Bite-Sized Stories

The Krampuslauf (Part I)

Ylva has a reputation for being naughty with the village boys, and being chased with a birch branch is hardly a deterrent. But when a mysterious stranger appears at the yearly Krampus run, Ylva might finally get the punishment she deserves… (All characters 19+)

Christmas Moonshine (Part I)

When Ruth buys some Christmas decor from a mysterious shop owner, the old woman throws in some moonshine for free. Back in her empty apartment, Ruth tries the brew and finds that it has some very magical (and erotic) side effects… Maybe being alone for Christmas isn’t so bad after all.

Christmas Dinner (Part I)

A Christmas dinner hosted by two fae-turned-event-planners takes a turn for the erotic when the guests’ wine is accidentally dosed with aphrodisiac…

Cutie Cumpire Measures Up

While his macaron shells are resting, Jasper finally gets around to measuring his cum production… A fulfilling (pun intended) epilogue.

Cutie Cumpire Goes to Work

Inconveniently aroused at work, Jasper puts his endurance to the test… A warm, gooey finish to Jasper and Nora’s origin story. 🙂

Cutie Cumpire Gets Sextual

Deleting my dating apps to meet people the old-fashioned way, flirting with cute nerds on r/RedditorCum whose hyperspermia might sate my vampiric appetite.

Cutie Cumpire and the Sticky Keys

Jasper offers to look at cutiecumpire69xxx’s topless pics for his next video and she loves the idea! Of course, Jasper is a classic over-achiever…

Cutie Cumpire Goes to the Movies

A man with extreme hyperspermia and his cum-sucking vampire girlfriend go on a Tuesday night movie date…

The Art of a Bad Day

It’s natural to take out your frustrations on your partner. Jasmine and May had made an art of it. A lesbian BDSM story about how to cope with a bad day…

Faster Than Light

At the last minute, Mason is selected to join the crew for the first faster than light (FTL) space ship. They neglected to mention that he’s the lewd, experimental fuel source…

The Horny Sorority Ghost (Part I)

Edith (now going by Eddie, to keep up with the times) has been haunting the same abandoned house for 150 years. The house has finally changed owners, and the new residents are… a sorority!

Hunter and June

Hunter prefers long-distance dating because they don’t have to explain the whole intersex thing. Until, that is, they meet June…

Acardoc’s Instant Aphrodisiac!

A weary adventurer resorts to a grey-market aphrodisiac to get in the mood. Unfortunately, she was in such a hurry she didn’t read the label very closely…

Professor’s Predicament (Part II)

Continued from Part I A man’s voice, “Hey professor, I really need some extra tutor— oh.” The warm voice, the smile lines at the eyes, the classic haircut, the knit cardigan. It wasn’t a student. It was her husband, Bradley. He quickly shut the door behind himself and locked it. Julia blinked. “You scared the…

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