Part 3: Setting Sail, The Dragon's Tower

Chapter 14: Table Stakes (Part II)

Ada scanned the room, waiting for a moment where nobody was paying them any particular attention, and ducked beneath the table.

“What are you doing?” Pasco leaned slightly over the edge of the table, trying to get a look at her without too obviously sticking his head under the table.

“Shhhhh. Someone will hear.” Ada crept forward and settled her knees between Pasco’s feet. His muscles were tense, uncertain. When she brushed her fingers against the tops of his thighs, moving towards his belt, he shuddered.

She hadn’t particularly thought this through, thanks to the mingling buzzes of arousal and alcohol, but if she couldn’t pleasure herself then she’d just go ahead and pleasure him.

She dragged her fingers towards his inner thigh and made light circles with her fingertips. His legs shook, and his growing erection throbbed against his trousers.

Ada cupped her hand over his bulge and he jumped.

The tavern was loud and the other patrons were generally too inebriated to pay much attention to them, so Ada had quite a bit of leeway to play with. Though, she reveled in the thought that Pasco would not be so confident. They had reaffirmed their safe words on the journey, and she knew that he’d tell her to stop if he really wanted her to. Rather than stifle the relationship, those explicit terms of consent emboldened her. Especially so, since she and Pasco had discovered that they both enjoyed a little bit of playful resistance.

“Carefullll,” Ada cooed as she reached up to undo his belt. His posture was rigid now, managing to not shake as she undid his belt and the buttons below, leaving only his loin cloth between her and his throbbing shaft.

Ada placed her mouth over his tip, breathing hot, moist air. As she withdrew, the wet turned to cold and he twitched against the cloth.

Slowly, ever so carefully, Ada withdrew him from his cloth. He throbbed until he was fully erect, legs still clenched with tension.

“Adaaaaaaa,” he growled under the table. “Please don’t.”

Her heart filled with a delicious heat and she became aware of her blood beating through her whole body. She licked her lips, knowing that if he really wanted her to stop, he’d say ‘red’.

“Why?” she teased.

Because,” Pasco moaned, not particularly successful in hiding his lewd tone of voice.

“I thought you didn’t mind being seen?”

“It’s different when—”

She figured he was going to say something about the port town not quite having the same rules as the pirate kingdom, but she didn’t really feel like letting him argue. So, she slid her mouth around his tip and lapped her tongue against the underside of his tip, already drooling around his shaft. That shut him up. 

Well, except for a high pitched whine as he braced himself against the table.

Above the table, Pasco worked to compose himself. So far, nobody had noticed. His heart skipped. There was certainly a thrill to the idea, of just climaxing here and nobody knowing.

That would certainly prove something to the land lubbers that tried to ban public sex here. Goes to show how well that worked.

Pasco was brought back into his body by a gentle suction as Ada took him further in, running her to tongue under his tip.

Gods she was just so warm.

Pasco leaned over the table, propping his chin up on his hand, going for some sort of pensive look.

He didn’t notice Pem, the buxom waitress, until she was standing right next to him. “What happened to your lady friend?”

Pasco froze. She’d already seen? Or—

Ada took that as a cue to take him suddenly deeper, his tip against the soft back of her throat. His body shook.

“Oh,” Pem said, “She’s got you down, then?”

Down her throat? Yes! But Pem didn’t look so scandalized. Pasco struggled to catch up. Ah, yes, he looked sad? Maybe as if he were stifling a sob? He could work with that. 

What he needed first and foremost was something to slow this down. Because, as much as the idea of public sex aroused him, he knew for a fact that he was not going to ‘come’ quietly. Best to avoid it altogether.

“Yes,” he said, voice quivering. He dared not look Pem in the eye. “I’ll need something s-strong to console myself.”

“Bless you, yes of course!” Pem bustled off.

Pasco felt more than heard Ada giggle with his tip in her mouth. He went to knee her away from himself playfully, but she just took him deep again and his muscles went slack.

Pasco forced himself to take deep breaths, which fit well with his story when Pem returned with a glass of heavy mead. “Drink up, hun.”

As Pem left, Ada withdrew, leaving a trail of cold wetness behind. “Hey, no cheating!” she whispered.

“It’s not cheating,” he said, propping his chin on his hand and leaning towards the back of the booth again, hoping nobody in the tavern would spot him ‘talking to himself’. “You’ll just have to hurry.” Pasco tipped his glass back to drink and immediately realized his mistake. Why was he goading her on? Idiot!

She enveloped him again and he nearly choked on the mead. He steadied himself and downed half the glass.

He just needed to stall it out until she got bored. That would still be fun for both of them, and then he wouldn’t risk being banned from the tavern forever because he’d loudly announced his climax to everyone there. Or because she overestimated her own restraint and turned into a dragon. If that happened, the consequences would be far worse than just being banned from the tavern.

But gods did she feel good. Whatever part of his brain was responsible for rational thought was melting like wax in a furnace. Her mouth was hot and soft, her tongue running all the way up his underside, lips pressing at his base. She slipped her hands up and cupped his balls, pulling them down and towards her. His breath and heart rate quickened. He downed another swing of mead. He needed it to kick in fast.

Pasco glanced up right as Forte and Teoda strolled over, flushed from their dancing and already prodigious ale consumption.

“Heyyyyy wondered where you went,” Forte said, sliding in to the booth across from Pasco, where Ada had been sitting.

Teoda slid in, practically on top of Forte. “GREAT music tonight, you’re missing out. Where’d Ada go?”

Pasco flushed, half from the sudden panic and half from the mead starting to kick in. This was bad. If Teoda or Forte noticed, they’d be furious — they had only very barely agreed to stop having public sex. Those two had been caught in this very tavern twice and Pasco had only smoothed it over by putting the whole crowd on his tab whenever he visited. But, one more strike and they were out. The tavern could only bend the city’s rules so far, no matter how much affection Pem had for the pirates and their coin.

Pasco had been trying to set a good example and also make life a bit easier for Ada by finding some less sexual activities for the evening, but it seemed that Ada got quite a kick out of making things difficult.

Pasco shrugged. “Ada goes wherever she wants, y’know.” It was true, she was exactly where she wanted to be, at that moment. He hoped, though, that they assumed that she’d wandered off into the city.

“She’s a real fun one,” Teoda said. “Make sure she sticks around.”

Ada had slowed, and Pasco figured it was because she heard herself being discussed.

“I don’t know,” Pasco said, “She can be a little much sometimes.” Pasco fought to keep the smirk on his face despite Ada’s abrupt increase in pace and depth. Gods it felt good. Also, he was such a gods damned idiot. Maybe he got a kick out of making things difficult, too.

“Takes one to know one,” Forte said with a wink.

“What are you implying?” Pasco said. He never would have allowed this kind of backtalk from anybody but those on this expedition with him, his most trusted crew members. He’d known Forte since they were both children, and Teoda was his first mate. 

Forte shrugged. “Nothing.”

Pasco hid his face behind another swing of mead as Ada withdrew from his dick and turned her warm tongue to his balls. The new sensation nearly broke his composure. He fought to keep himself contained.

“You seem thoughtful, boss,” Forte said.

“Hm. Yeah.” Well, at least his ruse had worked up until this point. He pondered another way to tease Ada, but between the mead and the lack of blood in his brain, he wasn’t feeling particularly witty.

“She likes you,” Teoda said. “I can tell. Don’t worry.”

I can tell too, Pasco thought as Ada took him particularly deep. “I appreciate the vote of confidence.” He tipped his mug at Teoda and took another swig.

“Hey, Pem!” Forte called. “We require more alcohol!”

Pem was already on her way over, tankards in-hand, and slid them to Forte and Teoda. “You two’ll cheer ‘im right up, I know,” Pem said before bustling off again.

“Wait, what’s the matter, cap?” Forte said.

“You are worried about her,” Teoda said, jabbing her tankard towards him and sloshing beer out onto the table.

“I am,” Pasco said, and it was the honest truth. She slipped her fingers up and behind his balls. The dulled sensation from the mead was the only thing allowing him to keep his composure. But only very barely.

It helped that Teoda and Forte were already mostly drunk. He was too, though, and it took him a long moment to realize that Teoda and Forte were looking at him expectantly. “What?”

“Well, tell us more! Nothing usually gets under your skin like this.” Teoda leaned forward on her elbows.

Pasco cleared his throat, half to buy time and half because Ada had just taken him to the back of her throat again. “Well, um, it’s just that…” Pasco’s hazy mind searched, and he could dredge up only the truth. “I’m worried she’ll get bored of me.” He glanced at his mead, then out to the tavern floor. What would Ada do with that?

She was obviously the kind of woman who liked things fast and hot, and though they were having a brilliant time together, a thing could not stay novel forever. Would she all too quicky move on to the next beautiful man or woman to catch her attention? He would have loved to serve the expanse of her desire for a long, long time. But, to her draconic hunger, could he ever be anything more than a sweet snack?

He had no interest in caging this wild bird, he only hoped he might have enough seed to tempt her to stay for a while. And the way she seemed to love his cum, ‘seed’ worked both ways there, funnily enough.

She took him deep slowly, then again. Where before she had been teasing, trying to get a rise out of him, this was insistent, steady. His eyes fluttered shut.

Was he fooling himself, or was she trying to assure him?

Teoda shook her head lightly. “You must be drunk cap, you’re the opposite of boring. C’mon, dancing will make you feel better!” She reached out towards his hand, and he yanked it back like she was a snapping turtle.

Teoda was stronger than he was, and the last think he needed was her pulling his naked dick out of Ada’s mouth and out from under the table.

Teoda’s eyes widened.

“I’m sorry,” Pasco said, “I think I just need… some time. To think. I… appreciate it, I really do.” Pasco reached forward and awkwardly patted Teoda’s hand, which had fallen to the table top. 

She smiled and nodded sympathetically. She and Forte fell into idle chatter, which was in some ways welcome since they were no longer trying to engage Pasco — but if they were done talking to him, wouldn’t they just leave?

Ada had kept up her steady pace and the heat was building. Gods, he couldn’t last much longer like this, even with the mead.

Pasco tuned back into their conversation as he realized Teoda and Forte had drifted in their own lewd direction.

You’re too much,” Teoda said with a lecherous grin, walking her fingers towards Forte’s bulge.

“You like it,” Forte said.

“I doooo…” Teoda absently put a hand to her breast and starting massaging herself.

Pasco rolled his eyes. In the most hypocritical request of the century, he said, “Would you two go get a room?”

“Fiiiiine,” Teoda said, “Fine. But don’t think for a second that the public sex ban isn’t anything other than a ploy to make more money on rooms!”

Teoda and Forte finally left, heading towards the back of the tavern where there was an entrance to the inn that perched on the next level up. It was indeed where the group had planned to spend the night, while his moored ship was prepared for the sea once again and the rest of the crew re-emerged from their various shore-time exploits. 

As soon as Teoda and Forte were out of earshot, Pasco heaved a sigh. Or, well, it was more like a moan.

Ada showed no signs of slowing. Gods curse that woman. And bless her. Should he embrace this moment of relative quiet? Just let her have her fun? Or double down on outlasting her? The prospects of climaxing like this and of winning the contest were equally compelling.

There was a full mug of mead in front of him again. Pem had brought more? When had that happened? His focus was slipping. But, at least, it seemed that nobody had noticed Ada between his knees.

Unconsciously, Pasco shifted slightly further forward, which had the twin effects of allowing Ada to take him even deeper and for her to get her hands up around his balls to rub her knuckles up under his perineum.

It was like getting to the end of a close chess match between masters and then right at the end, making the most amateurish mistake. Check, mate.

His balls pulled tight, heat started spreading from his base. Ada picked up on the shift and increased her pace, rubbing insistently at his perineum and cupping his balls with her thumb.

Under the table, Ada squirmed with excitement. She finally had him, despite his cheating. And it was a close thing too, her jaw was sore. But his delicious twitching inspired her with new energy. 

She was sopping wet, kneeling under the table and grinding against her own heels for sensation. It was, fortunately, not nearly enough to make her come but it had made for a delightful time under the table. 

She kept up her attention on his balls and perineum but shallowed her strokes slightly, giving herself a moment to fully catch her breath, sucking on his tip all the while.

His balls tensed, pulling against her fingers. That was her cue. She took a deep breath then pulled him deep into her throat, stroking insistently, pressing circles at his perineum and keeping tension on his balls.

Above the table, Pasco had only a split second to decide how he was going to disguise his impending orgasm that was going to be in no way quiet. The tavern was full and bustling around him and nothing more than the shadow of the table disguised Ada’s activities. It was hard to tell whether it was that thought or Ada’s latest stroke that pushed him over the edge.

He lifted his chest and put his arms above his head, as if to indulge in a luxurious stretch, just in time. The heat lit to fire, his balls clenched, pressure rolling up his length to meet the soft warmth of Ada’s mouth. As he came, she swallowed around him, sucking and pressing with her tongue, which pulled even more out of him. The way that she wanted it was just too much for him to handle.

He moaned, shaking, dizziness overtaking him as he nearly flopped back against the wall behind him.

Ada’s patience was rewarded as Pasco’s seed rolled hot over her tongue. She loved this part.

Ada kept up her sucking until Pasco ran dry and sensitivity took over. His arms dropped to the table in front of him, then he dropped a hand to Ada’s head to push her gently back. She obliged but couldn’t help but give a few more teasing licks under his tip.


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