Part 3: Setting Sail, The Dragon's Tower

Chapter 18: About Right

Much like at the tavern, there was music and singing and dancing, and the ale flowed freely.

Unlike the tavern, there was no ban on public sex.

Ada found herself in another predicament. She wanted to stay and watch all the fucking and rutting and sucking and sweating that was happing out on deck as the party quickly devolved into an orgy. But it was proving all too inspiring, and she wasn’t sure whether or not Pasco had told the crew about her… condition. If he had, how had they reacted? He’d been too busy getting them out on the sea and then she’d been too distracted by the view to ask.

Pasco was still dancing, and she went and grabbed his wrist and pulled her to him. “Unless you’re gonna tie me to the wheel of this thing, I am not gonna last.”

Pasco grinned, his eyes darting back and forth between Ada and the wheel of the ship.

Ada’s heart skipped. She hadn’t been serious, but she had suggested it. Gods, that would be… horrific. Amazing. Torturous. She might actually lose her mind. Did she want that? Or not? The question itself made her even more aroused.

Ada was interrupted from her thoughts by Pasco scooping her up off of her feet. Pasco seemed to have made up his mind, and he carried her below deck.

“Your idea was very tempting,” he said as they were alone, “but I prepared something for you and I wanted to show you.” He carried her back towards the stern of the ship and through a heavy wooden door, into the captain’s quarters.

The room was large and nearly empty except for pile upon pile of velvet cushions. A mismatched array of rugs covered the floor, some simple furs, others woven with intricate patterns.

With all of the furniture cleared out, there would be just enough room for Ada to comfortably become a dragon, though she would not be able to stand to her full height. And the back of the room was lined with windows. Pasco set Ada down and she rushed over, marveling at the view of the ocean and the purple dusk sky.

Pasco came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her, pawing at her body hungrily, and she gasped her appreciation. His hands unfettered her arousal and it surged forth.

She spun in his arms and shoved him and he stumbled backwards. He played along, glancing behind himself and then letting himself fall back onto the pile of cushions.

Ada pounced on top of him, wrapping her legs around him and grinding against his growing bulge. She loved the way that the sensation broke his composure. Her own composure was already far gone.

She leaned over and kissed him, hard. 

He moaned and grabbed her ass, pulling her more tightly against him.

She broke their kiss to rip off her shirt, then his. He grabbed her breasts and massaged her nipples with his thumbs. She savored that sensation until she couldn’t take it anymore, and she rolled off of him so that she could kick off her pants.

Pasco didn’t immediately follow suit. Instead, he put a hand to his crotch and it came back damp. “Gods, Ada, look what you did.” Where Ada had been grinding on him, his pants were soaked through.

“Get naked already,” Ada whined.

“But I like to appreciate you,” Pasco said, his grin mischievous.

Please,” Ada panted. 

That seemed to kick off a surge of arousal for Pasco too, because his composure faltered again and he didn’t waste any more time undressing.

Ada stayed on her back on the pillows and reached for Pasco. “Fuck me,” she breathed.

Pasco leaned over her and he didn’t try to tease her this time. It was out of respect, not mischief, that he was slow to slip his tip inside. Ada appreciated the idea of that, but she had other plans. She grabbed his ass and pulled him down on top of her, moaning happily at the feeling of fullness.

Pasco gasped and his hips bucked reflexively, triggering another ripple of pleasure for Ada.

“Gods, yes, fuck me… it’s been so long…”

Pasco obliged, thrusting into her and panting over her.

“W-will you come this way?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” was Ada’s honest answer. She didn’t usually climax from penetration, but she was really pent up by this point.

“Just, uh, don’t kill me?”

“Y-you got it.”

He started a steady rhythm and Ada melted into bliss. As the minutes passed, that bliss became urgency. As the urgency heightened, she became confident that this alone would not make her climax. 

The realization was wonderful and terrible. Wonderful because the experience was not cut short, because Ada could savor it. Pasco’s muscles rippling under his skin, the sweat beading on his arms, his look of determination as he fought to last, the periodic breaks in his composure as she tensed her sex around him.

“C-can you go twice again, like last time?” Ada asked.

“Definitely,” Pasco said, and the look of lust on his face lent credence to his words. That look turned hopeful as he rightly guessed what Ada was about to ask.

“Come in me!”

“Y-yes, my little dragon.” His thrusting accelerated and his look of focus turned to one of pure urgency as he fucked her into the velvet pillows.

The sensation was incredible, like being right on the edge but at no risk of coming, and Ada moaned happily.

“A-Ada, I’m c-coming!” 

One, two, three more thrusts and then Pasco stayed on the last one, deep inside of her. She clenched her muscles around him his shaft throbbed inside of her, expanding with each wave of pleasure and cum.

As Pasco’s climax tapered off, Ada pushed him off of her and he flopped down onto the pillows next to her. She followed and slid down on top of him, grinding against him. His dick was trying to decide whether to stay firm or to resign, and so he twitched wonderfully inside of her as she squeezed him. Very soon his dick decided to stay very, very hard.

Pasco moaned and shuddered, the sensation intense, but he did not ask her to stop.

Which was good, because she would have had a very hard time doing so.

“I d-definitely can come this way,” she said. Her heat started to build, all the accumulated sexual tension from the past forty eight hours quivering in her whole body. Sucking Pasco off under the table. Him tying her up, teasing her, coming on her face. Watching him move the whole crew to his commands. The sensual sunset. The pirate orgy. “Fuck, fuck, I’m coming!”

The sensation started from where her clit was rubbing against his base and then it blossomed through her whole body in wave after wave of brilliant heat.

Her scream became a roar that made every timber of the ship quiver.

Ada’s long, long inhale ended and she sighed the air out again. She loomed over Pasco now, her tail curled back around herself like a cat’s so that she could fit in the room. She plopped down on the pillows next to him, resting her chin next to his head. 

He stroked her cheeks and she purred.

“I’m surprised you’re not still raring to go,” he said teasingly.

Ada huffed at him. “Just how thirsty do you think I am?”

“Oh it’s nothing, just… I’ve never seen you as a dragon with you being, y’know. Dripping and aching with need. Itching to rub yourself off against something, or begging to come.”

Ada’s eyes narrowed at him, but then her composure wavered and she panted, her long tongue unfurling from her mouth with a rivulet of drool. “Well now I am!”

Pasco scritched her chin playfully. “How about you show me how you like to make yourself come when you’re a dragon, and I’ll masturbate while I watch you?”

Ada’s answer was to moan and to start grinding her hips against the pile of pillows.

Pasco stroked himself, still plenty lubricated by the aftermath of Ada’s first orgasm.

It was not long before Ada was gasping and drooling. No longer getting enough sensation from the pillows, she flopped over and started to rub her scales with the tops of her hind feet. The way the knuckles moved over the bony scutes of her stomach sent vibrations through the incredibly sensitive scales and skin. She clenched her sex to intensify the sensation and waves of wetness gushed out from between her inner labia, which were swelling into view.

Pasco seemed to be greatly enjoying the whole thing. “D-do you want me to come now, or wait?”

Ada twitched eagerly, another wave of fluid escaping from her, both from her mouth and from her sex. “C-come, come now!”

Pasco pumped harder and moaned, cupping his balls with his other hand, pushing himself over the edge, spurting onto his stomach and chest and hands.

Ada watched him and panted, open-mouthed and drooling. Just as he finished she climaxed with another thunderous moan, the force of it setting her adrift in her pleasure like a rowboat on a stormy sea.

She came to rest next to him and heaved a satisfied sigh.

Pasco surveyed the room. “Hm, when I thought of the pillows, I hadn’t really considered…”

As he looked for words, Ada followed his gaze. There was not a dry surface in the whole room. A mix of dragon drool and fem-cum was pooling in the center of the floor and nearly all of the pillows and rugs were soaked.

“Shit. Sorry,” Ada said.

“I’m not,” Pasco said. “It’s really fucking hot. I’ll figure out what to do about it… later.”

Ada nodded, still too blissful to feel any guilt.

Pasco pushed himself over to his side so that he was facing her, looking up at her where she lay further up on the pillow pile.

He looked as happy as she felt.

“Were you always this horny, before the dragon thing?” he asked.

Ada grinned wryly. “Yeah. It’s actually why the dragon thing happened. It was supposed to be a curse. My father banished me to the tower with this grumpy old witch so that I’d stop having sex, but then for whatever reason she didn’t want me masturbating either, so I guess the curse was supposed to… teach me my lesson and ruin my prospects at future relationships.”

“Hm. That didn’t really work out for them, did it?”

“Nope, it did not.”

Pasco chuckled. “That sounds about right.”

“You sound… about right…” Ada said, starting to drift off back into her haze.

“What’s that mean?”

The words were already becoming fuzzy. “Nothing, I’m… sleepy.” With her last bit of strength, Ada scooted closer to Pasco so that he could wrap his arms around her. As the dusk turned to night outside, they fell warmly asleep.

Part 3: Setting Sail, The Dragon's Tower

Chapter 17: The Wanderlust

For better or worse, Ada’s dreams took a turn towards the unpleasant. As she awoke, still spread eagle on the bed, wrists and ankles bound, she was feeling considerably less horny. Her dreams faded quickly but she was left with a lingering feeling of rejection.

Nothing like a light fog of shame to take the edge off in the morning. She was also quite sore.

She didn’t have to wait long before Pasco also stirred.

“How are you feeling?”

“Alright. A bit sore.”

Pasco looked a bit worried. “Maybe I shouldn’t have left you…”

“No,” Ada said. “It was very necessary. I’m alright now, though. We set out on your ship today, right?”

Pasco nodded. “First thing, so it’ll only be an hour or two before we’re out on the open sea.”

“Alright, I can handle that. You can untie me.”

Pasco cast her a wary look. “Can I?”

“Yeah, I’m fine now.”

“I dunno,” he said, “You were pretty ready to go on a murderous rampage last night.”

“You look like you wish you could haul me onto the ship still tied to this bed,” Ada said.

“Would you like that?” Pasco crooned.

A spark of arousal. Ada closed her eyes and sighed. “Yes, but we really shouldn’t talk like this. All business until we get out to sea.”

Pasco nodded. “All business.” He untied her and she worked the blood back into her tired muscles.

They rejoined the others on the main floor of the tavern, which was now empty and quiet, and then made their way down more rickety stairs and makeshift bridges to the docks.

Pasco’s ship looked absolutely royal. The sails were a brilliant blue, the decks were trimmed with railings carved into delicate swirls, and the maidenhead at the front had her chest high, her arms spread wide, and was totally naked. The ship’s name was painted on her flank in sweeping script. Wanderlust.

They climbed aboard and Pasco left Ada near the wheel of the ship, where she could see what was happening but stay relatively out of the way. Pasco was not just captain in name. As he barked firm orders at his crew and they dutifully obeyed, Ada felt herself swelling with pride and arousal.

Fortunately, her curiosity about the workings of the ship kept her attention. She watched the crew shuffle back and forth and traced the web of ropes that ran the whole ship. Well, her curiosity kept her attention until she imagined being caught up in those ropes herself, expertly tied by Pasco, him barking orders at her.

Ada gulped and tried to get a handle on herself. One more hour. She could do that, right? One more hour?

She wouldn’t have made it if Sendia hadn’t come over. Ada asked her question after question about the ship and its crew, and Sendia was happy to answer. 

As the boat was about to push off, another sailor came over and beckoned to Sendia. The other woman stood, but Ada reached out and grabbed her hand. “Wait! Sendia I… I really need distracting.”

“Oh!” Sendia said. “I wondered why you were so interested in boats all of a sudden. Jack, can you cover for me? It’s very important, I swear.”

Jack eyed her suspiciously.

“Kraken eat me!” Sendia insisted. “I’m serious!”

Jack grumbled, but jogged back down the deck.

“Okay, so,” Sendia returned her attention to Ada, newly enthused. “The way that a capstan works is…”

As Sendia rattled on and on and on, Ada settled into the soothing sound of her voice. Ada’s attentions were able to turn more fully to the view in front of her as the boat set sail and the wind pulled it out onto the open sea.

Everything about the ocean was new and wonderful.

The endless expanse of blue.

The brilliantly intense sunlight.

The gently rolling waves interspersed with crowning dolphins, the smell of salt and algae, the seabirds drifting overhead with their wings spread wide.

Ada felt like one of those sea birds, floating along in unlimited blue. She realized that she no longer needed Sendia’s distraction, and instead she welcomed Sendia’s company. The pirate told Ada all about this stretch of coast, the striped sea cliffs which were nearly out of view, the island chain that they were traveling towards but could not yet see.

The ocean was everything that Ada had imagined and so much more. And though it was so new, it felt so… familiar. So right. She wondered if that was the dragon in her, since Pasco had mentioned that dragons tended to live out on the sea, nowadays. Or, perhaps it was Ada herself, who’d never quite felt at peace anywhere she couldn’t see the horizon.

Everything about the last week had been so new, and yet so right, that Ada worried that she might actually be in a dream. But did she really believe that her imagination was capable of conjuring up all this? Surely not.

And she was sure that this new life that she was hurtling into would not be all sunshine and blue skies. She had read about the terrible power of the sea, violent storms and rogue waves, windless skies and whirlpools. It had some dangerous inhabitants, which Sendia had alluded to — kraken and serpents and strange spirits.

And Ada could not be more excited for all of it. She was so happy to be on deck, so excited to take it all in, that even when Sendia had to get back to work and Pasco stopped to check on her, Ada assured him that she was quite content for the time being.

She stayed on deck, the wind in her hair and her mind drifting out over the waves, all the way until sunset. The cool blue sky turned hazy, then an orange tinge took over the horizon. The orange spread slowly upwards, reaching towards the sun. When they met, the sky ignited brilliant red, turning the ocean to crimson with it. The sun dripped down towards the endless waves of heat, slipping slowly inside.

As the last bit of the sun quivered then finally released, sinking down below the horizon, Ada realized that she was quite worked up again.

She’d also totally missed the bustle of activity behind her, where the deck had transformed from strictly business to a warm and lively feast. Dread pulsed in Ada’s stomach — or was it arousal? — as she realized that in watching the sunset, she had missed her own opportunity for release. She didn’t want to miss the party, after all.

Pasco noticed that Ada had finally surfaced from her reverie and came over to her then. “How are you doing?”

Thirsty,” she said. She meant it both literally and sexually.

“Well, there’s ale and fresh water out now, help yourself.” There was a glint in his eyes that told Ada he’d caught her drift.

“Do you have parties every night?”

Pasco laughed. “Not quite, we do have to actually be productive.”

“‘Being productive’ here meaning, what, raiding other ships?”

“Some raiding,” Pasco said, “Some hunting for buried treasure, some keeping up diplomacies with the other pirates and ocean dwellers, some plundering, and so on. Never any raping though. Not sure what rumors make it up to land.”

“That’s good to hear,” Ada said. “If you don’t party every night, then what’s the occasion?”

“Well, to welcome our new guest, of course!”

Ada blushed, and not from arousal. Ada had been paraded around at parties plenty of times, and many of them had been in her honor. She’d enjoyed the attention, especially the sexual attention which always came after, when she drew in eager suitors with her honeyed words and they were all too happy to please her. Well, they were happy to please Her Majesty. Her Majesty was a character that Ada played, and it had not been unpleasant. It had allowed her to be everything that she was expected to be. Prim, proper, demure, and then greedy, demanding, inconsiderate.

As much fun as it had been, though, Her Majesty was still just a character. It had seemed that before, nobody in the world knew that underneath it all she was… just Ada.

But, Pasco knew. And Sendia and Missa and Teoda and Forte. None of them had asked her to be anything other than what she was.

A party for Ada, not for Her Majesty? She had no idea what to do. It all felt very… vulnerable.

Pasco seemed to notice her introspection. “I thought you might enjoy it,” he said softly, “but it’s okay if you don’t like it. I don’t want to put any undue pressure on you. It’s just that to me…” He tucked a piece of her hair back behind her ear. “You’re worth celebrating.”

A wave of emotion swelled within Ada and then broke on her shore, sending a soft stream of tears from her eyes. Pasco wiped her cheeks with his warm, calloused hand.

He gave her a moment. Unhurried, he said, “What do you think?”

“I love it,” she said with certainty. “There’s a lot to celebrate!”

Part 3: Setting Sail, The Dragon's Tower

Chapter 16: Sailor’s Knots

Not long after, Pasco carried Ada up the stairs to their room for the night. Ada saw from a few lecherous grins that other patrons assumed that they were about to go have sex, and it was a great irony that they were not.

As they neared the room, Ada asked, “You’re, um, good with knots, right?” 

She’d never asked for anything like this before, but she’d seen something similar in one of her books (one on torture techniques, actually) and it was the only thing she could think of that might keep her from orgasming until morning.

“I’m a sailor,” Pasco said, opening the door with his elbow and pushing it open with his shoulder. “Of course I am.”

“Okay, then I’m going to need you to tie me spread eagle on the bed, please, as quickly as possible.”

“Face up for face down?” Pasco asked, without a moment’s hesitation.

Gods bless that man. “Face up, please.”

Their packs were already set in the room and Pasco withdrew a length of hempen rope, his hands strong yet gentle as he caught her wrists and ankles and looped the rope over the frame of the bed, stringing her out, each of her hands and each of her ankles stretched towards a corner.

“How’s the tension?” Pasco asked.

She tugged at the ropes, and there was enough give that she could still press her legs together. “More, please.”

Pasco obliged.

Ada checked the tension, tugging again. The ropes held tight. She twisted, and her loincloth pulled deliciously against her.

“Fuck, um, I’m gonna need to be naked.” Though it pained her to set herself up for torture like this, she was still lucid enough to recognize the necessity. Not for much longer, though.

“Don’t have to tell me twice,” Pasco said. He started undressing her, and though her loin cloth could be untied and pulled off, the rest of her clothes couldn’t come off over the ropes.

“I’ll have to untie you for a moment,” Pasco said.

“No!” The experience of being strung out like this for Pasco was deeply arousing and she did not feel confident in her self restraint. “As long as there’s nothing that I can… grind on or anything, it’s fine. So, this is fine.”

Her clothes were half-off, trousers pushed to her knees, shirt up over her arms. Pasco seemed to be more than happy with that arrangement. He grinned wolfishly. “Surely you can’t be that close… you just don’t want me to tease you.”

He reached towards her sex, where she was dripping on the bed. “No, wait!” His grin deepened and he continued. Gods, this was so hot. She had never thought she would want something like this, bound so helplessly and yet resisting his advances.

But it was absolutely going to make her come. She mustered up all the willpower she had left in her to gasp, “Red!”

Pasco stopped immediately. His expression fell from mischief to solemnity. “Understood. Is everything else okay? With the ropes and everything?”

She loved him so much, her heart screamed. He fretted so thoughtfully for her. She would have thrown herself into a whole army for that kind face and those grey eyes. Ada felt a swell of something deeper than arousal as she realized she could truly trust him with anything. 

“Yeah, everything else is perfect. It’s just that… if you touch me, I will come.”

Pasco considered this. “Well… I could tease you without touching you.” His smirk returned.

Ada gulped. She was eager because, well, she was horny as fuck. But, she also dreaded becoming any more torturously aroused.

“You look so lovely strung out here,” Pasco continued. “It’s really turning me on.”

He came to stand closer to her face and his erection pulsed against his trousers.

“Again so quickly?” Ada teased.

“Hm, yeah, I don’t think I’d be so cocky if I were in your position,” Pasco said.

The command in his voice made her shiver. He, too, seemed emboldened by her recent use of her safe word. He could be confident that she would tell him to stop if needed, and she could be confident that he would actually stop.

“Oh yeah, and why is that?” Ada said.

“Because I’m pretty sure,” Pasco moaned luxuriously as he slipped his trousers down and started to stroke himself, “that I can have you begging to come without laying a single finger on you.”

Ada’s body shuddered and she pulled against all four restraints with all of her strength, in earnest now. They held firm. She became quite certain that Pasco was right.

Pasco chuckled devilishly. “I can see it on your face… ‘uh oh’. Isn’t that right?”

Ada’s face flushed redder but she didn’t say anything, not wanting to give him any more ammunition, even though he was now doubly correct.

“This is nice…” He stroked himself, standing over her. “You all trussed up like this. No way to hurry me along. I can take my time… take it nice and slow… and since you so politely just made me come so much, I believe I’ll last quite a while this time.”

Ada’s mind was melting but that did not impede her understanding of Pasco’s words and all of the intent therein. “Pasco…” she whined. “You can’t do this to me… please…”

“Oh, I’m going to do whatever I want to you.”

Ada gasped and started panting. She had no idea she’d be this excited, this absolutely enthralled by the idea of Pasco having his way with her, this ecstatic at being so helpless. What made it so relaxing, so thoroughly arousing, was that she was not actually helpless. If it was ever too much, she would say ‘red’, and Pasco would stop.

The idea of how she looked to him was also delightful. Her clothes in disarray, her hair tangled around her head, her chest heaving, her breasts bouncing, her sex leaking a bigger and bigger puddle of wetness onto the bed, a puddle that begged him to fuck her. 

She marveled at his restraint. If he tried to, she wouldn’t stop him. She’d come, and burst through the ropes, and burn the whole city down.

That wasn’t just a fantasy. She really, truly meant it. Something truly fierce and desperate was building up inside of her.

“F-fuck the rules,” Ada stammered, “And f-fuck me!”

Pasco looked down at her cooly, still stroking slowly. “No. Then, you’d come. And you’d turn into a dragon. And that would cause so much trouble.”

“I don’t care,” Ada whined. “Please!”


Ada struggled in earnest again, but the ropes held. She paused, panting, heart pounding.

Pasco looked down at her thoughtfully. 

She struggled again. “Why are you— ngh— so fucking good at knots!”

Pasco’s expression turned from observation to understanding. “You really mean it, don’t you?”


“You would really let yourself turn right into a dragon and go on some sort of horny rampage, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes,” she gasped. The fantasy flashed unbidden before her lust-addled mind. Spurting gout after gout of fire, setting the whole port ablaze. Glutting herself on all the sheep and goats in the harbor until she was pendulously full and satisfied. Grabbing some city clerk and holding them down until they changed their stupid rules, and then swallowing them whole.

She could feel the wetness running out of her as her sex clenched and she tried to pull her legs together, but could not.

“Wow,” Pasco chuckled, “Your mind really is totally gone, isn’t it? I got you strung up just in time, then.”

All Ada could do was moan, hating Pasco’s smugness while also deeply turned on by it, which only made her predicament even worse. She tried to pout, to make him feel guilty, or at least to feign coolness so he wouldn’t know just how much he was getting to her, but all of these attempts failed. Ada was just a panting, throbbing, soaked, strung-out mess.

There was some comfort, however. The more she fell apart, the more Pasco’s own composure cracked. His urgency was also building, the whole scenario turning him on just as much.

“This isn’t fair…” Ada whined. “You can’t do this to me!”

“Hmmm, sassy sassy,” Pasco crooned. “That’s not how you get what you want, little dragon.”

Ada humphed. But her resolve crumbled. “H-how do I g-get it?”

“By asking nicely, of course.”

“Please! Please, please touch me! I c-can’t take it, I n-need to come, I’m gonna— I’m gonna burn this whole place down!”

“Well, that’s exactly why I can’t let you come, you see,” Pasco said. “I’d really rather this place not get burned down.”

“F-fuck you! F-fuck me! Gah!” She was losing it, lashing out, swept under an ocean of heated need.

“I love to see you so desperate,” Pasco said.

Ada just shook against her bonds, whole body violently trembling, no idea how she could be this aroused without touching anything or being touched. She’d never been this worked up before, she’d never lasted this long, and it was so wonderful and she hated it so much.

“Please…” she whined. “Please… I’ll do anything…”

“So you’ll stay there, strung out, while I come on your face, and then go to sleep?”

“Yea— No! What?” 

“You said ‘anything’ and that’s included in ‘anything’, and it’s exactly what I want from you.”

“No… No, please… No, I need…”

“You don’t need anything,” Pasco said. “You’re going to stay just like that. Me, on the other hand… gods do I feel good. I’m so looking forward to release… relief… to coming all over your pretty face.”

His stroking quickened, to bring about that very outcome.

Ada’s mouth watered, she panted and trembled. She watched very closely, desperate for some form of vicarious relief, as Pasco started to come.

It was another powerful climax, the first few pulses spraying over Ada’s neck and face and hair, the rest dribbling down around Pasco’s hand and onto the floor.

Ada’s mind was filled with a rushing sound, perhaps her blood pounding through her, and though the sensation reached an incredible intensity, she didn’t come.

Pasco heaved a sigh, walking over to a water basin and dampening a cloth, which he used to clean himself and the floor, and then he set the cloth aside again.

“W-what about me?” Ada said. “I’m dirty!”

“I dare not touch you, my little dragon.” His tone had a bit of mischief, but mostly, he sounded sad about it too. Since Ada was fully occupying the bed, he went to his pack and unfurled his bed roll on the floor next to her. “Sleep well.” He put out the candle. Then he said, and she could hear his grin, “If you sleep at all.”

The room was quiet and dark and Ada was hazy and aching. Now that there was no active stimulus, she cooled down a bit. It was a good thing that Pasco’s willpower was much stronger than her own, because it had been a near thing.

Though, Ada realized something. Perhaps it hadn’t been willpower at all. Perhaps Pasco had wanted to see her like that. Maybe he had wanted to come on her desperate, pleading face far more than he wanted to fuck her.

She whimpered at the idea and her arousal ticked up again but she forced herself to take deep breaths. Fortunately, the effort of the day’s travels and the effects of the mead had taken their toll and she was exhausted.

Ada lay awake in trembling arousal for a few minutes longer until she finally fell asleep.

Part 3: Setting Sail, The Dragon's Tower

Chapter 15: Table Stakes (Part III)

Pasco took a moment to check his surroundings, looking for anyone now making either too much or too little eye contact. There were none, the other patrons quite thoroughly involved in their own, albeit less orgasmic, revelry.

Leaning over the table, red-faced, out of breath, he simply looked like someone who’d had too much to drink. He teetered there for a long moment.

Ada tapped on his knee. “Can I come up?”

“Oh! Uh… not yet.”

Pasco waited until the table nearest them erupted in laughter at some joke, then beckoned to Ada. She popped up next to him, caught his eyes, then licked her lips.

Pasco nearly fell over again. He had no idea how she could disarm him so utterly. Nobody had ever done that to him before. Though he was loathe to put any fetters on her freedom, he hoped she’d never leave.

“I told you so,” she said, making no efforts to hide her smugness. She plucked Pasco’s mug of mead off of the table in front of her and started downing it. “Man, this stuff is good.”

“I thought that was cheating?” Pasco said.

“Well, for you, yeah. For me it’s just a good idea. You have no idea how hot that was.” Ada wiped off her mouth on the back of her hand.

“I, uh, think I do actually.” Pasco took a moment to re-button his trousers and fasten his belt.

Pem stopped by, then. She was at first surprised to see Ada there, but then between Ada’s happy theft of Pasco’s drink and the surely idiotic grin that he was now sporting, she must have decided all was well with the world. She gave Pasco an especially knowing smile, stopped her fretting, and moved on.

“Gods, you’re good at that,” Pasco said, rubbing the back of his neck.

Ada looked up at him over the mug of mead. “Chugging?”

“I meant— well, they’re related talents, I suppose.”

Ada grinned proudly. “I’m very good at both, here, watch!” She tipped back the half-full mug. As her throat flexed to swallow, the unbidden image came to Pasco’s mind of her around him, greedily drinking him down. His dick had softened but it twitched against his trousers again.

“No fair,” he whined.

“No,” Ada said, slamming the empty mug down, “What’s unfair is that I can’t sneakily come anymore. That’s one of the best things about being a woman.” Ada stuck her lip out in the cutest pout, and the best part was, Pasco was sure she wasn’t being dramatic on purpose. Her grief was genuine.

“I thought you liked your… situation.”

Ada heaved a sigh. “I mean, I do. But I’m allowed to miss some things.”

Pasco paused. “We… hadn’t had much time to talk about it but… are you really alright to leave your homeland? Will you miss… well, your family? Your home?”

Ada put her chin on her hand and looked out at the tavern, then up at Pasco. “A little bit, I guess. Definitely won’t miss my family, good riddance. Godspeed and all, but I wouldn’t be mad to never see them again. Let them think I finally died up in that stupid tower. The tower was fine, but, lonely. Maybe I’ll miss the fields, the blueberry pie, my books, but… like I said. I’m allowed to miss things. Doesn’t mean it’s not worth it.”

Pasco hadn’t realized how truly anxious he was about it until hearing that from her put him deeply at ease.

“Y’know, I…” Ada looked back out over the tavern. “I never really had any friends, before. I know that’s stupid to say. I know they say that it’s the power imbalance that does it, but… I feel like the truth is, it’s just me. Princess or not.”

Pasco reached across the table and lifted Ada’s chin off of her hand with his fingertips. He understood, very deeply, the sort of thing that she was talking about. He was blessed with better parents than hers, it seemed, but the expectations of royalty still weighed upon him. 

He knew what it was to have to pretend to be strong, to pull on the heavy mantle of royalty, to stand tall and proud even while you ached and fretted. He was fortunate to have friends, like Teoda and Forte and Missa and Sendia, who never thought any less of him even when they saw his soft spots.

Ada had never had such friends. Despite her fiery resolve, her insatiable appetite for adventure, the way she had taken her abrupt tumble into a new life totally in stride, he expected that she sometimes found herself feeling scared and alone. He knew that he did, anyway.

Could he be so presumptuous to think that they were not just lovers now? He found her eyes and ran his fingers back through her hair, then held her cheek. “I like being your friend.”

Tears welled in Ada’s eyes. She jumped up, and for a moment Pasco panicked, worried that he’d accidentally offended her.

She stepped around the table and threw her arms around him.

He pulled her close, scooping her up onto his lap, facing him.

She hugged him, hard, her cheek against his. She nestled into the base of his neck. “And you’ll never bore me,” she whispered. “I promise.”

After a moment, she leaned back, but didn’t seem eager to leave. Pasco leaned forward and she kissed him. Gently, first, just her soft lips against his. Then hungrier, more insistent. They folded together, one of his hands against her back, his other gripping her thigh, hers tangled up in his hair. She tasted like honey mead and it made his mouth water even more.

Pasco knew that Pem swept by again because he heard the woman giggle as she went. It was a good thing that, for whatever reason, making out was fine by the tavern’s rules even though sex wasn’t. Because, if they’d taken any issue with it, there was nothing on earth that could have stopped him.

Part 3: Setting Sail, The Dragon's Tower

Chapter 14: Table Stakes (Part II)

Ada scanned the room, waiting for a moment where nobody was paying them any particular attention, and ducked beneath the table.

“What are you doing?” Pasco leaned slightly over the edge of the table, trying to get a look at her without too obviously sticking his head under the table.

“Shhhhh. Someone will hear.” Ada crept forward and settled her knees between Pasco’s feet. His muscles were tense, uncertain. When she brushed her fingers against the tops of his thighs, moving towards his belt, he shuddered.

She hadn’t particularly thought this through, thanks to the mingling buzzes of arousal and alcohol, but if she couldn’t pleasure herself then she’d just go ahead and pleasure him.

She dragged her fingers towards his inner thigh and made light circles with her fingertips. His legs shook, and his growing erection throbbed against his trousers.

Ada cupped her hand over his bulge and he jumped.

The tavern was loud and the other patrons were generally too inebriated to pay much attention to them, so Ada had quite a bit of leeway to play with. Though, she reveled in the thought that Pasco would not be so confident. They had reaffirmed their safe words on the journey, and she knew that he’d tell her to stop if he really wanted her to. Rather than stifle the relationship, those explicit terms of consent emboldened her. Especially so, since she and Pasco had discovered that they both enjoyed a little bit of playful resistance.

“Carefullll,” Ada cooed as she reached up to undo his belt. His posture was rigid now, managing to not shake as she undid his belt and the buttons below, leaving only his loin cloth between her and his throbbing shaft.

Ada placed her mouth over his tip, breathing hot, moist air. As she withdrew, the wet turned to cold and he twitched against the cloth.

Slowly, ever so carefully, Ada withdrew him from his cloth. He throbbed until he was fully erect, legs still clenched with tension.

“Adaaaaaaa,” he growled under the table. “Please don’t.”

Her heart filled with a delicious heat and she became aware of her blood beating through her whole body. She licked her lips, knowing that if he really wanted her to stop, he’d say ‘red’.

“Why?” she teased.

Because,” Pasco moaned, not particularly successful in hiding his lewd tone of voice.

“I thought you didn’t mind being seen?”

“It’s different when—”

She figured he was going to say something about the port town not quite having the same rules as the pirate kingdom, but she didn’t really feel like letting him argue. So, she slid her mouth around his tip and lapped her tongue against the underside of his tip, already drooling around his shaft. That shut him up. 

Well, except for a high pitched whine as he braced himself against the table.

Above the table, Pasco worked to compose himself. So far, nobody had noticed. His heart skipped. There was certainly a thrill to the idea, of just climaxing here and nobody knowing.

That would certainly prove something to the land lubbers that tried to ban public sex here. Goes to show how well that worked.

Pasco was brought back into his body by a gentle suction as Ada took him further in, running her to tongue under his tip.

Gods she was just so warm.

Pasco leaned over the table, propping his chin up on his hand, going for some sort of pensive look.

He didn’t notice Pem, the buxom waitress, until she was standing right next to him. “What happened to your lady friend?”

Pasco froze. She’d already seen? Or—

Ada took that as a cue to take him suddenly deeper, his tip against the soft back of her throat. His body shook.

“Oh,” Pem said, “She’s got you down, then?”

Down her throat? Yes! But Pem didn’t look so scandalized. Pasco struggled to catch up. Ah, yes, he looked sad? Maybe as if he were stifling a sob? He could work with that. 

What he needed first and foremost was something to slow this down. Because, as much as the idea of public sex aroused him, he knew for a fact that he was not going to ‘come’ quietly. Best to avoid it altogether.

“Yes,” he said, voice quivering. He dared not look Pem in the eye. “I’ll need something s-strong to console myself.”

“Bless you, yes of course!” Pem bustled off.

Pasco felt more than heard Ada giggle with his tip in her mouth. He went to knee her away from himself playfully, but she just took him deep again and his muscles went slack.

Pasco forced himself to take deep breaths, which fit well with his story when Pem returned with a glass of heavy mead. “Drink up, hun.”

As Pem left, Ada withdrew, leaving a trail of cold wetness behind. “Hey, no cheating!” she whispered.

“It’s not cheating,” he said, propping his chin on his hand and leaning towards the back of the booth again, hoping nobody in the tavern would spot him ‘talking to himself’. “You’ll just have to hurry.” Pasco tipped his glass back to drink and immediately realized his mistake. Why was he goading her on? Idiot!

She enveloped him again and he nearly choked on the mead. He steadied himself and downed half the glass.

He just needed to stall it out until she got bored. That would still be fun for both of them, and then he wouldn’t risk being banned from the tavern forever because he’d loudly announced his climax to everyone there. Or because she overestimated her own restraint and turned into a dragon. If that happened, the consequences would be far worse than just being banned from the tavern.

But gods did she feel good. Whatever part of his brain was responsible for rational thought was melting like wax in a furnace. Her mouth was hot and soft, her tongue running all the way up his underside, lips pressing at his base. She slipped her hands up and cupped his balls, pulling them down and towards her. His breath and heart rate quickened. He downed another swing of mead. He needed it to kick in fast.

Pasco glanced up right as Forte and Teoda strolled over, flushed from their dancing and already prodigious ale consumption.

“Heyyyyy wondered where you went,” Forte said, sliding in to the booth across from Pasco, where Ada had been sitting.

Teoda slid in, practically on top of Forte. “GREAT music tonight, you’re missing out. Where’d Ada go?”

Pasco flushed, half from the sudden panic and half from the mead starting to kick in. This was bad. If Teoda or Forte noticed, they’d be furious — they had only very barely agreed to stop having public sex. Those two had been caught in this very tavern twice and Pasco had only smoothed it over by putting the whole crowd on his tab whenever he visited. But, one more strike and they were out. The tavern could only bend the city’s rules so far, no matter how much affection Pem had for the pirates and their coin.

Pasco had been trying to set a good example and also make life a bit easier for Ada by finding some less sexual activities for the evening, but it seemed that Ada got quite a kick out of making things difficult.

Pasco shrugged. “Ada goes wherever she wants, y’know.” It was true, she was exactly where she wanted to be, at that moment. He hoped, though, that they assumed that she’d wandered off into the city.

“She’s a real fun one,” Teoda said. “Make sure she sticks around.”

Ada had slowed, and Pasco figured it was because she heard herself being discussed.

“I don’t know,” Pasco said, “She can be a little much sometimes.” Pasco fought to keep the smirk on his face despite Ada’s abrupt increase in pace and depth. Gods it felt good. Also, he was such a gods damned idiot. Maybe he got a kick out of making things difficult, too.

“Takes one to know one,” Forte said with a wink.

“What are you implying?” Pasco said. He never would have allowed this kind of backtalk from anybody but those on this expedition with him, his most trusted crew members. He’d known Forte since they were both children, and Teoda was his first mate. 

Forte shrugged. “Nothing.”

Pasco hid his face behind another swing of mead as Ada withdrew from his dick and turned her warm tongue to his balls. The new sensation nearly broke his composure. He fought to keep himself contained.

“You seem thoughtful, boss,” Forte said.

“Hm. Yeah.” Well, at least his ruse had worked up until this point. He pondered another way to tease Ada, but between the mead and the lack of blood in his brain, he wasn’t feeling particularly witty.

“She likes you,” Teoda said. “I can tell. Don’t worry.”

I can tell too, Pasco thought as Ada took him particularly deep. “I appreciate the vote of confidence.” He tipped his mug at Teoda and took another swig.

“Hey, Pem!” Forte called. “We require more alcohol!”

Pem was already on her way over, tankards in-hand, and slid them to Forte and Teoda. “You two’ll cheer ‘im right up, I know,” Pem said before bustling off again.

“Wait, what’s the matter, cap?” Forte said.

“You are worried about her,” Teoda said, jabbing her tankard towards him and sloshing beer out onto the table.

“I am,” Pasco said, and it was the honest truth. She slipped her fingers up and behind his balls. The dulled sensation from the mead was the only thing allowing him to keep his composure. But only very barely.

It helped that Teoda and Forte were already mostly drunk. He was too, though, and it took him a long moment to realize that Teoda and Forte were looking at him expectantly. “What?”

“Well, tell us more! Nothing usually gets under your skin like this.” Teoda leaned forward on her elbows.

Pasco cleared his throat, half to buy time and half because Ada had just taken him to the back of her throat again. “Well, um, it’s just that…” Pasco’s hazy mind searched, and he could dredge up only the truth. “I’m worried she’ll get bored of me.” He glanced at his mead, then out to the tavern floor. What would Ada do with that?

She was obviously the kind of woman who liked things fast and hot, and though they were having a brilliant time together, a thing could not stay novel forever. Would she all too quicky move on to the next beautiful man or woman to catch her attention? He would have loved to serve the expanse of her desire for a long, long time. But, to her draconic hunger, could he ever be anything more than a sweet snack?

He had no interest in caging this wild bird, he only hoped he might have enough seed to tempt her to stay for a while. And the way she seemed to love his cum, ‘seed’ worked both ways there, funnily enough.

She took him deep slowly, then again. Where before she had been teasing, trying to get a rise out of him, this was insistent, steady. His eyes fluttered shut.

Was he fooling himself, or was she trying to assure him?

Teoda shook her head lightly. “You must be drunk cap, you’re the opposite of boring. C’mon, dancing will make you feel better!” She reached out towards his hand, and he yanked it back like she was a snapping turtle.

Teoda was stronger than he was, and the last think he needed was her pulling his naked dick out of Ada’s mouth and out from under the table.

Teoda’s eyes widened.

“I’m sorry,” Pasco said, “I think I just need… some time. To think. I… appreciate it, I really do.” Pasco reached forward and awkwardly patted Teoda’s hand, which had fallen to the table top. 

She smiled and nodded sympathetically. She and Forte fell into idle chatter, which was in some ways welcome since they were no longer trying to engage Pasco — but if they were done talking to him, wouldn’t they just leave?

Ada had kept up her steady pace and the heat was building. Gods, he couldn’t last much longer like this, even with the mead.

Pasco tuned back into their conversation as he realized Teoda and Forte had drifted in their own lewd direction.

You’re too much,” Teoda said with a lecherous grin, walking her fingers towards Forte’s bulge.

“You like it,” Forte said.

“I doooo…” Teoda absently put a hand to her breast and starting massaging herself.

Pasco rolled his eyes. In the most hypocritical request of the century, he said, “Would you two go get a room?”

“Fiiiiine,” Teoda said, “Fine. But don’t think for a second that the public sex ban isn’t anything other than a ploy to make more money on rooms!”

Teoda and Forte finally left, heading towards the back of the tavern where there was an entrance to the inn that perched on the next level up. It was indeed where the group had planned to spend the night, while his moored ship was prepared for the sea once again and the rest of the crew re-emerged from their various shore-time exploits. 

As soon as Teoda and Forte were out of earshot, Pasco heaved a sigh. Or, well, it was more like a moan.

Ada showed no signs of slowing. Gods curse that woman. And bless her. Should he embrace this moment of relative quiet? Just let her have her fun? Or double down on outlasting her? The prospects of climaxing like this and of winning the contest were equally compelling.

There was a full mug of mead in front of him again. Pem had brought more? When had that happened? His focus was slipping. But, at least, it seemed that nobody had noticed Ada between his knees.

Unconsciously, Pasco shifted slightly further forward, which had the twin effects of allowing Ada to take him even deeper and for her to get her hands up around his balls to rub her knuckles up under his perineum.

It was like getting to the end of a close chess match between masters and then right at the end, making the most amateurish mistake. Check, mate.

His balls pulled tight, heat started spreading from his base. Ada picked up on the shift and increased her pace, rubbing insistently at his perineum and cupping his balls with her thumb.

Under the table, Ada squirmed with excitement. She finally had him, despite his cheating. And it was a close thing too, her jaw was sore. But his delicious twitching inspired her with new energy. 

She was sopping wet, kneeling under the table and grinding against her own heels for sensation. It was, fortunately, not nearly enough to make her come but it had made for a delightful time under the table. 

She kept up her attention on his balls and perineum but shallowed her strokes slightly, giving herself a moment to fully catch her breath, sucking on his tip all the while.

His balls tensed, pulling against her fingers. That was her cue. She took a deep breath then pulled him deep into her throat, stroking insistently, pressing circles at his perineum and keeping tension on his balls.

Above the table, Pasco had only a split second to decide how he was going to disguise his impending orgasm that was going to be in no way quiet. The tavern was full and bustling around him and nothing more than the shadow of the table disguised Ada’s activities. It was hard to tell whether it was that thought or Ada’s latest stroke that pushed him over the edge.

He lifted his chest and put his arms above his head, as if to indulge in a luxurious stretch, just in time. The heat lit to fire, his balls clenched, pressure rolling up his length to meet the soft warmth of Ada’s mouth. As he came, she swallowed around him, sucking and pressing with her tongue, which pulled even more out of him. The way that she wanted it was just too much for him to handle.

He moaned, shaking, dizziness overtaking him as he nearly flopped back against the wall behind him.

Ada’s patience was rewarded as Pasco’s seed rolled hot over her tongue. She loved this part.

Ada kept up her sucking until Pasco ran dry and sensitivity took over. His arms dropped to the table in front of him, then he dropped a hand to Ada’s head to push her gently back. She obliged but couldn’t help but give a few more teasing licks under his tip.

Part 3: Setting Sail, The Dragon's Tower

Chapter 13: Table Stakes (Part I)

The port city was a raucous tangle of color perched up in the sea cliffs, thousands of people flittering this way and that like a flock of seabirds in constant motion. The cliff-side city surrounded a bay, where hundreds of ships of every shape and size moored.

They had finally arrived after four more days of travel, and Pasco promised that Ada would get to see his ship very soon. But before that, they were to spend a night in the city.

Ada peered down from the top edge of the cliff, trying to figure which ship was Pasco’s. Not that she had much to go on — he’d said what kind his was but she’d never heard the word before and she could hardly tell the ships apart except that some were big and some were small, some with colorful sails and others with drab ecru.

A warm hand pulled Ada back into the center of the rickety staircase that they were descending.

“Gods, child,” Missa said. Her voice was uneven and she had a thin layer of sweat on her brow. “Mind the height!”

“Oh. Doesn’t really bother me anymore, I suppose, between the tower and the, y’know. Dragon.”

“I wouldn’t mention that too loudly here,” Pasco said from ahead of Ada. “Some of these folks are exotic collectors in the worst way.”

Ada frowned. “Oh. Right… How long are we staying here, again?” Ada had never been particularly good at minding her manners to begin with, and after over a week traveling with this crew, she wasn’t sure she’d be able to go back to being even partway proper.

Pasco turned and looked back at her, brows raised. “Thirsty, aren’t we?”

Ada blushed, then grinned. Just him saying that sent her mind twirling through all the things they’d been doing, everything they could do. If she hadn’t been aroused before, she was now. “Well. Yeah.” Ada scurried to catch up, haphazard on the rickety stair, which caused a worried gasp from Missa. “But how—”

Pasco chuckled. “Just the night. Think you can make it?”

“Hmmmm, depends on what we’re doing.”

The tavern was perched over the docks, half nestled into the rock and half jutting out over the water, like a sea bird too fat for its nest. The part over the water was an open deck and the sea breeze rushing over it smelled of salt and sweat.

At the center of the deck was a five man band, which was surrounded by a swirl of dancing patrons.

The inner area was lined with booths along the wall, a bar on the innermost side and a few freestanding tables between them. The cooling autumn air breezed through the open tavern, ruffling colorful flags and streamers.

The patrons were mostly younger, men and women, some topless in a similar manner to the pirates, some wearing embroidered sashes, others wearing dull linens. As the party approached the deck area from another board walk, a buxom middle-aged woman sauntered over to meet them. “Aaaaaah our favorite prince! The usual this evening then?”

Pasco dipped his chin at her. “You known it.”

The woman couldn’t hide her gleeful expression. She leaned back towards the deck. “Next round’s on the prince, aye!”

The whole tavern cheered and the woman started hurrying around to gather everyone’s orders.

Pasco took Ada by the hand and pulled her out onto the deck where the band had just started a new shanty. They sang and danced. Ada stumbled this way and that because she knew neither the songs nor the dances, but still, she had a grand time. She only slowed once she was hoarse and her feet ached and she’d already swigged down a tankard of beer.

She then followed Pasco to a booth, and as the buxom woman saw them sit she didn’t even come over to collect an order, just nodded knowingly at Pasco and disappeared behind the bar.

They chatted for a bit, Pasco recounting some of his favorite memories from his previous visits to the tavern. Ada listened happily and soaked it all in. She’d been to so very many dinner parties, but this was different. Less pomp and circumstance, more raw and spontaneous. Pasco’s life sounded so much more interesting than hers had been, and she was excited to be a part of it, for however long she could be.

Thinking of dinner parties reminded her of what she used to do during them to pass the time. What might she inspire in him if she shared her old secret? Only one way to find out.

“This place is so fun,” she said. “The closest thing I ever had to this before was dinner parties. They were fine but… mostly boring. Lots of formality… lots of people who couldn’t see past their own upturned noses, y’know.”

“Ugh, that sounds terrible.”

“It was! It was very boring. Though I, well, I found a way to make it fun.” She twirled a piece of her hair around her finger.

“Oh yeah?” Pasco said, seeming to pick up on her being coy. “How’d you do that?”

“I masturbated.”

Pasco laughed. “I thought that was frowned upon at royal dinner parties.”

“Oh, it definitely is,” Ada said. “That’s why it was secret masturbation.”

“So you like edging?”

“Hm? Well, yeah, but I always got off.”

“You climaxed at the dinner party?” He sounded truly impressed.

Ada’s heart fluttered with pride and arousal. “Yeah, obviously.”

“And nobody knew?”

“Nobody knew. Believe me, I’d have gotten a far worse fate than being banished to a tower if anybody knew about that particular indiscretion.” Ada was excited that she’d impressed even Pasco, whose life seemed much more sexually uninhibited than she’d ever dreamed possible.

“How in the world did you manage that? I’d never be able to.”

Ada grinned wickedly. “Aw, I’m sure you could. In fact…”