By the River Kyveli

A mythic monster romance

Rafail stalked along the path that climbed up from the bed of the river Kyveli, his footsteps as quiet as the breeze rustling the leaves. He was dark-skinned and of medium build—strong enough to wrestle a boar and quick enough to catch one. A tie at the crown of his head kept the ringlets of his long black hair from falling into his face as he strode further up into the hills.


With a snarl and a flash of golden fur, the hunter becomes the hunted. But this predator is far from ordinary—she is one of the gods’ children, a manticore-like lion woman named Lawai. Lawai spares Rafail’s life, and he repays the debt by healing the wound that drove her to starvation. 

Passion ignites, and where lust flares, love follows. But a wild thing like Lawai does not belong in human lands, and Rafail cannot abandon his family. Can they find a future without losing each other—or themselves—in the process?

By the River Kyveli is a steamy monster romance novella standalone (19k words) set in ancient Greece, featuring a female monster and male human. A story of passion, lust, and longing, By the River Kyveli celebrates how love transforms us into our truest selves.

Content Advisories

By the River Kyveli contains some themes and sexual scenarios that some readers my be sensitive to.


“Depicts” = happens in the story, occurs on-page

“References” = referenced in the story, but occurs off-page


Depicts loss, grief, injury, some non-sexual violence

References prejudice, sexism

Sexual scenarios:

FMC is physically powerful, depicts some fear of injury

Depicts light D/s dynamic, some elements of primal kink, Manticore FMC is always in D role, human MMC always in s role (thought human MMC provides some nurturing/nursing and there is not always a power imbalance)

Depicts light superficial injury, some blood, in an erotic context (comparable to “edge play” depictions)

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