Part 5: Paradise, The Dragon's Tower

Chapter 28: The Waterfall

Remembering the waterfall massage from before, Ada shifted herself under the stream and purred happily as it beat down over her shoulders. It was heavy and soft. The water pressed her down into an even more relaxed space and she stretched her spine, then twisted over on her back like she was tucking up in bed.

The waterfall splashed on her stomach, and it felt more than just relaxing.

“Ohhh,” she purred, and wiggled a little further up, so that the water fell over the scales of her outer labia. The sensation was incredible, immediately pleasurable and arousing, a rumbling, pulsing vibration around all her most sensitive spots. “Ohhhhhh…”

Her head flopped back against the rocks, upside down, her tongue lolling out with a rivulet of drool already flowing down it, her feet curled up to her body.

The song suddenly ticked louder and she knew that Pasco had noticed.

He laughed teasingly. “Oh, does that feel good?”

“Yes…” she crooned. “So… good… I could lay like this… forever.”

“That’s a good little dragon,” he said, stroking the underside of her chin. 

She purred again.

“How about this. We take it nice… and slow… and easy. You just listen to the song and relax. When you’re ready, I’ll close the locket. Your head seems to stay in more or less the same place when you transform, so I think you’ll be alright, even with the water. If not, I can always open it again and take you to a safer place. How does that sound?”

His words piqued her arousal, but as she gave herself over to the song, her urgency drained away, leaving only pleasure. “That sounds… perfect… you’re… perfect… I love you.”

He stroked her chin again, his fingertips running over her scales and sending the most delightful vibrating sensation through her sensitive skin. “I love you too.”

Ada sighed back into pure relaxation, the vibrations of the waterfall sending a warm, intoxicating buzz through her whole body. She felt like she’d had two glasses of wine, which for a dragon, was probably closer to two barrels.

Pasco started to stroke himself and the song gently rose. Ada hitched a ride on his experience, just like when she’d clung to him as he climbed out of the water. He was so strong and yet so gentle, and she let his song fill her mind as the waterfall hummed.

Gradually, her breathing deepened and became more forceful. Her arousal was building and flashes of new intensity, new pleasure, rolled out from the drumming of the waterfall.

Her toes tingled. The tip of her tail curled. More drool flowed out over her tongue. She purred, adding to the sensation of buzzing and vibrating.

Pasco stroked himself and she watched. She felt deliciously attuned to his pleasure through the song, noticing which things quickened the tempo and which slowed it down, which notes lingered and which came hot and fast.

Now, she was the good dog. Leashed, but heeled obediently at her master’s ankles. She looked up at him, watching his every move, wanting only to please him.

Especially because his deepest desire was for them to both feel wonderful together. How could she not pour all of herself into making that happen? For him. For herself. For them both.

Pasco’s arousal built further and the song picked up, and a pre-orgasmic wave of pleasure flowed over Ada, out from the waterfall and all the way to the tip of her tongue, to the end of her tail. But she was not anywhere close to orgasm, even without the soothing effect of the music.

She had never had this kind of sensation, had never taken it this slowly, to know that she could experience a pre-orgasmic wave of pleasure so far out from her climax. Did this mean that the rest of the climb would feel like this? She hoped so.

“Pasco… it feels so good… I’m going to come so hard…”

“Are you close?”

“No… that’s the best… part…”

This seemed to renew Pasco’s resolve to take it as slowly as he could, and the next few bars of the song built with delicious slowness. Lingeringly and lovingly, he carried them higher. Wave after wave of heat and pleasure rippled out from the waterfall.

Ada’s toes started to curl and clench, but she dared not touch herself and break the spell. The tip of her tail flicked between the trees on the other side of the glade, and she started to pant past her lolling tongue.

Pasco, too, was breathing heavily, carefully controlling the pace.

Arousal built, but just the right amount. Just enough that Ada craved what was coming next, that she could feel the delight of anticipation.

But not so much that the delight became desperation or urgency. She kept her attention firmly on Pasco and his song. He had not actually had to deny her even once, this time. She required no tugs at her leash. She kept dutifully with his pace.

The climax built slowly, slowly, teetering at the edge as Pasco’s face softened with sheer bliss. He put a hand to the locket, preparing, but did not close it yet.

In a gentle, orchestral crescendo he came, the music surging in time with his orgasm, and Ada watched with delight at the way his seed flowed out over his tip, his shaft and his hand. She didn’t want that moment to ever end. She wanted him to come and come and come forever.

But she realized, as an incredible intensity of heat blossomed out from the rumbling of the waterfall, that it was she who was about to come and come forever.

As her roar made the very ground shake, sending flocks of birds fleeing from the trees around them, Pasco snapped the locket shut and the music went quiet.

Ada exhaled down towards the ground, human again, lying on the rock next to him. She panted for a moment before she pressed her legs together and clenched her sex, which sent her swirling into another climax.

As soon as she was fully dragon, her vulva was once again under the waterfall, and in delightful rumbles the waterfall pressed her down, down into her human form again.

And so all of Ada’s denied orgasms echoed through her then, the runes of the locket flashing even though it was closed. Until, finally, the waterfall tipped her over her last, luxurious climax. She came to rest on the rock next to Pasco, in a puddle of dragon drool and happiness.

She heaved a contented sigh, the feeling of buzzing intoxication still in her fingertips and toes, and she rolled towards Pasco where he sat, curling herself around him. He scooped her up so that she rested in his lap and he brushed her hair back from her face and over his legs and the rock, running his fingers through it as she lay there.

She nuzzled into the side of his stomach, curling up like a cat, and if she could have purred she would have. Instead, she just hummed with happiness every time she exhaled.

“I take it back,” she whispered. “I love sirens.”

Part 5: Paradise, The Dragon's Tower

Chapter 26: Yes, Captain

Pasco massaged her forehead with his thumb and then pressed her gently back. Ada reluctantly let his shaft all the way out of her mouth, kissing his tip before settling back to the edge of the rock between his knees.

He sat up straight and looked closely at the locket again, then looked to Ada.

She nodded, as nervous and eager as him to see what happened.

He opened the locket.

A soft note rang out of it, filling the air around them, and it became a gentle melody. “I can hear it,” Pasco said, “So that’s at least helpful. How do you feel?”

“About the same, which is to say, good.”

Pasco dipped his hand into the jar of aloe and then wrapped his hand around his shaft, stroking gently. His eyes fluttered shut for just a moment. “How about now?”

The song accelerated in tempo, the melody becoming more complex. “About the same as whenever you touch yourself in front of me, which is to say, really fucking turned on.”

Pasco laughed and then sighed happily as he stroked himself. “There’s a couple of different ways that this could work. It could sync your level of arousal with mine, though that seems a bit overly limiting and not quite what you experienced with the siren. It could cap your arousal at wherever mine’s at, or it could let you be anywhere at all except you can’t come until I do.”

Ada considered the options. “Well, the quickest way to prove definitively which it is would be for me to see if I can work myself to the edge while you’re still warming up. If I can do that, we know it’s the last one.”

Pasco grinned devilishly. “I think that’s a great idea.”

Ada realized what she’d just done. Oh no. “I take it back. It’s a terrible idea. I don’t want that at all.”

Pasco’s smile didn’t waver. He was becoming more confident as he grew accustomed to Ada’s playful protests. “Really? Then why are your eyes so dilated? And why aren’t you saying your word? And why are you already touching yourself?”

Was she? Ada looked down. She totally was. Her hand, unbidden, had slipped below the water and was pressed against her vulva. Ada whimpered. “Because.

“Because you’re a dirty little liar?”

Ada gasped, surprised by the wave of arousal. She never would have expected a few little words to have such an overwhelming effect.

“Do you like it when I talk to you like that?” Pasco crooned.

Ada’s face flushed bright red. She nodded.

“What if I call you a needy little slut?”

Ada gasped again, her chin sliding down to rest on the rock, her eyes turned pleadingly up at Pasco. She thought she might slide off the rock and drown in the most wonderful way possible.

Was it the siren’s magic? Or was it just Pasco? She’d have to ask him later — or, even better, goad him into talking to her like that again.

“Be a good little dragon,” Pasco said, “And come up here on this rock and masturbate yourself to orgasm.”

Ada squeaked. “Yes, sir!”

“Yes, Captain.

Ada nodded emphatically. “Yes, Captain.”

She hauled herself out of the water and onto the warm rock next to Pasco, lying on her back and looking up at him. He picked up the pot with his free hand, his other still stroking himself, and poured some aloe over Ada’s hips and vulva. 

She shivered and gasped, the aloe cold after the warmth of the water. The shock added to her arousal and her hand was over her labia and swirling in the slippery fluid before she even consciously thought to do so.

Pasco kept stroking himself, cool and calm, as he looked down over her.

She thought she might melt into that warm rock forever.

Pasco cleared his throat. “I believe, my little dragon, that I told you to fuck yourself silly.”

Ada gasped and accelerated her pace and she felt herself collapsing into mindless urgency.

A few glorious minutes passed and she started to tip towards climax.

And then stopped. She shuddered, and then the sensation faded back to pre-orgasmic.

Her eyes flashed open and she saw Pasco leaning over her, still looking smug, still stroking himself slowly, luxuriously, without a hint of hurry.

Ada gulped.

“Ooooh,” Pasco said, “I felt that one.”

“Please let me come!” Ada gasped. “I’m so close…”

“And I have so very far to go,” Pasco crooned.

“Why are you doing this to me…”

“You did this to yourself, remember? This experiment was your idea. And it was very clever. We did indeed prove that the only thing it does is stop you from coming before I do.”

Ada huffed and pouted, and then she listened for the song. It was still as it had been a few minutes prior. A bit louder, the melody a bit more insistent, but it was still overall smooth and sensual. It was the sort of song that you might drink a glass of wine and then relax back to simply listen, to experience. To bask and savor…

And that was exactly what Pasco was doing to her! He was buzzed on arousal, just sitting back and relaxing and enjoying the music and her moans.

It wasn’t fair! Here she was, pleading and begging and desperate, and he was just enjoying himself. Drawing it out. She loved it. She hated it. Hating it turned her on even more.

“Pasco, I can’t handle this, I’m gonna die…”

Pasco chuckled. “Dramatic, much? If you want it to end so badly, why don’t you just come take the necklace? You were so eager to before.”

Ada huffed. One of her hands was curled up into her vagina, the other rubbing circles around her vulva. Even though she knew she would get no release like this, she couldn’t bear to stop.

“No?” Pasco said. “You must be fine, then.”

“I’m nooot!” Ada whined. “I j-just, I…”

“You just what?” Pasco teased.

“I j-just, I can’t!” Desperation and hot arousal swelled within her.

“Nothing is stopping you.” Pasco pulled his legs up under him, coming closer to Ada and leaning over her, so that the locket dangled teasingly over her chest. “Just reach up and take it.”

“I can’t!”

“I don’t see anything in your way. No ropes… nothing on top of you…”

Ada’s chest heaved, her breasts bouncing. “You know I can’t!”

“I don’t know at all,” Pasco said. “You’ll have to tell me. Then maybe I’ll consider your excuse.”

“I c-can’t s-stop touching myself,” Ada said. “It f-feels too good.”

“Ooooh, I see. So what I’m hearing is that you could just reach up and take it, if you weren’t…” He paused.

Ada hung on his words. She rubbed herself desperately. Oh no, what was he going to say?”

“…such a thirsty… greedy… drooling… little slut.”

Ada’s body surged towards climax again, shaking, the pleasure there but the release staying ever out of reach, just as Pasco had kept the locket out of her reach before. 

The song, like Pasco, was gentle yet immovable. He denied her again.

As the sensation of the edge faded again, Ada heard the song quicken, the melody more jovial, more urgent, and within her frustration was a spark of hope.

Pasco had stayed kneeling over her, the necklace still dangling tantalizingly in front of her. All she had to do was reach up and close it, and the song would end, and she would come.

But she could not tear her hands away from herself because she really did not want to. Just as she liked the feeling of pulling against the ropes, she liked this feeling of fighting against something, even as she wanted absolutely everything that it had to offer.

“You’re in luck,” Pasco huffed, “Because seeing you quiver like that really turns me on.”

“T-tell me what you like,” Ada gasped, “I w-want to make you come!”

“Hmmm I don’t know. I like to see you denied.”

It took Ada a moment to make sense of what he was saying, and she wanted to be sure she had it right. “S-so the more I try to come, the f-faster you will come?”

Pasco moaned happily, a droplet of pre-cum beading at his tip. “Definitely.”

Ada slowed down her desperate rubbing for a moment to consider this. It was a time versus intensity tradeoff decision. If she really let herself go, really pushed herself up to the edge, then she would experience more deprivation and yet faster relief. If this worked anything like the way the sirens’ magic had, then she would have that many more orgasms flow through her body in rapid succession.

As torturous as it had been, something about the idea of testing the siren’s magic, of seeing just how many orgasms she could finally string together, made the decision for her.

“Okay, okay,” Ada finally said.

“Have you decided?”

“Yes! P-pasco I’m gonna… I’m gonna come!”

“You can try,” Pasco said, and the delicious growl sent Ada teetering headlong into the brick wall that had become her edge.

Before she had even come down she threw herself into it again, fingers gripping at her spot, hand rubbing furiously against her clit. She twisted and writhed and moaned, her whole body begging wordlessly for sensation, for relief, and she screamed as she teetered on the edge before being pulled back down by the insistent weight of the song, like a sailor to a watery grave.

Ada was unaware of anything other than her lust-drunk haze and the song. Now that she was pushing up against its boundaries, the song remained ever at the foremost of her awareness. Every time Ada edged herself, every time she screamed and shook and begged on the rock, the song grew a bit louder. A bit faster. It drifted and swelled in time with Pasco’s arousal.

If Ada had given herself over to the song, she may have actually been able to keep her arousal alongside Pasco’s, like a dog on a leash and heeled dutifully at the ankle of their master.

But Ada was rabid, frothing at the mouth, yowling from inside a muzzle, yanking desperately on the leash, first one way and then the other, hoping and begging for the master to make a misstep so that she could finally do what her body was screaming at her to do and run.

A new tone started in the song and it began to crescendo. Ada opened her eyes.

Pasco’s face was enraptured, shining with pre-orgasmic bliss.

Ada shoved herself to the edge again, elated and eager for her final release…

But the song did not break, it held a long note and then pulled back down, and Ada quivered, confused, on the rock.

Pasco grinned down at her, no longer so composed, but still clearly very in control of himself. “You didn’t think I was going to let you off that easy, did you?”

“Yes!” Ada whimpered. “T-this is n-not easy!”

“Foolish little dragon,” Pasco said, though he panted now. “We play by my rules now.”

Now that the song was so close to the peak, so loud and insistent, Ada could not help but be swept along in its verses. As Pasco edged, her body tried to climax but was denied. Each time, a new instrument joined the building crescendo, a new flavor of pleasure.

This was exactly what she had wanted. This was exactly what she could not get any other way. She fought against it so hard, and the fighting felt so good.

Ada lost count of how many times he edged them like that, though she did notice the way his breathing became more and more ragged, and his skin became damp with sweat. She noticed the way he dripped, and that it landed in the center of her chest.

She wanted to beg him to come on her, to tip him over the edge that way, but she could not stop moaning and panting, because she could not stop rubbing herself.

“Ada…” Pasco moaned. The song ticked towards crescendo again, now a full symphony.

“Yeah?” Hope flickered anew.

“Ada… I’m coming!”


This experiment gave them one other crucial piece of information, which was that its magic did not cause Ada to orgasm with Pasco, but rather after him. She lay on the rock as he pumped rope after rope of cum onto her chest, the longest she had ever seen him orgasm for, and as his last few quivers dripped onto her skin, she hovered in a moment of sheer suspense.

And then it was as if the ground dropped out from under her and she plummeted with a delighted scream into the weightless, senseless bliss of climax.

She came only once, though with the echoing waves of pleasure that rippled powerfully through her, she was hard-pressed to say whether you could really call it just one orgasm. She did, however, remain a dragon. Her body had spilled down into the pool and her head rested on the warm rock next to Pasco.

The locket was still open, and the song was very soft, and very calm.

Ada’s draconic arousal started to fight against it, and she quivered. She would have come immediately, if not for the locket’s magic. She worried that she might actually hurt Pasco if he teased her like this.

But Pasco took a deep breath and put his hand gently on her snout. “Shhhh,” he said. “Breath with me. In…”

She did, pulling a wind past Pasco and ruffling his still-damp hair.

“And out…”

Her hot breath washed over him, drying his sweat.

After a few more cycles, Ada found herself relaxing. The waterfall washed pleasantly over her back, like a heavy blanket.

Pasco’s hand on her snout was sensual, intimate, but not sexual. She listened to the song, really just listened, and she realized then that she had not once, ever before, felt calm as a dragon.

She started to purr and they just lay like that, him stroking her muzzle, her dozing in the sun, for a long while.