Part 7: Birds of a Feather, The Dragon's Tower

Chapter 39: Fulfilled

For a moment, the male stood over her, having pinned her down with all four limbs. 

His eyes became her sky. Where hers glimmered golden, his were silver with opalescent flecks of every color. And they were just as self-aware as hers.

A myriad of signals and responses, touch and smell and sound and posture, flowed through her body and his. They had all the same intentionality and complexity of human language but without the actual words.

Dragon-Ada navigated these confidently. Human-Ada struggled to keep up, but managed to interpret the gist of the exchange.

Swift one, I have captured you in the old ways. Do you accept my advance?

I accept your advance, strong one. But know, I bear no children.

Yes, I could smell this. I want you all the same. My way will be slow and soft with you. Do you accept this way?

I accept this way.

Then, he put his tongue out and started to lick her muzzle. The texture of his tongue was even rougher than hers and it felt wonderful on her scales. He groomed her face and neck and as he did, Ada found herself purring. She returned the favor.

This seemed to convince him that she wouldn’t fly off, so he slowly shifted off of her.

He was correct. Now that she’d finally stopped moving, she became aware of how tired and heavy her wings felt. He seemed to feel the same way; neither of them would be going anywhere anytime soon.

Not that Ada had any problem with that. Dragon-Ada was now extremely aroused, and human-Ada was both excited at the prospect of gathering some as-of-yet unknown facts about true wild dragons, and also extremely aroused.

What she did not know, was what kind of hardware male dragons had. At present moment, his stomach was as smooth as hers. Some reptiles had penises, others didn’t. She was going to find out soon.

As they continued grooming each other, her heat rose, and the same seemed to be happening to him. He grunted and chuffed, and the sounds sent her dragon heart racing. She realized, then, that her dragon self had generally been getting off on whatever human-Ada found arousing. It had been indirect arousal and this direct kind hit her in a whole different way.

She had never felt her heart beat so powerfully, nor her arousal light up with quite this kind of heat. Just like the serendipity of the waterfall, she’d now discovered yet another totally new kind of pleasure.

As she groomed down the length of his stomach, she noticed that there was a seam in the scales between his legs just like there was in hers. She licked there and that drew out an especially delicious growl.

Again, dragon-Ada was aware of a whole cascade of explicit communication that happened without words, leaving human-Ada with just the sense of what had happened.

He accepted her advance.

As she licked and the dragon moaned, the scales around the seam started to spread. From between his scales came a fluid with a similar texture to hers, though it tasted very different. It tasted like pre-cum.

Human-Ada watched with new wonder and dragon-Ada watched with knowing anticipation at what unfolded — or, more accurately, engorged — next.

A round tip pressed out from between the scales, and the dragon groaned. Ada instinctively lapped at him to spur his progress. Slowly, agonizingly, deliciously, the dragon’s dick came out into the open.

The dragon gasped and moaned and panted plaintively as this happened, all of which made dragon-Ada very smugly aroused. The opening in his scales was only barely large enough for his shaft to pass through, and the tight squeeze seemed to both pleasure and frustrate him.

As more of his shaft emerged, it throbbed and thickened and hardened, engorged with blood and lust. It was red and grey like the dragon himself, ridged along its length and with a thick knot at the base. Color pulsed within it in a mesmerizing way, something about the way the blood moved through it.

Despite the delicious dick right in front of her nose, Ada’s instincts ensured that she kept licking right at the underside of his base, though human-Ada didn’t know why.

The dragon heaved a deep and guttural moan, and then the reason became clear. 

The muscles at the base of his tail spasmed, the tip of his tail thrashed, and a set of testicles squeezed through the scales. Those also took a moment to throb and arrange themselves under Ada’s tongue, until they looked quite painfully tight and full.

Themale’s noises shifted from pleading, almost bashful, to harder, more insistent. Growlier.

Ada stepped back to observe her handiwork. The dick looked disproportionately large on the dragon, almost as big as his head and definitely larger than hers. Well, she certainly understood why it needed to be stowed away under normal circumstances. But why did it need to be so large?

She became aware of her own throbbing sex. Oh. Oh yes. That’s why. She felt the same sort of giddy energy as her first night with a man. Would it fit? Would it be enough? Would she like it?

She thought of Pasco, then. She knew that he would have enthusiastically urged her on, as eager as she was to learn what kind of pleasure a dragon could give a dragon. Her only regret, which she was sure Pasco would agree with, was that he wasn’t there to watch and touch himself for her further pleasure.

The other dragon turned a predatory look at Ada and bared his fangs, tongue flicking out from between his teeth. She froze, unsure of what to do, and he coursed around behind her, and now it was his turn to put his tongue to her genitals. He licked at her swollen inner labia. His tongue was wider and rougher than hers, and it felt amazing. Finally, some sensation proportionate to her dragon anatomy.

He licked at her until she was beyond dripping, and the reason for her prodigious lubricant secretion became obvious.

With all that dick, she was going to need all the lube she could get.

He lined up over her, her tail to the side, slightly twisted to make room for him, his tip against her entrance.

The wordless words passed between them again.

I make my advance.

I accept your advance.

It was happening. Ada quivered with excitement.

Slowly, he pressed in. His growl of pleasure reverberated through her. Gods, he felt amazing. As his dick was fully in, she sighed. He was so bi—

He was not fully in. There was more. The knot! Ada hadn’t even taken the knot yet! Just as she started to clench instinctively, he pulled slowly out again, his ridged texture gliding against her.

Dragons didn’t fuck like any animal Ada knew of. His body didn’t hump so much as undulate, ripples of muscle drawing him smoothly in and out in an almost elliptical motion. His grip tightened around her, and the pressure soothed her, relaxed her, like the heaviness of the waterfall. He pushed in slightly further this time and as she felt the knot, she clenched again. He slowed and repeated.

Ada oozed plenty of fluid around him, soaking the sand at her feet, ensuring that the only resistance to his methodical, hypnotic thrusts was her own muscles.

He pressed further and further inside of her with each stroke, letting her slowly accustom to his knot, the whole experience working on some visceral level so that she relaxed… and relaxed more… and relaxed more… 

Could he even come without his knot inside of her? She hoped not. She wanted all of it. Just imaging what it would feel like for her to climax with that knot inside of her…

Wait. No. Oh no.

Ada tensed and so the dragon gripped her tighter, drawing his textured tip further out this time before pressing in again. His muscles were like iron around her. No, she could have ripped apart iron like wet paper. He was as only a dragon could be.

She wiggled against him, but the only effect was that she grew even more aroused at his unyielding strength. She considered struggling in earnest, but she couldn’t bring herself to. If she did, then he might stop! More than anything, she did not want him to stop. 

His firm grip and the hypnotic thrusting soothed her, and she melted again. Was this why human-Ada liked so much to be trapped? Or did dragon-Ada like it because human-Ada did? Ada got the feeling as the bliss seeped into her bones that it was actually something that the two of them separately agreed upon.

If she came, she had no idea what that meant if she had a dragon dick inside of her. Even if her transformation were successful, she was equally worried about what would happen if she became a helpless human next to a dragon abruptly denied his climax.

And she knew exactly what happened to dragons denied their climaxes.

She’d just have to not come, then.

While having the best fuck of her life.


Actually, maybe it wouldn’t be so hard. Everything about this process seemed designed to relax her, to be soothing. After all her practice with Pasco, she might actually be able to just sit back and enjoy this. She imagined that she could hear the song, that she could see Pasco sitting there with the locket open on his chest, that she couldn’t come until she saw Pasco again. This was the rule. She’d be rewarded, but she have to wait. And be a good little dragon.

And just… bask in being fucked by this giant dragon dick.

Her clitoris, perhaps by design or perhaps happenstance in a mirror of the male’s anatomy, sat fully up within her scales. The ridges of his dick ran directly across it and the direct stimulation would have been unbearably intense if not for the way the pressure around her body soothed her.

His undulating continued and she melted further. He pushed in again, and this time she really felt the knot. It was amazing. She gasped, and he withdrew.

Part of her started aching for a good, hard fuck, but his steady undulations teased her. That thought made her even wetter. On that surge of wetness, he pressed in even farther. She clenched around him as he withdrew, which made him moan.

That made her even wetter.

As he pressed in again, the muscles of her entrance finally slipped fully over the knot, in the most wonderful stretch. She clenched, hard. Instead of forcing him out, now that she was on the other side of the knot, it drew him in even deeper.

She couldn’t help but clench again, and he groaned. They were now locked together.

He pulled against her, trying to get another round of sensation, but she gripped him tight. She squeezed, enjoying a long moment of his desperate wiggling, clawing and whining, his claws against the scales of her back, his legs against hers, him trying to pull himself free, to fuck her, anything to get any sensation other than the squeezing heat. 

His knot pulling against her clenched muscles felt so good.

He’d caught her, but now she had him.

He was panting, drooling, starting to foam at the mouth.

That sent another wave of arousal through her, which, suddenly, became very literal. In yet another new experience for her, the muscles of her sex contracted in a ripple, from his base and her entrance all the way up to his tip, deep inside of her. He gasped, and it happened again. His panting collapsed into blissy moaning as her muscles gave him the sensation he was so desperately craving.

He wasn’t fucking her so much as she was milking him. Both dragon-Ada and human-Ada liked this very much. And, since she could set the pace, she could make sure that he came before she did.

Gods, it felt so good to be so full. She’d be ruined, after this. Lolling in the waterfall, begging Pasco to find her another dragon dick. Maybe the carpenters could make her a suitable substitute?

Best take it slow, for now. She stopped for a moment, no longer clenching around him. He started to pant again and scrabbled against her, reaching around with his forelegs to stroke the scales of outer labia, which were stretched around him. That triggered the convulsions again, even stronger.

So, maybe she couldn’t stop the rippling contractions. She just had to focus on her breathing. Nice and slow.

His dick started to throb inside of her, to pulse against her muscles even as she clamped around him. She hadn’t thought he could get any thicker! The sensation almost sent her over the edge, but she kept control. She couldn’t handle much more, though. She needed him to come soon.

She angled her long neck around to assess her options. That was nearly a mistake — the sight of him wrapped around her, desperately clinging, pawing at her stomach, drooling, the visible ripples of her abdomen as she squeezed down on him — it was almost too much. But, she did spot an opportunity. She had fully taken his knot, but his balls throbbed, full and needy, right behind.

Carefully, so as to not surprise herself with a new sensation and lose her focus, Ada curled herself around so that she could reach his balls with her tongue. They were pressed up around his base, like the scales of his slit were a cock ring, presenting his testicles, nice and tight, for her visual and oral pleasure.

She flicked her tongue out and the anticipation caused her muscles to contract harder, which made him throb and pant even more.

Focus, Ada. She pressed out the full length of her tongue and gave him an experimental lick. He roared. 

Oh yes. She wasn’t sure at this point whether it was draconic instinct or human ingenuity but she didn’t care. She licked him once, twice more, but that was all it took. His balls spasmed, for a moment under great tension, and then Ada felt his shaft swell yet again as he pumped into her.

She watched, dizzy and slack-jawed as he emptied himself into her, desperately pulling against her, clawing against her labia so that she clenched him over and over.

Ada focused on soaking in every moment of watching him climax, as a way of deferring her own orgasm. It worked with Pasco, and it worked now.

Unlike a human, or even a siren, his orgasm did not seem to be time-limited, but rather volume limited. He spasmed, pumping, over and over and over again until his balls were empty.

The seal between his knot and her muscles was so firm that not even a single drop leaked out.

He, too, would not be getting out, not if his knot didn’t become significantly smaller. The male sighed, totally sated, as slowly his erection faded and the rest of his body reclaimed its blood.

Ada’s muscles insisted on staying tightly clenched, so it wasn’t until the knot was almost entirely gone that he was able to slip out and collapse on the sand next to her. 

Her sex clenched tightly after him, as if reluctant to lose any of his seed. Reflexive, perhaps, though not practical. Dragon-Ada had known as surely as human-Ada had known that no fertile egg would come of this.

His drained balls slipped back inside of his scales and so too the rest of him slowly withdrew as he sighed with contentment.

He lifted his head and started to groom her again, which Ada happily allowed. She’d have to stay focused, still, while he was awake. As she relaxed next to him, she started to get sleepy. So did he, and he nestled his chin down into the sand and drifted off.

She realized, she’d never actually slept as a dragon before. Dozed, sure, but that wasn’t quite the same. She still wouldn’t, it seemed. It wouldn’t quite be safe to let down her guard — not only considering the male dragon, but also her own potentially arousing dreams.

Human-Ada wondered whether dragons tended to live with their mates, or solitary. Dragon-Ada knew, it depended. And wholly, Ada knew that she could not stay. She dragged herself to her feet and licked the other dragon’s muzzle, and he stirred quietly in his sleep. She took a moment to appreciate him, examine his full length, his intricate scales and muscular legs, his branched antlers and the last of his shaft withdrawing.

Then, she took off, flying back out over the ocean.


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