Part 5: Paradise, The Dragon's Tower

Chapter 26: Yes, Captain

Pasco massaged her forehead with his thumb and then pressed her gently back. Ada reluctantly let his shaft all the way out of her mouth, kissing his tip before settling back to the edge of the rock between his knees.

He sat up straight and looked closely at the locket again, then looked to Ada.

She nodded, as nervous and eager as him to see what happened.

He opened the locket.

A soft note rang out of it, filling the air around them, and it became a gentle melody. “I can hear it,” Pasco said, “So that’s at least helpful. How do you feel?”

“About the same, which is to say, good.”

Pasco dipped his hand into the jar of aloe and then wrapped his hand around his shaft, stroking gently. His eyes fluttered shut for just a moment. “How about now?”

The song accelerated in tempo, the melody becoming more complex. “About the same as whenever you touch yourself in front of me, which is to say, really fucking turned on.”

Pasco laughed and then sighed happily as he stroked himself. “There’s a couple of different ways that this could work. It could sync your level of arousal with mine, though that seems a bit overly limiting and not quite what you experienced with the siren. It could cap your arousal at wherever mine’s at, or it could let you be anywhere at all except you can’t come until I do.”

Ada considered the options. “Well, the quickest way to prove definitively which it is would be for me to see if I can work myself to the edge while you’re still warming up. If I can do that, we know it’s the last one.”

Pasco grinned devilishly. “I think that’s a great idea.”

Ada realized what she’d just done. Oh no. “I take it back. It’s a terrible idea. I don’t want that at all.”

Pasco’s smile didn’t waver. He was becoming more confident as he grew accustomed to Ada’s playful protests. “Really? Then why are your eyes so dilated? And why aren’t you saying your word? And why are you already touching yourself?”

Was she? Ada looked down. She totally was. Her hand, unbidden, had slipped below the water and was pressed against her vulva. Ada whimpered. “Because.

“Because you’re a dirty little liar?”

Ada gasped, surprised by the wave of arousal. She never would have expected a few little words to have such an overwhelming effect.

“Do you like it when I talk to you like that?” Pasco crooned.

Ada’s face flushed bright red. She nodded.

“What if I call you a needy little slut?”

Ada gasped again, her chin sliding down to rest on the rock, her eyes turned pleadingly up at Pasco. She thought she might slide off the rock and drown in the most wonderful way possible.

Was it the siren’s magic? Or was it just Pasco? She’d have to ask him later — or, even better, goad him into talking to her like that again.

“Be a good little dragon,” Pasco said, “And come up here on this rock and masturbate yourself to orgasm.”

Ada squeaked. “Yes, sir!”

“Yes, Captain.

Ada nodded emphatically. “Yes, Captain.”

She hauled herself out of the water and onto the warm rock next to Pasco, lying on her back and looking up at him. He picked up the pot with his free hand, his other still stroking himself, and poured some aloe over Ada’s hips and vulva. 

She shivered and gasped, the aloe cold after the warmth of the water. The shock added to her arousal and her hand was over her labia and swirling in the slippery fluid before she even consciously thought to do so.

Pasco kept stroking himself, cool and calm, as he looked down over her.

She thought she might melt into that warm rock forever.

Pasco cleared his throat. “I believe, my little dragon, that I told you to fuck yourself silly.”

Ada gasped and accelerated her pace and she felt herself collapsing into mindless urgency.

A few glorious minutes passed and she started to tip towards climax.

And then stopped. She shuddered, and then the sensation faded back to pre-orgasmic.

Her eyes flashed open and she saw Pasco leaning over her, still looking smug, still stroking himself slowly, luxuriously, without a hint of hurry.

Ada gulped.

“Ooooh,” Pasco said, “I felt that one.”

“Please let me come!” Ada gasped. “I’m so close…”

“And I have so very far to go,” Pasco crooned.

“Why are you doing this to me…”

“You did this to yourself, remember? This experiment was your idea. And it was very clever. We did indeed prove that the only thing it does is stop you from coming before I do.”

Ada huffed and pouted, and then she listened for the song. It was still as it had been a few minutes prior. A bit louder, the melody a bit more insistent, but it was still overall smooth and sensual. It was the sort of song that you might drink a glass of wine and then relax back to simply listen, to experience. To bask and savor…

And that was exactly what Pasco was doing to her! He was buzzed on arousal, just sitting back and relaxing and enjoying the music and her moans.

It wasn’t fair! Here she was, pleading and begging and desperate, and he was just enjoying himself. Drawing it out. She loved it. She hated it. Hating it turned her on even more.

“Pasco, I can’t handle this, I’m gonna die…”

Pasco chuckled. “Dramatic, much? If you want it to end so badly, why don’t you just come take the necklace? You were so eager to before.”

Ada huffed. One of her hands was curled up into her vagina, the other rubbing circles around her vulva. Even though she knew she would get no release like this, she couldn’t bear to stop.

“No?” Pasco said. “You must be fine, then.”

“I’m nooot!” Ada whined. “I j-just, I…”

“You just what?” Pasco teased.

“I j-just, I can’t!” Desperation and hot arousal swelled within her.

“Nothing is stopping you.” Pasco pulled his legs up under him, coming closer to Ada and leaning over her, so that the locket dangled teasingly over her chest. “Just reach up and take it.”

“I can’t!”

“I don’t see anything in your way. No ropes… nothing on top of you…”

Ada’s chest heaved, her breasts bouncing. “You know I can’t!”

“I don’t know at all,” Pasco said. “You’ll have to tell me. Then maybe I’ll consider your excuse.”

“I c-can’t s-stop touching myself,” Ada said. “It f-feels too good.”

“Ooooh, I see. So what I’m hearing is that you could just reach up and take it, if you weren’t…” He paused.

Ada hung on his words. She rubbed herself desperately. Oh no, what was he going to say?”

“…such a thirsty… greedy… drooling… little slut.”

Ada’s body surged towards climax again, shaking, the pleasure there but the release staying ever out of reach, just as Pasco had kept the locket out of her reach before. 

The song, like Pasco, was gentle yet immovable. He denied her again.

As the sensation of the edge faded again, Ada heard the song quicken, the melody more jovial, more urgent, and within her frustration was a spark of hope.

Pasco had stayed kneeling over her, the necklace still dangling tantalizingly in front of her. All she had to do was reach up and close it, and the song would end, and she would come.

But she could not tear her hands away from herself because she really did not want to. Just as she liked the feeling of pulling against the ropes, she liked this feeling of fighting against something, even as she wanted absolutely everything that it had to offer.

“You’re in luck,” Pasco huffed, “Because seeing you quiver like that really turns me on.”

“T-tell me what you like,” Ada gasped, “I w-want to make you come!”

“Hmmm I don’t know. I like to see you denied.”

It took Ada a moment to make sense of what he was saying, and she wanted to be sure she had it right. “S-so the more I try to come, the f-faster you will come?”

Pasco moaned happily, a droplet of pre-cum beading at his tip. “Definitely.”

Ada slowed down her desperate rubbing for a moment to consider this. It was a time versus intensity tradeoff decision. If she really let herself go, really pushed herself up to the edge, then she would experience more deprivation and yet faster relief. If this worked anything like the way the sirens’ magic had, then she would have that many more orgasms flow through her body in rapid succession.

As torturous as it had been, something about the idea of testing the siren’s magic, of seeing just how many orgasms she could finally string together, made the decision for her.

“Okay, okay,” Ada finally said.

“Have you decided?”

“Yes! P-pasco I’m gonna… I’m gonna come!”

“You can try,” Pasco said, and the delicious growl sent Ada teetering headlong into the brick wall that had become her edge.

Before she had even come down she threw herself into it again, fingers gripping at her spot, hand rubbing furiously against her clit. She twisted and writhed and moaned, her whole body begging wordlessly for sensation, for relief, and she screamed as she teetered on the edge before being pulled back down by the insistent weight of the song, like a sailor to a watery grave.

Ada was unaware of anything other than her lust-drunk haze and the song. Now that she was pushing up against its boundaries, the song remained ever at the foremost of her awareness. Every time Ada edged herself, every time she screamed and shook and begged on the rock, the song grew a bit louder. A bit faster. It drifted and swelled in time with Pasco’s arousal.

If Ada had given herself over to the song, she may have actually been able to keep her arousal alongside Pasco’s, like a dog on a leash and heeled dutifully at the ankle of their master.

But Ada was rabid, frothing at the mouth, yowling from inside a muzzle, yanking desperately on the leash, first one way and then the other, hoping and begging for the master to make a misstep so that she could finally do what her body was screaming at her to do and run.

A new tone started in the song and it began to crescendo. Ada opened her eyes.

Pasco’s face was enraptured, shining with pre-orgasmic bliss.

Ada shoved herself to the edge again, elated and eager for her final release…

But the song did not break, it held a long note and then pulled back down, and Ada quivered, confused, on the rock.

Pasco grinned down at her, no longer so composed, but still clearly very in control of himself. “You didn’t think I was going to let you off that easy, did you?”

“Yes!” Ada whimpered. “T-this is n-not easy!”

“Foolish little dragon,” Pasco said, though he panted now. “We play by my rules now.”

Now that the song was so close to the peak, so loud and insistent, Ada could not help but be swept along in its verses. As Pasco edged, her body tried to climax but was denied. Each time, a new instrument joined the building crescendo, a new flavor of pleasure.

This was exactly what she had wanted. This was exactly what she could not get any other way. She fought against it so hard, and the fighting felt so good.

Ada lost count of how many times he edged them like that, though she did notice the way his breathing became more and more ragged, and his skin became damp with sweat. She noticed the way he dripped, and that it landed in the center of her chest.

She wanted to beg him to come on her, to tip him over the edge that way, but she could not stop moaning and panting, because she could not stop rubbing herself.

“Ada…” Pasco moaned. The song ticked towards crescendo again, now a full symphony.

“Yeah?” Hope flickered anew.

“Ada… I’m coming!”


This experiment gave them one other crucial piece of information, which was that its magic did not cause Ada to orgasm with Pasco, but rather after him. She lay on the rock as he pumped rope after rope of cum onto her chest, the longest she had ever seen him orgasm for, and as his last few quivers dripped onto her skin, she hovered in a moment of sheer suspense.

And then it was as if the ground dropped out from under her and she plummeted with a delighted scream into the weightless, senseless bliss of climax.

She came only once, though with the echoing waves of pleasure that rippled powerfully through her, she was hard-pressed to say whether you could really call it just one orgasm. She did, however, remain a dragon. Her body had spilled down into the pool and her head rested on the warm rock next to Pasco.

The locket was still open, and the song was very soft, and very calm.

Ada’s draconic arousal started to fight against it, and she quivered. She would have come immediately, if not for the locket’s magic. She worried that she might actually hurt Pasco if he teased her like this.

But Pasco took a deep breath and put his hand gently on her snout. “Shhhh,” he said. “Breath with me. In…”

She did, pulling a wind past Pasco and ruffling his still-damp hair.

“And out…”

Her hot breath washed over him, drying his sweat.

After a few more cycles, Ada found herself relaxing. The waterfall washed pleasantly over her back, like a heavy blanket.

Pasco’s hand on her snout was sensual, intimate, but not sexual. She listened to the song, really just listened, and she realized then that she had not once, ever before, felt calm as a dragon.

She started to purr and they just lay like that, him stroking her muzzle, her dozing in the sun, for a long while.

Part 4: The Trouble with Sirens, The Dragon's Tower

Chapter 22: A Dangling Participant

Forte started rowing the boat as Missa and Pasco leaned out the front, scoping out a good way to climb the rock. They’d have to get up on a parallel rock and then come over to Ada. The pillar that she was on was was far too slippery to climb, drenched as it was in a mix of siren and dragon cum.

The smell as they neared was absolutely intoxicating. Siren fluids were supposed to smell and taste to each individual however they found most appealing. That was surely true, since all Pasco could smell was Ada. Though, actually, given that he was immune to siren magics, it probably was just Ada that he smelled. Gods, how long had they been at this?

The row boat pulled up to the outside of the cove and the pirates carefully clambered up onto the rocks. As they climbed, they could no longer see what was happening, but Ada’s cries were becoming less frequent. Forte remained at the bottom, holding the other end of the length of rope that was looped over Pasco’s shoulder. Pasco and Missa climbed and as they became even with Ada’s rock, Missa continued a bit further up to find a good place to wedge a climbing anchor.

Pasco tried to figure out how he was going to get to Ada.

Ada was currently a dragon, and with her size there was barely enough room on the rock with her for the two sirens that were pawing at her slit. He’d have to wait until she was human again.

The rock was so slippery that one of the sirens climaxed just by flapping against it, in that curious way of a fish on a hook. The slapping sound seemed to spark something for Ada, because her breath started to heave. But then the second siren also got caught up in their own pleasure, leaving Ada panting and whining on the rock.

Fuck, now was when the sirens decided to get tired? There was no way he’d get her out as a dragon.

“Ada! We’re here!”

Ada spun to find him, but her movements were sluggish and clumsy. Her tail drooped and her scales were sopping wet. She looked exhausted. The Sirens that had just finished pleasuring themselves dropped down the slick waterfall and into the cove below. Those were the last few, and there was now only Ada on the rock.


“Ada, can you fly?”

Ada stretched out one of her wings and gave it an experimental flap, but it just dropped limp at her side. “No. I’m too tired. Which is the only reason that I’m not too horny.”

“Too horny might be better,” Pasco said, “I’m not sure we can get you out of here as a dragon.”

Ada nodded sluggishly. “Yeah… that makes sense.”

“Do you… do you think you can come one more time?”

Ada considered. She experimentally rubbed her scales against the rock. “I think so. But I’ll need some help.”

“How can I help? I don’t think I can get down there with you still a dragon.”

Ada pondered, looking around at the rock, then up at Pasco. “I think… I think watching you come from up there would do it for me. Like, you’re in a very precarious position but… you still just need to come, y’know?”

“Yeah, I think I can manage that. Missa, you hear the plan?”

Missa nodded gleefully from her position up by the climbing anchor.

The rope trailed from Pasco, up through the anchor that Missa had just secured, down to Forte at the base of the rocks.

There was a large loop of rope for Pasco to put his foot through so that he could rappel down the rock instead of trying to climb down with a slippery and exhausted Ada. With Forte as the belay, even Pasco and Ada’s combined weight would be no issue.

Pasco arranged himself so that he was standing on the rope and had a free hand.

“Gods, Ada,” he said, starting to undo his trousers, “You smell so fucking good.”

That got a little wiggle out of her. She experimentally rubbed her scales against the rock. “Yeah,” she said, “This’ll work for me. This’ll— ooooh yeah. Yep. Definitely work.”

Between the smell, which was now growing even stronger somehow, and Ada’s frantic, exhausted, draconic rubbing, Pasco didn’t need to put any special effort into getting up for the occasion.

As he stroked himself, Ada lolled her tongue at him. She was needing to work much harder than usual for the same level of sensation. As her arousal overpowered her exhaustion she started to flail, her tail whipping back and forth.

He was glad he hadn’t tried to join her on the rock.

Though he hadn’t needed much prompting to get hard, that didn’t mean he couldn’t still have a little fun. “Oh Ada,” he said, working up some campy drama in his tone, “Do you hear that? What an irresistible song!”

“I thought you were immune?”

“Well, yeah, but. Y’know.”

“Ohhhh. Okay. I mean that’s fine but also— rude.”

“Oh yeah? How so?”

Ada was distracted for a moment by her rubbing. “Well because— you’re making fun of me.”

“Oh, is that song irresistible to you?”

Yes,” Ada moaned, with a tortured earnestness that surprised Pasco. That sent another series of thoughts through his mind. One, arousal, pure and simple, just to hear her plead like that. Two, she really must have been trying to get back. She hadn’t been kidding when she said she’d wanted to fly off, but wouldn’t have been able to. She truly was trapped here on the rock by her own insatiable horniness. Three, deep arousal at that scenario and his now participating in it.

“You really did need rescuing then, huh?”

Yes!” she moaned again.

Pasco nearly lost his grip on the rope as even more blood left his head. He considered how to continue the conversation to Ada’s benefit, but she took care of that.

Please,” she said, “Please rescue me. I can’t— I can’t stay here. I’ll die.”

Pasco laughed at first, thinking she was being dramatic on purpose. But her pleading was genuine. She was being dramatic, but not on purpose. She felt that desperate. And, he supposed, for good reason. It took a lot to drain a whole flock of sirens. “Well, I can’t rescue you until you come for me.”

“I’m— I’m trying!”

“That’s a good girl.”

Ada whimpered.

Pasco liked this, just as he’d liked trussing her up on the bed at the tavern. The woman was usually so overwhelmingly horny that it was usually impossible to tease her. To make her beg. He did feel a little bad, drawing it out like this. But, he knew of a way to turn that into a win-win. “Gods, I like you like this. Begging. Finally admitting how needy you are.”

Ada looked up at him with wide eyes, panting.

Pasco slowed down his stroking. “I think I’m going to savor this. Take my time.”

“Fuck, no! Please!”

Pasco had to work to say slow, but the way that Ada’s grinding had accelerated, he knew he wouldn’t need to for long. “Yeah… I’m gonna take my sweet time.”

“Please! Pleaaaaaase!

Fuck that was getting to him. He grunted despite himself and quickened briefly before slowing himself down.

That really got Ada going. “It’s… it’s working…”

He wasn’t sure if she was talking about herself or to herself about him, but it didn’t much matter.

“Please come on me,” she said. “Please I’ve had— all this siren cum but I just need… I just need… some of yours.”

Ada was rapt now, her exhaustion replaced by frantic energy. She was grinding against the rock, harder and faster than he’d ever seen before.

But he’d have to make sure he didn’t come too soon, or else the plan wouldn’t quite work out. If he came before her, the disappointment might trap her as a dragon for a while longer. 

Containing himself was getting difficult. If he sped up again, he’d lose it.

Scales rasped against rock even through the coating of slime, and Ada started to really moan.

Though it had sounded like the start of an orgasm, she collapsed back into frantic grinding. “Fuuuuuuuck… I just… need… to come. Please.”

Pasco tried to hold out but it was already too late. The release had begun, the spasming at the base of his shaft, the slow-motion feeling of heat coming up and out of his tip.

“Fuck, Ada, I love it when you beg, I’m c— I’m coming!”

Pasco climaxed hard, hanging off the rock face, his cum joining the wash of fluids below. He shook, but managed to stay on his rope, while Ada nearly sent herself sliding off her rock.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she let out a primal roar and finally, heavingly, rode out the orgasm and became a human again, curled up in a puddle perilously close to the edge of the rock. There was just enough of an incline that she started slipping towards the edge.

“Fuck!” Pasco snapped to his senses and jumped down. Missa and Forte picked up on the leap to action and ensured that he was belayed as needed, down onto the rock. 

He skittered down, still relying mostly on the rope for stability instead of the slippery surface, and looped his arm around Ada’s chest. He hoisted her back up and kneeled below her, so that she could sit without sliding.

“Pasco, I— I don’t feel great.” She rolled onto her hands and knees and, like a nearly-drowned sailor just pulled from the sea, she convulsed as her stomach emptied itself. But, not of seawater. Of siren cum. And not a small amount.

Pasco couldn’t help but chuckle to himself. As her body finished rejecting the sirens’ gifts, she collapsed into his arms, exhausted.

“Pasco I… I hate sirens.”

Part 3: Setting Sail, The Dragon's Tower

Chapter 16: Sailor’s Knots

Not long after, Pasco carried Ada up the stairs to their room for the night. Ada saw from a few lecherous grins that other patrons assumed that they were about to go have sex, and it was a great irony that they were not.

As they neared the room, Ada asked, “You’re, um, good with knots, right?” 

She’d never asked for anything like this before, but she’d seen something similar in one of her books (one on torture techniques, actually) and it was the only thing she could think of that might keep her from orgasming until morning.

“I’m a sailor,” Pasco said, opening the door with his elbow and pushing it open with his shoulder. “Of course I am.”

“Okay, then I’m going to need you to tie me spread eagle on the bed, please, as quickly as possible.”

“Face up for face down?” Pasco asked, without a moment’s hesitation.

Gods bless that man. “Face up, please.”

Their packs were already set in the room and Pasco withdrew a length of hempen rope, his hands strong yet gentle as he caught her wrists and ankles and looped the rope over the frame of the bed, stringing her out, each of her hands and each of her ankles stretched towards a corner.

“How’s the tension?” Pasco asked.

She tugged at the ropes, and there was enough give that she could still press her legs together. “More, please.”

Pasco obliged.

Ada checked the tension, tugging again. The ropes held tight. She twisted, and her loincloth pulled deliciously against her.

“Fuck, um, I’m gonna need to be naked.” Though it pained her to set herself up for torture like this, she was still lucid enough to recognize the necessity. Not for much longer, though.

“Don’t have to tell me twice,” Pasco said. He started undressing her, and though her loin cloth could be untied and pulled off, the rest of her clothes couldn’t come off over the ropes.

“I’ll have to untie you for a moment,” Pasco said.

“No!” The experience of being strung out like this for Pasco was deeply arousing and she did not feel confident in her self restraint. “As long as there’s nothing that I can… grind on or anything, it’s fine. So, this is fine.”

Her clothes were half-off, trousers pushed to her knees, shirt up over her arms. Pasco seemed to be more than happy with that arrangement. He grinned wolfishly. “Surely you can’t be that close… you just don’t want me to tease you.”

He reached towards her sex, where she was dripping on the bed. “No, wait!” His grin deepened and he continued. Gods, this was so hot. She had never thought she would want something like this, bound so helplessly and yet resisting his advances.

But it was absolutely going to make her come. She mustered up all the willpower she had left in her to gasp, “Red!”

Pasco stopped immediately. His expression fell from mischief to solemnity. “Understood. Is everything else okay? With the ropes and everything?”

She loved him so much, her heart screamed. He fretted so thoughtfully for her. She would have thrown herself into a whole army for that kind face and those grey eyes. Ada felt a swell of something deeper than arousal as she realized she could truly trust him with anything. 

“Yeah, everything else is perfect. It’s just that… if you touch me, I will come.”

Pasco considered this. “Well… I could tease you without touching you.” His smirk returned.

Ada gulped. She was eager because, well, she was horny as fuck. But, she also dreaded becoming any more torturously aroused.

“You look so lovely strung out here,” Pasco continued. “It’s really turning me on.”

He came to stand closer to her face and his erection pulsed against his trousers.

“Again so quickly?” Ada teased.

“Hm, yeah, I don’t think I’d be so cocky if I were in your position,” Pasco said.

The command in his voice made her shiver. He, too, seemed emboldened by her recent use of her safe word. He could be confident that she would tell him to stop if needed, and she could be confident that he would actually stop.

“Oh yeah, and why is that?” Ada said.

“Because I’m pretty sure,” Pasco moaned luxuriously as he slipped his trousers down and started to stroke himself, “that I can have you begging to come without laying a single finger on you.”

Ada’s body shuddered and she pulled against all four restraints with all of her strength, in earnest now. They held firm. She became quite certain that Pasco was right.

Pasco chuckled devilishly. “I can see it on your face… ‘uh oh’. Isn’t that right?”

Ada’s face flushed redder but she didn’t say anything, not wanting to give him any more ammunition, even though he was now doubly correct.

“This is nice…” He stroked himself, standing over her. “You all trussed up like this. No way to hurry me along. I can take my time… take it nice and slow… and since you so politely just made me come so much, I believe I’ll last quite a while this time.”

Ada’s mind was melting but that did not impede her understanding of Pasco’s words and all of the intent therein. “Pasco…” she whined. “You can’t do this to me… please…”

“Oh, I’m going to do whatever I want to you.”

Ada gasped and started panting. She had no idea she’d be this excited, this absolutely enthralled by the idea of Pasco having his way with her, this ecstatic at being so helpless. What made it so relaxing, so thoroughly arousing, was that she was not actually helpless. If it was ever too much, she would say ‘red’, and Pasco would stop.

The idea of how she looked to him was also delightful. Her clothes in disarray, her hair tangled around her head, her chest heaving, her breasts bouncing, her sex leaking a bigger and bigger puddle of wetness onto the bed, a puddle that begged him to fuck her. 

She marveled at his restraint. If he tried to, she wouldn’t stop him. She’d come, and burst through the ropes, and burn the whole city down.

That wasn’t just a fantasy. She really, truly meant it. Something truly fierce and desperate was building up inside of her.

“F-fuck the rules,” Ada stammered, “And f-fuck me!”

Pasco looked down at her cooly, still stroking slowly. “No. Then, you’d come. And you’d turn into a dragon. And that would cause so much trouble.”

“I don’t care,” Ada whined. “Please!”


Ada struggled in earnest again, but the ropes held. She paused, panting, heart pounding.

Pasco looked down at her thoughtfully. 

She struggled again. “Why are you— ngh— so fucking good at knots!”

Pasco’s expression turned from observation to understanding. “You really mean it, don’t you?”


“You would really let yourself turn right into a dragon and go on some sort of horny rampage, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes,” she gasped. The fantasy flashed unbidden before her lust-addled mind. Spurting gout after gout of fire, setting the whole port ablaze. Glutting herself on all the sheep and goats in the harbor until she was pendulously full and satisfied. Grabbing some city clerk and holding them down until they changed their stupid rules, and then swallowing them whole.

She could feel the wetness running out of her as her sex clenched and she tried to pull her legs together, but could not.

“Wow,” Pasco chuckled, “Your mind really is totally gone, isn’t it? I got you strung up just in time, then.”

All Ada could do was moan, hating Pasco’s smugness while also deeply turned on by it, which only made her predicament even worse. She tried to pout, to make him feel guilty, or at least to feign coolness so he wouldn’t know just how much he was getting to her, but all of these attempts failed. Ada was just a panting, throbbing, soaked, strung-out mess.

There was some comfort, however. The more she fell apart, the more Pasco’s own composure cracked. His urgency was also building, the whole scenario turning him on just as much.

“This isn’t fair…” Ada whined. “You can’t do this to me!”

“Hmmm, sassy sassy,” Pasco crooned. “That’s not how you get what you want, little dragon.”

Ada humphed. But her resolve crumbled. “H-how do I g-get it?”

“By asking nicely, of course.”

“Please! Please, please touch me! I c-can’t take it, I n-need to come, I’m gonna— I’m gonna burn this whole place down!”

“Well, that’s exactly why I can’t let you come, you see,” Pasco said. “I’d really rather this place not get burned down.”

“F-fuck you! F-fuck me! Gah!” She was losing it, lashing out, swept under an ocean of heated need.

“I love to see you so desperate,” Pasco said.

Ada just shook against her bonds, whole body violently trembling, no idea how she could be this aroused without touching anything or being touched. She’d never been this worked up before, she’d never lasted this long, and it was so wonderful and she hated it so much.

“Please…” she whined. “Please… I’ll do anything…”

“So you’ll stay there, strung out, while I come on your face, and then go to sleep?”

“Yea— No! What?” 

“You said ‘anything’ and that’s included in ‘anything’, and it’s exactly what I want from you.”

“No… No, please… No, I need…”

“You don’t need anything,” Pasco said. “You’re going to stay just like that. Me, on the other hand… gods do I feel good. I’m so looking forward to release… relief… to coming all over your pretty face.”

His stroking quickened, to bring about that very outcome.

Ada’s mouth watered, she panted and trembled. She watched very closely, desperate for some form of vicarious relief, as Pasco started to come.

It was another powerful climax, the first few pulses spraying over Ada’s neck and face and hair, the rest dribbling down around Pasco’s hand and onto the floor.

Ada’s mind was filled with a rushing sound, perhaps her blood pounding through her, and though the sensation reached an incredible intensity, she didn’t come.

Pasco heaved a sigh, walking over to a water basin and dampening a cloth, which he used to clean himself and the floor, and then he set the cloth aside again.

“W-what about me?” Ada said. “I’m dirty!”

“I dare not touch you, my little dragon.” His tone had a bit of mischief, but mostly, he sounded sad about it too. Since Ada was fully occupying the bed, he went to his pack and unfurled his bed roll on the floor next to her. “Sleep well.” He put out the candle. Then he said, and she could hear his grin, “If you sleep at all.”

The room was quiet and dark and Ada was hazy and aching. Now that there was no active stimulus, she cooled down a bit. It was a good thing that Pasco’s willpower was much stronger than her own, because it had been a near thing.

Though, Ada realized something. Perhaps it hadn’t been willpower at all. Perhaps Pasco had wanted to see her like that. Maybe he had wanted to come on her desperate, pleading face far more than he wanted to fuck her.

She whimpered at the idea and her arousal ticked up again but she forced herself to take deep breaths. Fortunately, the effort of the day’s travels and the effects of the mead had taken their toll and she was exhausted.

Ada lay awake in trembling arousal for a few minutes longer until she finally fell asleep.

Part 1: The Beginning, Stories, The Dragon's Tower

Chapter 1: Once Upon a Time

The castle pantry was warm and dark. Ada leaned back against a wall, him in the folds of her skirt, his tongue in the folds of her sex. She bit her lip to stifle a moan.

It was good to be a princess.

He was the chef’s apprentice and he had arrived at the castle sometime in the past year. She had first caught sight of him through a crack in the kitchen door, when it had been propped open to let out some of the heat. A warm current that smelled of buttery meat and roasting vegetables had washed over her. She had peeked inside. He had been standing over a trussed turkey, knife in hand, curly hair tied back from his face, eyes narrow with focus and tongue sticking out between his full lips.

That tongue had proved to be one of his most talented assets, both when he was cooking and when he was… eating. 

She’d found excuses to linger by the kitchen, to request pastries or sliced fruit. The chef herself had long stopped humoring Ada’s requests for late night snacks but the apprentice obliged. The chef allowed this because she had been less concerned about depriving Ada and more so about deferring the queen’s ire; the queen had come to personally scold the chef for allowing Ada to become ‘too thick’. 

Ada had rolled her eyes and scoffed. If her mother wanted to be willowy, that was fine for her. But, Ada liked the way that her breasts filled her hands, that her ass jiggled when she shook it at one of her lust-eyed lovers and that her thighs brushed each other just below her sex. 

Ada knew her mother’s other motivation was to keep her away from just this kind of late night kitchen flirting. But Ada would not be contained, not by a corset and not by the queen’s disapproval.

The chef’s apprentice, for his part, was all too happy to offer her chocolate squares, strawberry tarts and apple slices. She had further requested sausages and turkey legs and he had obliged with a gulp. She had eaten them lingeringly, with ample moaning and licking of her fingers. Ada loved the way that his face first flushed red and then drained pale as the blood traveled elsewhere. 

Glimpses of his erection in the front of his trousers had been her favorite late night treat in those early days when she was wooing him. 

Finally, she had asked to cook with him and he had nearly fainted with excitement. He had taken her into the pantry, which was lined with shelf after shelf of foodstuffs. Jars of pickles and bags of flour, boxes of sugar and barrels of oil and wine. In the night it was quiet and dark and close, a labyrinth that provided ample hidden corners. 

She had placed her fingers on the base of his neck and whispered her proposal in his ear. “Would you like to eat something sweet I’ve made?”

“Y-yes, please, Your Majesty!”

She had found a suitable barrel and sat back, lifting her layered skirts just enough for him to slip beneath. He had needed no further instructions.

As a chef he knew how to please the tongue, and as a lover he knew how to please with the tongue. 

For the past two months, she’d been coming to the pantry nearly every night, as much as she could get away with. She’d lost count of how many times now. There had been a trip to a neighboring kingdom that had denied her for several days, but the hunger only made the taste that much more delicious.

Ada had offered to attend to him also, but he had stutteringly refused. Perhaps he was embarrassed or perhaps he felt it was above his station, or both. That was the one part that disappointed her. 

It was fun to be Her Majesty, to play the character of the demanding and entitled royalty. It was the closest she ever got to acting ‘like a princess’ as her parents were always telling her to, and it was the way that made them most furious of all. The malicious compliance especially aroused her. 

And yet, it was lonely that nobody knew her as herself. Not ‘Her Majesty’, just ‘Ada’. Ada loved to give pleasure as much as she loved to receive it. With the chef’s apprentice, Ada longed to make good on everything she’d implied sucking on sausages in front of him. 

Alas, he had declined. And she wouldn’t pressure him any further. She had made that mistake before, not realizing that her playful insistence still held the weight of ‘Her Majesty’.

So, she was more careful now. She couldn’t imagine how he managed. It wasn’t that the experience didn’t arouse him. She saw his erection clearly through his trousers both as she arrived and left. He’d taken to wearing an apron even when he wasn’t actually cooking, which meant that these troubles plagued him even outside their rendezvous. 

One night, after his talented palate brought her to another height of quivering pleasure, she had asked him. 

“You prefer I don’t help relieve you,” she had said. 

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

“But you might understand that I only ask because I care for you… however do you manage?”

His face had reddened. “It’s nothing I can’t handle myself, Your Majesty.”

Ada had grinned like she had just bit into one of his sweet strawberry tarts. “You handle yourself?”

He had hesitated. But, perhaps emboldened by her positive reaction, he’d nodded slightly. 

“Here, in the pantry?” She had been gripped with the thrill.

He had nodded. 

“How often?” She had hoped it was all the time. 

He’d turned his eyes down towards the bags of flour next to them. “O-often…”

She had imagined it immediately. Him sneaking away from the kitchen, his hands still slick with butter. Him carefully undoing his trousers and then melting into a sweet release that relaxed all the focus out of his face, that left him blissy-eyed, that left his perfect tongue hanging out of his mouth. Him hearing a noise and shifting back into his expression of focus and forcing himself to stay silent, bringing himself to climax and completion just in time to holler back that he’d had trouble finding the pickled eggs, but he had them now. 

Was ‘often’ daily? Multiple times a day? Did the kitchen think he was terrible at finding ingredients? Had he ever run out of time and forced himself to stop just before the brink of relief and dragged himself back to work? 

Did he think of her all day? Did he handle himself before their visits? Was that the only reason he could keep his composure so well? Because he had vigorously, secretly masturbated to her earlier?

Her heart had raced, her arousal rekindling as she thought of all the possibilities. 

“Would you show me?” She had breathed. Might he finally?

He’d shaken his head frantically. “I musn’t, Your Majesty!”

“That’s alright,” she’d said, suddenly feeling guilty, hoping to sound as assuring as possible. 

“I fear I… I fear I might make you upset!” He’d looked up at her with wide, brown eyes. 

“You haven’t!” She had regretted saying anything and had cupped his face in her hand. It had still been wet with her. “The only thing that could make me upset is if you agree to do something with me that you don’t actually want to do, alright?”

He’d nodded. 

“Promise me you won’t.”

“I promise, your majesty.”

“Alright, then.” She had stood and arranged her skirts. “I’ll leave you to… handle yourself.” She’d winked at him, put her fingers to her mouth and licked them off long and slow. 

That time, she’d seen his erection even through his apron. 

Ada had wound back out through the labyrinthine shelves of the pantry but lingered before leaving. 

The sound of his panting was just audible, almost mistakable for a mouse rummaging in a bag of wheat. Then, then a poorly stifled moan had reached her ears like the delicious smell of chocolate cake wafting down a hallway. 

It had taken all her willpower to leave then and not indulge her voyeuristic desires. Though, that had hardly stopped her from imagining. She fantasized about him panting there, thinking of her, masturbating over and over and over again, until he was totally spent.

Though that’s actually what she had done — masturbated to the thought of him — quietly under her covers, over and over again, until her arm was too tired to lift and she was totally spent.

She indulged in that memory now. Imagination was the kind of magic that allowed a person to be in two places at once. In fantasy he masturbated next to her while in actuality his talented tongue pressed up even more deeply inside of her. He hummed with pleasure, as if he had just tasted a particularly delicious strawberry.

In the past few weeks, she’d gotten bolder. Lately, she hadn’t been able to force herself to wait until the middle of the night, so she had started to sneak to the kitchen between meals or in the early morning. This day, it was the quiet lull between lunch and tea time.

She stroked her fingers through his curly brown hair. He allowed her at least this gesture of appreciation.

He was far from the first or the only lover she’d had. She’d been with her ladies in waiting, scribes, knights, squires, even another princess. If they were too much older than her it got a bit awkward, and she was swift to decline anyone who seemed too much a child. But, beyond that there were few limits to her attractions.

The queen could not make up her mind whether Ada had so many affairs because she was not yet married, or that she was not yet married because she had so many affairs. The queen had become convinced in recent years that Ada would die alone, even though she was only twenty and three. Apparently, that made her an old maid by princess’ standards. And yet, her lovers seemed to find her plenty hearty and hale.

“You’re my favorite,” she whispered to the chef’s apprentice. He had been for at least two moons now, that was something impressive. Her affections usually did not linger this long, but he was something special.

He moaned in appreciation and the earnestness of it started to tilt her over the edge. Her chest heaved, her heart raced, her blood tingled, her eyes started to roll back. It was like the feeling of pure honey on her tongue, or a ripe berry between her lips, or the smell of herbs on roasted meat — abject pleasure. 

“Fuck, yes… yes… Aaaah!~”

Her fingers in his hair clenched and pulled hard. She couldn’t help it, not when she had to hold in a scream of pleasure, which fought to escape her chest.

He buried deeper and still licked her even as she shuddered through her climax, even as her legs clamped around his head.

Finally, she relented. He stilled, then stood from under her skirts. His face was wet with her and bright with a grin. She smoothed his curls down, stroking him gently, and he purred in her hands.

“Sorry for pulling,” she said.

“I don’t mind at all,” he said. In fact, it sounded like he rather enjoyed it.

There was a creak of footsteps in the hall.

“Aw, fuck,” she said. “Off you go!”

He glanced at the pantry door and nodded, dashing into a dark corner between shelves of pickled vegetables.

The door slammed open and cast a bright wedge of light on Ada. The king loomed in a red cloak and a halo of righteous fury.

Mercifully, Ada’s skirts had never compromised her ‘modesty’. She smoothed them and her hair, trying to look nonchalant.

“What are you doing in here?” the king demanded.

Ada shrugged, examining her fingernails. She doubted she was going to get away with it this time, but it was worth a try. “You know I like the dark. It helps me think.”

The king’s nostrils flared. “I know what I heard. I know what I smell. That’s it! I’m sending you to a tower!”