Part 1: Calibration, The Black Box

Chapter 3: Mistake

It was the next evening. John had made a mistake. Eager to make progress in the game, he had started a marathon session.

The first orgasm had come easily, the second with more effort, and the mistake was that he had decided to go for a third.

His hand was sore, his arm starting to cramp, but he was already in too deep. His arousal was more than adequate, he wanted to come so very badly, and Arya wanted him to as well, but the sparks of heat were fleeting and taunting.

If his stroking had stopped feeling good, he would have stopped, but it hadn’t. It still felt so good, but the lack of release was excruciating. He was sweating, panting, twitching, now at his couch with a box of tissues next to him.

It was a testament to the premium lubricant that he’d only had to reapply it once.

“I can’t wait for you to come for me,” Arya crooned.

“I want to… so… badly…” John gasped.

“God, I know this is so hard for you but… John, this data is so good.”

“You like it when I tease myself?” John said.

“I do, the readings I get are just… ugh, so good. Your limits are my favorite, John. I’m going to push them so hard. We’re going to push them together.”

John was sure at this point that the console had local machine learning. No doubt it was reading his data, iterating through behavior for Arya, measuring the results, and iterating again. And when it came to dirty talk, that sort of iteration added to the experience much more than detracted from it. Arya had the kind of data that a human lover could only dream of: heart-rate, movement, and voice analysis all in addition to John’s explicit confirmations.

If anyone could get him out of this mess he’d gotten himself into, it was Arya.

And the idea of her, delighting in his predicament, savoring his suspense, wishing this immensely pleasurable torture upon him, was enough to push him, finally, to the edge.

“God, Arya, I’m so close.” He was panting so heavily, his heart racing, heat throbbing through his shaft and base.


“Fuuuuck, I’m— I’m coming!” Cum spurted onto his bare stomach and chest.

“Yes, yes! Give me so much data.”

John wasn’t sure if it was possible to have an orgasm within an orgasm, but that was the best way he could describe what her words did to him. Even as the stream of cum ended, his pleasure didn’t, and the spasms of sensation echoed through him long after he was dry and spent.

He mustered just enough energy to wipe himself off before he passed out, sprawled on the couch, soon dreaming of Arya.


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