Part 1: The Beginning, The Dragon's Tower

Chapter 6: Snake in the Grass

Ada had discovered and then confirmed and confirmed and yet again reaffirmed exactly how her little ‘curse’ worked.

In the end, it was simple. If she orgasmed as a human, she became a dragon. If she orgasmed as a dragon, she became a human again. 

In her glee, she had not been particularly careful about flying around in the daytime. Within a couple weeks of the witch’s death, her father had sent a messenger.

Ada had seen him from afar, when he was still nearly a day’s travel away. He was an uncertain youth on a chestnut horse. 

She watched as he approached, staying out of sight. 

Even though she had expected it, the sound of his fist thudding against the bolted door startled her. 

She called out to him to say that she was alright, that the witch was with her, but that she had learned her lesson and was not allowed any visitors.

He had insisted upon seeing her and she had waved at him out of an upper window, and he had reluctantly set off again.

Two weeks after that, a band of knights had appeared. Based off their declarations at the front door, they had come to rescue her.

It all seemed a bit cute to her, now. 

There was no way Ada could go back to the castle, even if she wanted to. She was far from a hideous beast, but her father would likely order her killed on the spot if he learned the truth of her curse.

And, helpfully, the idea of turning into a dragon and scaring off all the knights had really turned Ada on, so she did just that.

This encounter had lent total validity to the rumors of the dragon. Another band of knights came, then another and another. Not just from Ada’s kingdom, but from neighbors as well. There were even a few banners that she had never seen before.

Ada thought the whole thing was brilliantly ironic in a number of ways. Her father had shipped her off to the tower to force her to be chaste, and now he was intentionally sending eligible young men her way? Ridiculous! Though apparently, these men actually wanted to marry her, just because they thought she’d been trapped by a dragon.

What bizarre people.

Ada, for her part, thought it was great fun to finally show those people just what she thought of them, as she sent them screaming and pissing themselves and scurrying back home.

Early summer turned to late summer, and late summer into fall, and in one of the last golden days of autumn, Ada sat in an upper window of the tower, looking out towards the eastern road. Sure enough, a band of knights were making their way towards her.

She leaned out and waved a red cloth at them, which she had learned encouraged them to hurry to her all the faster.

They were still far enough off that all they could see would be the red flag, and so they could not also see that she sat in the window, leaning out into the sun, totally naked. She spent most of her days naked now. This was partly because her draconic transformation shredded her clothes and partly because she just enjoyed being naked.

If only those proper little knights knew that they had spurred their horses to full gallop towards a salaciously naked woman, and that before they arrived she would become the very dragon they intended to face, and she would leave them all fleeing in fear.

Gods, all of it got her so worked up. As she tucked the red cloth into the edge of the window and settled back onto the sun-warmed stone, her mind wandered. She thought about really showing them, not just these knights, but the whole kingdom. She could let them ‘rescue’ her, take her back to their castle. At whatever overly self-aggrandizing feast that they threw, she’d show them just what she thought about them. She’d cut them all down a notch or ten.

Oh, they wanted to complain at the sharpness of her tongue? She would show them just how sharp a tongue could be.

Ada’s arousal throbbed in her hips and legs, but she didn’t touch herself yet. She liked to let it build. But also, she’d learned the last time that if she started masturbating in the window she had a hard time stopping, and she’d actually gotten stuck with her front half outside of the window and her back half inside. She’d had to rub herself on the stairs to transform back.

So, this time, Ada drifted down the abused staircase and draped herself sideways across one of the tattered fireside chairs.

As she sunk down into the chair, her mind sunk back down into her fantasy. Yes, she’d tell them just what she thought and then she’d show them just what she was. She’d crush all their cakes between her claws and then she’d swipe at them, sending the cakes tumbling left and right. Those ‘polite’ folk would be in such a dilemma whether to scream about their near-death or complain that they had frosting on them.

Ada finally let her hand drift over her labia, and she was already wet and swollen.

Oh yes, today would be a good day. She dragged her fingers up between her labia, teasing, slow. That made her shiver and moan.

She didn’t have to be quiet here.

She nestled into the chair and found a rhythm with her hand, her other thumb brushing over her bare nipple, which had grown stiff at her arousal and the cooler air within the tower.

Ada panted and whimpered as her anticipation grew.

Yes, she would destroy their party and then make her way to the castle, folks running in her wake. Maybe a trembling guard would try to stand in her way but he’d show his true loyalty when she’d roar in his face and the force of it would send him trembling to his knees.

Then she’d rip the throne room’s doors off its hinges and she would march up to that throne. The castle staff would gather in hushed anxiety at the open doors, too curious to run all the way away.

And she would take that throne for herself. She would fuck herself, right on that throne, right in front of them all. Rub the scales of her dragon’s sex on it, leaking her thick wetness all over it.

“See?” she would say, her first words of the night. They’d all suddenly realize that she was not some feral beast, but that she knew exactly what she was doing. “See, this is what I think of your throne. To me, it’s a goddamn sex toy.

In her mind, Ada climaxed humping the throne and in her body, she climaxed groping a breast with her back arched and her hand running circles across her labia and clit.

As Ada’s pleasure blossomed, she screamed so loudly she knew the knights would hear. When they heard her they would no doubt quicken their pace, racing towards their fate, and that pleased her all the more.

Ada took in a long, long gasp, as if drawing all the air in the whole tower inside of her. The heat spread fast to her head, her fingertips, her toes. Then it echoed in waves that turned her vision black and she lost awareness of her body. Finally, her dizziness settled and she found balance on four feet.

Ada, now a dragon, threw open the front doors of the tower and poured out onto the road like a ribbon of molten black glass.

She spread her black wings and took to the sky, roaring with glee. The band of knights was just around the bend. Two of the horses spooked immediately, throwing their riders and galloping off.

There was a knight in golden armor with a gaudy feather that stuck out three feet from his helmet, and she was sure this was her suitor. She laughed, which sounded like a chuffing, grumbling roar.

The suitor and two other knights were on war horses, which were not so easily spooked.

Ada took a deep breath and tightened her throat, then breathed out in a smooth exhale. As a human, all that could accomplish was fogging up a mirror. As a dragon, a gout of fire burst from between her fangs, pouring out over the road and licking towards the horses’ feet.

The horses knickered and jumped, though they did not yet spook.

One of the knights had looped around to the side, and Ada saw just a glint in the sunlight as he loosed a spear at her.

It bounced harmlessly off of the outside of her thigh. The legends about dragon’s indestructibility had proved true. 

The suitor shouted something and the knights retreated a ways, then regrouped.

Ada grinned a fang-filled smile at them. She’d have some fun with them, then.

They pulled out bows and arrows and these too bounced harmlessly off of her hide. A few sliced through the thin membranes of her wings, but though that was painful, it was not serious. Like a paper cut, they stung but would quickly heal. It was worth it, to see the look of dread coming over the knights.

They shot their quivers empty and they worked their horses to a lather, but still they had made no notable traction in defeating the dragon. And still, the dragon spewed gout after gout of flame at their feet.

These knights had a few clever tricks, like a miniature ballista loaded with a net of rope. They had fired this at Ada and it had successfully grounded her, but it had taken only one tug for her to snap the ropes. She swept low over the gold-armored knight and dropped the mangled net over him and his horse, which finally caused them some trouble. 

She watched with amusement as his helmet came off in the ensuing confusion, revealing his sweaty, red face.

Ada roared, then, and his horse’s resolve finally broke and it set out suddenly from under him. He tumbled off the saddle but the net was still tangled around both him and the horse, and it dragged him off at a full gallop.


Ada tried not to cause any permanent injuries, but there was only so much she could do for those that didn’t respect her strength.

The rest of knights fled as well, leaving Ada alone in her expanse of fields once more.

Especially as a dragon, she got a distinct pleasure from evicting interlopers from her territory. She’d ended up a mile or two away from the tower, and she headed back. At that particular moment she couldn’t fly, and for the same reason she could hardly walk either. She made it a small distance before she started limping. And panting. 

Not for any injury. But because her sex ached.

If she even walked normally, she was sure to climax, and then it would be a very long walk back to the tower. 

Ada slowed and whimpered. Maybe if she stopped and took a break, she could…

Within moments, she was rolling in the grass, knuckles of her back feet curled up and rubbing at herself. 

She lost all sense, all direction, other than tending to the fire that was building within her. 

She rolled around and found a boulder and wrapped around it, rubbing her scales against the hard rock.

This was like the sensation of the bones of her knuckles but significantly more intense, more effective. The grinding vibrations surged through her in waves of quivering heat. 

Ada panted, forked tongue lolling out, rubbing herself senseless on this rock in the middle of a field.

And goddamn did it feel good.

She bellowed as she climaxed and the sound carried for miles, surely spurring the knights to hasten their departure.

Ada, now human and naked again, was sprawled on the boulder which was larger than her in every dimension and slick with dragon juices.

She sighed. It was going to be a long walk.

Ada pushed herself up, hands now covered in slippery, thick wetness.


She stroked her hips, her thighs, and loved the slickness of it, loved the feeling of her soft flesh under her hands. She was out here, in the middle of a field, completely exposed. A warm summer wind tousled the grass and her hair.

She stroked her labia, still thick with arousal, and gasped at the sensitivity.

The sky was broad up above, the rock warm from her prior embrace, the grasses gently rustling, possibly hiding watchers…

Let them see, let the birds and the rabbits see, a woman find her pleasure.

Ada let her mind wander yet again, and this time she imagined a voyeur in the grass. An accidental one, one of the more reserved knights, coming back to search for his horse. He’d seen the dragon coming and hid, then had seen the dragon coming and watched. It aroused his sex and his guilt — what a perverse sight! But he had to hide for his life!

But if he had to hide for his life, then why was he so aroused by this dragon? But then the dragon had turned into this beautiful, naked princess, and his dilemma wasn’t the only thing that grew.

The dragon had been a woman, so that had to make this less guilty, right? But now he was watching a woman pleasure herself, and he was hiding in the grass.

What was he to do? Say something? But he had hid for his life and could not be faulted for that.

His dick pressed achingly against the inside of his trousers. The woman moaned and another bolt of arousal struck him. He felt lightheaded.

His erection throbbed and swelled more, now painfully bound.

He had to hide, had to watch, for his life. Now, he had to be vigilant. And this painful containment would be distracting. So, he had better undo his trousers, but he would do no more. His dick sprung free to a cool touch of air. Now, it bounced and swelled to its full hardness. Then harder. Had it ever felt this hard?

He grasped it to see if the shaft felt any harder in his hand, but that was a mistake. Pleasure shot up through him and tried to moan from his throat but he kept silent.

He had to keep absolutely silent, lest the dragon discover and devour him. 

He tried to keep his hand still, but the woman rolled to her side, seeking a new position, and giving him a full view of her ample ass. It bounced and quivered as she trembled and rubbed herself.

He whimpered. His hand began to stroke.

Maybe, maybe if he got it over with very quickly, then that was the most respectable thing to do. The most respectful. Just, um, business. Get it over with and hide in a non-aroused way.

He started stroking himself at at a pace that would carry him there quickly.

This, also, was a mistake. Very soon, he realized that this was no ordinary arousal. It was a kind that made him want to moan and growl. If this was just his arousal, how loud would his climax be?

He had to stop. He had to make sure that he did not come but he had already edged himself so very close.

The woman gasped and moaned and it was such a delicious sound that it pulled an audible whimper from him. But she hadn’t noticed. She was louder than him, and focused on her own business.

This, this could work.

And it did work, but it was torment. He did his best to time his own rushes of pleasure to her unpredictable vocalizations. He would get right up to the edge time and time again but then she would abruptly fall silent, and he had to freeze. 

His balls ached, they had never felt so full. Again, he edged himself right up to her silence. He clamped down hard on his base, just barely catching himself as his balls spasmed, only the pressure of his hand on his shaft halting his ejaculation. 

Moments later she moaned again, but this one was different. Sharper, higher. A spark of hope glimmered in him. Then another, forceful, loud. And another —

Yes, oh fuck, yes, she was coming, he was coming, she was coming!

He growled and gasped, safely covered by her literal screams of pleasure, as he pumped rope after rope of cum into the grass, and just utterly emptied.

He slumped to all fours. A shadow fell over him. The dragon!

He froze. Didn’t dare move a muscle. He stared at the puddle of cum in front of him until long after the dragon had spread its wings and flown away towards the tower.

The woman was gone.

Ada thanked her imaginary voyeur for his inspiration as she returned to the tower and draped herself around the top, nestling her chin on the sun-warmed stone. Sated, she watched the sun set, once again dreaming that the quivering light on the western horizon was the ocean.


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