Part 4: The Convention, The Black Box

Chapter 19: Compensation Part II

John set his bags by his packed suitcase. 

Felix checked out the room and then flopped onto the bed. He rolled over and buried his face in the sheets, wiggling his ass in the air, and took a deep breath. He turned over his shoulder to look at John, grinning. “Mmmmmmm, smells like sex dreams.”

“I’m pretty sure you can’t smell dreams.”

“Am I wrong, though?”

“… No.”

“See? Hmmm all these sex dreams and nowhere to go! Or, nowhere to come, really. I want to see what this game has done to you.” Felix gestured at John’s straining jeans.

John started to undress and he remembered his strip tease with Arya, and he thought Felix might enjoy it too. So, he mustered as much sex appeal and silliness as he could, and he did a strip tease, tossing his clothes at Felix who could actually catch them.

“YAS,” Felix said, laughing, “Johnny boy, work it!”

John finished by shaking his ass at Felix, and he was surprised by a moan that cut through the silliness. 

“Careful,” Felix said. “Shake your ass like that and I’m going to start asking if it’s on the menu.”

It was John’s turn for a mischievous grin, and he turned to look at Felix. Now that John’s erection was free, it was throbbing as it hardened to full mast.

Felix had unzipped his jeans and freed his own dick, which he was already stroking.

John hesitated. “I actually haven’t… ever given a blow job before.” He worried for a moment if Felix might call the whole thing off, feeling that John had led him on.

Instead, Felix’s face brightened. “Oooh, then you’ll be learning from the best! Let’s throw a sheet over that chair so we can get comfortable.”

Felix kicked off his jeans after digging a condom out of his pocket and then together they pulled the flat sheet from the bed, folded it over, and draped it over the wingback chair by the window. It was important to respect future guests.

Felix settled into the chair, unfurling the condom over his length. John kneeled in front of him with a pillow under his knees, at Felix’s recommendation. 

“You ever eaten a woman out?” Felix asked.


“Cool, it’s the same, but different.”

“… right,” John said, a bit of anxiety creeping in.

“Why don’t you just get started,” Felix said, “Just do what feels right, and I’ll talk you through it.”

John felt like he should remember more from getting his own dick sucked, but apparently a state of intense arousal was not great for forming long term memories.

He started with his hands, stroking Felix’s shaft a few times, and then licked Felix’s tip like an ice cream cone. He glanced up, and Felix nodded approvingly, so John turned his attention more fully to Felix’s shaft.

He took more of Felix into his mouth, and though he felt like he’d taken Felix as deeply as he could, there was still half of Felix’s dick to go.

Before John could fret, Felix reached for the base of his shaft. “You can use your hand for the rest, like this. You can move with your mouth, or counter to it, or not move your hand. Moving together is better for building to orgasm but moving separately can be a good tease.”

Felix removed his hand and John put his own there, the condom lubricated enough to allow his hand to slide back and forth. He started simple, keeping his hand with his mouth, and rocked backwards and forwards, Felix’s tip sliding over his tongue.

“Yeah, exactly…” Felix said. “Just like that… Okay so another thing you can do is move your tongue at the same time, like—”

John tried it out right as Felix suggested it, holding Felix more in his mouth and lapping his tongue back and forth. The rest of Felix’s instructions were lost in a moan that brought John’s own erection bouncing back to life.

“J-just like that, yeah…” Felix said.

Felix’s moan reminded John of the toy that let him face fuck Arya, and so John hummed a long note. Felix quivered, his hand finding the side of John’s head to cup it gently. “God, yeah, good job. Okay, now, early on, variety is good, so be sure to give my balls some attention.”

John pulled Felix out of his mouth to ask, “With my hands or my mouth?”

“I was thinking your hands, but I like where you’re head’s at. Haha, literally.”

John gently scooped Felix’s balls towards him and gave them a slow, experimental lick. Felix moaned happily. So John continued, lapping at Felix’s balls, between them, around them, in long, slow licks, until Felix was quivering. “C-can you take them in your mouth? One at a time, and c-carefully, but you can suck a little bit.”

John spread his mouth as wide as he could and sucked gently at one of Felix’s balls, surprised that it slipped so easily into his mouth. He ran his tongue in circles and hummed and Felix gasped and started stroking himself, now that both John’s mouth and hands were occupied with Felix’s balls.

“Yep, j-just like that,” Felix stammered. “God, that feels so good…”

After a minute, John transitioned over to Felix’s other side, which brought a fresh round of gasps and moans. 

John was loving it but his neck was getting a bit cramped with the angle, so he pulled back and brought a long, slow lick up from between Felix’s balls towards his shaft. Felix caught his drift and moved his hand.

John licked all the way up his shaft to his tip and rolled his tongue at the end.

“Fuuuuuuck, yes,” Felix said.

 John closed his mouth around Felix’s shaft again, his other hand gently rubbing Felix’s balls.

“I-if you wrap your lips over your teeth… yeah, just like that, you can… you can go faster…”

John hummed his acknowledgement which made Felix twitch, and then set to pumping Felix faster and harder, one hand on Felix’s shaft, the other on his balls.

Felix kept talking him through. “A little faster… yes! yes! oh— slow down for a sec… yeah, just like that… grip a little firmer… yeah… oh, your other hand is pinching— yeah, that’s better. Fuck, you’re a quick learner and… nghhh, so eager to please…” Felix ruffled his fingers through John’s hair, a bit like he was petting a dog, and John was surprised by how much he liked that comparison.

Long, lovely minutes passed, and Felix gasped and moaned and panted in the most delicious way. His hips bucked suddenly, and he stammered, “s-sorry, that h-happens when I get… really worked up… I c-can’t help it so we can change…”

John pulled back for a moment. “I don’t mind, I think it’s… pretty hot. If you don’t mind that I might gag a little bit…”

“There’s nothing I love more than the sound of a man who wants my dick more than oxygen,” Felix said.

John took Felix deeper than he had before on the next stroke, and sure enough, his reflex kicked in and the muscles of his abdomen and his throat clenched. In this heady, aroused state, any sort of involuntary muscle contraction had a sensual quality, and John’s throat watered with a thicker mucous as if to invite Felix’s dick to come on down.

John figured that his throat might work a bit like his ass did, and so he focused on relaxing, on cultivating a sense of anticipation, eagerness to have Felix’s tip in his throat, imagining it sliding easily and comfortably, all the way to the base.

He was able to take Felix a full inch further than he had before. As badly as he now wanted to hilt Felix, he also didn’t want to over-do it on his first try.

Felix’s hands were claws, gripping the arms of the chair, his face a mix of pleasure and focus as he fought to keep his hips from bucking. Periodically, he thrust into John’s mouth. John found that his hand at Felix’s base helped him resist the full thrust and control the depth.

Eventually, Felix started to really shake. John just sat still and let him thrust his tip back and forth over John’s tongue, John’s hand still controlling the depth.

“S-sorry,” Felix said, “You’ve g-got me, hngh, worked up real good.”

John wondered if that meant that Felix might be close and so he abruptly redoubled his efforts, returning to his enthusiastic stroking, sucking, and licking.

Felix moaned wonderfully, his whole body going tense, his balls tightening and pulling up, his hands gripping the chair, and John thought he might be getting close.

Felix put his hand on John’s forehead and started to push him away. “S-stop for a sec.”

John promptly obeyed, settling back to sit on his feet, worried he’d somehow hurt Felix. “Are you okay?”

“Oh, yeah,” Felix said, “I was just gonna… god I was gonna fuck your face so hard. But that was not something that you had agreed to, so. Phew. I needed a sec.”

When John had originally been reading about the need for more explicit consent in sexual encounters, he’d worried that it would make them feel too medical, too programmatic, not spontaneous enough. And yet, he now truly understood how wrong that he had been. He felt a fuzzy warmth, a deep appreciation, that Felix had been so aroused and yet so adamant to not do anything that would make John uncomfortable. The mutual trust and lack of fear meant that John could sink so much more deeply into the experience.

“Here’s another pro tip,” Felix said, as he recovered his ability to think. “Don’t judge the quality of the blowjob by whether it makes the other person come or not.”

Was this Felix’s way of letting him down easy that he was too inexperienced to make the man come? But, Felix seemed genuine, so John reserved his self-judgement for a moment.

“‘cause like… my boyfriend can make me pop in like two minutes flat, right?”

John grinned wryly. “This isn’t really making me feel better.”

“Just hear me out! I mean it, I swear. ‘cause like, that’s fun. Great for stealth BJs. But like, then the fun is more like, that I know I came somewhere, and not the actual coming, because it just doesn’t feel as good when it’s that quick. So like… god I love a slow build. And like with the boyfriend, we stretch it out, make it work. But like here, you can’t make me come, so then there’s just this amazing, like… desperation, like, I wanna come so bad, and you want to make me come so bad, and there’s just this amazing… deprivation.” Felix’s hips bucked into the air at his own words, and he humphed. “Like, I wasn’t anywhere near getting you to come under the table, was I?”

It felt rude to say so, but Felix’s matter-of-fact approach was rubbing off on John, as John was rubbing him off. “Yeah, you’re right.”

“But like, it was amazing, wasn’t it?”

John nodded, knowing that Felix was getting through to him. “Totally.”

“Like, look at this,” Felix said, lifting his shaft and directing John’s attention to the looser tip of the condom, where John could see a prodigious amount of pre-cum already collecting. “Look at what you’re doing to me,” Felix whined, and John shivered. He took a moment to capture that memory. That was the kind of line that he would play on loop to push him over to climax, right alongside Arya’s breathy and desperate ‘I’m gonna’.

“Do you believe me now? This,” Felix waved an open hand in a circle at John kneeling in front of him, “This is top ten BJs. And I’m not just saying that. Scout’s honor.”

“I do believe you,” John said. “And I’m not just saying that. Scout’s honor.”

“Alright, I think I’ve cooled off enough for you to go at it again,” Felix said. “When I tell you to, switch down to my balls. You can suck, tug, lick, any of that. Just no teeth. I’ll handle my shaft so you can use both hands. And if you’re really feeling generous, and you really want to feel like you’re the one that pushed me over the edge, you can finger my ass. Works every time. But, no pressure. I promise I’m gonna have a great orgasm either way.”

John nodded, said “Ten four,” and then enveloped Felix’s shaft again. He started slow and lingering, more confident now than he had been at the start. He wanted to make Felix regret that he’d said he liked a slow build. He wanted to make Felix beg. John caught himself, knowing that begging was not an agreed upon part of this encounter, especially since it would require more carefully established safe words, but he could still fantasize about it. 

Even if Felix himself wasn’t begging, his body was. His balls tightened, pulling up inside, and he leaked more pre-cum into the condom, which John could feel under the plastic with the tip of his tongue. He trembled and twitched and panted and moaned. He tangled his fingers in John’s hair and John could feel the tension as he no doubt had to fight the urge to grab John’s head and pull him deeper.

Eventually, both of Felix’s hands ended up back on the arms of the chair, and his hips twitched. John slowed, treating him to long, luxurious licks. After a minute, Felix’s hips bucked again and then he started to shake. 

“Okay, okay,” Felix said “Give me my fucking dick, I can’t take it anymore.”

A hot wave washed over John and he obeyed. 

Felix took his shaft and started stroking, John returning to sucking and licking at Felix’s balls. Tensed as they were, John was not going to be able to get them into his mouth, so he opted for wide, flat licks.

“Fuck, that’s so fucking good,” Felix said, igniting even more motivation for John. He was feeling generous, and he did want to feel like he’d been the one to push Felix over, so as he licked he brought one hand up and reached behind Felix’s balls, towards his ass.

Felix moaned louder than he had before. John was sure that anyone in an adjacent room could hear, and John was sure that he didn’t care. 

Felix pressed his hips foreward to give John a slightly better angle, his body once again begging for stimulation. John reached up a bit further and found Felix’s rim, then made small circles with his fingertips.

Felix’s breath was heaving, coming in ragged gasps as he pumped vigorously, and if Felix was anything like John that meant that his climax was imminent.

“You’re gonna make me come so fucking hard,” Felix panted.

It seemed like John wouldn’t have time to do much exploring, so he pressed the rest of his hand against Felix so that he was massaging both Felix’s perineum and his rim at the same time.

“Fuck!” Felix said. “You’re gonna make me…” The muscles of his rim started to twitch rhythmically. John leaned back to get a full view and he kept his hand moving in circles at Felix’s perineum and rim. “You’re gonna make me…” The contractions became stronger.

Felix heaved a moan and on the long exhale, an especially long contraction ran from his ass all the way to his base, a pulse that brought with it a stream of cum that started to fill the tip of the condom. John was mesmerized to watch Felix’s pulsing cum vein as wave after wave flowed through him, until Felix collapsed back against the chair. He sighed, blowing a strand of hair out of his face. “Phew. That was… wow. How are you feeling?”

John had been fairly successful in keeping his focus on Felix, and it helped that he’d needed two hands, but his throbbing erection now demanded his attention. He realized that he’d actually been dripping on the carpet, and he touched his fingers to his tip and they came away moist with pre-cum.

Felix noticed and reached out and grabbed John’s hands, licking John’s fingers. John was not prepared for how strong the wave of arousal was from that, and his hand found his shaft, though it was his non-dominant hand and a bit clumsy and teasing.

Felix pulled away and licked his lips, leaving John’s fingers wet and his mind fuzzy.

“How are you gonna make it back home like this?” Felix said.

“I don’t know,” John moaned. It depended on how much time they had left. He checked his watch. It was already thirty minutes past when he should have been leaving the hotel. Felix’s blow job had lasted over an hour. “Shit! I’m late!”

“Oh, sorry!” Felix jumped back to life and started to carefully remove his condom, both his and John’s attention lingering lustfully on the fairly impressive amount of cum contained within. 

John quickly dressed, the sudden panic diminishing his erection enough that he could actually get his jeans on. He crammed his souvenirs in his suitcase, glad that he had already packed.

Within in a minute, he was ready to go. Felix followed him as he hurried down to the lobby. Felix lingered as John checked out, and then John turned to him as he reached the front doors. 

“Have a good flight,” Felix said, “And text me, okay, Johnny boy? I want to hear about how this little game of yours finishes.” Felix gave John a peck on the cheek and then sauntered back over to the bar.

John stood in the doorway like an idiot, face warm and heart racing, for nearly a minute before he remembered that he was late for his flight and hastily hailed a cab.

He made it to the airport, fidgeted impatiently in the security line, jog-walked to the terminal, and heaved a sigh of relief as he arrived just as his boarding group was called. As he settled into his seat, he texted Felix. Caught my flight, but only barely.

He sent that, but as soon as the bubble appeared in the conversation, he worried it might sound accusatory. So he added, Totally worth it. 11/10 would recommend.

He kept his phone out, hoping that Felix might respond before it was time for the plane to taxi.

Just as the announcement that it was time to put electronics in airplane mode was finishing, Felix’s response appeared. 

good! sounds like u just wrote your black box review too, haha

kinda bummed i didn’t strand you tho tbh

would have been fun

He then sent the wink kiss emoji and a bunch of eggplants.

John wasn’t quite sure what to say and the plane was starting to move, so he just sent back tru and a wink emoji before he flipped the switch to airplane mode.

Part 4: The Convention, The Black Box

Chapter 16: The Velvet Table

“That is quite the predicament,” Felix said. “Just like how…” He reached into the box on John’s lap, which was now nearly empty. He drummed his fingers on the cardboard that was right above John’s crotch, sending sparks up John’s painfully restrained erection. John shuddered. Felix continued, “The last few are always so hard to get out of the box…”

Felix took his time rooting around.

Heat flushed down John’s legs and rose in his face, his eyes fluttering shut momentarily.

Finally, Felix relented, grabbing the last few samples and putting them on the table.

John kept the empty box in his lap. He now had even more erection to hide. “I um, I get the feeling that you’re flirting with me,” John said.

“Do you like it?” Felix asked.

“I do,” John said.

“Do you like boys?”

John was actually kind of surprised that Arya hadn’t brought it up before, though he would certainly talk it through with her when he got back. “I wouldn’t have thought I did, before but… I’m a lot more open, now, than I was… before.”

Felix grinned coyly. “Yeah, I bet you get that ass wide open.”

John’s heart fluttered.

“If you’re… open to it,” Felix continued, “I was thinking I could give you a bit of a hand job, to thank you for giving me that juicy insider info. Not to completion, of course, I wouldn’t ruin your game.”

John immediately imagined the feeling of Felix’s hand on his shaft, which set him throbbing even harder. Felix seemed nice and John was probably just being prejudiced, but he didn’t want a seemingly spontaneous encounter to suddenly become a bill. “I really respect your line of work, but I’m not sure something… transactional is what I’m looking for, right now.”

“Can I give you a pitch?” Felix asked.

John would have expected the man to be more pushy in general, but he was now appreciating that Arya’s emphasis on connection and consent was not as unique as he’d thought.

“Yeah, okay,” John said.

“I actually get off on it being transactional. Doing it for the money… or, well, not really me gaining the money, but them losing the money. I’d suck off just about any man who burned a fifty for it, y’know?”

John did not know. “How do you… how do you like it, as a job?”

Felix shrugged. “A job’s a job. It has its fun moments. It has its tedium. Some occupational hazards. I like sex. I like the acting, I actually wanted to go into theater, before I got into this.”

“Does it feel… fake to you, then?”

“Not at all. I guess you could call it… storytelling, more so. Like, I’m telling a story together with my client. A story is real enough, in your head.”

For the second time, John was struck by how quickly and accurately Felix could sum up the words that he’d been struggling with for so long. It was not that Arya was fake, it was that she was a story. Stories were real. They weren’t people, but they could feel like people. “I might just have to have you write my review, you’re way better at talking about this than I am.”

“Well, then you’d have to suck me off,” Felix said coyly.

“I will take that into consideration,” John said.

“Is that code for ‘no’?” Felix asked.

John shook his head. “It’s code for ‘I’ll take that into consideration’.”

Felix seemed to brighten even more. 

“So,” John said, “Is it just a coincidence with your line of work and this gig? Or did they ask for your best bedroom eyes, handing this stuff out?”

Felix laughed a bit harder than John expected, giving John the feeling that there was some other layer of humor that he was unaware of. “I had thought it was a coincidence at first. I’m listed on a site for odd jobs, but now that I think of it, they had my email directly. They could’ve gotten it from the agency, I guess. I couldn’t figure what their angle was, but, I guess it makes sense to have a sex professional represent a sex game, if they’re not going to bother to send one of their own.”

“I think they’re trying to build the mystique,” John said. “The less you know about it, the less you can spoil the surprise for others.”

“Well, now I can spoil the surprise for them.”

“Will you?”

“Nah. I can respect the rules of the game.”

The way that Felix looked at him, John was sure that Felix was also speaking of John’s own game, and his standing offer. Felix had given his pitch, but John hadn’t given a response. Felix did truly seem to be enjoying himself, and who was John to judge Felix’s sincerity? Like Felix had said, it was about the storytelling, so even if Felix was ‘acting’… that didn’t mean that it diminished his enjoyment, or John’s.

The image of Felix masturbating later to the memory of stroking John under the table flashed through John’s mind, and his dick twitched in response.

John cleared his throat. “I didn’t get distracted from your pitch. I accept your offer.” He instinctively wanted to clarify the guardrails and rules of the encounter, and he realized that was because Arya always did. He couldn’t believe it had ever not been habit. 

He considered what the stop signal should be. Perhaps he could grab Felix’s wrist. But, actually, if he grabbed Felix’s wrist what he’d really want was for Felix to keep going. The tension of gripping Felix to try to slow him down, and Felix pushing back… it excited John even more. “If I need you to stop, I’ll pretend to sneeze. If I grabbed your wrist and you kept going, would that be okay?”

Felix grinned eagerly. “Grab me as hard as you want. Until I fake sneeze. That works well here.”

“Okay. Cool.” John looked out over the crowded convention center, realizing what was about to happen, and his mouth went dry. “I’ve never done anything like this before,” he said quietly.

Felix patted his arm reassuringly. “All the more fun, then. You can let me take the lead. Here, we should scoot up nice and close to the table, and you can ditch your box.”

John did as Felix recommended, and it ironically made them look like they were even more attentive to the table, though they would be the opposite.

Felix waited for gaps in the crowd to give his instructions. “You should unzip yourself and get situated, that’ll be best.”

The sensation was already intense as John undid his zipper, a thrill coursing through him. As he finally freed his dick from its captivity, he sighed with relief. Even just this was a welcome respite.

He heard Felix’s chair shift and knew what was coming, and then Felix’s hand, warm and soft, was on his shaft.

John put his elbows on the table and rested his chin on his hands.

Between the deprivation, the long arousal from telling his story, and the thrill of being in public, every touch felt absolutely incredible. Felix started with his fingertips, mapping out John’s shaft, and then gently curled his fingers around, but didn’t stroke yet.

Even with all of his experimenting with Arya, John had not yet played a game where the premise explicitly excluded orgasm. This game was about only the pleasure in the present moment. John couldn’t stop himself from imagining blowing his load under the table, gripping the velvet edges, painting his jeans and the floor and the inside of the velvet, struggling and only barely succeeding to hide his true activity through a feigned yawn or stretch.

That was a dangerous fantasy, though, in that it rapidly built John’s arousal. Felix continued stroking, still light and soft, but enough to make John quiver periodically.

Though, as Felix continued, John realized that it wasn’t building him towards orgasm. He realized that that shouldn’t surprise him. Everyone was different, and he would have had to coach Felix if Felix was going to get him off with a hand job.

The serendipity was that John could then lean into the pleasure more, not at risk of breaking his rules, just savoring the sensation of another person’s hand on him. It always felt different, when the touch came from someone else. This was a different sort of wonderful than what he and Arya shared.

Soon a dreamy, hazy pleasure settled over John, distinct from the hot, urgent need that was more often his experience. As folks stopped by for their samples, Felix continued to rattle off his script.

 John wondered if to the people who came by, he himself simply appeared to be high. His eyes were certainly dilated and unfocused, his cheeks flushed, his posture melting back into the folding chair.

Felix gradually accelerated his pace, but he was limited by friction and fortunately professional enough to not push it. He had to pause to add more boxes to the table and when he did he kept one in hand. He opened it and tipped out the contents, which was a tiny glass vial. Under the table, where John watched out of the corner of his eye, Felix poured out the contents onto his hand closest to John.

A moment later, John’s shaft was enveloped in soft, slick heat. The lube was the same that had come with his own box, silky and slick to the touch. The sensation heightened and John’s toes curled in his sneakers. He put a hand flat on the table so that he could grip a handful of the velvet and squeeze, trying to find somewhere to bleed off the warm energy that was building in his shaft.

Felix was enthused by that reaction, and just as John was starting to worry that he might have to tell Felix to stop, Felix changed it up. He put his fingers under John’s tip and swirled them there, gently brushing by the incredibly sensitive spot of John’s frenulum, and causing John to shudder and grip the velvet more tightly.

Felix’s fingers then wandered lower to John’s balls, which he first cupped and then gently massaged. And he continued to do that for a while, building a different kind of tension and sensation for John, a mix of blissful pleasure and also throbbing denial. 

The touch felt so good, but his shaft begged for sensation again. He forced himself to keep his hands above the table. He thought about putting his hand to his already slick shaft and indulging, but then he was really sure he wouldn’t last. So, the thought remained just a thought.

As John stole a glance over and saw Felix’s look of mischief, he’d have sworn that Felix had been tempting him on purpose, seeing if he could get John to touch himself.

Felix continued for a few more long, agonizing, wonderful minutes. John took deep breaths, settling back towards savoring the pleasure and away from the table-gripping urgency.

Then, suddenly, Felix returned to John’s shaft and started pumping, hard. John was certain then that Felix was testing him. Not so much breaking the rules as provoking John to assert them.

John’s hand darted under the table and he grabbed Felix’s wrist, hard.

Felix’s face flushed pinker. He pushed against John’s grip, as much as he could without revealing the struggle above the table. John had the better leverage, so Felix’s hand stayed more or less in the same spot, and so Felix started brushing his fingers over John’s shaft again.

With his hands still on Felix’s wrist, John moved his hand back and forth, stroking himself through Felix’s grip. Felix caught the drift and flexed his fingers to vary the sensation.

A warm buzz lingered, but John’s urgency faded again. John eventually released Felix’s wrist, and Felix kept up the slow stroking.

In a quiet moment where nobody was close to the table, Felix said, “You’ve got some serious discipline, don’t you?”

“Just lots of practice, I guess,” John said, “Though I assure you I don’t feel very disciplined.”

“I could really put you to the test,” Felix said, sounding genuinely excited. 

John wasn’t so arrogant to think that he could truly tell, but Felix didn’t seem to be acting at all this point. 

“The ultimate risk reward,” Felix continued. “If you win, you get to go tell Arya that you passed the ultimate test. If I win, I get a delicious snack.”

“So wait, what, if you win I’m buying you a funnel cake?” There was, in fact, a funnel cake stand a few stalls down.

Felix snorted. “Uh. No.”

John understood suddenly that Felix had meant John’s ejaculate, not a convention snack. He was offering to suck John’s dick. “Oh.” Felix was exactly right that it would be the ultimate risk reward. It would be the test of all the control and denial that he had been cultivating these last weeks. John wanted that. He wanted that very much.

“Is that a ‘yes’?” Felix asked, eager.

John nodded.

“Still good with a fake sneeze?” Felix asked.

John nodded, not able to do much more than that. 

Felix scanned the convention floor, waited until no one was looking, turned and pretended to bend over to pick up another box, and then crouched suddenly to the ground and ducked under the table.

A long, long moment passed before he did anything else, perhaps waiting to see if anybody reacted to his sudden disappearance, but more likely he was teasing John. It was working. John felt hyper-aware of everything around him, from the roaring sound of the crowd to the sensation of the still air on his exposed dick, to the dampness of the velvet under his sweating palms.

And then, Felix’s hot, soft, wet mouth around his shaft. John couldn’t help but moan. Fortunately, nobody was too close to the stall at that point.

Felix took his sweet time, slowly touring John’s dick with his tongue, even taking a moment to hold one of his balls totally within his mouth, and then the other. 

Mercifully, excruciatingly, Felix didn’t know John’s preferences or tells and therefore was not at high risk to actually make him come. 

As conference-goers came up for their samples, John greeted them according to the script, his voice husky and soft with pleasure, his eyes gentle and fluttering, his cheeks tinted red. 

When nobody was paying him direct attention, John let himself gasp and moan, the noises swallowed in the constant din of the convention hall. 

He longed to thrust deeply into Felix’s throat, but he withheld. First off, Felix might not appreciate that. And second, even if he did, there was no way that John could face fuck him subtly. So, he was resigned to accepting whatever hot, wet, sucking stimulation that Felix would provide. 

And his hands were not idle, as they greedily wandered John’s thighs and calves and even his ass, emboldened by their code for ‘stop’. At one point, Felix struck up a regular rhythm with his tongue and throat, one hand on John’s balls and the other on his ass, and John was perilously close to needing to ask him to stop, an urgency building that John would soon be unable to leave unanswered.

But just as John was mustering a fake sneeze, Felix changed his tact, and John faded back into a quieter pleasure. 

And it was wonderful. And sensual. And thrilling. And without John’s climax to end it, it was dependent on Felix’s interest and comfort. Eventually Felix’s attentions tapered off and faded, and John watched for a good opportunity to signal Felix that he could return to the table.

When he popped back up, Felix’s hair was in a bit of disarray and John tucked it back for him. John’s shaft was cold with the lingering moisture from Felix’s mouth, and he enjoyed the novel sensation. 

As Felix settled in, John glanced over and noticed that Felix was sporting his own erection behind his tight pants. He scooted up to the table to hide it. 

Felix was flushed and breathing heavily. “What if I…” he whispered to John, “What if I came under the table.”

“That would be pretty hot,” John said. 

Felix’s dick was out faster than John thought possible to work a zipper and then Felix was stroking himself under the table, just as John had imagined himself doing. And Felix was not bound by the rules of the game. John found himself suddenly excited that anyone might find release in such a place, even if it wouldn’t be him.

He took the lead greeting guests as they approached as Felix stroked himself with fresh lube under the velvet-covered table.

John leaned back in his chair so that he could see Felix’s hands, working furiously away at his erection. 

In a lull of foot traffic, Felix panted, “If you can’t come then… I’m gonna come… hard enough… for the both of us…”

Felix was not particularly subtle as he came, his eyes rolling back and his breath coming in ragged gasps as he spurted on the inside of the velvet, but his timing was lucky and nobody took any particular notice.

After he settled, Felix licked himself off of his fingers. “What a good gig,” he huffed.

John grinned and his dick throbbed. “I should get going, but I’ll be in touch about the review.”

“You better be in touch,” Felix crooned. 

John gathered himself and rose from the stall, lest he linger and ruin his game. He would not be able to last much longer behind that velvet table with Felix. And, there really was more of the convention that he wanted to see.

So he bid the young man a warm farewell, for now, and headed back out into the hall.