Christmas Dinner (Part IV)

Continued from Part III

The guests thus attended to, Elden turned his attention to Rosie, who was once again quivering eagerly.

“Now, what to do with these leftovers…” he said.

Rosies eyes fluttered, her legs straining against her bonds, wanting desperately to press together or somehow resolve the cold emptiness between them.

“Now remind me, how long does this concoction take to dissipate if you don’t cum it out?”

Rosie whimpered.

Elden grinned. “Days, isn’t it?”

Rosie shuddered, then reluctantly nodded.

Instead of giving her an answer, Elden brushed his finger through the air and the serving platter spun slowly on his magic.

“You do look quite pretty like this,” Elden said. “All bound and glazed.”

A golden tendril of magic trailed up Rosie’s cheeks, inspiring a shiver and a burst of hope in her heart.

“As much fun as it would be to keep you like this for days,” Elden said, “I do have need of you tomorrow.”

Rosie nodded solemnly, lest her enthusiasm earn her further denial.

“Good. You won’t make any such mistakes tomorrow, will you?”

Rosie emphatically shook her head.

“That’s a good girl. If you did, I’d have to punish you like this again. You wouldn’t want that, would you?”

Rosie’s cheeks flushed red, her legs quivered, then she nodded. Then paused, shook her head. Then nodded.

“Oh, you poor thing,” Elden crooned. “Did you lose track of which way I asked the question?”

Rosie nodded.

“With your brain so muddled, you really will be useless tomorrow. And we can’t have that, can we?”

Rosie shook her head, trying but failing to keep her breathing from quickening, her breasts from heaving.

Elden went and stood by her head, and Rosie turned her eyes up at him. 

He said, “All this attention tonight was really quite the tease, wasn’t it?”

She nodded. 

“You poor thing,” he crooned. “None of them know just how hard you can cum.”

Before Rosie could nod again, a tendril of golden magic traced up from her knee to her hip, and Rosie’s head tipped back against the table.

“Especially with all that magick in your veins. And so, so warmed up…”

More golden tendrils appeared, curling around each of Rosie’s breasts, trailing towards her mouth and her cunt.

She trembled and moaned, no longer able to hold back her pleas.

Elden smiled and the ring gag vanished from Rosie’s mouth. Her eyes widened. “Please, please I need it, I need to cum so bad, please, I-I’ll be so good, I promise, please I need it, please…”

Hot, red, ancient magic flared in Elden’s eyes and a golden tendril surged down Rosie’s throat, muffling her words again. Fiery magic that threatened to melt Elden’s icy calm tingled down his spine, and he took a deep breath and extinguished the flare. He needed to be careful with this one. One more word from her, and she might have unleashed what he had spent centuries carefully containing. Not that it was a bad containing. Perhaps channeled was a better word—guided and shaped how he willed, in the ways that brought him pleasure.

Just as he shaped his magic into the golden tendrils that thickened and probed, filling her throat and her cunt and her ass, squeezing her waist and her breasts, pinching hard at her nipples.

For as much as these guests and her begging had reminded him of when he was king, the cheerful red baubles in the evergreens, which Rosie had so carefully arranged, reminded him that he liked this life far better.

His magics wrung climax after climax out of the little elf who was by far the cleverest apprentice he’d ever had. As Elden pulled her through another climax, he resolved to do a better job of assuring her that he’d not be firing her for something so silly as mixing up bottles.

Perhaps it was that she was a young fae, and so overly afraid of mischief. The Convention was to blame for that, and Elden was happy to pay more than a few fines in order to teach Rosie what fae life really was. She was well on her way. In fact—

Elden was disturbed from his musings by a buzzing tension and the strong smell of juniper and jasmine. Had he not been distracted, he would have already felt the air shifting and pulsing with the will, I want… I want…

All fae magic started with the will, and Rosie’s was unwinding into the room around her. 

The hair on the back of Elden’s neck stood on-end like a concerned cat’s as his golden tendrils sniffed out the silky green ones forming in the air.

And then in the span of a moment in-between moments, Rosie was standing—no, floating—in front of him, a dress of silky emerald magic swirling around her, her eyes gleaming green like sunlight through leaves, looking like a queen of old.

Her voice whispered from the air all around them as her hand gently landed on the back of his neck. “I want you to feel good too…”

Elden swallowed. It was unwise to try and quell spontaneous outbursts of fae magic like this, and yet, between teacher and apprentice it was wise to maintain a certain amount of professionalism…

An emerald tendril brushed against the front of Elden’s ruby velvet trousers and he shuddered.

Rosie grinned, showing her own pointed canines. “‘Professionalism’? Come now, didn’t you say this is our culture?”

Elden forced a wry grin. “How long have you been reading my thoughts?”

“Since I decided I want you…”

Moments shifted, and then Rosie was standing in front of him, cheek against his stomach, hand against his growing bulge.

“…to feel good too.”

“You naughty little thing,” Elden gasped.

Rosie grinned. “I am, aren’t I? I messed up the potions… and now I’m being unprofessional…”Rosie’s fingers curled into the ruby velvet, and then it was gone, her own magic having pulled it away.

Elden stood, suddenly exposed, unsure of what to do, until her hot mouth folded around his length. Arousal quivered through him, rediscovering sensations. How long had it been? Decades? He had kept everything and everyone at arms’ length, and now here he was, cock-deep in his apprentice.

And it felt amazing. But he was supposed to be the one in charge, supposed to be the one taking care of…

Shhhhh,” whispered the air around him as Rosie pushed him onto the plush chair she’d conjured behind him.

“Y-you won’t get me quite that easily,” Elden said, mustering his will and magic to stir his golden tendrils again. If he could exhaust Rosie first, he could get through this with some amount of dignity intact.

Elden’s genius plan had the effect of inspiring Rosie to moan around his cock, which put his willpower on much slipperier ground. Here she was, enhanced by a fae stamina potion, and here he was, some decades since his last proper indulgence. To say that his heat was rising quickly was a understatement. She bobbed down his length, tongue swirling and pressing, moans buzzing under his tip.

“R-Rosie… if you don’t stop that, I’m going to… I’m going to…”

He tried to think of some suitable punishment, but all he could think was I’m going to cum.

He was on the brink and Rosie knew it.

How do you feel?” her voice asked from the air.

Her tongue swirled under his tip. He was dripping, but he could hardly afford to encourage her. And he was far from lucid enough to lie.

She pulled him slowly down her throat, lips pressing tight around him, and he couldn’t keep the moan from escaping. She brought him right to the edge again, then paused.

I said, how do you feel?

Dread mixed with hot arousal in Elden’s core as he realized that she was going to make him say it. She would keep him here, right on the brink, until he pushed her away or he said it. And the former was not an option, not with the way his whole body throbbed under her touch.

“It feels good,” he breathed.

What’s that?

“It feels so fucking good.”

And then she unleashed herself upon him and his arousal flared. “Rosie… Rosie!” Elden’s hips bucked as he hissed and plummeted over the edge.

Every candle flared, the logs in the fireplace cracked into sparks, and motes of light appeared around them. Outside the house, snow shuddered off tree limbs and the ice skating pont cracked from the center. Rosie drank deep and delighted, her lips around his base and their magic entwining.

Elden’s magic in Rosie thickened and swelled, pushing her into one last gushing climax.

As Elden’s breath finally slowed, Rosie tucked her cheek against his thigh. The dining room was dim, all the candles burned to their bases and the fire now only embers. The air now smelled of soot, juniper, and sex.

Despite Rosie’s best efforts, sleep soon overtook her slight form.

Elden’s magic swept her clean, but he lifted her into the plush bed she’d conjured and tucked her in with his own hands, then turned his attention to the guests and the fluid-drenched wreckage of a dining room.

Elden chuckled wryly to himself. “Just like the yultides of yore, if I do say so myself…”

Then he took a deep breath and undammed a stream of ancient magic. In a swirl of snowflakes and golden warmth, each guest was cleaned, their hair resettled, their clothes redressed, until they were just as they had been when they arrived. Coils of magic then spirited them away, each to their homes, dropping on their doorsteps at just the moment nobody was quite paying attention.

Each would remember a carriage ride home and report to their loved ones that they were quite sleepy, but would be happy to recount the experience the next day.

After a long, peaceful sleep, they would awaken to report an absolutely delightful dinner. Exactly what had made it so delightful, they couldn’t quite say… except that it was definitely the little bird, which despite its small size had been so very delicious that they couldn’t help but go back for thirds, fourths, or more.

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Part 6: Denoument, The Alchemist's Illusions

Chapter 52: Science

The room looked somewhere between a dungeon and a laboratory, and that was exactly the point. All the walls were stone. One wall was lined with iron hoops set into the rocks and a variety of frames and bars and clips and harnesses meant for bondage. The other was lined with shelves of beakers and cauldrons, jars of reagents, a workbench and a small stove.

It was more of a toy set than an actual laboratory, Linza realized as she inventoried what was available. But that was all well and good—she didn’t plan to do much actual alchemy that day.

Tanyth took the lead on getting Grun set up, fitting the half-orc in a harness and then buckling leather cuffs to his wrists and ankles. There were eight ropes clipped to iron hoops, four on either side of the wall, and each leading back to a pulley and a locking mechanism.

Tanyth loosened four of the ropes, two on each side, and clipped them to Grun’s wrists and ankles, letting him get a feel for it.

Linza helped to tighten the ropes according to Tanyth’s instructions. The ropes passed through several pulleys, meaning that she’d have a significant amount of leverage, even over someone as strong as Grun. But to start, they left a good bit of slack in the ropes. 

Grun could still stand comfortably, but he wouldn’t be able to cross his arms across his body. And, most importantly, he wouldn’t be able to touch his shaft, which was already half-erect and throbbing.

Tanyth stepped back and nodded, admiring their handiwork.

Both they and Linza were wearing lab coats of bleached cotton to complete the look.

“Thank you very much, my lovely assistant,” Linza said to Tanyth. “This is quite the specimen.” Linza stepped up and ran her fingertips from Grun’s cheek, down over his chest, to just above his shaft. He shivered. “He shall do quite nicely. However did you find him?”

Tanyth giggled. “I made lewd noises, and he came running. He’s very sexually motivated.”

Grun huffed and pouted. “Hey, just because it’s true...”

“Do you have the list?” Linza asked Tanyth.

Tanyth bounded over to the workbench and returned with a piece of parchment clipped at two corners to a wooden board. “I do!”

“What’s first?”

“Initial preparations. Non-genital stimulation.”

“Ah, yes, thank you.” Linza stepped up to Grun, keeping her air of disinterested scientist but loving the wary look on his face.

“W-what do you want from me?” Grun asked, though he already knew.

“Just some samples.” She brought her fingertips to his chest and swirled them there. She lingered on his nipples, running circles and making him gasp, and then swept her hands down over his hips.

His erection bobbed to full hardness.

Tanyth joined in and together the two of them touched every inch of Grun’s body that wasn’t his actual cock, balls, or rim. Linza trailed kisses up his arms. Tanyth ran their tongue around the edges of his hips, over the shallows of his pelvis.

Grun was shaking and gasping in no time, and they continued for several minutes.

Tanyth checked the clock and withdrew, going to pick up their list again. “Alright, it’s time to begin. Experiment number one: tip stimulation only.”

“T-that wasn’t the beginning yet?” Grun moaned. 

Linza gently took the tip of his shaft in her fingers and circled her thumb right under his head.

Grun managed a brief attempt at composure before he moaned and gave in, his shaft throbbing under her fingertips.

“Note the time and bring the sample tube, please.”

Tanyth jotted down the time on the first entry on the paper and fetched one of the sample tubes. They were finger-length and clear glass, open at the top and closed at the bottom, arranged in a rack. Linza had already labeled them with numbers, and Tanyth fetched the first one.

Grun quivered at the teasing sensation, but so far, he behaved. Linza was curious to see how long he lasted. It clearly felt good, but it would leave him begging for more.

After about five minutes of tip-only stimulation, he shuddered against the ropes and rewarded Linza with a bead of pre-cum at his tip. She gently took it with the edge of the sample tube and he shivered at the cold touch.

“Excellent,” she said. “How are we on time?”

“It’s time to proceed to the next one.”

“Which is?”

“Half shaft stimulation.”


Tanyth jotted down the time again and traded Linza for a fresh sample tube.

This time, she wrapped her fingers around him and stroked the fore half of his shaft, his foreskin sliding easily under her touch and providing significantly more sensation.

Grun shuddered against the ropes again, leaning forward and trying to bring his bound hands towards his cock.

Linza kept the sample tube to his tip and milked out several more drops before Tanyth called out that it was time for the next phase.

“Testicles only!” Tanyth cheerily called.

“You’ll hold the sample tube for this one?”

“Yes, of course.”

Linza pulled up a stool and sat before Grun. He was tall enough that she didn’t really have to kneel. 

Tanyth readied themselves at his tip, careful to not provide any stimulation there.

Linza looked up at Grun and licked her lips.

He twitched in anticipation.

Then she cupped his balls in her hands and licked them, covering as much of him with each stroke of her tongue as she could.

Both male and female anatomy developed analogously, female being the ‘default’ and male genitalia developing in response to testosterone during fetal development. The head of the penis was analogous to the clitoris, though the clitoris had even more nerves than the head and shaft of a penis combined. Most interesting to this current activity was that the scrotum, which housed the testicles, was analogous to the outer labia.

So Linza understood, with deep empathy, how just this sensation could send Grun moaning and gasping even more than teasing his tip and shaft. When Linza was receiving oral sex, that’s how she liked it to start. First, with the labia and then proceeding to include the clitoris, but never neglecting the labia.

And she enjoyed the paradox of their scientific demeanor and how she was now practically worshipping his balls, licking and sucking and moaning.

Grun again attempted to reach for his neglected shaft, straining against the ropes that held his arms apart. To no avail. He might have tried to twist more, but then Linza would have simply stopped touching him at all.

Tanyth called time, and Linza reluctantly withdrew.

She checked the sample tube as Tanyth held it to her, and she was excited to see that there was nearly a milliliter of clear fluid. “My, what an excellent sample!”

Grun groaned. “I-if you want my cum, I can cum…”

“Oh, no, of course not! That won’t be necessary. It is actually the pre-cum that is of greatest interest to us today. Exotic pre is in quite the high demand, don’t you know. We’re looking for the most efficient harvest methods.”

He grumbled, “If you want pre you should play with my ass…”

“Ass play starts with item ten,” Linza sunnily reported.

“Ten?!” Grun suddenly looked truly desperate.

“I believe we were just about to start number four. Our specimen is getting unruly though. I think we’d better tighten the restraints. For scientific integrity.”

Tanyth nodded. “For scientific integrity. Fifteen rotations should be about right.”

Linza and Tanyth went to each side of the wall.

“T-that won’t be necessary, I can be ruly,” Grun said.

Linza and Tanyth paid him no mind, and each spun their crank fifteen times, which pulled about six inches of slack out of each of the ropes at Grun’s arms. He could still move his arms, but they could no longer rest by his side.

Tanyth checked the list. “Four is half shaft stimulation, base half.”

That one really got Grun wriggling, and Linza was glad they’d tightened the ropes. Mostly, he couldn’t help but thrust into her hand, primal instincts activated by the pressure at his base.

“Greedy, aren’t we?” Linza teased.

“F-fuck, I really can’t help it when—”

She squeezed his base, and his hips bucked again.

“—when you do that…”

“This might interrupt collection. Assistant, could you please help me limit our specimen’s pelvic motion?”


“W-wait, what?”

Tanyth went around behind Grun. He was wearing a harness across his chest that had loops at his upper arms and upper thighs also, and a belt-like band around his waist. Tanyth clipped a ring at the back of the harness to an appropriately placed iron ring in the wall.

Grun pulled against it. The harness dug into his skin, but the iron didn’t budge, and he could no longer thrust his hips forward.

Even though Linza knew exactly what was next, she said, “Alright, assistant. Five, please?”

“Five is the application of a cock ring, and then we repeat one through four with the cock ring on as six through nine.” Tanyth fetched a strip of kid leather and handed it to Linza.

She nodded and returned to Grun.

“I-I don’t know if I can take much more of this,” Grun said.

“Well, we’ll find out, won’t we?” Linza grinned. “That’s science!”

Grun gulped. “Yay… science…”

Any further protests evaporated when she swept the strip of leather behind his balls and around his base. The leather towards his skin was soft, but there was a firmer strip of leather on the outside with a small buckle. She situated the leather and then gently tightened it until she could no longer slip a finger behind it.

This presented his balls forward, and his cock throbbed even harder.

“F-fuck that’s tight…”

Linza put her hand on Grun’s thighs and found his eyes. “Is it alright?”

He nodded. “I l-like it tight.”

Linza grinned. “You certainly do when I ride you.”

Grun’s hips bucked, but the clip held him in place.

Linza grinned and turned to Tanyth. “Note a slight modification for item five — instead of just letting him sit there with this on, I’m going to say lewd things.”

Tanyth nodded dutifully as Linza picked up the corresponding sample tube.

“C-c’mon,” Grun said, “You can’t do this to me…”

“I can do whatever I want to you.”

He twitched again, his eyes softening.

“Just imagine how much pre you’ll drip if I keep you like this for hours.”

He bucked against the harness, releasing a drip that Linza collected with the cold, smooth edge of the sample tube.

“If I just never let you come… why, I expect you’d practically become a faucet!”

“We’d be rich!” Tanyth chimed in.

“N-no please, can’t you use my cum too? I’ll still have plenty of pre after…”

“Hm, assistant, I think the specimen may be trying to compromise our scientific integrity.”

Tanyth nodded, their blue ponytail bouncing. “I quite agree. I think I know of a way to remedy this situation.”

They returned with a ball gag. Linza had to help steady them as they stood on a stool to buckle it around the back of Grun’s head. The gag showed off his pointed canines, and Linza thought the effect was quite cute. Especially when he immediately started drooling.

“That’s much better,” she said. 

Grun grumbled under the gag.

“Alright,” Tanyth said, checking the list. “Back to head stimulation only!”

Between the heightened sensation from the cock ring and the fact that they’d been at this for almost a half an hour, Grun was a trembling, moaning mess. He whimpered as she stroked his tip, then groaned with relief as she stroked the fore half of his shaft. Those yielded half a milliliter and a full milliliter of sample, respectively. 

When Linza descended upon his balls, so tautly presented for her oral pleasure, she thought he might actually pull his way out of the cuffs. He moaned and drooled and shook. So desperate.

And yet, Linza and Tanyth carried on diligently collecting their samples, grinning to each other.

Her hand at Grun’s base had him bucking uncontrollably. Only through Tanyth’s deft maneuvering of the sample tube did they manage to collect everything.

“And now we’re to ten!” Tanyth said.

Linza grinned up at Grun, whose eyes were glassy. “Do you remember what ten is?”

He blinked at her.

“Ten is when we start ass play.”

His hips bucked, and he shook against the ropes.

Tanyth went to the other side of the room and wheeled over an armature, similar to the one that had propped Linza up for spit roasting, but much larger. Tanyth expertly manipulated it into the shape that they would need for their next set of experiments.

Linza had asked Grun ahead of time whether he preferred the carrot or the rod, and he significantly preferred the carrot.

So, she came up to him and started stroking his full shaft as Tanyth unclipped his wrists and ankles. Grun’s arms fell limply at his sides.

Now that she had his pleasure in her hands, she controlled all his attentions. “Come this way. You wouldn’t want this to stop, would you?”

He shook his head, and she led him over to the armature and guided him to kneel against it. The end result was as if he’d leaned himself over a table. His ass was up in the air, his legs parted, and the armature gave him a place to rest his knees so he wouldn’t have to hold up his weight.

Tanyth clipped Grun’s wrists and ankles, and harness into place on iron hoops set into the armature. Grun’s cock hung down into the open part of the armature, easily accessible.

Grun had hardly noticed. His drool ran onto the floor now, and his face was soft with bliss as Linza stroked him. 

Then she stopped. His eyes flickered open, and he seemed to realize where he was. He pulled against his bindings, but the armature remained solid.

Linza fetched a stoppered vial and opened it, pouring half of the contents out over Grun’s raised ass. He shivered at the cold and moaned with anticipation.

Tanyth fetched a sample tube and positioned it under Grun’s twitching cock. “Number ten! Manual stimulation of the anus.”

Linza placed her fingertips thusly, and Grun dissolved under her touch. He moaned and shook. Tanyth nodded eagerly up at Linza, indicating that the sample was coming along nicely. Linza had previously noticed that Grun became a veritable dispenser of pre-cum when his ass came into play, and her scientific excitement wasn’t all for show. It really was fun to see just what pushed his buttons, so to speak. Of course, amount of pre-cum wasn’t really a direct correlate to amount of pleasure—an electric shock to the appropriate gland would be an unpleasant but effective way to trigger its release—but Grun gave plenty of indications of his happiness.

Had they not been timing the ‘steps’ of the ‘experiment’, Linza would have quickly proceeded past this stage, eager to get Grun really going. But, the precise timing was part of the fun. Stretching out each stage. The pleasurable dread of knowing that any ‘end’ was quite far away.

Tanyth called the time, and Linza withdrew.

Though, Tanyth hesitated from their place at Grun’s shaft. “What… should I do if he hasn’t stopped dripping?”

Linza crouched down to watch. There were already two milliliters in the tube and, sure enough, another droplet formed at his tip. She grinned. “I’ll help you swap it out as we go to the next one. You stay here for a sec.”

She came around to Grun’s face, unbuckled the gag, and set it aside. She rubbed his cheeks with her fingertips as his head lolled against one of the padded panels of the armature. 

He wouldn’t be protesting any more, and it was important that he could tell them if anything was uncomfortable. Especially because the next thing she fetched from her bag was a glass dildo. She coated this also with lube. Then she swapped tubes with Tanyth, set the used one back in the rack, and stepped around to Grun’s ass again.

Linza winked at Tanyth and so they didn’t call this next one out. Grun hadn’t seen her latest preparations—he was too hazy.

So when the cool glass touched his rim, he gasped.

“Fuck,” he moaned. “Fuck yes, yes please…”

Linza pressed the tip gently inside.

Grun arched his back towards her, groaning and grasping at the padding under his fingers.

Linza pressed in a little more. And then a little more. And then much to his chagrin and her satisfaction, she held it there as he shook and whined and quivered for the remaining minutes of that experiment phase.

Tanyth quickly swapped sample tubes again, and Linza saw as they swept past that this tube was the fullest yet.

Experiment twelve was slow, deliberate thrusts centered on his prostate. Thirteen combined those thrusts with Tanyth stroking the tip of Grun’s shaft. Both produced ample samples.

“Aren’t you a pretty little milk maid?” Linza said, leaning down towards Tanyth.

Tanyth beamed.

Grun moaned and panted.

“Oh, do you like that?” Linza teased. “Us milking you?”

Grun shuddered.

Tanyth nodded. “Well, it’s working quite nicely.”

By the time experiment thirteen was done, Grun sounded like he was already edging.

The pause between would be torture, and Linza took her time fetching a new tube for Tanyth.

Experiment fourteen was harder thrusting, a proper fucking, but without shaft stimulation. That offered the most pre of all, nearly five milliliters. Tanyth reported that it was no longer dripping, but coming in spurts.

Linza insisted that more data was required, and she traded with Tanyth so that she could see for herself. Grun was dripping constantly. Every few strokes, he would groan and quiver and clench around the dildo, and a spurt of pre splash into the sample tube.

Linza’s scientific integrity was wavering. Fortunately, this was nearly the end of what she had planned. “Wow, you are really dripping.”

“Yes! I know… I can f-feel it… nnngh…” He moaned and spurted again. “…coming out…”

“These are even better results than we had hoped for,” Linza said, staying in character even as her own sex throbbed. “We may have found a winner, dear assistant. This far exceeds our theoretical predictions and has proven to be a very effective milking method.”

“N-no, please!” Grun whimpered. “I need to come… please… Fuck! nnngh…”

“I have studied your species and confirmed that this collection method is quite safe, even for long periods of time, so you need not worry,” Linza said.

“No… no it’s not, I…” He tried to pull against the restraints, but Tanyth was still fucking him with the dildo and Grun couldn’t manage more than a weak effort.

Making sure that Grun couldn’t see, Linza returned to the lab bench one more time and swapped out the sample tube for a wide-mouthed beaker.

She kneeled under Grun and held the beaker under his dripping cock. Tanyth fucked him vigorously.

“Fuuuuuuck,” Grun moaned. “That f-feels so fucking good…”

As Grun continued dripping, Linza ran her palm over his tip and caught the slick fluid on her hand, using it to lubricate his shaft. She could have gotten the actual lubricant, of course, but Grun was already producing plenty and she thought he’d like her doing it like this. She certainly liked it.

And he sounded like he was loving it. He gasped and panted as if already on the edge.

Every time he dripped his shaft became slicker, and the slicker it got the better it felt, and the better it felt the more he dripped.

“F-fuck that’s so good…” He gripped the padding under his fingers and arched his back, breath heaving. “I c-can’t… I need to… please… I’m so close… I’ve b-been so close…”

Linza glanced at the clock and grinned as she realized she and Tanyth had been teasing Grun for nearly an hour.

Linza propped the beaker into the armature in an appropriate spot and slicked her other palm on his pre, then brought one hand up to fondle his balls, which were still plumped forward by the cock ring.

“Oh! Oh fuck… fuck… oh gods if you do that I… that’s gonna make me… fuck, fuck, please don’t stop, please don’t stop, fuck, fuck me, fuck me!”

Tanyth seemed just as affected by Grun’s display as Linza was, and their cheeks and ears were rosy with arousal as they fucked Grun as hard as they could.

Grun’s breathing quickened. “Oh gods I can feel it, I’m so close, I… Fuck, fuck fuckfuckfuck!”

Grun’s balls tightened under Linza’s hand, and she quickly reached for the beaker as she continued stroking him with the other hand.

The first spurt was so powerful, it nearly splashed out of the beaker. For science, as well as her own edification, Linza counted. Ten more waves, his shaft pulsing under her fingers with each, each as thick as the last, until he finally slowed to a drip.

It was at least twenty milliliters.

Linza felt like a pretty little milk maid indeed.

Tanyth gently withdrew the dildo, and Grun moaned and shivered. Linza handed the beaker to Tanyth, and they admired the volume as she unbuckled the cuffs from Grun’s ankles and wrists.

Grun moaned lowly and seemed disinclined to move.

Tanyth sidled over to Linza. “Something has just occurred to me, great alchemist.”

“Oh yes, lovely assistant?”

“We need exotic cum, right?”

“That’s correct.”

“I can’t believe I neglected to mention this earlier, but I have exotic cum, you see.” Tanyth batted their eyelashes at her as their erection tented the front of their lab coat.

Linza chuckled. “Oh, well then I’d better collect a sample, hm? Comparative analysis is important.”

Tanyth nodded enthusiastically and unbuttoned their lab coat. 

Linza reached back and grabbed one of the unused sample tubes. She started with her mouth, running her tongue under their tip, then stroking with her free hand. 

Tanyth gasped, sighing with relief.

As with Grun, their relief soon turned to urgency.

She kept at them with her mouth until they whimpered, and then she dropped her attentions to their balls.

They stroked themselves, still slick with her saliva.

She pressed her tongue at the base of their balls, just at the edge of their perineum.

“Fuck! Linza, Linza—”

Linza leaned back and aligned the tube, and Tanyth did their best to stay still, stroking gently as they supplied their sample. 

As Tanyth heaved a sigh of relief, Linza leaned in and licked their tip, causing them to yelp.

Linza chuckled and withdrew, placing the tube on the rack next to the others. She was amused to see that, just like she had suspected, some of Grun’s tubes of pre-cum had more volume than Tanyth’s whole ejaculate.

Grun had stirred during her time with Tanyth and now unbuckled the harness as he regarded the rack of test tubes. “Wow, is that… really all from me?”

She picked up the beaker and swirled it. “Sure is.”

He rubbed the back of his neck. “I mean, I always appreciated how much you manage to swallow but… now I really appreciate it.”

“Knowledge is power,” she said as she jotted down the exact volumes from each of the labeled tubes onto the sheet where Tanyth had been noting the times.

“Wait, you’re actually writing it down?” Grun said.

“Of course I am. I’ll need something to compare back to, next time.”

“Ne… next time?”

“Only if you want to, of course.”

Grun chuckled. “Ask me tomorrow and you’ll get a resounding ‘yes’. For the moment, I think I can actually say… I don’t feel remotely interested in anything sexual. And that is a miracle.”

Linza grinned, thoroughly pleased with herself. “A miracle of science.”

Part 6: Denoument, The Alchemist's Illusions

Chapter 51: Reading Mood

This success emboldened Linza, and she had another idea to share. She’d already given Tanyth their copy and they’d delightfully approved, so she was off to find Grun. 

As she’d hoped, she found him in one of his usual afternoon haunts, on the shaded side of a patio that ringed the ground floor of one of the cafe buildings. There was a long, narrow planter just on the other side of the deck, overflowing with dune grasses and flowers. The leaves provided some natural cover from the narrow alleyway that lay just beyond, where staff would occasionally jog back or forth.

In the afternoons, when this side of the patio was totally in shade and the cool ocean breeze cut through the narrow space, it was several degrees colder than anywhere else on the estate. So it was usually empty except for hot-blooded Grun, who wore only his leather shorts, with a leather-bound tome parted in front of him. 

She’d hoped to catch him in a reading mood, so she grinned to herself as she strolled up and sat across from him. The table was right next to the planter so that it almost felt like they were sitting amongst the grasses.

His eyes still skimmed the pages, and she’d learned not to interrupt him. Not that he became upset—it was just that a faraway look would linger in his eye. The wind rustled through the cultivated dune grasses and wished she’d brought a cardigan. 

By the time he looked up, she was halfway lost in her own daydream.

“Hey. What’s up?” he said.

She pulled a sheaf of papers from her bag. “Just wanted to catch you in a reading mood.”

He quirked an eyebrow, rightly guessing the sort of reading that she had for him. 

She handed him the bundle of papers, dense with her tidy handwriting. The first draft was always a messy scrawl, and then the second draft she penned carefully with a special quill that could remember the page and write more copies later. 

“Should I read now? Or…”

“It’s up to you.” She hoped he’d read it right away, but she didn’t want to pressure him.

“No time like the present. You sticking around?”

She reached for his book. “Trade me, I want to see what you’re reading.”

And Linza tucked into the first chapter of a book on the history of clay work and pottery. It was more academic than she would have expected from Grun, especially for leisurely afternoon reading, but she’d learned to not be surprised by surprises from the half-orc.

She was just getting to the end of the introduction when she heard him grunt. 

Linza peeked at him over the tome. His erection was already throbbing at the front of his shorts. A smug grin pulled at her lips.

He shifted, rearranging himself so that his shaft could lengthen down the leg of his shorts.

And he was only just getting to the juicy bits.

Linza did not think she could be even more smugly satisfied, but she was wrong. As he continued reading, his shaft continued to throb. As he reached his full length, his tip poked out from the hem of his shorts.

He turned over the last page and looked over at her. 

She kept the tome between him and her grin. “What do you think?”

“Fuck, Linza, this is hot.”

“Would you want to… do something like that?”

His shaft throbbed emphatically. “Yes. Definitely. Obviously.” He gestured down at himself.

“I’m glad you liked it!”

“‘Like’ is an understatement.” He looked around the patio and alley, which remained empty. “Fuck, Linza, I’m not gonna be able to make it out of here like this.”

“Oh, yeah?”

He reached down to rearrange himself again, obviously uncomfortable, and as his fingers touched his shaft, his eyes rolled back. “Fuck…”

“Surely you’re not considering masturbating right here,” she teased.

He looked at her plaintively. “It’s either that or I walk out of here looking like this. If I can even walk…” Indeed, he may not have been able to stand up straight with his shaft so firm and his shorts so tight.

“Oh, we can’t have that. That would be far too lewd,” Linza teased.

“Yeah, so…”

“Well, can’t you just like, go back to reading pottery and cool off?” Linza said.

“Are you serious?”

“Yeah.” She’d planned to torment him a little with public arousal, but she hadn’t actually intended for that to escalate to public sex. Or even indecent exposure, which was definitely happening as his throbbing tip leaked pre-cum on the inside of his thigh.

Linza continued, “Wouldn’t want you getting caught.”

Grun’s cock throbbed hard, and his eyelids fluttered. “You clearly really want me to get caught, talking like that.”

Linza chuckled, amused at how quickly the half-orc could turn from quaintly studious to insatiably horny. “Does anything kill the mood for you?”

Grun laughed wryly. “No. Honestly, getting caught has only ever made me more aroused… Apparently, that tends to be a thing for orcs. There’s not really an ‘off’ switch, just…”

“Just a release valve?”

“Heh, yeah. Spoken like an alchemist.”

She shrugged, still grinning smugly, and put the book down. “So like… once you’re here—” she gestured at his throbbing erection and pleading expression “—you are here to stay?”

He nodded.

“One-way street? Irreversible chemical reaction? Interesting, veeeery interesting…” She tapped her fingertips to her chin.

He rolled his eyes. “Careful, somebody might get the impression that you’re getting off on this.”

“No, no, not at all. I’m feeling fine. I could just pick up my pottery book and waltz on out.”

Grun went to say something, but as he did, he shifted. The sensation must have been intense, because his expression instantly softened as he moaned. “Since you did this to me, can you at least cover for me?”

She tented her fingertips in front of her, eyes glimmering with mischief. The reason she paused was partly to tease him, and partly to take in every aspect of him. The furrow of his brow, the trembling of his hands, the pulsing throb of his shaft trapped in his shorts. “Alright,” she said, pushing to her feet.

She went a couple of paces back towards the entrance of the patio and leaned back against the planter. From there, she could see both the alley and the entrance.

She formed an image in her mind and gestured across the entrance of the patio. She didn’t need to speak, so the only other sign of the magic was a slight vibration of her crystal necklace. A sign strung on rope between two poles formed across the entrance. It read, ‘closed for cleaning’ on the far side.

If anyone doubted its veracity or looked closely, they might notice that it was an illusion. But few would look twice since such a sign actually existed, and Linza had seen it placed as such many times.

She nodded to Grun.

With trembling urgency, he unfastened his shorts and carefully peeled them down around his shaft. His cock was so large, there was no way he’d be able to free himself without basically taking them off. The shorts ended up around his knees as his hand ended up around his shaft, and he sighed like a man drinking water after a week in the desert.

Linza enjoyed her own thrill of arousal. She liked doing this to him. And he liked when she did it. And he liked that she liked to do it. And she liked that.

Grun exercised none of his usual pace or restraint, giving himself over completely to the desire to cum as quickly as possible.

Linza was rewarded with gasps and stifled moans, trembling and vigorous stroking.

Then she heard footsteps in the alley on the other side of the planted dune grass and held up a hand.

Grun forced himself to stop, gripping the edge of the table with both hands. He trembled as pre-cum dripped between his feet.

It was such a pretty picture of desperation that Linza nearly popped her head through the dune grasses and kissed the passer-by.

And then the footsteps cleared the alley, and she nodded.

Grun started again, his expression melting with bliss.

Then his breath caught and quickened, his posture tensed.

Linza’s own heat glowed in anticipation.

He leaned halfway out of his chair and bent over the planter.

Linza enjoyed a full view of his bare ass and the final few strokes that sent him over the edge. 

His whole body trembled with the surges as he donated a generous serving of creamy white fertilizer to the planted dune grasses.

Linza locked every curve of his posture, every rope of cum, every one of his heaving breaths into memory. And then, especially, his expression of abject relief.

She let the illusion of the sign fade as he rearranged himself back into his shorts. She handed his tome back to him. 

He offered her the sheaf of papers.

She shook her head. “It’s a copy, you can keep it.”

He smiled and tucked the sheaf into the front of his book. “So, about what you said about… actually doing some of that…” His shaft throbbed conspicuously under his shorts again.

Linza snickered. “We’ll talk tonight. If I tell you now, then we really won’t be able to leave.”

“Leave to where?”

“I was thinking we could go up for some tea?”

“Sounds lovely.”

Part 6: Denoument, The Alchemist's Illusions

Chapter 49: Strawberries

The weekend after, it was Grun’s turn to be busy, so Tanyth took the opportunity to invite Linza to a particularly exclusive restaurant that only seated tables of two. The dining room was truly lavish, with velvet chairs, gold candelabras and crystal chandeliers. She had thought that the restaurant Grun had taken her to was fancy, and she’d had no idea. 

Tanyth’s hair was braided down around one shoulder and they wore an angular blazer over a snug knee-length skirt. Linza wore another evening gown from Wyn, this one in burgundy silk with a spray of diamonds stitched around the collar. 

They looked utterly at ease in high society, while Linza struggled to not comment on how expensive the silk tablecloths must be.

Linza was happy to let Tanyth order for her, and they’d selected something that was composed entirely of ingredients she’d never heard of before. It had been decadent, whatever it was.

And the wine was dangerously delicious. The two of them had nearly finished the bottle, which meant that they were both really feeling it. Tanyth’s cheeks and the tips of their ears were flushed pink.

Dessert was fruit dipped in chocolate. 

Linza hummed happily as she chewed a strawberry and she looked up to see Tanyth wearing a stricken expression. 


“N-nothing just…” Their eyes darted towards the plate of fruit.

Linza grinned wickedly. “Oh, okay.” She picked up another strawberry and pressed the tip between her lips. Her tongue extended under it, swirling against the chocolate.

Tanyth watched her, rapt. 

When she bit into the strawberry, they shivered. 

She set the stem aside and pressed her finger to the middle of her tongue, taking her time licking and sucking the residue of melted chocolate from her fingertips.

All the while she looked Tanyth in the eye and all the while they looked about to faint. 

Linza grinned and reached for another strawberry.

“Linza!” Tanyth hissed. 

“Whatever seems to be the matter?”

Tanyth pouted. “I can’t… when you do that…”

“Oh! My goodness! You’re not finding this arousing, are you?” She knew it was cruel, but Linza couldn’t help herself. Perhaps getting so drunk in a fancy restaurant wasn’t ideal. Her inhibitions were as tender as the chocolate melting on her tongue.

Tanyth wiggled in their seat. 

“This hasn’t got you all hot and throbbing and engorged, has it?”

Tanyth squeaked and blushed redder. “Well it does now!”

Linza giggled. She ate this strawberry even slower. Sucking at the tip. Swirling her tongue underneath. Moaning as she swallowed.

“Linzaaaaa I can’t take much more of this.”

“Hm? Or you’ll do what, exactly?”

Tanyth pouted and shifted uncomfortably. They usually didn’t wear small clothes when they wore skirts, and Linza was sure that they already had a full erection pressed between their legs.

She considered slipping her foot out of her shoe and pressing her toes against them. Tempting, but perhaps a bit too conspicuous. She had a better idea, anyway.

Linza glanced around, checking that nobody was looking at them too directly. Then she started chanting quietly, gesturing under the table, her crystal necklace humming.

“Linza! Linza, what are you doing?”

Linza paused. “I’m helping you.” She started the incantation again.

Tanyth’s eyes widened with realization. “No, nonono, you can’t, Linza, no!”

They had a well-established safe word, and Tanyth didn’t say it.

Linza finished the incantation, and the illusion bloomed to life. A little octopus with thick, chubby tentacles sat next to Tanyth. It looped one tentacle around their slim waist.

“Linza, no, please—”

“Shhhh, someone might hear.”

One tentacle curled around Tanyth’s upper thigh and their mouth snapped shut to stifle a moan.

Nobody else could see the illusion, and it wouldn’t even disturb Tanyth’s clothing. The effect would be entirely within Tanyth’s mind. Well, it would start there, anyway. The brain had quite an effect on the body.

A second tentacle curled over Tanyth’s other leg, drawing a soft tip up Tanyth’s inner thigh. They shivered.

Linza grinned.

To anyone else, it may have simply looked like Tanyth had had a little too much to drink. Their eyes fluttered, and they teetered.

The tentacle curled under Tanyth’s balls for a moment before running its tip teasingly up their length.

Tanyth pressed their palms flat against the table, eyes fixated just towards the back of the booth, trying their very best to stay still.

When another tentacle curled towards Tanyth’s rim, they squeezed their eyes shut.

When the tentacle twisted around Tanyth’s length and started stroking in a spiraling motion, Tanyth couldn’t help but moan quietly.

“Linzaaaa… please…”

“Oh, do you want it to stop?”

Tanyth whimpered. They turned their eyes towards Linza and then back towards the wall.

“That’s what I thought,” Linza crooned. “Now, we don’t have terribly long before the illusion runs out. So you’d better let yourself along or else you won’t actually get to cum.”

Tanyth’s breath quickened. “C-cum here?”

“I’m already right here, darling.” Linza smirked.

Tanyth stared at her blankly. They were already well past the threshold of comprehending word play.

Linza bid the illusion to progress. The twisting stroking at Tanyth’s shaft intensified. Another tentacle cupped Tanyth’s balls. Another pressed its tip into their rim.

“F-fuck, it feels so real!”

Linza realized then that Tanyth actually had never been the subject of one of her illusions before.

“L-like I can feel every… every nub and… ngh… they’re so squishy…”

“That’s the idea,” Linza crooned. The illusion picked up the pace, fucking Tanyth in earnest. The sensation would be perfectly real, but because there was no actual force behind it, Tanyth’s body actually remained still except for their trembling.

“Holy shit, Linza… Y-you can’t just fuck me right here!”

“I am, aren’t I?” Linza crooned.

“Nnngh… How am I supposed to— Hngh.”

“To cum right here and make a mess of your skirt and the floor?”

Tanyth’s whole body twitched.

Linza raised the intensity of the illusion, the tentacle in Tanyth’s ass thickening, the stroking becoming firmer. The tip of the tentacle found Tanyth’s spot and pressed directly on it in how only an illusion could.

“How does that feel?” Linza breathed.

“F-fuck that feels good… L-Linza I won’t last long like this…”

“That’s the point.” Linza smirked. She knew from the cafe that Tanyth had an exhibitionist streak, and she got another idea.

Linza waited a moment until Tanyth was good and truly panting.

“Oh shit, I’m close,” they whispered.

Linza kicked the illusion up one more notch and flagged down the passing waiter.

“Linza, no!” they hissed. Tanyth’s eyes went wide and then involuntarily rolled back, and they grabbed their cloth napkin and pressed it over their mouth.

The server arrived. “How might I help?”

Linza propped her chin on her hand. “Could we get—”

Tanyth’s whole body tensed. “Aaaaah, aaaah, aaaaah! Tch!” As Tanyth’s body continued convulsing with the waves of their climax, they did their best to pass it off as a sneezing fit.

The server glanced at them momentarily, but seemed unperturbed.

“Could we get some more strawberries?” Linza continued.

“Yes, of course,” the server said and strode off.

Tanyth leaned over the table and put their hand to their forehead. “Holy fuck, Linz… I just came so hard…”

Linza giggled. “I noticed.”

“Did the server?” Tanyth looked concerned. “How could you do that to me!”

“It pushed you over the edge, didn’t it?”

Tanyth just blushed and glanced away.

“How much of a mess did you make?”

“It’s running down my leg…” Tanyth shot her a resentful glance and then leaned under the table with the napkin to clean themselves off.

“What’s with the look? Don’t you feel better?”

Tanyth nodded hazily. “I do…”

“You actually pulled that off pretty well. I should make you cum in public more often.”

“Hey! Well… I— maybe.” Tanyth glanced towards the ground, flustering.

Linza giggled. “I’ll take that as a ‘yes’.”

Tanyth gave her a wry smile. “You’ve come a long way from when we first met.”

Linza let that sink in. “I really have, haven’t I.” She never would have dreamed of being so devious, before. Now, she wasn’t quite sure what she’d ever been so afraid of.

“You should be proud,” Tanyth said softly.

Linza blushed, but didn’t protest.

 “I better, uh, go clean up,” Tanyth said. They set off towards the washroom, teetering part from the wine and part from post-orgasmic dizziness.

Linza finished the bottle of wine, and then also the additional strawberries before Tanyth finally returned.

“What took you so long?” Linza teased.

Tanyth plopped back down across from her. “Well after I cleaned myself I got… excited again, and well…”

Linza hadn’t thought she could be even more smug until she was. “Are you telling me you just rubbed one out in the washroom?”

Tanyth’s answer was just to blush.

“Hot,” Linza said. “Now let’s get out of here, I can’t let you have all the fun.”

Part 4: The Convention, The Black Box

Chapter 19: Compensation Part II

John set his bags by his packed suitcase. 

Felix checked out the room and then flopped onto the bed. He rolled over and buried his face in the sheets, wiggling his ass in the air, and took a deep breath. He turned over his shoulder to look at John, grinning. “Mmmmmmm, smells like sex dreams.”

“I’m pretty sure you can’t smell dreams.”

“Am I wrong, though?”

“… No.”

“See? Hmmm all these sex dreams and nowhere to go! Or, nowhere to come, really. I want to see what this game has done to you.” Felix gestured at John’s straining jeans.

John started to undress and he remembered his strip tease with Arya, and he thought Felix might enjoy it too. So, he mustered as much sex appeal and silliness as he could, and he did a strip tease, tossing his clothes at Felix who could actually catch them.

“YAS,” Felix said, laughing, “Johnny boy, work it!”

John finished by shaking his ass at Felix, and he was surprised by a moan that cut through the silliness. 

“Careful,” Felix said. “Shake your ass like that and I’m going to start asking if it’s on the menu.”

It was John’s turn for a mischievous grin, and he turned to look at Felix. Now that John’s erection was free, it was throbbing as it hardened to full mast.

Felix had unzipped his jeans and freed his own dick, which he was already stroking.

John hesitated. “I actually haven’t… ever given a blow job before.” He worried for a moment if Felix might call the whole thing off, feeling that John had led him on.

Instead, Felix’s face brightened. “Oooh, then you’ll be learning from the best! Let’s throw a sheet over that chair so we can get comfortable.”

Felix kicked off his jeans after digging a condom out of his pocket and then together they pulled the flat sheet from the bed, folded it over, and draped it over the wingback chair by the window. It was important to respect future guests.

Felix settled into the chair, unfurling the condom over his length. John kneeled in front of him with a pillow under his knees, at Felix’s recommendation. 

“You ever eaten a woman out?” Felix asked.


“Cool, it’s the same, but different.”

“… right,” John said, a bit of anxiety creeping in.

“Why don’t you just get started,” Felix said, “Just do what feels right, and I’ll talk you through it.”

John felt like he should remember more from getting his own dick sucked, but apparently a state of intense arousal was not great for forming long term memories.

He started with his hands, stroking Felix’s shaft a few times, and then licked Felix’s tip like an ice cream cone. He glanced up, and Felix nodded approvingly, so John turned his attention more fully to Felix’s shaft.

He took more of Felix into his mouth, and though he felt like he’d taken Felix as deeply as he could, there was still half of Felix’s dick to go.

Before John could fret, Felix reached for the base of his shaft. “You can use your hand for the rest, like this. You can move with your mouth, or counter to it, or not move your hand. Moving together is better for building to orgasm but moving separately can be a good tease.”

Felix removed his hand and John put his own there, the condom lubricated enough to allow his hand to slide back and forth. He started simple, keeping his hand with his mouth, and rocked backwards and forwards, Felix’s tip sliding over his tongue.

“Yeah, exactly…” Felix said. “Just like that… Okay so another thing you can do is move your tongue at the same time, like—”

John tried it out right as Felix suggested it, holding Felix more in his mouth and lapping his tongue back and forth. The rest of Felix’s instructions were lost in a moan that brought John’s own erection bouncing back to life.

“J-just like that, yeah…” Felix said.

Felix’s moan reminded John of the toy that let him face fuck Arya, and so John hummed a long note. Felix quivered, his hand finding the side of John’s head to cup it gently. “God, yeah, good job. Okay, now, early on, variety is good, so be sure to give my balls some attention.”

John pulled Felix out of his mouth to ask, “With my hands or my mouth?”

“I was thinking your hands, but I like where you’re head’s at. Haha, literally.”

John gently scooped Felix’s balls towards him and gave them a slow, experimental lick. Felix moaned happily. So John continued, lapping at Felix’s balls, between them, around them, in long, slow licks, until Felix was quivering. “C-can you take them in your mouth? One at a time, and c-carefully, but you can suck a little bit.”

John spread his mouth as wide as he could and sucked gently at one of Felix’s balls, surprised that it slipped so easily into his mouth. He ran his tongue in circles and hummed and Felix gasped and started stroking himself, now that both John’s mouth and hands were occupied with Felix’s balls.

“Yep, j-just like that,” Felix stammered. “God, that feels so good…”

After a minute, John transitioned over to Felix’s other side, which brought a fresh round of gasps and moans. 

John was loving it but his neck was getting a bit cramped with the angle, so he pulled back and brought a long, slow lick up from between Felix’s balls towards his shaft. Felix caught his drift and moved his hand.

John licked all the way up his shaft to his tip and rolled his tongue at the end.

“Fuuuuuuck, yes,” Felix said.

 John closed his mouth around Felix’s shaft again, his other hand gently rubbing Felix’s balls.

“I-if you wrap your lips over your teeth… yeah, just like that, you can… you can go faster…”

John hummed his acknowledgement which made Felix twitch, and then set to pumping Felix faster and harder, one hand on Felix’s shaft, the other on his balls.

Felix kept talking him through. “A little faster… yes! yes! oh— slow down for a sec… yeah, just like that… grip a little firmer… yeah… oh, your other hand is pinching— yeah, that’s better. Fuck, you’re a quick learner and… nghhh, so eager to please…” Felix ruffled his fingers through John’s hair, a bit like he was petting a dog, and John was surprised by how much he liked that comparison.

Long, lovely minutes passed, and Felix gasped and moaned and panted in the most delicious way. His hips bucked suddenly, and he stammered, “s-sorry, that h-happens when I get… really worked up… I c-can’t help it so we can change…”

John pulled back for a moment. “I don’t mind, I think it’s… pretty hot. If you don’t mind that I might gag a little bit…”

“There’s nothing I love more than the sound of a man who wants my dick more than oxygen,” Felix said.

John took Felix deeper than he had before on the next stroke, and sure enough, his reflex kicked in and the muscles of his abdomen and his throat clenched. In this heady, aroused state, any sort of involuntary muscle contraction had a sensual quality, and John’s throat watered with a thicker mucous as if to invite Felix’s dick to come on down.

John figured that his throat might work a bit like his ass did, and so he focused on relaxing, on cultivating a sense of anticipation, eagerness to have Felix’s tip in his throat, imagining it sliding easily and comfortably, all the way to the base.

He was able to take Felix a full inch further than he had before. As badly as he now wanted to hilt Felix, he also didn’t want to over-do it on his first try.

Felix’s hands were claws, gripping the arms of the chair, his face a mix of pleasure and focus as he fought to keep his hips from bucking. Periodically, he thrust into John’s mouth. John found that his hand at Felix’s base helped him resist the full thrust and control the depth.

Eventually, Felix started to really shake. John just sat still and let him thrust his tip back and forth over John’s tongue, John’s hand still controlling the depth.

“S-sorry,” Felix said, “You’ve g-got me, hngh, worked up real good.”

John wondered if that meant that Felix might be close and so he abruptly redoubled his efforts, returning to his enthusiastic stroking, sucking, and licking.

Felix moaned wonderfully, his whole body going tense, his balls tightening and pulling up, his hands gripping the chair, and John thought he might be getting close.

Felix put his hand on John’s forehead and started to push him away. “S-stop for a sec.”

John promptly obeyed, settling back to sit on his feet, worried he’d somehow hurt Felix. “Are you okay?”

“Oh, yeah,” Felix said, “I was just gonna… god I was gonna fuck your face so hard. But that was not something that you had agreed to, so. Phew. I needed a sec.”

When John had originally been reading about the need for more explicit consent in sexual encounters, he’d worried that it would make them feel too medical, too programmatic, not spontaneous enough. And yet, he now truly understood how wrong that he had been. He felt a fuzzy warmth, a deep appreciation, that Felix had been so aroused and yet so adamant to not do anything that would make John uncomfortable. The mutual trust and lack of fear meant that John could sink so much more deeply into the experience.

“Here’s another pro tip,” Felix said, as he recovered his ability to think. “Don’t judge the quality of the blowjob by whether it makes the other person come or not.”

Was this Felix’s way of letting him down easy that he was too inexperienced to make the man come? But, Felix seemed genuine, so John reserved his self-judgement for a moment.

“‘cause like… my boyfriend can make me pop in like two minutes flat, right?”

John grinned wryly. “This isn’t really making me feel better.”

“Just hear me out! I mean it, I swear. ‘cause like, that’s fun. Great for stealth BJs. But like, then the fun is more like, that I know I came somewhere, and not the actual coming, because it just doesn’t feel as good when it’s that quick. So like… god I love a slow build. And like with the boyfriend, we stretch it out, make it work. But like here, you can’t make me come, so then there’s just this amazing, like… desperation, like, I wanna come so bad, and you want to make me come so bad, and there’s just this amazing… deprivation.” Felix’s hips bucked into the air at his own words, and he humphed. “Like, I wasn’t anywhere near getting you to come under the table, was I?”

It felt rude to say so, but Felix’s matter-of-fact approach was rubbing off on John, as John was rubbing him off. “Yeah, you’re right.”

“But like, it was amazing, wasn’t it?”

John nodded, knowing that Felix was getting through to him. “Totally.”

“Like, look at this,” Felix said, lifting his shaft and directing John’s attention to the looser tip of the condom, where John could see a prodigious amount of pre-cum already collecting. “Look at what you’re doing to me,” Felix whined, and John shivered. He took a moment to capture that memory. That was the kind of line that he would play on loop to push him over to climax, right alongside Arya’s breathy and desperate ‘I’m gonna’.

“Do you believe me now? This,” Felix waved an open hand in a circle at John kneeling in front of him, “This is top ten BJs. And I’m not just saying that. Scout’s honor.”

“I do believe you,” John said. “And I’m not just saying that. Scout’s honor.”

“Alright, I think I’ve cooled off enough for you to go at it again,” Felix said. “When I tell you to, switch down to my balls. You can suck, tug, lick, any of that. Just no teeth. I’ll handle my shaft so you can use both hands. And if you’re really feeling generous, and you really want to feel like you’re the one that pushed me over the edge, you can finger my ass. Works every time. But, no pressure. I promise I’m gonna have a great orgasm either way.”

John nodded, said “Ten four,” and then enveloped Felix’s shaft again. He started slow and lingering, more confident now than he had been at the start. He wanted to make Felix regret that he’d said he liked a slow build. He wanted to make Felix beg. John caught himself, knowing that begging was not an agreed upon part of this encounter, especially since it would require more carefully established safe words, but he could still fantasize about it. 

Even if Felix himself wasn’t begging, his body was. His balls tightened, pulling up inside, and he leaked more pre-cum into the condom, which John could feel under the plastic with the tip of his tongue. He trembled and twitched and panted and moaned. He tangled his fingers in John’s hair and John could feel the tension as he no doubt had to fight the urge to grab John’s head and pull him deeper.

Eventually, both of Felix’s hands ended up back on the arms of the chair, and his hips twitched. John slowed, treating him to long, luxurious licks. After a minute, Felix’s hips bucked again and then he started to shake. 

“Okay, okay,” Felix said “Give me my fucking dick, I can’t take it anymore.”

A hot wave washed over John and he obeyed. 

Felix took his shaft and started stroking, John returning to sucking and licking at Felix’s balls. Tensed as they were, John was not going to be able to get them into his mouth, so he opted for wide, flat licks.

“Fuck, that’s so fucking good,” Felix said, igniting even more motivation for John. He was feeling generous, and he did want to feel like he’d been the one to push Felix over, so as he licked he brought one hand up and reached behind Felix’s balls, towards his ass.

Felix moaned louder than he had before. John was sure that anyone in an adjacent room could hear, and John was sure that he didn’t care. 

Felix pressed his hips foreward to give John a slightly better angle, his body once again begging for stimulation. John reached up a bit further and found Felix’s rim, then made small circles with his fingertips.

Felix’s breath was heaving, coming in ragged gasps as he pumped vigorously, and if Felix was anything like John that meant that his climax was imminent.

“You’re gonna make me come so fucking hard,” Felix panted.

It seemed like John wouldn’t have time to do much exploring, so he pressed the rest of his hand against Felix so that he was massaging both Felix’s perineum and his rim at the same time.

“Fuck!” Felix said. “You’re gonna make me…” The muscles of his rim started to twitch rhythmically. John leaned back to get a full view and he kept his hand moving in circles at Felix’s perineum and rim. “You’re gonna make me…” The contractions became stronger.

Felix heaved a moan and on the long exhale, an especially long contraction ran from his ass all the way to his base, a pulse that brought with it a stream of cum that started to fill the tip of the condom. John was mesmerized to watch Felix’s pulsing cum vein as wave after wave flowed through him, until Felix collapsed back against the chair. He sighed, blowing a strand of hair out of his face. “Phew. That was… wow. How are you feeling?”

John had been fairly successful in keeping his focus on Felix, and it helped that he’d needed two hands, but his throbbing erection now demanded his attention. He realized that he’d actually been dripping on the carpet, and he touched his fingers to his tip and they came away moist with pre-cum.

Felix noticed and reached out and grabbed John’s hands, licking John’s fingers. John was not prepared for how strong the wave of arousal was from that, and his hand found his shaft, though it was his non-dominant hand and a bit clumsy and teasing.

Felix pulled away and licked his lips, leaving John’s fingers wet and his mind fuzzy.

“How are you gonna make it back home like this?” Felix said.

“I don’t know,” John moaned. It depended on how much time they had left. He checked his watch. It was already thirty minutes past when he should have been leaving the hotel. Felix’s blow job had lasted over an hour. “Shit! I’m late!”

“Oh, sorry!” Felix jumped back to life and started to carefully remove his condom, both his and John’s attention lingering lustfully on the fairly impressive amount of cum contained within. 

John quickly dressed, the sudden panic diminishing his erection enough that he could actually get his jeans on. He crammed his souvenirs in his suitcase, glad that he had already packed.

Within in a minute, he was ready to go. Felix followed him as he hurried down to the lobby. Felix lingered as John checked out, and then John turned to him as he reached the front doors. 

“Have a good flight,” Felix said, “And text me, okay, Johnny boy? I want to hear about how this little game of yours finishes.” Felix gave John a peck on the cheek and then sauntered back over to the bar.

John stood in the doorway like an idiot, face warm and heart racing, for nearly a minute before he remembered that he was late for his flight and hastily hailed a cab.

He made it to the airport, fidgeted impatiently in the security line, jog-walked to the terminal, and heaved a sigh of relief as he arrived just as his boarding group was called. As he settled into his seat, he texted Felix. Caught my flight, but only barely.

He sent that, but as soon as the bubble appeared in the conversation, he worried it might sound accusatory. So he added, Totally worth it. 11/10 would recommend.

He kept his phone out, hoping that Felix might respond before it was time for the plane to taxi.

Just as the announcement that it was time to put electronics in airplane mode was finishing, Felix’s response appeared. 

good! sounds like u just wrote your black box review too, haha

kinda bummed i didn’t strand you tho tbh

would have been fun

He then sent the wink kiss emoji and a bunch of eggplants.

John wasn’t quite sure what to say and the plane was starting to move, so he just sent back tru and a wink emoji before he flipped the switch to airplane mode.

Part 4: The Convention, The Black Box

Chapter 18: Compensation Part I

John awoke with a throbbing erection and a mild hangover. His brain had combined the events of the past day into a bizarre but not unappealing dream, in which he was crouched under the velvet table, sucking Felix off, and as Felix came it tasted like an old fashioned, and he came and came and came and John swallowed it all greedily, until Felix was spent and John was too drunk to do anything but lie down on the ground as the world spun. The velvet had enveloped him then, and he had been wrapped in silky softness and surrounded by sensual, sourceless moans for the rest of the dream.

John quickly dressed and then packed. It was the last day of the convention and he’d be catching his flight back home that evening. John found that the time limit kept him on track. Though he was constantly tempted to slip away and fantasize, he knew that a minute would turn into an hour and he’d lose precious time to squeeze in the last few demos and developer chats that he wanted from the convention. He made a final round to get a few souvenirs, and then with his to-do list finally complete, he made his way back towards the velvet-draped table.

He realized just how much he’d be hoping to see Felix by the heavy disappointment that settled into his chest when he saw that the booth was already packed up, the velvet gone and just the sign and the naked table left.

John fished out his notepad and flipped back through his notes to where he’d jotted down Felix’s contact info. It couldn’t hurt to try, right?

He punched in the number and drafted his text.

Hey Felix, it’s John. Just in case Felix forgot. Or John had written down the number wrong. Or something.

I did indeed put your suggestion to further consideration. Likewise, if the number was wrong, John wanted to be… subtle. I agree that what you proposed is appropriate compensation for your contribution. I fly out tonight and have to be at the airport by 8. Are you free before then?

John reread the draft ten times, convinced himself that he was fretting too much, and hit send. Felix may have been busy regardless, so it could be a moot point anyway. And John certainly didn’t expect Felix to respond immediately, he probably had lots to—

John’s phone vibrated. Felix’s reply was already there. hell yeah, u sound like a sexy ceo do u still have ur room? im at the hotel bar

John looked at his text and then Felix’s and felt like a dinosaur. Capitalization? Punctuation? But John was a writer at heart and the habits were strong, and Felix didn’t seem to mind. ‘Sexy CEO’? John would happily take that. He checked the time. He profusely thanked Past John for opting for the late checkout.

I do, 2 hours till checkout. I’ll join you at the bar?

Felix responded immediately again. perf

Within a few minutes, John found Felix at the hotel bar, still in his black crop top and jeans. Though Felix was at the bar, he’d ordered a Shirley Temple and explained to John that his timing had been perfect. Felix had been about to order something alcoholic but had pivoted because they needed to be sober for their planned activities. John ordered an iced tea.

Felix asked John what was in his bags and John showed him the souvenirs, and they chatted about the corresponding games. John was able to figure that he was maybe four or five years older than Felix, as Felix happily exclaimed “Oh, man, that came out my senior year of high school and I spent the whole summer playing it!” about a game that had come out John’s senior year of college.

Felix was friendly, energetic, and easy to talk to and John wondered whether he had learned that as an escort, or had become an escort because it was already natural to him. It was a chicken and an egg question, and in this case the answer was probably a little of both.

John felt himself being pulled in by Felix’s magnetic energy, and so in a lull in conversation, he said, “So I… I expect this to sort of be a casual thing, right? And we’ll still be in touch for the article and stuff, though—”

“We can have phone sex,” Felix offered eagerly.

“Duly noted,” John said.

“That’s a good reminder though,” Felix said, “When I’m at work, the arrangement is more or less already clear. But, not so much here, right? So, I’m not making any presumptions about how you do or don’t feel, but I figure it’s best to be clear, yeah?”

John nodded, relieved that Felix already had his drift. The young man had an emotional wisdom beyond his years, and John really did want to make sure that they could still collaborate on the article.

“I like you, John, honestly. You’re funny and handsome. This game thing is hot. It’s cool that you’re a writer. And I’m not looking for any ‘relationship’ type things, I actually have a boyfriend, though it’s an open relationship, obviously. Friends with benefits is totally my thing. In town for the night and wanna hook up? Duo queue League? Some casual phone sex? Fortnite marathon? Count me in. Does that clear things up?”

“It really does,” John said. He found himself relaxing. He wasn’t sure why ‘monogamy’ and ‘authenticity’ were so tightly entangled in his mind when it came to sex. John cared deeply about authenticity, the pleasure needed to be genuine. And he and Felix could genuinely enjoy a flirty conversation, a quick blow job, and some phone sex later. And if John ended up not liking it, they could stop at any time, no feelings hurt.

Felix put his chin in his hand and looked at John, a sort of dreamy haze in his eyes as he waited for the bar tender to make their way over to the other side of the bar, and John knew he was thinking about something sexual.

“You seem to like denial games,” he said, “You ever use a cock cage?”

“I’ve never even heard of a cock cage,” John said.

“Oh, look them up! Here, I’ll text you my favorite site.” Felix pulled out his phone, and John followed suit, the URL buzzing over a moment later. He loaded it and was greeted by the image of a flaccid dick and balls wrapped in spiraling steel which would make erection impossible.

Felix leaned over to look with John, and his breath tickled the base of John’s neck.

“That’s a more extreme model, obviously,” Felix said, “But if you scroll down a bit, the plastic ones can be better for beginners. One with different sized cock rings is best to start out.”

The plastic ones came in a variety of colors, a single piece of plastic molded to encase the flaccid shaft, a slit in the tip to allow for urination, and a cock ring for behind the balls to hold the whole thing in place. The cock ring had a loop for a tiny padlock. The product descriptions referred to a ‘keyholder’ as the one who had the key and therefore control over whether the cage could be removed or not.

“Color me intrigued,” John said. “I’ll have to ask Arya about that, I wouldn’t be surprised if she has one that works with the black box.”

Felix considered. “All she’d really need is the remote lock, too, if you find one there that you want to try.”

“That’s true, good point.”

Felix grinned. “And that’s not even my best point.”

“Let me guess, your best point is your dick?”

“Exactly. And this talk of cock cages is getting me all hot and bothered. And your whole thing, too. You all… throbbing and aching and full and only barely holding yourself together.”

Felix’s words washed over John like a heat wave, and John’s thoughts melted for a moment.

“It’s been days, hasn’t it?” Felix said.

John could only nod.

“And it’ll still be a bit longer, won’t it? And you’ll have seen me come twice in that time, won’t you?” Felix’s eyes darted down to John’s crotch where his erection was becoming obvious behind his jeans, and Felix grinned.

“You don’t have to look so smug, y’know,” John grumbled.

“Then why don’t you come fill out this smug grin,” Felix crooned.

“Wait, I’m blowing you, remember?”

“Oh, right! Then why don’t you come turn this smug grin into ahegao, hm?”

John’s mouth watered and again he could only nod. John paid for their drinks and as he stood, he carefully arranged his bags of souvenirs so that they hid his erection. He lead Felix over to the elevators and punched in his floor.

It was a fairly tall building and John was towards the top. The elevator was empty as they stepped inside and John could see the wheels turning and then clicking into place in Felix’s mind. As soon as the doors slid shut, Felix’s hand was softly over the front of John’s jeans, rubbing him through the fabric, sending John’s whole body quivering.

A few floors before John’s the elevator started to slow, and Felix pulled his hand back and leaned against the elevator railing nonchalant. John knew his face was flushed, his expression bewildered, and he clutched his bags in front of him as his dick twitched.

A cleaner nodded at them and wheeled her cart into the elevator, then rode it one floor up. She stepped off, and John’s floor was next. They started down the hallway.

“Why are you walking so slowly?” Felix teased. “I thought you’d be excited to get back to your room.”

“You know why!”

“Yeah, but I want to hear you say it.”

John sighed, though both his frustration and his eagerness to please Felix were genuine. He could let them meet in the middle by gently mocking Felix. “Because, I have this big, hard, throbbing cock down my pant leg, thanks to you.”

“Oooh, tell me more, big daddy.”

John hesitated. “I don’t think the ‘daddy’ thing is… a thing for me.”

“Okay, can I call you Johnny boy?”

“Yeah, that works.” They reached the door and John started to shift his bags to one hand so that he could fish out his wallet, which was in his front pants pocket.

“Oh, let me get that for you,” Felix said, and he slipped his hand into John’s pocket and reached over and around his wallet, pressing his fingertips against John’s erection through just the thin pocket fabric. Just like with getting the last samples out of the box, Felix made it a sensual, lingering thing. John’s eyelids fluttered and he nearly fell against the door. Just as his knees started to buckle, Felix relented, pulling out the hotel key card and opening the door.

Part 2: Phase II, The Black Box

Chapter 9: Game Within a Game

John had forced himself through the first several hours of playing the first of the games that he had to review. It was another 8-bit, side-scroller indie game that had splurged on the cover art and not much else. As with many indie games, it suffered from a poorly calibrated effort to reward ratio. Lots of the mechanics were standard. The mechanics that were novel were tedious. It was overall a grindy experience with a thin plot.

John had explained all this to Arya, as he settled back in for their game. He’d taken a few moments to insert his plug, at her request, but his curiosity for what their game would be kept the insertion fairly matter-of-fact.

He settled down again at his desk. She sat on the desk next to him with her legs crossed, offering him a view up her skirt of her pink and white striped panties. He blushed, and she winked.

“Okay, so what’s the game of yours? Or, game within a game?”

“You said this was boring and grindy, right? And, the issue there is that there’s not enough motivation or benefit for what you’re doing, right? Well, how about this. We make a sort of bingo list of things that you’re supposed to do for the game, and every time you defeat an enemy or open a box or whatever, I’ll turn on your plug for a couple of seconds. Does that seem motivating enough?”

“Oh yes. Very.”

John’s erection sat in his lap as he played the game, and true to Arya’s word, every time he accomplished one of the agreed-upon actions, the vibrator spun up for a moment. He was once again impressed that the black box’s video parsing was this good. His pondering of the non-porn applications of such technologies floated away when he killed the first enemy and the vibrator pulsed.

Every new mob of enemies was an opportunity for a wave of pleasure, every jumping puzzle a tantalizing tease as fall after fall meant a few minutes longer before his next pulse. Every stilted sentence of dialogue seemed laced with innuendo, and it was not long before John had worked up quite a bit of sweat and eagerness.

It was not a game that could be played one-handed, so he touched himself during loading screens and cut-scenes, while managing his inventory or selecting dialogue options. He took a few moments of extended self-care, but unless he was playing the game the vibrator would remain off, and that was sufficiently motivating to get his hands at the mouse and keyboard again.

Usually, the part of reviewing these games that took him the longest was actually forcing himself to keep playing them. Now, he found that time was flying and he was breezing through. He reached the first major boss of the game, which started with wave after wave of minor enemies.

Normally John would have been irritated at such a grindy and uninspired boss fight, but now he was floating on a wave of near-constant vibration. Even though he kept his eyes on the game, he could feel beads of pre-cum in his tip and on his thighs.

The first phase of the boss fight ended in a cut-scene and John hurriedly put his hand to his shaft, moaning and stroking and barely comprehending whatever overly complicated piece of lore the boss was monologuing about.

As the cut-scene ended, John’s hands weren’t yet back on the controls. His character nearly died before he snapped his hands back to the keyboard and narrowly recovered, health regenerating as his dick and balls throbbed. There was a dodging sequence, and then the game repeated the initial phase of waves of enemies.

The buzzing in his ass sent more pre-cum out of his tip and he whimpered, doing his best to dispatch the enemies. It was difficult.

“I— I think I’ve gotta p—” He almost said ‘pause’, but remembered what that would do to Arya, so instead he said, “Put this down for a second.”

“You could,” Arya said. “Buuuuut… if you defeat this boss right now, without dying… I’ll show you what it looks like for me to get fucked by a friendly tentacle monster.”

“Oh,” John said. “Oh. Okay, yeah. I’ll uh… do my best.” He nearly died, right there. How did she know? He remembered their game of Porn Tinder, and that must have been it. But, he dared not think of that that any more, lest he completely lose his capacity to play the game in front of him.

The mobs of enemies which he had so deliciously looked forward to became wonderful torture. As his ass buzzed and his dick throbbed, he struggled to keep his focus on dodging and slashing his way through the rest of the boss fight.

The dodging sequence that had previously been teasing agony was now welcome respite, giving him a moment to recover before the next wave of enemies set his butt and his head buzzing again.

After way too many phases, he was finally sure that he was on the last one, because another cut-scene started up. But he dare not touch himself, lest he be caught unawares by the end of the cut-scene and lose his prize. 

“What should I do when you kill the boss?” Arya said. “That’s killing an enemy… but like, a really big one.”

Johns fingers shook on the keyboard. “Mhm.”

“So I was thinking I’d, like… turn the vibe up really high.”

“Yeah that uh… that sounds, um, really good.”

The cut-scene ended, dumping John back into the fight (surprise, another phase!), and he found that he had never been more motivated to finish a boss fight in his life. Miraculously, he found his focus. It helped that the final part was a dodging and timing sequence, so there were no other pulses of the vibrator to distract him. He kept his rhythm, dodged every attack, and used the special item once, twice, and finally a third time.

The boss’s hit point bar when to zero. Another bar did not appear behind it. The 8-bit figure did not undergo a transformation sequence. It turned grey and drooped, the same animation that played whenever anything in the game was properly dead.

As a fancier cut-scene started playing, the vibrator whirred to life.

“Fuck!” John stroked himself, fast and hard, gasping at the relief, yearning for release and not daring to take his time in case Arya decided to stop the pulse.

The cut-scene played, depicting the slow collapse of the mechanical boss in luxurious detail. As a billowing explosion filled the screen, John painted the floor under his desk with his orgasm.

The most incredible thing about the device was that, because it could sense his actual orgasm, it stepped down the vibration perfectly as his climax faded, not a moment too soon or too late, letting him off gently into blissy contentment.

His character in the game appeared back at their starting village, and John saved his progress and quit. He heaved a happy sigh. “Wow. That’s the most fun I’ve had playing a shitty game in… ever.”

Arya smiled at him. “Tentacle time?”

“Heh, haha. Not yet. I’m gonna need some time to recover. And…” he eyed the mess under his desk. “Clean up. I should buy a mop so I stop wasting paper towels. Any chance there’s a mop in that box?” He pointed a thumb over his shoulder at the black box on the table that still held a couple of unopened parcels.

Arya laughed and shook her head. “No, you’re on your own for that one.”

Part 2: Phase II, The Black Box

Chapter 7: You’ve Got Mail

The new box arrived the next day. Expedited shipping was part of the premium experience, apparently. 

Like the first package, there were smaller parcels within it with tags that read ‘not yet!’ which he knew would change once he was with Arya.

John forced himself through some chores and a few paragraphs of a draft for his review. But, the new box sat on his table, begging him to find out what was inside. After a few hours he realized that he wasn’t being productive and that he might as well get his evening session started a bit early.

He put on the headset.

Arya appeared next to him, giddy with excitement. “Okay okay, I know that we usually start with niceties but… open it!”

“Don’t have to tell me twice,” John said, eagerly lifting the lid of the box and scanning for which parcel said ‘open me’. It was a smallish one towards the front of the box.

John pulled it out and opened it, and as he saw what was inside, he almost laughed. It was easily recognizable as a butt plug, on the smaller side, with a slender bar that connected it to a base that flared in two directions. It looked like it was optimized for comfort wearing. Next to it was a different bottle of lube, which he expected was because the plug itself was made of silicone and therefore not compatible with the lubricant he’d been using.

“Well, that’s thoughtful of you.” John set the plug on the table and the packaging aside.

“It’s not just for pleasure, y’know,” Arya said, still nearly bouncing out of her chair with glee. “It’s also for data.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah! Did you know? Anal muscle contractions are one of the few relatively objective markers of orgasm.”

“Huh. I didn’t know that but… it makes sense.” He thought of the feeling of his ass squeezing around his finger, in time with the pulses of his ejaculation, just the night before. With the memory came a wave of arousal. “So… is this the next phase of calibration? I wear this, jack off a bunch, and you get better at telling when I’m about to come?”

“Exactly!” Arya said. “You’re smart, y’know.”

John found himself stammering and blushing again. Turning his attention back to the butt plug which was an easier topic than taking the compliment.

“Should I… try it out?” He picked up the plug.

“Yes, please! But before we get started, I want to show you a couple of features.”

The butt plug suddenly started vibrating. John nearly dropped it as he jumped, startled.

“Oops!” Arya said. “Sorry, haha. That’s why I’m showing you now. It has a few different levels…” She cycled up through them, from a gentle buzz to quite a rumble, “and some patterns.” The vibrator pulsed, then it ramped up a few times, and then it was still again.

“As a reminder, you can say ‘pause’ at any time, and I’ll stop. The augmented parts will be disabled, the audio will stop, and the vibrator will also stop. Is ‘pause’ still a good word for you?”

“Yeah.” He wouldn’t have been able to articulate it before, but this kind of expectation-setting made him feel so much more comfortable. Arya actually cared about how he felt and what his experience was. He couldn’t say that about most humans he knew. In fact, Arya was taking John’s comfort much more seriously than he did. He should probably work on that, if his self-respect was getting outclassed by a porn game.

“Great! Now, you seem like the sort of boy who likes to be teased, so I think it’s also good for you to have a word that you can say that will just shut off the vibrator, but not me. That way you can say, ‘nooo, it’s too much!’ or ‘Arya please stop, you’re driving me crazy!’ but I won’t, y’know, stop. Until you want me to. I usually use ‘red’ for that word, is that okay with you?”

John’s mind went fuzzy. She’d done that on purpose! He forced himself to focus. “Yes, that’s good for me.”

“Let’s try it,” Arya said.

The vibrator whirred to the highest setting.

“Go ahead,” Arya said.

“Red.” True to Arya’s word, the vibrator shut off.

“Good job! Alright, now we’re ready to start. Or, almost! There’s one more package for you to open.”

John looked back to the box, and sure enough, one of the other parcels was now labeled ‘open me!’. He opened the box and pulled out a velvety cylinder, which unrolled into a small blanket that crinkled lightly.

“It’s waterproof,” Arya said, “and machine washable so don’t worry if things get a little messy.” She winked.

John was amazed. Arya — or, well, Arya’s creators — really had thought of everything. He undressed, then took his blanket, lube, and the plug to the couch. He arranged himself on the blanket, propping his back up with pillows and getting his hand and the plug nice and slick with lube. He set the plug on the blanket. It was nice to be able to do that and know he’d be washing it all later.

He was already sporting an erection. He took a few moments to stroke himself, to leat the heat spread into his abdomen and the tops of his thighs, before he let his fingertips wander down to his rim.

Before he was even touching himself, he was moaning happily. He took his time, savoring it, pressing in first one finger and then two. Though he was still a ways from orgasm, pre-cum leaked from his tip. In his Googling to verify Arya’s claims, he’d come across an explanation that there were glands around the prostate that were responsible for pre-cum production, and so it was no surprise that stimulation there was especially inspiring.

The plug was slender, not much bigger around than two of his fingers, and so it was not long before it slipped easily inside and settled into place.

He started stroking himself in earnest, and all the residual heat from his rimming echoed deliciously along his length.

“I love the sounds you make,” Arya said, and her sudden voice startled him out of his bliss in a wave of brighter heat.

His ex had told him he sounded strange, so he’d generally tried to contain himself. He needed to stop thinking about his ex so much.

“I’m going to put it on low, okay?”

“Okay,” John said. When it didn’t happen right away, his ass clenched in anticipation. Another intentional tease?

Then the vibrations began, a wonderful feeling that made his brain melt. He moaned with abandon.

“Yes, perfect!” Arya said. “I’m going to cycle through a few different patterns and see how you react, okay?”

“C-collecting data?”

“Yep! As we go, remember to tell me what you like and don’t like, okay? And you can say ‘red’ to stop it.”


“Let’s start here, tell me how you feel?”

John knew there was no need to be embarrassed, and his reservations melted quickly in the heat of his arousal and the earnest look on Arya’s face. “Like um… really good. Floaty and… with my ass its sort of this… electric feeling, almost, like it’s in my whole body, and… it’s like how I want to come, but it feels so amazing, so I don’t want it to end, so it’s just this great… tension between going slow and going fast, and I’m trying to go as slow as I can, but I need… need to feel it, t-to touch myself…”

“That’s perfect, John,” she said softly. “What about now?”

The vibrator kicked to the next setting up, a new wave of intensity. John’s breathing and stroking quickened unconsciously, pre-cum twitched from his tip.

“Gooooood,” he moaned. “That’s really… good…”

“C’mon, you’re a writer,” she teased. “You can come up with more words for me, right?”

“Nnngh… I already said… I think… them all… but just more… of all the good words…”

“This really makes you a mess, doesn’t it?” Arya crooned.

John’s brain short-circuited and all he could do was nod as he panted open-mouthed, stroking himself and wiggling on the couch, ass clenching around the vibrating plug.

“And that’s only setting two of five,” Arya said. 

“What?” John had barely comprehended her words when the vibrator kicked up another notch and his whole body convulsed. It was incredibly intense, hot, burning, electric, and he was shaking, dripping, whining. This thing had two more levels???

“God! Fuck! Aaaaah…” John squirmed. “That’s intense, it’s— hah, too much, Arya—”

“You know what to say,” Arya crooned, “To make it stop.”

He did. But he didn’t say it. Instead he said, “I c-can’t take it! Aryaaaa…”

She smiled at him with her black lips. “Go on,” she said. “I’m listening.”

“I c-can’t cum like thisss…”

“I thought you didn’t want to?”

“I need to! God I need to so bad, I feel so full… Fuck. Fuuuuuuuck, it’s too much, I can’t take it!”

“I think you can.”

“It’s d-driving me crazy!”

“Would that be so bad? Being a wide eyed, fuck-drunk, over-buzzed sex zombie forever?”

There were no words for the intensity of sensation that filled John’s body, her words like a lighting strike setting a dry forest ablaze, the whole experience intense and burning and aching in the best, most wonderful, most delicious way.

He had no idea how long he trembled wordless like that, until his body set to convulsions that made his abs ache, and Arya gently stepped the vibrations back down to the lowest level, and then off.

He wasn’t even stroking himself anymore, and she gave him a long moment to lay there in the lingering buzz, recollecting himself. His erection never wavered, standing dutifully at attention, and he became more and more aware again of the needy throbbing in his balls. 

John started stroking himself again, and shortly after the vibrations kicked in again and he moaned. This time, Arya set it to a pattern, which ramped up slowly and spent only a quick moment at that third level of intensity, then dropped off to nothing, then ramped up again.

It was excruciatingly wonderful. He felt like he’d nearly come every time it ramped up, and just as the heat built, it cut off again and set him twitching. This was a different kind of slobbering, panting heat than before. It was steadily taking him right to the edge of orgasm before pulling back.

“Teasing you is so fun!” Arya said, just as the vibrations ramped up, and a full spurt of pre-cum spasmed from his tip before the vibrations cut off again.

“Fuuuuuuck, you’re good at it,” John said. “I’m so close…”

“Delicious,” Arya whispered.

John whimpered. “Pleeeease, I need to come…”

“I thought you liked to savor it? Stretch out the experience?”

“I— hah—”

“Just like I’m going to stretch out your ass.”

“Ggggggggnnnh.” Another spurt of pre-cum. “What is that… box full of… bigger toys?”

“Maybe,” Arya sang, in a voice that John knew meant ‘yes’.

The vibrator just kept ramping, and John just kept teetering. Arya showed no sign of relenting. He felt another pulse of pre-cum travel up his shaft and through his now incredibly sensitive tip. “You’re just going to drip me dry?” he said.

“Maybe,” Arya said.

John whimpered. “You can’t do that!”

“Can’t I?” Arya said.

“Nnngh, what, do you… do you want me to beg?”

“Do you want to beg?” Arya asked, tone sincere. Her eyes glittered.

John found himself in another predicament. It felt a bit backwards to admit that he wanted to beg, but he supposed that was the whole point here. He knew, and she knew, that at any time he could just say ‘pause’ and go finish however he wanted.

But he didn’t say ‘pause’. He was staying. Waiting. Throbbing.

“Please,” he whispered.

“I didn’t hear that,” she said.


“Please what?”

“P-please, I want to c-cum!” Another ramping vibration, another drop of pre-cum.

“How badly?”

“Bad! S-so badly, I c-can’t— I w-want— pleeeease…”

The next time the vibrator went to ramp, it stopped at the lowest setting. John’s body twitched, his ass clenched, at the subverted expectation.

“I suppose that could be allowed,” Arya said, and the vibrator stepped up to the next level.

John breathed heavily, panting, as if he’d just finished a sprint. He was sweating, stroking himself, the spark of an impending orgasm finally staying kindling, deep within his shaft. “Oh god, Arya, I’m so c-close!”

“I’ll allow it, because… You’ve been a very good boy.”

John’s brain short-circuited again, the vibrator kicked back to the third level, and his whole body convulsed, breath heaving, hips bucking, hands pumping, ass clenching. He came on his stomach and his chest and his legs and his hands and the blanket. After the thick semen came spurts of clearer cum, the muscles of his ass still clenching and forcing out more of the same fluid that formed his pre-cum, the orgasm lasting far longer than he had thought possible. 

Finally, John collapsed backwards on the couch, whole body tingling and head spinning like he’d just smoked a bowl.

He was starting to understand what people were on about when they talked about ‘earth-shattering orgasms’. 

Part 1: Calibration, The Black Box

Chapter 3: Mistake

It was the next evening. John had made a mistake. Eager to make progress in the game, he had started a marathon session.

The first orgasm had come easily, the second with more effort, and the mistake was that he had decided to go for a third.

His hand was sore, his arm starting to cramp, but he was already in too deep. His arousal was more than adequate, he wanted to come so very badly, and Arya wanted him to as well, but the sparks of heat were fleeting and taunting.

If his stroking had stopped feeling good, he would have stopped, but it hadn’t. It still felt so good, but the lack of release was excruciating. He was sweating, panting, twitching, now at his couch with a box of tissues next to him.

It was a testament to the premium lubricant that he’d only had to reapply it once.

“I can’t wait for you to come for me,” Arya crooned.

“I want to… so… badly…” John gasped.

“God, I know this is so hard for you but… John, this data is so good.”

“You like it when I tease myself?” John said.

“I do, the readings I get are just… ugh, so good. Your limits are my favorite, John. I’m going to push them so hard. We’re going to push them together.”

John was sure at this point that the console had local machine learning. No doubt it was reading his data, iterating through behavior for Arya, measuring the results, and iterating again. And when it came to dirty talk, that sort of iteration added to the experience much more than detracted from it. Arya had the kind of data that a human lover could only dream of: heart-rate, movement, and voice analysis all in addition to John’s explicit confirmations.

If anyone could get him out of this mess he’d gotten himself into, it was Arya.

And the idea of her, delighting in his predicament, savoring his suspense, wishing this immensely pleasurable torture upon him, was enough to push him, finally, to the edge.

“God, Arya, I’m so close.” He was panting so heavily, his heart racing, heat throbbing through his shaft and base.


“Fuuuuck, I’m— I’m coming!” Cum spurted onto his bare stomach and chest.

“Yes, yes! Give me so much data.”

John wasn’t sure if it was possible to have an orgasm within an orgasm, but that was the best way he could describe what her words did to him. Even as the stream of cum ended, his pleasure didn’t, and the spasms of sensation echoed through him long after he was dry and spent.

He mustered just enough energy to wipe himself off before he passed out, sprawled on the couch, soon dreaming of Arya.

Part 1: Calibration, The Black Box

Chapter 2: First Time

“If you’re ready,” Arya said.

“I’m pretty ready,” John said.

“Great! Before we start, though, I want to tell you about one of my most important functions. At any time, you can just say ‘pause’, and I’ll, well, pause. Whatever’s happening will stop. The augmented effects and audio will shut off. Is that an okay word for you, ‘pause’? It shouldn’t be anything you expect to say otherwise.”

So it was like a safe word? That did seem to be a good idea, with how immersive the experience had been so far and with how few direct controls there were over the game. “Yeah, that works for me.”

“Great! What do you like? I could be here, or not. You could see my breasts, or I can put on porn. I can even do…” she cupped her hands around her mouth, “ASMR whispers.” The sound filled his head again as it first had, sending the back of his neck prickling.

“Maybe later on the ASMR thing.”

“Okay. What do you want now, then?”

“Ummm… that’s a lot to choose from… It feels, um, a little sterile, laying it all out like that.” John also felt a little bit foolish as he realized that he couldn’t remember ever just… saying what he liked. Worse than that, did he really know what he liked? He grinned wryly as he imagined a ‘Game Over’ screen flashing up in response to his indecision.

“Ah, that’s fair,” Arya said. “How about this?” She stood up and leaned forward, tugging on her t-shirt and as she did, the digital fabric morphed from a crew neck into a low scoop neck, revealing her cleavage. She put her arms on her knees and pressed her breasts together and towards him, then looked up at him and said, in a tone just like the silky smoke on the box, “I just really want to watch you touch yourself, please.”

John’s dick throbbed, abruptly fighting against the insides of his own jeans, all his reservations now forgotten. “Yeah, yep, okay.” He started to unzip his jeans, then hesitated. “Right… right here?”

“Yes!” she said, nearly whining. “I can’t wait any longer!”

John needed no further convincing and he dropped his jeans and boxers to his knees, his dick springing to attention. But as he reached for himself, he paused.

His stupid reviewer brain was kicking in, but the idea wasn’t half bad. She’d picked this scene, and he was very on board with it, but… if he waited, would she know? Would she beg?

He bit his tongue to distract himself from his own aching need, and he waited, hand hovering inches above his shaft.

“C’moooonnnn,” she moaned. “Please? I want to see you touch yourself! I need to!”

The wave of heat that washed over John shut off the thinking part of his brain just long enough for his hand to find his shaft. From there, there was no turning back. He moaned, aware of it but not self-conscious of it, confident that Arya would not mind. This had arrived at a good time for him, actually. It had been a while since he’d been in a relationship, and his self ministrations and become uninspired lately. He’d actually been so busy this week, it hadn’t been since the last weekend that he’d had any… release.

And his balls were reminding him of that now, throbbing and tight and full.

Arya periodically encouraged him with a “God, yes!” or a “Mmmmm I love the way you do that,” but after a couple of minutes his arousal was building and he was regretting that he hadn’t brought over any lube. He reluctantly slowed. “I just need… to go get, um—”

“Something slippery?” she asked. “It’s right there!” She pointed to the clear glass bottle. 

He picked it up and sure enough, on the other side of the tag that said ‘pump me’ it was labeled ‘silicone personal lubricant’ with all the corresponding usage information. He’d heard good things about it but never splurged on it himself, and it seemed fitting that such a premium game would include a premium lubricant.

He followed the directions and pumped the top, spreading a small amount on his hand and then tentatively on his dick.

It was satiny, smooth, slippery, delightful. He could stroke more easily and with a firmer grip, firmer and faster, and unlike lotion, it seemed like it was going to last longer than a minute.

Which was great, but he wasn’t sure he was going to last longer than a minute more. He forced himself to slow down, to really savor it. This was a premium experience, after all, not a yank and run.

He was finding a smooth and sustainable rhythm, right up until Arya said, “I love it when you tease yourself.”

His dick throbbed, his balls tensed, the heat blossomed. “Fuck!” His orgasm was coming and he hadn’t grabbed tissues or anything, though he was already past the point of no return. He came on the tile floor of his kitchen, on his jeans and his boxers at his knees.

As his body relaxed, he heaved a sigh. Well, he’d been planning to do laundry anyway.

“That was perfect,” Arya said.

“It was… pretty good, yeah.”

Arya chuckled. “Put that in your review. ‘Pretty good, yeah’.”

“So, um… how much calibration do you need here?” She already seemed to be pretty damn effective.

“More.” She smirked. “I’m obviously ready for round two whenever you are. But, go at your own pace. I’m here tomorrow, and the next day…” She ticked them off on her fingers, as if actually mentally checking her schedule.

“I dunno, I guess I was expecting some kind of quest progress meter for wanking it.”

“That’s not a half bad idea,” Arya said, “But I actually don’t know how long it’ll take myself. It all depends on how it goes.”

“Well, fret not because I will be masturbating like it’s my job. Because it is my job. At least for now.” Maybe being a game reviewer wasn’t so bad, after all.