Part 4: The Trouble with Sirens, The Dragon's Tower

Chapter 22: A Dangling Participant

Forte started rowing the boat as Missa and Pasco leaned out the front, scoping out a good way to climb the rock. They’d have to get up on a parallel rock and then come over to Ada. The pillar that she was on was was far too slippery to climb, drenched as it was in a mix of siren and dragon cum.

The smell as they neared was absolutely intoxicating. Siren fluids were supposed to smell and taste to each individual however they found most appealing. That was surely true, since all Pasco could smell was Ada. Though, actually, given that he was immune to siren magics, it probably was just Ada that he smelled. Gods, how long had they been at this?

The row boat pulled up to the outside of the cove and the pirates carefully clambered up onto the rocks. As they climbed, they could no longer see what was happening, but Ada’s cries were becoming less frequent. Forte remained at the bottom, holding the other end of the length of rope that was looped over Pasco’s shoulder. Pasco and Missa climbed and as they became even with Ada’s rock, Missa continued a bit further up to find a good place to wedge a climbing anchor.

Pasco tried to figure out how he was going to get to Ada.

Ada was currently a dragon, and with her size there was barely enough room on the rock with her for the two sirens that were pawing at her slit. He’d have to wait until she was human again.

The rock was so slippery that one of the sirens climaxed just by flapping against it, in that curious way of a fish on a hook. The slapping sound seemed to spark something for Ada, because her breath started to heave. But then the second siren also got caught up in their own pleasure, leaving Ada panting and whining on the rock.

Fuck, now was when the sirens decided to get tired? There was no way he’d get her out as a dragon.

“Ada! We’re here!”

Ada spun to find him, but her movements were sluggish and clumsy. Her tail drooped and her scales were sopping wet. She looked exhausted. The Sirens that had just finished pleasuring themselves dropped down the slick waterfall and into the cove below. Those were the last few, and there was now only Ada on the rock.


“Ada, can you fly?”

Ada stretched out one of her wings and gave it an experimental flap, but it just dropped limp at her side. “No. I’m too tired. Which is the only reason that I’m not too horny.”

“Too horny might be better,” Pasco said, “I’m not sure we can get you out of here as a dragon.”

Ada nodded sluggishly. “Yeah… that makes sense.”

“Do you… do you think you can come one more time?”

Ada considered. She experimentally rubbed her scales against the rock. “I think so. But I’ll need some help.”

“How can I help? I don’t think I can get down there with you still a dragon.”

Ada pondered, looking around at the rock, then up at Pasco. “I think… I think watching you come from up there would do it for me. Like, you’re in a very precarious position but… you still just need to come, y’know?”

“Yeah, I think I can manage that. Missa, you hear the plan?”

Missa nodded gleefully from her position up by the climbing anchor.

The rope trailed from Pasco, up through the anchor that Missa had just secured, down to Forte at the base of the rocks.

There was a large loop of rope for Pasco to put his foot through so that he could rappel down the rock instead of trying to climb down with a slippery and exhausted Ada. With Forte as the belay, even Pasco and Ada’s combined weight would be no issue.

Pasco arranged himself so that he was standing on the rope and had a free hand.

“Gods, Ada,” he said, starting to undo his trousers, “You smell so fucking good.”

That got a little wiggle out of her. She experimentally rubbed her scales against the rock. “Yeah,” she said, “This’ll work for me. This’ll— ooooh yeah. Yep. Definitely work.”

Between the smell, which was now growing even stronger somehow, and Ada’s frantic, exhausted, draconic rubbing, Pasco didn’t need to put any special effort into getting up for the occasion.

As he stroked himself, Ada lolled her tongue at him. She was needing to work much harder than usual for the same level of sensation. As her arousal overpowered her exhaustion she started to flail, her tail whipping back and forth.

He was glad he hadn’t tried to join her on the rock.

Though he hadn’t needed much prompting to get hard, that didn’t mean he couldn’t still have a little fun. “Oh Ada,” he said, working up some campy drama in his tone, “Do you hear that? What an irresistible song!”

“I thought you were immune?”

“Well, yeah, but. Y’know.”

“Ohhhh. Okay. I mean that’s fine but also— rude.”

“Oh yeah? How so?”

Ada was distracted for a moment by her rubbing. “Well because— you’re making fun of me.”

“Oh, is that song irresistible to you?”

Yes,” Ada moaned, with a tortured earnestness that surprised Pasco. That sent another series of thoughts through his mind. One, arousal, pure and simple, just to hear her plead like that. Two, she really must have been trying to get back. She hadn’t been kidding when she said she’d wanted to fly off, but wouldn’t have been able to. She truly was trapped here on the rock by her own insatiable horniness. Three, deep arousal at that scenario and his now participating in it.

“You really did need rescuing then, huh?”

Yes!” she moaned again.

Pasco nearly lost his grip on the rope as even more blood left his head. He considered how to continue the conversation to Ada’s benefit, but she took care of that.

Please,” she said, “Please rescue me. I can’t— I can’t stay here. I’ll die.”

Pasco laughed at first, thinking she was being dramatic on purpose. But her pleading was genuine. She was being dramatic, but not on purpose. She felt that desperate. And, he supposed, for good reason. It took a lot to drain a whole flock of sirens. “Well, I can’t rescue you until you come for me.”

“I’m— I’m trying!”

“That’s a good girl.”

Ada whimpered.

Pasco liked this, just as he’d liked trussing her up on the bed at the tavern. The woman was usually so overwhelmingly horny that it was usually impossible to tease her. To make her beg. He did feel a little bad, drawing it out like this. But, he knew of a way to turn that into a win-win. “Gods, I like you like this. Begging. Finally admitting how needy you are.”

Ada looked up at him with wide eyes, panting.

Pasco slowed down his stroking. “I think I’m going to savor this. Take my time.”

“Fuck, no! Please!”

Pasco had to work to say slow, but the way that Ada’s grinding had accelerated, he knew he wouldn’t need to for long. “Yeah… I’m gonna take my sweet time.”

“Please! Pleaaaaaase!

Fuck that was getting to him. He grunted despite himself and quickened briefly before slowing himself down.

That really got Ada going. “It’s… it’s working…”

He wasn’t sure if she was talking about herself or to herself about him, but it didn’t much matter.

“Please come on me,” she said. “Please I’ve had— all this siren cum but I just need… I just need… some of yours.”

Ada was rapt now, her exhaustion replaced by frantic energy. She was grinding against the rock, harder and faster than he’d ever seen before.

But he’d have to make sure he didn’t come too soon, or else the plan wouldn’t quite work out. If he came before her, the disappointment might trap her as a dragon for a while longer. 

Containing himself was getting difficult. If he sped up again, he’d lose it.

Scales rasped against rock even through the coating of slime, and Ada started to really moan.

Though it had sounded like the start of an orgasm, she collapsed back into frantic grinding. “Fuuuuuuuck… I just… need… to come. Please.”

Pasco tried to hold out but it was already too late. The release had begun, the spasming at the base of his shaft, the slow-motion feeling of heat coming up and out of his tip.

“Fuck, Ada, I love it when you beg, I’m c— I’m coming!”

Pasco climaxed hard, hanging off the rock face, his cum joining the wash of fluids below. He shook, but managed to stay on his rope, while Ada nearly sent herself sliding off her rock.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she let out a primal roar and finally, heavingly, rode out the orgasm and became a human again, curled up in a puddle perilously close to the edge of the rock. There was just enough of an incline that she started slipping towards the edge.

“Fuck!” Pasco snapped to his senses and jumped down. Missa and Forte picked up on the leap to action and ensured that he was belayed as needed, down onto the rock. 

He skittered down, still relying mostly on the rope for stability instead of the slippery surface, and looped his arm around Ada’s chest. He hoisted her back up and kneeled below her, so that she could sit without sliding.

“Pasco, I— I don’t feel great.” She rolled onto her hands and knees and, like a nearly-drowned sailor just pulled from the sea, she convulsed as her stomach emptied itself. But, not of seawater. Of siren cum. And not a small amount.

Pasco couldn’t help but chuckle to himself. As her body finished rejecting the sirens’ gifts, she collapsed into his arms, exhausted.

“Pasco I… I hate sirens.”


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