Part 1: The Beginning, The Dragon's Tower

Chapter 5: The Sky

The sky was so blue and so very, very wide. Each and every scale was alight with sensation. Not only did she bask in the warmth of the sun and the caress of the breeze, she could also sense the shifts in the air where it was thicker or thinner, the direction of a wind current even before she reached it. Her instincts carried her over updrafts and higher and higher into the sky.

Soon, she was so high that the tower looked as small as one of the doll houses she’d had as a child! 

And she could see so clearly, so far — rabbits in the grass, individual pebbles in the stream, a doe leaping into a copse of trees.

These fields had looked like so much blank parchment. Now she was a ribbon of living ink ready to throw herself across them all.

It was a dream, the sudden rush of freedom, of power. Of hot arousal, filling her from tail to snout.

Ada was unsure if it was just the dragon or herself. When she could ignore the arousal no longer, she coasted to the top of a nearby hill.

As a human, Ada had needed a mirror to first see her full anatomy.

As a dragon, her body was configured more like something between a snake and a cat, so she found that she could easily curl around to see just what part of her was aching so deliciously.

Everything was, more or less, where she expected it to be. There was a lengthwise seam in her scales between her hind legs and behind that was her anus. 

Everything also felt more or less like how she expected it to feel, especially as the throbbing arousal overcame her and she sank to her stomach and wriggled in the low grass.

She habitually lowered a foreleg towards her vulva, but hesitated. Her claws were like massive fish hooks. This was not going to work.

She had, as a human, once climaxed simply by pressing her legs together and grinding against her chair (at a dinner party, without anyone else knowing, much to her illicit delight) and she thought something similar might work here.

Ada writhed in the grass, searching for sensation, and it felt much like learning to masturbate for the first time. It was a bit frustrating, but also exciting. She was a dragon, after all!

A really, really horny dragon.

Eventually, Ada figured out that if she curled up her back feet and ran the knuckles of them over the scales at the edge of the seam, which were analogous to outer labia, it felt amazing. She had no idea how scales so firm could be so sensitive, but she wasn’t about to complain.

Her ministrations were effective. As her arousal grew, she noticed that she had inner labia as well. They were smooth and black and now visible as they swelled and forced her outer labia apart.

Her impending orgasm felt familiar too, that delicious heat and panting urgency. Ada reached and reached and reached for it. 

Finally, she crested. For a long moment she was weightless. Then sighing, sighing down.

Ada stirred in the hazy afterglow, picking her cheek up off the ground. The blades of grass waved above her head now. She was a human again, and totally naked.

The grass around her was trampled, long gouges turning up fresh earth, all glazed with a clear and viscous fluid. 

Was that it? Did it only work once? There was only one way to find out…


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