Part 7: Birds of a Feather, The Dragon's Tower

Chapter 40: Stuck

Ada had expected to need to find a landing place as soon as possible and bleed off some urgency, but she actually felt surprisingly satisfied. The rest of her flight was peaceful as she returned to the place where she’d become human again.

She’d light a signal fire and then Pasco would come out to fetch her. That way, she could explore at her leisure without too directly revealing to any ships that might be tailing them that the dragon came and went from Pasco’s ship.

She’d even stashed her satchel and clothes carefully under a rock for their return journey.  It seemed like an over-abundance of caution to Ada, but she knew that her judgement was not so reliable when it came to things involving sex.

Ada settled in and started her usual ministrations. It felt wonderful, the memory of the feeling of fullness serving to be very inspiring. But something wasn’t quite right. It felt nice but… just nice. Maybe she was desensitized from such an overwhelming experience. She’d need to work a bit harder this time, like she’d had to on the siren’s rock. That memory too, was inspiring, but just… nice.

Human-Ada then became aware of something that dragon-Ada had known all along, since the moment the male had withdrawn from her. Dragon-Ada was not at all horny. Worse than that, she was disinterested. Sated. Happy to just nap in the sun, or whatever.

Human-Ada resolved to work a bit harder. She’d done it before, after all. Ada put her mind to it, pulling forth all her favorite fantasies, all her favorite sensations, grinding herself against a particularly suitable rock.

After a half hour, she was just frustrated and a little sore.

Maybe she did just need some dick. Ada scoured the tiny island and pulled together an assortment of rocks, once which seemed to be of appropriate dimensions. She half-buried it in the sand so that it was at the right angle and started to press herself over it…

Her body recoiled. Her scales were clamped tightly shut.

That was it. Human-Ada finally admitted it. For the first time, she was stuck as a dragon.


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