tower

Chapter 28: The Waterfall

Remembering the waterfall massage from before, Ada shifted herself under the stream and purred happily as it beat down over her shoulders. It was heavy and soft. The water pressed her down into an even more relaxed space and she stretched her spine, then twisted over on her back like she was tucking up in bed.

The waterfall splashed on her stomach, and it felt more than just relaxing.

“Ohhh,” she purred, and wiggled a little further up, so that the water fell over the scales of her outer labia. The sensation was incredible, immediately pleasurable and arousing, a rumbling, pulsing vibration around all her most sensitive spots. “Ohhhhhh…”

Her head flopped back against the rocks, upside down, her tongue lolling out with a rivulet of drool already flowing down it, her feet curled up to her body.

The song suddenly ticked louder and she knew that Pasco had noticed.

He laughed teasingly. “Oh, does that feel good?”

“Yes…” she crooned. “So… good… I could lay like this… forever.”

“That’s a good little dragon,” he said, stroking the underside of her chin. 

She purred again.

“How about this. We take it nice… and slow… and easy. You just listen to the song and relax. When you’re ready, I’ll close the locket. Your head seems to stay in more or less the same place when you transform, so I think you’ll be alright, even with the water. If not, I can always open it again and take you to a safer place. How does that sound?”

His words piqued her arousal, but as she gave herself over to the song, her urgency drained away, leaving only pleasure. “That sounds… perfect… you’re… perfect… I love you.”

He stroked her chin again, his fingertips running over her scales and sending the most delightful vibrating sensation through her sensitive skin. “I love you too.”

Ada sighed back into pure relaxation, the vibrations of the waterfall sending a warm, intoxicating buzz through her whole body. She felt like she’d had two glasses of wine, which for a dragon, was probably closer to two barrels.

Pasco started to stroke himself and the song gently rose. Ada hitched a ride on his experience, just like when she’d clung to him as he climbed out of the water. He was so strong and yet so gentle, and she let his song fill her mind as the waterfall hummed.

Gradually, her breathing deepened and became more forceful. Her arousal was building and flashes of new intensity, new pleasure, rolled out from the drumming of the waterfall.

Her toes tingled. The tip of her tail curled. More drool flowed out over her tongue. She purred, adding to the sensation of buzzing and vibrating.

Pasco stroked himself and she watched. She felt deliciously attuned to his pleasure through the song, noticing which things quickened the tempo and which slowed it down, which notes lingered and which came hot and fast.

Now, she was the good dog. Leashed, but heeled obediently at her master’s ankles. She looked up at him, watching his every move, wanting only to please him.

Especially because his deepest desire was for them to both feel wonderful together. How could she not pour all of herself into making that happen? For him. For herself. For them both.

Pasco’s arousal built further and the song picked up, and a pre-orgasmic wave of pleasure flowed over Ada, out from the waterfall and all the way to the tip of her tongue, to the end of her tail. But she was not anywhere close to orgasm, even without the soothing effect of the music.

She had never had this kind of sensation, had never taken it this slowly, to know that she could experience a pre-orgasmic wave of pleasure so far out from her climax. Did this mean that the rest of the climb would feel like this? She hoped so.

“Pasco… it feels so good… I’m going to come so hard…”

“Are you close?”

“No… that’s the best… part…”

This seemed to renew Pasco’s resolve to take it as slowly as he could, and the next few bars of the song built with delicious slowness. Lingeringly and lovingly, he carried them higher. Wave after wave of heat and pleasure rippled out from the waterfall.

Ada’s toes started to curl and clench, but she dared not touch herself and break the spell. The tip of her tail flicked between the trees on the other side of the glade, and she started to pant past her lolling tongue.

Pasco, too, was breathing heavily, carefully controlling the pace.

Arousal built, but just the right amount. Just enough that Ada craved what was coming next, that she could feel the delight of anticipation.

But not so much that the delight became desperation or urgency. She kept her attention firmly on Pasco and his song. He had not actually had to deny her even once, this time. She required no tugs at her leash. She kept dutifully with his pace.

The climax built slowly, slowly, teetering at the edge as Pasco’s face softened with sheer bliss. He put a hand to the locket, preparing, but did not close it yet.

In a gentle, orchestral crescendo he came, the music surging in time with his orgasm, and Ada watched with delight at the way his seed flowed out over his tip, his shaft and his hand. She didn’t want that moment to ever end. She wanted him to come and come and come forever.

But she realized, as an incredible intensity of heat blossomed out from the rumbling of the waterfall, that it was she who was about to come and come forever.

As her roar made the very ground shake, sending flocks of birds fleeing from the trees around them, Pasco snapped the locket shut and the music went quiet.

Ada exhaled down towards the ground, human again, lying on the rock next to him. She panted for a moment before she pressed her legs together and clenched her sex, which sent her swirling into another climax.

As soon as she was fully dragon, her vulva was once again under the waterfall, and in delightful rumbles the waterfall pressed her down, down into her human form again.

And so all of Ada’s denied orgasms echoed through her then, the runes of the locket flashing even though it was closed. Until, finally, the waterfall tipped her over her last, luxurious climax. She came to rest on the rock next to Pasco, in a puddle of dragon drool and happiness.

She heaved a contented sigh, the feeling of buzzing intoxication still in her fingertips and toes, and she rolled towards Pasco where he sat, curling herself around him. He scooped her up so that she rested in his lap and he brushed her hair back from her face and over his legs and the rock, running his fingers through it as she lay there.

She nuzzled into the side of his stomach, curling up like a cat, and if she could have purred she would have. Instead, she just hummed with happiness every time she exhaled.

“I take it back,” she whispered. “I love sirens.”

Part 4: The Trouble with Sirens, The Dragon's Tower

Chapter 22: A Dangling Participant

Forte started rowing the boat as Missa and Pasco leaned out the front, scoping out a good way to climb the rock. They’d have to get up on a parallel rock and then come over to Ada. The pillar that she was on was was far too slippery to climb, drenched as it was in a mix of siren and dragon cum.

The smell as they neared was absolutely intoxicating. Siren fluids were supposed to smell and taste to each individual however they found most appealing. That was surely true, since all Pasco could smell was Ada. Though, actually, given that he was immune to siren magics, it probably was just Ada that he smelled. Gods, how long had they been at this?

The row boat pulled up to the outside of the cove and the pirates carefully clambered up onto the rocks. As they climbed, they could no longer see what was happening, but Ada’s cries were becoming less frequent. Forte remained at the bottom, holding the other end of the length of rope that was looped over Pasco’s shoulder. Pasco and Missa climbed and as they became even with Ada’s rock, Missa continued a bit further up to find a good place to wedge a climbing anchor.

Pasco tried to figure out how he was going to get to Ada.

Ada was currently a dragon, and with her size there was barely enough room on the rock with her for the two sirens that were pawing at her slit. He’d have to wait until she was human again.

The rock was so slippery that one of the sirens climaxed just by flapping against it, in that curious way of a fish on a hook. The slapping sound seemed to spark something for Ada, because her breath started to heave. But then the second siren also got caught up in their own pleasure, leaving Ada panting and whining on the rock.

Fuck, now was when the sirens decided to get tired? There was no way he’d get her out as a dragon.

“Ada! We’re here!”

Ada spun to find him, but her movements were sluggish and clumsy. Her tail drooped and her scales were sopping wet. She looked exhausted. The Sirens that had just finished pleasuring themselves dropped down the slick waterfall and into the cove below. Those were the last few, and there was now only Ada on the rock.


“Ada, can you fly?”

Ada stretched out one of her wings and gave it an experimental flap, but it just dropped limp at her side. “No. I’m too tired. Which is the only reason that I’m not too horny.”

“Too horny might be better,” Pasco said, “I’m not sure we can get you out of here as a dragon.”

Ada nodded sluggishly. “Yeah… that makes sense.”

“Do you… do you think you can come one more time?”

Ada considered. She experimentally rubbed her scales against the rock. “I think so. But I’ll need some help.”

“How can I help? I don’t think I can get down there with you still a dragon.”

Ada pondered, looking around at the rock, then up at Pasco. “I think… I think watching you come from up there would do it for me. Like, you’re in a very precarious position but… you still just need to come, y’know?”

“Yeah, I think I can manage that. Missa, you hear the plan?”

Missa nodded gleefully from her position up by the climbing anchor.

The rope trailed from Pasco, up through the anchor that Missa had just secured, down to Forte at the base of the rocks.

There was a large loop of rope for Pasco to put his foot through so that he could rappel down the rock instead of trying to climb down with a slippery and exhausted Ada. With Forte as the belay, even Pasco and Ada’s combined weight would be no issue.

Pasco arranged himself so that he was standing on the rope and had a free hand.

“Gods, Ada,” he said, starting to undo his trousers, “You smell so fucking good.”

That got a little wiggle out of her. She experimentally rubbed her scales against the rock. “Yeah,” she said, “This’ll work for me. This’ll— ooooh yeah. Yep. Definitely work.”

Between the smell, which was now growing even stronger somehow, and Ada’s frantic, exhausted, draconic rubbing, Pasco didn’t need to put any special effort into getting up for the occasion.

As he stroked himself, Ada lolled her tongue at him. She was needing to work much harder than usual for the same level of sensation. As her arousal overpowered her exhaustion she started to flail, her tail whipping back and forth.

He was glad he hadn’t tried to join her on the rock.

Though he hadn’t needed much prompting to get hard, that didn’t mean he couldn’t still have a little fun. “Oh Ada,” he said, working up some campy drama in his tone, “Do you hear that? What an irresistible song!”

“I thought you were immune?”

“Well, yeah, but. Y’know.”

“Ohhhh. Okay. I mean that’s fine but also— rude.”

“Oh yeah? How so?”

Ada was distracted for a moment by her rubbing. “Well because— you’re making fun of me.”

“Oh, is that song irresistible to you?”

Yes,” Ada moaned, with a tortured earnestness that surprised Pasco. That sent another series of thoughts through his mind. One, arousal, pure and simple, just to hear her plead like that. Two, she really must have been trying to get back. She hadn’t been kidding when she said she’d wanted to fly off, but wouldn’t have been able to. She truly was trapped here on the rock by her own insatiable horniness. Three, deep arousal at that scenario and his now participating in it.

“You really did need rescuing then, huh?”

Yes!” she moaned again.

Pasco nearly lost his grip on the rope as even more blood left his head. He considered how to continue the conversation to Ada’s benefit, but she took care of that.

Please,” she said, “Please rescue me. I can’t— I can’t stay here. I’ll die.”

Pasco laughed at first, thinking she was being dramatic on purpose. But her pleading was genuine. She was being dramatic, but not on purpose. She felt that desperate. And, he supposed, for good reason. It took a lot to drain a whole flock of sirens. “Well, I can’t rescue you until you come for me.”

“I’m— I’m trying!”

“That’s a good girl.”

Ada whimpered.

Pasco liked this, just as he’d liked trussing her up on the bed at the tavern. The woman was usually so overwhelmingly horny that it was usually impossible to tease her. To make her beg. He did feel a little bad, drawing it out like this. But, he knew of a way to turn that into a win-win. “Gods, I like you like this. Begging. Finally admitting how needy you are.”

Ada looked up at him with wide eyes, panting.

Pasco slowed down his stroking. “I think I’m going to savor this. Take my time.”

“Fuck, no! Please!”

Pasco had to work to say slow, but the way that Ada’s grinding had accelerated, he knew he wouldn’t need to for long. “Yeah… I’m gonna take my sweet time.”

“Please! Pleaaaaaase!

Fuck that was getting to him. He grunted despite himself and quickened briefly before slowing himself down.

That really got Ada going. “It’s… it’s working…”

He wasn’t sure if she was talking about herself or to herself about him, but it didn’t much matter.

“Please come on me,” she said. “Please I’ve had— all this siren cum but I just need… I just need… some of yours.”

Ada was rapt now, her exhaustion replaced by frantic energy. She was grinding against the rock, harder and faster than he’d ever seen before.

But he’d have to make sure he didn’t come too soon, or else the plan wouldn’t quite work out. If he came before her, the disappointment might trap her as a dragon for a while longer. 

Containing himself was getting difficult. If he sped up again, he’d lose it.

Scales rasped against rock even through the coating of slime, and Ada started to really moan.

Though it had sounded like the start of an orgasm, she collapsed back into frantic grinding. “Fuuuuuuuck… I just… need… to come. Please.”

Pasco tried to hold out but it was already too late. The release had begun, the spasming at the base of his shaft, the slow-motion feeling of heat coming up and out of his tip.

“Fuck, Ada, I love it when you beg, I’m c— I’m coming!”

Pasco climaxed hard, hanging off the rock face, his cum joining the wash of fluids below. He shook, but managed to stay on his rope, while Ada nearly sent herself sliding off her rock.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she let out a primal roar and finally, heavingly, rode out the orgasm and became a human again, curled up in a puddle perilously close to the edge of the rock. There was just enough of an incline that she started slipping towards the edge.

“Fuck!” Pasco snapped to his senses and jumped down. Missa and Forte picked up on the leap to action and ensured that he was belayed as needed, down onto the rock. 

He skittered down, still relying mostly on the rope for stability instead of the slippery surface, and looped his arm around Ada’s chest. He hoisted her back up and kneeled below her, so that she could sit without sliding.

“Pasco, I— I don’t feel great.” She rolled onto her hands and knees and, like a nearly-drowned sailor just pulled from the sea, she convulsed as her stomach emptied itself. But, not of seawater. Of siren cum. And not a small amount.

Pasco couldn’t help but chuckle to himself. As her body finished rejecting the sirens’ gifts, she collapsed into his arms, exhausted.

“Pasco I… I hate sirens.”

Part 3: Setting Sail, The Dragon's Tower

Chapter 18: About Right

Much like at the tavern, there was music and singing and dancing, and the ale flowed freely.

Unlike the tavern, there was no ban on public sex.

Ada found herself in another predicament. She wanted to stay and watch all the fucking and rutting and sucking and sweating that was happing out on deck as the party quickly devolved into an orgy. But it was proving all too inspiring, and she wasn’t sure whether or not Pasco had told the crew about her… condition. If he had, how had they reacted? He’d been too busy getting them out on the sea and then she’d been too distracted by the view to ask.

Pasco was still dancing, and she went and grabbed his wrist and pulled her to him. “Unless you’re gonna tie me to the wheel of this thing, I am not gonna last.”

Pasco grinned, his eyes darting back and forth between Ada and the wheel of the ship.

Ada’s heart skipped. She hadn’t been serious, but she had suggested it. Gods, that would be… horrific. Amazing. Torturous. She might actually lose her mind. Did she want that? Or not? The question itself made her even more aroused.

Ada was interrupted from her thoughts by Pasco scooping her up off of her feet. Pasco seemed to have made up his mind, and he carried her below deck.

“Your idea was very tempting,” he said as they were alone, “but I prepared something for you and I wanted to show you.” He carried her back towards the stern of the ship and through a heavy wooden door, into the captain’s quarters.

The room was large and nearly empty except for pile upon pile of velvet cushions. A mismatched array of rugs covered the floor, some simple furs, others woven with intricate patterns.

With all of the furniture cleared out, there would be just enough room for Ada to comfortably become a dragon, though she would not be able to stand to her full height. And the back of the room was lined with windows. Pasco set Ada down and she rushed over, marveling at the view of the ocean and the purple dusk sky.

Pasco came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her, pawing at her body hungrily, and she gasped her appreciation. His hands unfettered her arousal and it surged forth.

She spun in his arms and shoved him and he stumbled backwards. He played along, glancing behind himself and then letting himself fall back onto the pile of cushions.

Ada pounced on top of him, wrapping her legs around him and grinding against his growing bulge. She loved the way that the sensation broke his composure. Her own composure was already far gone.

She leaned over and kissed him, hard. 

He moaned and grabbed her ass, pulling her more tightly against him.

She broke their kiss to rip off her shirt, then his. He grabbed her breasts and massaged her nipples with his thumbs. She savored that sensation until she couldn’t take it anymore, and she rolled off of him so that she could kick off her pants.

Pasco didn’t immediately follow suit. Instead, he put a hand to his crotch and it came back damp. “Gods, Ada, look what you did.” Where Ada had been grinding on him, his pants were soaked through.

“Get naked already,” Ada whined.

“But I like to appreciate you,” Pasco said, his grin mischievous.

Please,” Ada panted. 

That seemed to kick off a surge of arousal for Pasco too, because his composure faltered again and he didn’t waste any more time undressing.

Ada stayed on her back on the pillows and reached for Pasco. “Fuck me,” she breathed.

Pasco leaned over her and he didn’t try to tease her this time. It was out of respect, not mischief, that he was slow to slip his tip inside. Ada appreciated the idea of that, but she had other plans. She grabbed his ass and pulled him down on top of her, moaning happily at the feeling of fullness.

Pasco gasped and his hips bucked reflexively, triggering another ripple of pleasure for Ada.

“Gods, yes, fuck me… it’s been so long…”

Pasco obliged, thrusting into her and panting over her.

“W-will you come this way?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” was Ada’s honest answer. She didn’t usually climax from penetration, but she was really pent up by this point.

“Just, uh, don’t kill me?”

“Y-you got it.”

He started a steady rhythm and Ada melted into bliss. As the minutes passed, that bliss became urgency. As the urgency heightened, she became confident that this alone would not make her climax. 

The realization was wonderful and terrible. Wonderful because the experience was not cut short, because Ada could savor it. Pasco’s muscles rippling under his skin, the sweat beading on his arms, his look of determination as he fought to last, the periodic breaks in his composure as she tensed her sex around him.

“C-can you go twice again, like last time?” Ada asked.

“Definitely,” Pasco said, and the look of lust on his face lent credence to his words. That look turned hopeful as he rightly guessed what Ada was about to ask.

“Come in me!”

“Y-yes, my little dragon.” His thrusting accelerated and his look of focus turned to one of pure urgency as he fucked her into the velvet pillows.

The sensation was incredible, like being right on the edge but at no risk of coming, and Ada moaned happily.

“A-Ada, I’m c-coming!” 

One, two, three more thrusts and then Pasco stayed on the last one, deep inside of her. She clenched her muscles around him his shaft throbbed inside of her, expanding with each wave of pleasure and cum.

As Pasco’s climax tapered off, Ada pushed him off of her and he flopped down onto the pillows next to her. She followed and slid down on top of him, grinding against him. His dick was trying to decide whether to stay firm or to resign, and so he twitched wonderfully inside of her as she squeezed him. Very soon his dick decided to stay very, very hard.

Pasco moaned and shuddered, the sensation intense, but he did not ask her to stop.

Which was good, because she would have had a very hard time doing so.

“I d-definitely can come this way,” she said. Her heat started to build, all the accumulated sexual tension from the past forty eight hours quivering in her whole body. Sucking Pasco off under the table. Him tying her up, teasing her, coming on her face. Watching him move the whole crew to his commands. The sensual sunset. The pirate orgy. “Fuck, fuck, I’m coming!”

The sensation started from where her clit was rubbing against his base and then it blossomed through her whole body in wave after wave of brilliant heat.

Her scream became a roar that made every timber of the ship quiver.

Ada’s long, long inhale ended and she sighed the air out again. She loomed over Pasco now, her tail curled back around herself like a cat’s so that she could fit in the room. She plopped down on the pillows next to him, resting her chin next to his head. 

He stroked her cheeks and she purred.

“I’m surprised you’re not still raring to go,” he said teasingly.

Ada huffed at him. “Just how thirsty do you think I am?”

“Oh it’s nothing, just… I’ve never seen you as a dragon with you being, y’know. Dripping and aching with need. Itching to rub yourself off against something, or begging to come.”

Ada’s eyes narrowed at him, but then her composure wavered and she panted, her long tongue unfurling from her mouth with a rivulet of drool. “Well now I am!”

Pasco scritched her chin playfully. “How about you show me how you like to make yourself come when you’re a dragon, and I’ll masturbate while I watch you?”

Ada’s answer was to moan and to start grinding her hips against the pile of pillows.

Pasco stroked himself, still plenty lubricated by the aftermath of Ada’s first orgasm.

It was not long before Ada was gasping and drooling. No longer getting enough sensation from the pillows, she flopped over and started to rub her scales with the tops of her hind feet. The way the knuckles moved over the bony scutes of her stomach sent vibrations through the incredibly sensitive scales and skin. She clenched her sex to intensify the sensation and waves of wetness gushed out from between her inner labia, which were swelling into view.

Pasco seemed to be greatly enjoying the whole thing. “D-do you want me to come now, or wait?”

Ada twitched eagerly, another wave of fluid escaping from her, both from her mouth and from her sex. “C-come, come now!”

Pasco pumped harder and moaned, cupping his balls with his other hand, pushing himself over the edge, spurting onto his stomach and chest and hands.

Ada watched him and panted, open-mouthed and drooling. Just as he finished she climaxed with another thunderous moan, the force of it setting her adrift in her pleasure like a rowboat on a stormy sea.

She came to rest next to him and heaved a satisfied sigh.

Pasco surveyed the room. “Hm, when I thought of the pillows, I hadn’t really considered…”

As he looked for words, Ada followed his gaze. There was not a dry surface in the whole room. A mix of dragon drool and fem-cum was pooling in the center of the floor and nearly all of the pillows and rugs were soaked.

“Shit. Sorry,” Ada said.

“I’m not,” Pasco said. “It’s really fucking hot. I’ll figure out what to do about it… later.”

Ada nodded, still too blissful to feel any guilt.

Pasco pushed himself over to his side so that he was facing her, looking up at her where she lay further up on the pillow pile.

He looked as happy as she felt.

“Were you always this horny, before the dragon thing?” he asked.

Ada grinned wryly. “Yeah. It’s actually why the dragon thing happened. It was supposed to be a curse. My father banished me to the tower with this grumpy old witch so that I’d stop having sex, but then for whatever reason she didn’t want me masturbating either, so I guess the curse was supposed to… teach me my lesson and ruin my prospects at future relationships.”

“Hm. That didn’t really work out for them, did it?”

“Nope, it did not.”

Pasco chuckled. “That sounds about right.”

“You sound… about right…” Ada said, starting to drift off back into her haze.

“What’s that mean?”

The words were already becoming fuzzy. “Nothing, I’m… sleepy.” With her last bit of strength, Ada scooted closer to Pasco so that he could wrap his arms around her. As the dusk turned to night outside, they fell warmly asleep.

Part 1: The Beginning, The Dragon's Tower

Chapter 6: Snake in the Grass

Ada had discovered and then confirmed and confirmed and yet again reaffirmed exactly how her little ‘curse’ worked.

In the end, it was simple. If she orgasmed as a human, she became a dragon. If she orgasmed as a dragon, she became a human again. 

In her glee, she had not been particularly careful about flying around in the daytime. Within a couple weeks of the witch’s death, her father had sent a messenger.

Ada had seen him from afar, when he was still nearly a day’s travel away. He was an uncertain youth on a chestnut horse. 

She watched as he approached, staying out of sight. 

Even though she had expected it, the sound of his fist thudding against the bolted door startled her. 

She called out to him to say that she was alright, that the witch was with her, but that she had learned her lesson and was not allowed any visitors.

He had insisted upon seeing her and she had waved at him out of an upper window, and he had reluctantly set off again.

Two weeks after that, a band of knights had appeared. Based off their declarations at the front door, they had come to rescue her.

It all seemed a bit cute to her, now. 

There was no way Ada could go back to the castle, even if she wanted to. She was far from a hideous beast, but her father would likely order her killed on the spot if he learned the truth of her curse.

And, helpfully, the idea of turning into a dragon and scaring off all the knights had really turned Ada on, so she did just that.

This encounter had lent total validity to the rumors of the dragon. Another band of knights came, then another and another. Not just from Ada’s kingdom, but from neighbors as well. There were even a few banners that she had never seen before.

Ada thought the whole thing was brilliantly ironic in a number of ways. Her father had shipped her off to the tower to force her to be chaste, and now he was intentionally sending eligible young men her way? Ridiculous! Though apparently, these men actually wanted to marry her, just because they thought she’d been trapped by a dragon.

What bizarre people.

Ada, for her part, thought it was great fun to finally show those people just what she thought of them, as she sent them screaming and pissing themselves and scurrying back home.

Early summer turned to late summer, and late summer into fall, and in one of the last golden days of autumn, Ada sat in an upper window of the tower, looking out towards the eastern road. Sure enough, a band of knights were making their way towards her.

She leaned out and waved a red cloth at them, which she had learned encouraged them to hurry to her all the faster.

They were still far enough off that all they could see would be the red flag, and so they could not also see that she sat in the window, leaning out into the sun, totally naked. She spent most of her days naked now. This was partly because her draconic transformation shredded her clothes and partly because she just enjoyed being naked.

If only those proper little knights knew that they had spurred their horses to full gallop towards a salaciously naked woman, and that before they arrived she would become the very dragon they intended to face, and she would leave them all fleeing in fear.

Gods, all of it got her so worked up. As she tucked the red cloth into the edge of the window and settled back onto the sun-warmed stone, her mind wandered. She thought about really showing them, not just these knights, but the whole kingdom. She could let them ‘rescue’ her, take her back to their castle. At whatever overly self-aggrandizing feast that they threw, she’d show them just what she thought about them. She’d cut them all down a notch or ten.

Oh, they wanted to complain at the sharpness of her tongue? She would show them just how sharp a tongue could be.

Ada’s arousal throbbed in her hips and legs, but she didn’t touch herself yet. She liked to let it build. But also, she’d learned the last time that if she started masturbating in the window she had a hard time stopping, and she’d actually gotten stuck with her front half outside of the window and her back half inside. She’d had to rub herself on the stairs to transform back.

So, this time, Ada drifted down the abused staircase and draped herself sideways across one of the tattered fireside chairs.

As she sunk down into the chair, her mind sunk back down into her fantasy. Yes, she’d tell them just what she thought and then she’d show them just what she was. She’d crush all their cakes between her claws and then she’d swipe at them, sending the cakes tumbling left and right. Those ‘polite’ folk would be in such a dilemma whether to scream about their near-death or complain that they had frosting on them.

Ada finally let her hand drift over her labia, and she was already wet and swollen.

Oh yes, today would be a good day. She dragged her fingers up between her labia, teasing, slow. That made her shiver and moan.

She didn’t have to be quiet here.

She nestled into the chair and found a rhythm with her hand, her other thumb brushing over her bare nipple, which had grown stiff at her arousal and the cooler air within the tower.

Ada panted and whimpered as her anticipation grew.

Yes, she would destroy their party and then make her way to the castle, folks running in her wake. Maybe a trembling guard would try to stand in her way but he’d show his true loyalty when she’d roar in his face and the force of it would send him trembling to his knees.

Then she’d rip the throne room’s doors off its hinges and she would march up to that throne. The castle staff would gather in hushed anxiety at the open doors, too curious to run all the way away.

And she would take that throne for herself. She would fuck herself, right on that throne, right in front of them all. Rub the scales of her dragon’s sex on it, leaking her thick wetness all over it.

“See?” she would say, her first words of the night. They’d all suddenly realize that she was not some feral beast, but that she knew exactly what she was doing. “See, this is what I think of your throne. To me, it’s a goddamn sex toy.

In her mind, Ada climaxed humping the throne and in her body, she climaxed groping a breast with her back arched and her hand running circles across her labia and clit.

As Ada’s pleasure blossomed, she screamed so loudly she knew the knights would hear. When they heard her they would no doubt quicken their pace, racing towards their fate, and that pleased her all the more.

Ada took in a long, long gasp, as if drawing all the air in the whole tower inside of her. The heat spread fast to her head, her fingertips, her toes. Then it echoed in waves that turned her vision black and she lost awareness of her body. Finally, her dizziness settled and she found balance on four feet.

Ada, now a dragon, threw open the front doors of the tower and poured out onto the road like a ribbon of molten black glass.

She spread her black wings and took to the sky, roaring with glee. The band of knights was just around the bend. Two of the horses spooked immediately, throwing their riders and galloping off.

There was a knight in golden armor with a gaudy feather that stuck out three feet from his helmet, and she was sure this was her suitor. She laughed, which sounded like a chuffing, grumbling roar.

The suitor and two other knights were on war horses, which were not so easily spooked.

Ada took a deep breath and tightened her throat, then breathed out in a smooth exhale. As a human, all that could accomplish was fogging up a mirror. As a dragon, a gout of fire burst from between her fangs, pouring out over the road and licking towards the horses’ feet.

The horses knickered and jumped, though they did not yet spook.

One of the knights had looped around to the side, and Ada saw just a glint in the sunlight as he loosed a spear at her.

It bounced harmlessly off of the outside of her thigh. The legends about dragon’s indestructibility had proved true. 

The suitor shouted something and the knights retreated a ways, then regrouped.

Ada grinned a fang-filled smile at them. She’d have some fun with them, then.

They pulled out bows and arrows and these too bounced harmlessly off of her hide. A few sliced through the thin membranes of her wings, but though that was painful, it was not serious. Like a paper cut, they stung but would quickly heal. It was worth it, to see the look of dread coming over the knights.

They shot their quivers empty and they worked their horses to a lather, but still they had made no notable traction in defeating the dragon. And still, the dragon spewed gout after gout of flame at their feet.

These knights had a few clever tricks, like a miniature ballista loaded with a net of rope. They had fired this at Ada and it had successfully grounded her, but it had taken only one tug for her to snap the ropes. She swept low over the gold-armored knight and dropped the mangled net over him and his horse, which finally caused them some trouble. 

She watched with amusement as his helmet came off in the ensuing confusion, revealing his sweaty, red face.

Ada roared, then, and his horse’s resolve finally broke and it set out suddenly from under him. He tumbled off the saddle but the net was still tangled around both him and the horse, and it dragged him off at a full gallop.


Ada tried not to cause any permanent injuries, but there was only so much she could do for those that didn’t respect her strength.

The rest of knights fled as well, leaving Ada alone in her expanse of fields once more.

Especially as a dragon, she got a distinct pleasure from evicting interlopers from her territory. She’d ended up a mile or two away from the tower, and she headed back. At that particular moment she couldn’t fly, and for the same reason she could hardly walk either. She made it a small distance before she started limping. And panting. 

Not for any injury. But because her sex ached.

If she even walked normally, she was sure to climax, and then it would be a very long walk back to the tower. 

Ada slowed and whimpered. Maybe if she stopped and took a break, she could…

Within moments, she was rolling in the grass, knuckles of her back feet curled up and rubbing at herself. 

She lost all sense, all direction, other than tending to the fire that was building within her. 

She rolled around and found a boulder and wrapped around it, rubbing her scales against the hard rock.

This was like the sensation of the bones of her knuckles but significantly more intense, more effective. The grinding vibrations surged through her in waves of quivering heat. 

Ada panted, forked tongue lolling out, rubbing herself senseless on this rock in the middle of a field.

And goddamn did it feel good.

She bellowed as she climaxed and the sound carried for miles, surely spurring the knights to hasten their departure.

Ada, now human and naked again, was sprawled on the boulder which was larger than her in every dimension and slick with dragon juices.

She sighed. It was going to be a long walk.

Ada pushed herself up, hands now covered in slippery, thick wetness.


She stroked her hips, her thighs, and loved the slickness of it, loved the feeling of her soft flesh under her hands. She was out here, in the middle of a field, completely exposed. A warm summer wind tousled the grass and her hair.

She stroked her labia, still thick with arousal, and gasped at the sensitivity.

The sky was broad up above, the rock warm from her prior embrace, the grasses gently rustling, possibly hiding watchers…

Let them see, let the birds and the rabbits see, a woman find her pleasure.

Ada let her mind wander yet again, and this time she imagined a voyeur in the grass. An accidental one, one of the more reserved knights, coming back to search for his horse. He’d seen the dragon coming and hid, then had seen the dragon coming and watched. It aroused his sex and his guilt — what a perverse sight! But he had to hide for his life!

But if he had to hide for his life, then why was he so aroused by this dragon? But then the dragon had turned into this beautiful, naked princess, and his dilemma wasn’t the only thing that grew.

The dragon had been a woman, so that had to make this less guilty, right? But now he was watching a woman pleasure herself, and he was hiding in the grass.

What was he to do? Say something? But he had hid for his life and could not be faulted for that.

His dick pressed achingly against the inside of his trousers. The woman moaned and another bolt of arousal struck him. He felt lightheaded.

His erection throbbed and swelled more, now painfully bound.

He had to hide, had to watch, for his life. Now, he had to be vigilant. And this painful containment would be distracting. So, he had better undo his trousers, but he would do no more. His dick sprung free to a cool touch of air. Now, it bounced and swelled to its full hardness. Then harder. Had it ever felt this hard?

He grasped it to see if the shaft felt any harder in his hand, but that was a mistake. Pleasure shot up through him and tried to moan from his throat but he kept silent.

He had to keep absolutely silent, lest the dragon discover and devour him. 

He tried to keep his hand still, but the woman rolled to her side, seeking a new position, and giving him a full view of her ample ass. It bounced and quivered as she trembled and rubbed herself.

He whimpered. His hand began to stroke.

Maybe, maybe if he got it over with very quickly, then that was the most respectable thing to do. The most respectful. Just, um, business. Get it over with and hide in a non-aroused way.

He started stroking himself at at a pace that would carry him there quickly.

This, also, was a mistake. Very soon, he realized that this was no ordinary arousal. It was a kind that made him want to moan and growl. If this was just his arousal, how loud would his climax be?

He had to stop. He had to make sure that he did not come but he had already edged himself so very close.

The woman gasped and moaned and it was such a delicious sound that it pulled an audible whimper from him. But she hadn’t noticed. She was louder than him, and focused on her own business.

This, this could work.

And it did work, but it was torment. He did his best to time his own rushes of pleasure to her unpredictable vocalizations. He would get right up to the edge time and time again but then she would abruptly fall silent, and he had to freeze. 

His balls ached, they had never felt so full. Again, he edged himself right up to her silence. He clamped down hard on his base, just barely catching himself as his balls spasmed, only the pressure of his hand on his shaft halting his ejaculation. 

Moments later she moaned again, but this one was different. Sharper, higher. A spark of hope glimmered in him. Then another, forceful, loud. And another —

Yes, oh fuck, yes, she was coming, he was coming, she was coming!

He growled and gasped, safely covered by her literal screams of pleasure, as he pumped rope after rope of cum into the grass, and just utterly emptied.

He slumped to all fours. A shadow fell over him. The dragon!

He froze. Didn’t dare move a muscle. He stared at the puddle of cum in front of him until long after the dragon had spread its wings and flown away towards the tower.

The woman was gone.

Ada thanked her imaginary voyeur for his inspiration as she returned to the tower and draped herself around the top, nestling her chin on the sun-warmed stone. Sated, she watched the sun set, once again dreaming that the quivering light on the western horizon was the ocean.

Part 1: The Beginning, The Dragon's Tower

Chapter 5: The Sky

The sky was so blue and so very, very wide. Each and every scale was alight with sensation. Not only did she bask in the warmth of the sun and the caress of the breeze, she could also sense the shifts in the air where it was thicker or thinner, the direction of a wind current even before she reached it. Her instincts carried her over updrafts and higher and higher into the sky.

Soon, she was so high that the tower looked as small as one of the doll houses she’d had as a child! 

And she could see so clearly, so far — rabbits in the grass, individual pebbles in the stream, a doe leaping into a copse of trees.

These fields had looked like so much blank parchment. Now she was a ribbon of living ink ready to throw herself across them all.

It was a dream, the sudden rush of freedom, of power. Of hot arousal, filling her from tail to snout.

Ada was unsure if it was just the dragon or herself. When she could ignore the arousal no longer, she coasted to the top of a nearby hill.

As a human, Ada had needed a mirror to first see her full anatomy.

As a dragon, her body was configured more like something between a snake and a cat, so she found that she could easily curl around to see just what part of her was aching so deliciously.

Everything was, more or less, where she expected it to be. There was a lengthwise seam in her scales between her hind legs and behind that was her anus. 

Everything also felt more or less like how she expected it to feel, especially as the throbbing arousal overcame her and she sank to her stomach and wriggled in the low grass.

She habitually lowered a foreleg towards her vulva, but hesitated. Her claws were like massive fish hooks. This was not going to work.

She had, as a human, once climaxed simply by pressing her legs together and grinding against her chair (at a dinner party, without anyone else knowing, much to her illicit delight) and she thought something similar might work here.

Ada writhed in the grass, searching for sensation, and it felt much like learning to masturbate for the first time. It was a bit frustrating, but also exciting. She was a dragon, after all!

A really, really horny dragon.

Eventually, Ada figured out that if she curled up her back feet and ran the knuckles of them over the scales at the edge of the seam, which were analogous to outer labia, it felt amazing. She had no idea how scales so firm could be so sensitive, but she wasn’t about to complain.

Her ministrations were effective. As her arousal grew, she noticed that she had inner labia as well. They were smooth and black and now visible as they swelled and forced her outer labia apart.

Her impending orgasm felt familiar too, that delicious heat and panting urgency. Ada reached and reached and reached for it. 

Finally, she crested. For a long moment she was weightless. Then sighing, sighing down.

Ada stirred in the hazy afterglow, picking her cheek up off the ground. The blades of grass waved above her head now. She was a human again, and totally naked.

The grass around her was trampled, long gouges turning up fresh earth, all glazed with a clear and viscous fluid. 

Was that it? Did it only work once? There was only one way to find out…