Part 7: Birds of a Feather, The Dragon's Tower

Chapter 41: The Golden Goose

Ada had lit her signal fire with her dragon’s breath, and Pasco’s first response had been to chastise her for coming twice in a row before he’d seen the real concern on her draconic face.

She’d slipped into the captain’s quarters in the usual way, collapsing on the bare wood, and for the first time she did not make it even a little bit wet.

She saw that he found the recounting of the tale almost as arousing as she’d found it in real life, and Ada had been excited that this would bring her back. But while she’d certainly enjoyed Pasco’s pleasure, and even helping with it, she still felt overall apathetic about her own. This was not the beggy, fun denial of the sirens — it was just, sort of odd.

Ada had taken a few flights to stretch her wings over the following three days, but mostly had been cooped up in the hold, trying to not be depressed.

She was confident that she was not pregnant. Rather, something else was happening. A feeling of something vaguely magical itched under her skin.

Her scales remained tightly shut. It was not all bad. She did, finally, sleep as a dragon. Dreamed as a dragon. Became very hungry as a dragon. There were not, unfortunately, many good meal options for her. Pasco was considering a detour to a port town so that they could buy a pig. Or several. 

There were some quiet moments that she savored. Pasco falling asleep curled up in her tail. Sneaking her head out of her window to just watch the stars at night.

She’d retired from her star gazing, late, and curled up into a light slumber. Human-Ada must have grabbed back control of her dreams that night, because they were very sexual. Lots of growling and pawing and feelings of fullness.

Ada awoke and thought she must still be dreaming. There was the most wonderful heat in her belly, and her legs and tail were slick with wetness. Ada stirred, her scales rubbing against the wood, and it felt good. Not just nice, but oh my gods good. She leaned into the feeling — at least she’d get to enjoy her dreams for a bit. But then, she realized. She wasn’t dreaming. She was sopping wet and rubbing herself and fuck did she feel full. As full as that knot had felt.

Hurriedly, she poked her shout out into the hallway. A passing pirate snapped to attention. “Get Pasco, tell him— mmmngh — tell him something’s happening.”

Pasco arrived nearly immediately with a pallor of worry that shifted to a flush of arousal as he found Ada cooing and writing in her own slick, which was now even thicker on the floor than during her usual activities.

“Pascooooo,” she flopped her head towards him, pleasure-drunk, “It feels so goooood. I’m so full. Oh, oh another one’s coming, another— ohhhhh.

Her muscles clenched like they around the dragon’s dick but in reverse, from deep within her down to her entrance. The contractions pressed the fullness right against the muscles of her entrance, a feeling that was similar to the dragon trying to pull his knot out of her. 

She was intoxicated by the ecstasy, a heady mix of urgency and acceptance, a greedy breath of anticipation before each moaning exhale.

Her parted scales let out a gush of pent-up wetness with every convulsion. It had started slowly, but they were coming more frequently now.

“Can you tell what’s happening?” Pasco asked.

“I think I’m… I think I’m laying an egg.”

“A living egg?” Pasco seemed ready to panic.

“No I… I can’t explain but… we’ll see. Oh! Oh gods that’s good…” Another contraction rolled down Ada’s abdomen. Pasco could do little more than tend to his growing erection as he watched. Ada liked that and spurred him on with a few luxurious licks and ample moaning.

The magical itch under her skin had intensified, and she felt a sort of burgeoning pride not unlike what she felt when she surveyed the brook on the island. What sort of blessing might this be?

Another contraction washed over her, then another, each near-orgasmic and stronger than the last. Nothing else had given her this kind of pre-orgasmic pleasure except for the waterfall. But this sensation was different, with this incredible fullness inside of her. If she could combine this and the waterfall she might actually die of happiness.

It wasn’t the strength of the contraction that would release the egg, so much as to what degree she relaxed. And it would be difficult, because it felt so good when the fullness met the resistance of her muscles. She felt like she might be able to stay like this for hours.

Dragon-Ada knew implicitly that in the case of actual dragon reproduction, the male would still be nearby and would wrap the female like he had during coitus and similarly relax her so that she could deposit the egg. Human-Ada figured that this was, perhaps, even a built-in mechanism to help ensure that the female did not accidentally lay her egg without the male there.

But she was not really an actual dragon, and this was not really a live dragon’s egg, so she would find out what happened when there was no male dragon around.

The answer she seemed to be building to was, ‘an indescribably powerful orgasm’. 

The next contraction milked a howling roar out of her as if she was actually coming. But, not yet. It was a good thing they’d stayed out on the open sea — if they’d been in port, the whole town would be about to hear, because she was only going to get louder. As it were, the whole boat was about to get a treat.

The next wave came, almost right behind the first, and Ada got louder. Pasco picked up on the change and perked, eager to see what happened.

Ada had a mere moment to catch her breath before the next wave. “When this comes out, it’s gonna make me— ah, aaaaah! Fuck.”

Ada hadn’t really needed to explain the contractions to Pasco, since it was externally obvious the way they coursed down her abdomen, clenching at the egg that was now right at her entrance, spreading, stretching.

The waves were now coming right on top of each other, no rest between them, just this incredible throbbing fullness. Ada’s thoughts became silent. Time seemed to bend.

“It’s c… it’s c… it’s coming!”

The egg slipped past her entrance with the most delicious stretch.

Ada collapsed into trembling waves of orgasm.

As they finally faded, Ada found herself sitting next to an egg as big as her human self. Pasco rushed over to hug her from behind, and his warmth was comforting to her now much smaller and much more naked body.

They were both transfixed by the egg. It was perfectly smooth, shining, and golden. Ada reached forward and knocked her fist on the egg. It was solid. Pasco reached forward and did the same.

“So let me see if I’ve got this straight,” Pasco said.


“When you come, you turn into a dragon. Then, if a dragon comes in you, you don’t come for a while — but instead, you’re like the golden goose, and you lay a golden egg, and that makes you come.”

Ada nodded, dazed. “I uh… that about sums it up. That witch may have been… not very good at magic. And may have been mixing spells.”

“You must have made her very mad, to make her that careless.”

“Apparently. Did you figure out the next part of what this means?”

“Probably not. Enlighten me?”

“It means that all I have to do is keep going out and getting fucked by that dragon, and we’ll be unspeakably rich.” It appeared that Ada could add wealth to the list of blessings that she had brought upon Pasco and his extended family of pirates. And she could add pride to the list of feelings that she had about it.

It also meant that, since she’d be finding the dragon again, he might get to watch the next time. She might have him open the locket so that she did not need to worry so much. And, she might actually get a chance to experience the combination of two of her favorite sensations — the fullness of the egg and the rumble of the waterfall.

And though her mind eagerly flickered through the possibilities, she would share them all with Pasco later. Because already, his eyes were starting to glaze with overwhelm. Any more promise of pleasure and he’d remember little of whatever she said next. So, she waited.

All he could say was, “Holy fuck.”

“Yep. I think the only downside is I don’t really feel like fighting when I’ve got a golden egg in the oven, so we’ll have to time our combat carefully.”

As Ada had anticipated, Pasco wasn’t really listening anymore.

His member had gone soft in the excitement and confusion of the egg appearing, but was now hardening back to attention. 

Ada giggled and turned to him. “You didn’t get to come yet, did you?”

“Uh, nah, but it’s not—”

“C’mere, then.” Ada wrapped her mouth around him, which quelled his protests. She was feeling satiated and ready to turn selfless attentions towards Pasco. 

As she did, she gave her silent thanks that he had not ever once thought to exploit or contain her — except in the ways that she wanted. This golden egg thing could have proved dicey if she trusted him any less. Even with the tantalizing promise of riches before him, she knew that if she pulled the slip knot, he would respectfully let her leave.

She also knew that for as long as she lived, she never would.

Ada also felt a strange gratitude for the witch, bitter and misguided as she had been. Ada hoped that the witch had found some peace in the life beyond.

Never in Ada’s wildest, wettest dreams had she imagined she might ever live like this. Rich. Loved. Loving. Sated.

Happily ever after.


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