Part 7: Birds of a Feather, The Dragon's Tower

Chapter 39: Fulfilled

For a moment, the male stood over her, having pinned her down with all four limbs. 

His eyes became her sky. Where hers glimmered golden, his were silver with opalescent flecks of every color. And they were just as self-aware as hers.

A myriad of signals and responses, touch and smell and sound and posture, flowed through her body and his. They had all the same intentionality and complexity of human language but without the actual words.

Dragon-Ada navigated these confidently. Human-Ada struggled to keep up, but managed to interpret the gist of the exchange.

Swift one, I have captured you in the old ways. Do you accept my advance?

I accept your advance, strong one. But know, I bear no children.

Yes, I could smell this. I want you all the same. My way will be slow and soft with you. Do you accept this way?

I accept this way.

Then, he put his tongue out and started to lick her muzzle. The texture of his tongue was even rougher than hers and it felt wonderful on her scales. He groomed her face and neck and as he did, Ada found herself purring. She returned the favor.

This seemed to convince him that she wouldn’t fly off, so he slowly shifted off of her.

He was correct. Now that she’d finally stopped moving, she became aware of how tired and heavy her wings felt. He seemed to feel the same way; neither of them would be going anywhere anytime soon.

Not that Ada had any problem with that. Dragon-Ada was now extremely aroused, and human-Ada was both excited at the prospect of gathering some as-of-yet unknown facts about true wild dragons, and also extremely aroused.

What she did not know, was what kind of hardware male dragons had. At present moment, his stomach was as smooth as hers. Some reptiles had penises, others didn’t. She was going to find out soon.

As they continued grooming each other, her heat rose, and the same seemed to be happening to him. He grunted and chuffed, and the sounds sent her dragon heart racing. She realized, then, that her dragon self had generally been getting off on whatever human-Ada found arousing. It had been indirect arousal and this direct kind hit her in a whole different way.

She had never felt her heart beat so powerfully, nor her arousal light up with quite this kind of heat. Just like the serendipity of the waterfall, she’d now discovered yet another totally new kind of pleasure.

As she groomed down the length of his stomach, she noticed that there was a seam in the scales between his legs just like there was in hers. She licked there and that drew out an especially delicious growl.

Again, dragon-Ada was aware of a whole cascade of explicit communication that happened without words, leaving human-Ada with just the sense of what had happened.

He accepted her advance.

As she licked and the dragon moaned, the scales around the seam started to spread. From between his scales came a fluid with a similar texture to hers, though it tasted very different. It tasted like pre-cum.

Human-Ada watched with new wonder and dragon-Ada watched with knowing anticipation at what unfolded — or, more accurately, engorged — next.

A round tip pressed out from between the scales, and the dragon groaned. Ada instinctively lapped at him to spur his progress. Slowly, agonizingly, deliciously, the dragon’s dick came out into the open.

The dragon gasped and moaned and panted plaintively as this happened, all of which made dragon-Ada very smugly aroused. The opening in his scales was only barely large enough for his shaft to pass through, and the tight squeeze seemed to both pleasure and frustrate him.

As more of his shaft emerged, it throbbed and thickened and hardened, engorged with blood and lust. It was red and grey like the dragon himself, ridged along its length and with a thick knot at the base. Color pulsed within it in a mesmerizing way, something about the way the blood moved through it.

Despite the delicious dick right in front of her nose, Ada’s instincts ensured that she kept licking right at the underside of his base, though human-Ada didn’t know why.

The dragon heaved a deep and guttural moan, and then the reason became clear. 

The muscles at the base of his tail spasmed, the tip of his tail thrashed, and a set of testicles squeezed through the scales. Those also took a moment to throb and arrange themselves under Ada’s tongue, until they looked quite painfully tight and full.

Themale’s noises shifted from pleading, almost bashful, to harder, more insistent. Growlier.

Ada stepped back to observe her handiwork. The dick looked disproportionately large on the dragon, almost as big as his head and definitely larger than hers. Well, she certainly understood why it needed to be stowed away under normal circumstances. But why did it need to be so large?

She became aware of her own throbbing sex. Oh. Oh yes. That’s why. She felt the same sort of giddy energy as her first night with a man. Would it fit? Would it be enough? Would she like it?

She thought of Pasco, then. She knew that he would have enthusiastically urged her on, as eager as she was to learn what kind of pleasure a dragon could give a dragon. Her only regret, which she was sure Pasco would agree with, was that he wasn’t there to watch and touch himself for her further pleasure.

The other dragon turned a predatory look at Ada and bared his fangs, tongue flicking out from between his teeth. She froze, unsure of what to do, and he coursed around behind her, and now it was his turn to put his tongue to her genitals. He licked at her swollen inner labia. His tongue was wider and rougher than hers, and it felt amazing. Finally, some sensation proportionate to her dragon anatomy.

He licked at her until she was beyond dripping, and the reason for her prodigious lubricant secretion became obvious.

With all that dick, she was going to need all the lube she could get.

He lined up over her, her tail to the side, slightly twisted to make room for him, his tip against her entrance.

The wordless words passed between them again.

I make my advance.

I accept your advance.

It was happening. Ada quivered with excitement.

Slowly, he pressed in. His growl of pleasure reverberated through her. Gods, he felt amazing. As his dick was fully in, she sighed. He was so bi—

He was not fully in. There was more. The knot! Ada hadn’t even taken the knot yet! Just as she started to clench instinctively, he pulled slowly out again, his ridged texture gliding against her.

Dragons didn’t fuck like any animal Ada knew of. His body didn’t hump so much as undulate, ripples of muscle drawing him smoothly in and out in an almost elliptical motion. His grip tightened around her, and the pressure soothed her, relaxed her, like the heaviness of the waterfall. He pushed in slightly further this time and as she felt the knot, she clenched again. He slowed and repeated.

Ada oozed plenty of fluid around him, soaking the sand at her feet, ensuring that the only resistance to his methodical, hypnotic thrusts was her own muscles.

He pressed further and further inside of her with each stroke, letting her slowly accustom to his knot, the whole experience working on some visceral level so that she relaxed… and relaxed more… and relaxed more… 

Could he even come without his knot inside of her? She hoped not. She wanted all of it. Just imaging what it would feel like for her to climax with that knot inside of her…

Wait. No. Oh no.

Ada tensed and so the dragon gripped her tighter, drawing his textured tip further out this time before pressing in again. His muscles were like iron around her. No, she could have ripped apart iron like wet paper. He was as only a dragon could be.

She wiggled against him, but the only effect was that she grew even more aroused at his unyielding strength. She considered struggling in earnest, but she couldn’t bring herself to. If she did, then he might stop! More than anything, she did not want him to stop. 

His firm grip and the hypnotic thrusting soothed her, and she melted again. Was this why human-Ada liked so much to be trapped? Or did dragon-Ada like it because human-Ada did? Ada got the feeling as the bliss seeped into her bones that it was actually something that the two of them separately agreed upon.

If she came, she had no idea what that meant if she had a dragon dick inside of her. Even if her transformation were successful, she was equally worried about what would happen if she became a helpless human next to a dragon abruptly denied his climax.

And she knew exactly what happened to dragons denied their climaxes.

She’d just have to not come, then.

While having the best fuck of her life.


Actually, maybe it wouldn’t be so hard. Everything about this process seemed designed to relax her, to be soothing. After all her practice with Pasco, she might actually be able to just sit back and enjoy this. She imagined that she could hear the song, that she could see Pasco sitting there with the locket open on his chest, that she couldn’t come until she saw Pasco again. This was the rule. She’d be rewarded, but she have to wait. And be a good little dragon.

And just… bask in being fucked by this giant dragon dick.

Her clitoris, perhaps by design or perhaps happenstance in a mirror of the male’s anatomy, sat fully up within her scales. The ridges of his dick ran directly across it and the direct stimulation would have been unbearably intense if not for the way the pressure around her body soothed her.

His undulating continued and she melted further. He pushed in again, and this time she really felt the knot. It was amazing. She gasped, and he withdrew.

Part of her started aching for a good, hard fuck, but his steady undulations teased her. That thought made her even wetter. On that surge of wetness, he pressed in even farther. She clenched around him as he withdrew, which made him moan.

That made her even wetter.

As he pressed in again, the muscles of her entrance finally slipped fully over the knot, in the most wonderful stretch. She clenched, hard. Instead of forcing him out, now that she was on the other side of the knot, it drew him in even deeper.

She couldn’t help but clench again, and he groaned. They were now locked together.

He pulled against her, trying to get another round of sensation, but she gripped him tight. She squeezed, enjoying a long moment of his desperate wiggling, clawing and whining, his claws against the scales of her back, his legs against hers, him trying to pull himself free, to fuck her, anything to get any sensation other than the squeezing heat. 

His knot pulling against her clenched muscles felt so good.

He’d caught her, but now she had him.

He was panting, drooling, starting to foam at the mouth.

That sent another wave of arousal through her, which, suddenly, became very literal. In yet another new experience for her, the muscles of her sex contracted in a ripple, from his base and her entrance all the way up to his tip, deep inside of her. He gasped, and it happened again. His panting collapsed into blissy moaning as her muscles gave him the sensation he was so desperately craving.

He wasn’t fucking her so much as she was milking him. Both dragon-Ada and human-Ada liked this very much. And, since she could set the pace, she could make sure that he came before she did.

Gods, it felt so good to be so full. She’d be ruined, after this. Lolling in the waterfall, begging Pasco to find her another dragon dick. Maybe the carpenters could make her a suitable substitute?

Best take it slow, for now. She stopped for a moment, no longer clenching around him. He started to pant again and scrabbled against her, reaching around with his forelegs to stroke the scales of outer labia, which were stretched around him. That triggered the convulsions again, even stronger.

So, maybe she couldn’t stop the rippling contractions. She just had to focus on her breathing. Nice and slow.

His dick started to throb inside of her, to pulse against her muscles even as she clamped around him. She hadn’t thought he could get any thicker! The sensation almost sent her over the edge, but she kept control. She couldn’t handle much more, though. She needed him to come soon.

She angled her long neck around to assess her options. That was nearly a mistake — the sight of him wrapped around her, desperately clinging, pawing at her stomach, drooling, the visible ripples of her abdomen as she squeezed down on him — it was almost too much. But, she did spot an opportunity. She had fully taken his knot, but his balls throbbed, full and needy, right behind.

Carefully, so as to not surprise herself with a new sensation and lose her focus, Ada curled herself around so that she could reach his balls with her tongue. They were pressed up around his base, like the scales of his slit were a cock ring, presenting his testicles, nice and tight, for her visual and oral pleasure.

She flicked her tongue out and the anticipation caused her muscles to contract harder, which made him throb and pant even more.

Focus, Ada. She pressed out the full length of her tongue and gave him an experimental lick. He roared. 

Oh yes. She wasn’t sure at this point whether it was draconic instinct or human ingenuity but she didn’t care. She licked him once, twice more, but that was all it took. His balls spasmed, for a moment under great tension, and then Ada felt his shaft swell yet again as he pumped into her.

She watched, dizzy and slack-jawed as he emptied himself into her, desperately pulling against her, clawing against her labia so that she clenched him over and over.

Ada focused on soaking in every moment of watching him climax, as a way of deferring her own orgasm. It worked with Pasco, and it worked now.

Unlike a human, or even a siren, his orgasm did not seem to be time-limited, but rather volume limited. He spasmed, pumping, over and over and over again until his balls were empty.

The seal between his knot and her muscles was so firm that not even a single drop leaked out.

He, too, would not be getting out, not if his knot didn’t become significantly smaller. The male sighed, totally sated, as slowly his erection faded and the rest of his body reclaimed its blood.

Ada’s muscles insisted on staying tightly clenched, so it wasn’t until the knot was almost entirely gone that he was able to slip out and collapse on the sand next to her. 

Her sex clenched tightly after him, as if reluctant to lose any of his seed. Reflexive, perhaps, though not practical. Dragon-Ada had known as surely as human-Ada had known that no fertile egg would come of this.

His drained balls slipped back inside of his scales and so too the rest of him slowly withdrew as he sighed with contentment.

He lifted his head and started to groom her again, which Ada happily allowed. She’d have to stay focused, still, while he was awake. As she relaxed next to him, she started to get sleepy. So did he, and he nestled his chin down into the sand and drifted off.

She realized, she’d never actually slept as a dragon before. Dozed, sure, but that wasn’t quite the same. She still wouldn’t, it seemed. It wouldn’t quite be safe to let down her guard — not only considering the male dragon, but also her own potentially arousing dreams.

Human-Ada wondered whether dragons tended to live with their mates, or solitary. Dragon-Ada knew, it depended. And wholly, Ada knew that she could not stay. She dragged herself to her feet and licked the other dragon’s muzzle, and he stirred quietly in his sleep. She took a moment to appreciate him, examine his full length, his intricate scales and muscular legs, his branched antlers and the last of his shaft withdrawing.

Then, she took off, flying back out over the ocean.

Part 7: Birds of a Feather, The Dragon's Tower

Chapter 37: Dragon’s Fire

Ships turned to torches as the fires on their decks sent plumes of smoke into the sky. The battle still raged but it was turning in their favor.

Ada wheeled in the sky and dove for another pass, emerging from of a billow of smoke and giving no warning. Fire burst from her chest and poured between her teeth as she doused another deck and the people ran, jumping overboard and scurrying below like rats.

Her laughing roar cut the sky and set the other crews trembling. Even the Wanderlust’s crew turned a wary eye to the sky. One time she had gotten a teensy bit carried away and set their own ship on fire, and now they never let their guard down during battle.

To the enemy crews, Ada’s appearance was some miracle of luck, some blessing from an ocean god. A dragon, a feral beast of the skies, wreaking havoc on the foes of the great pirate lords. It appeared from nothing. It disappeared into nothing.

She was already legend.

Ada wracked another ship with flames, but as she flew away from their heat, she felt a different warmth start to grow beyond her control. Light as a ribbon, she twisted through the air, diving behind Pasco’s ship but not appearing again on the other side. That was because she’d tucked her wings and landed as gracefully as she could on the back of the ship, slipping through the open aft and into the captain’s quarters. 

She tumbled more than landed and ended up on her back already pawing at herself. Being a dragon, she was a pivotal part of these battles, but being a dragon who was a pivotal part of battles really got her off.

Initially, Pasco had just opened the locket, his battle focus keeping Ada firmly from orgasming and returning to her human form. However, as her sexual urges built, so did her violent ones, and she found it difficult to tell friend from foe, and that was in fact the one time she’d lit the Wanderlust on fire. 

Pasco had been terrified that he may have to choose between the lives of his crew and Ada, if he were forced to snap the locket shut while she was over one of the ships or too high above the waves. Such a fall could kill her. Mercifully, it had not been long before she had swept low over the water.

Pasco had closed the locket, she had screamed her pleasure and fallen into the water, and he had jumped in himself to swim to her and keep her from drowning. She was a passable swimmer, now, but the sea was violent and could easily swallow even the strongest.

Since then, they had worked together to devise a way that Ada could still participate in the battles, but without the risk of a lust-mad dragon destroying everything in sight.

The answer had been a harem.

As Ada flopped to her side in the captains quarters, which had no furniture or fabric to speak of, a dozen sets of hands descended upon her. Anybody on the ship with sailing skills was needed during such a fight, so these were courtesans, the best in all the land, and handsomely paid.

Like the priestesses of old, the men and women worshipped her with ecstatic orgies.

And she blessed them, each in turn, with the ministrations of her dragon mouth and tongue. 

This round’s beneficiary was a plump, curly-haired woman, and Ada set to tongue-fucking her immediately. Her cries of pleasure worked Ada up into even more of a froth, her drool flowing out around the woman’s hips and Ada’s own arousal leaking down her hind legs.

Ada had learned to not fight the arousal it when she was out in the sky. It was best to just let it happen, to come here, frantic, clawing, so that the intensity never fell and she was back in the sky as soon as possible.

As soon as possible is definitely how soon she wanted to come as the rest of the courtesans set to rubbing her scales, having learned all the best, most wonderful, most tortuous spots.

It didn’t take long.

Ada climaxed before her beneficiary did, but the curly-haired woman’s turn was not up. As usual, Ada’s head stayed about where it had been, and so she hardly had to move to bury her tongue between the woman’s labia again, eagerly licking her own drool out of the other woman’s sex.

The courtesans and Ada had learned that in such a situation, Ada wanted to be fucked with the thickest dick available, so the appropriate courtesan obliged. Ada moaned into the curly-haired woman as a thick shaft slid deliciously inside of her, stretching her out in the most wonderful way.

The rest of the courtesans set up around the trio, as they knew Ada liked, as they themselves also liked, and got their best orgy on. It was overstimulating. The orgasmic trembling of her beneficiary, the delicious stretch of that dick inside of her, the moans and gasps all around her, and within moments, the ropes of cum spraying this way and that.

Ada’s dragon body swelled over them, but they knew the drill, and scurried knowingly out of the way. 

Ada shook herself down, fire in her bones. She lowered to her stomach and pushed with her hind legs against the back wall, like the ocean faring iguanas native to the nearby islands. She slid on her belly and the slick of her own cum and drool, dropped out over the edge and plummeted towards the water below before snapping her wings out and rising.

Again she descended on the enemy fleet, dousing them in fire. Her spreading legend had two opposite effects on the opponents that they met in battle. On the one hand, more and more fleets simply surrendered as soon as their first boat was alight. Some, even as soon as they saw Ada’s shadow on the sky. And still others surrendered as soon as they saw the Wanderlusts distinctive blue sail.

On the other hand, the most fearsome pirates sailed their fleets quite intentionally towards Pasco’s waters, eager to try their hand against this legendary foe.

This was one such fleet and they were putting up a decent fight, having rigged their decks with barrels of seawater to put out most of the fires.

Ada could only breathe so much flame, and if Pasco’s fleet had relied on her tricks, they may have actually lost this battle.

But Pasco’s fleet had not grown lazy even with the addition of a dragon, and they remained a well-trained and tightly coordinated crew, still deserving of their prior reputation.

In fact, Ada was more distraction than trump card. If the enemy fleet didn’t fend her off, she could sink their ships, that was true. However, it would have taken her more time and effort than they realized. 

They assumed that she was the greatest threat, and turned all their attentions towards fending her off. They chased her with ballistas and harpoon guns, tried to lay traps of raw meat and even live cattle. They filled buckets to fight the fires, and invested in metal shields and fixings that would resist the heat.

All of that distracted them from the true threat, which was cannons from Pasco’s ships punching through the hulls of the boats beneath the water. Once the hulls cracked, it was not long before the ships sank beneath the waves.

And Pasco’s crews, coordinated and dedicated as they were, were incredibly effective at leveraging Ada’s distractions.

Half of this current aggressor’s ships were sunk before their captain realized her mistake and starting barking orders to ignore the dragon and watch out for the cannons.

It was too late for that captain. The battle was effectively over. 

With an enemy fleet like this, Pasco liked to sink all but the flag ship, then make sure that ship was nice and toothless, and then leave it to slink back to shore. The more survivors there were, the more tales they spun of the pirate prince and the black dragon, the fewer interlopers came and the more nations agreed to pay the pirate nation’s protection tax so that their own ships might go safely through the waters.

And so Pasco’s fleet swiftly crippled the rest of the ships, leaving only the largest, which was now completely out of both ballista bolts and cannonballs.

Ada came to rest on the mast of one of Pasco’s ships, her claws hooked over the crow’s nest. She spread her wings wide, like her silhouette on the sail, and breathed gouts of flame into the sky.

The golden light illuminated the rising white flag on the mast of the other ship, and Ada grinned to herself, her satisfaction and thrill turning to arousal. She loved forcing someone to surrender.

She realized then that she’d wrapped her hind legs around the mast and was grinding against it, dripping her clear, sticky fluid down its length. If the end weren’t so pointy, Ada would have sincerely considered fucking herself on the mast, even though Pasco would have complained. As it were, it didn’t look comfortable, so she leaped into the sky again and wheeled back around to the rear of the ship, climbing eagerly inside.

The battle won, there was no need to hurry.

This time, she could really savor it. She’d only pleasured half of the courtesans during this battle, so she turned her attentions to each of the rest in turn, her focus on their pleasure allowing hers to build and build and build without threatening climax.

She moaned and dripped, her slick fluid pooling on the floor and then dripping over the back of the boat.

After all of her courtesans were fully satisfied, she turned her prehensile tail towards herself and fucked herself with the tip, gasping and groaning with delight. She curled up her feet and rubbed with them too, building herself to a luxuriant, jubilant climax.

She bellowed as the pleasure ignited, a victory roar that shook every plank of the ship, and she let all of the pleasure and the exaltation pour out of her until she just a human again.

As she lay breathless on the wooden floor, she started to slide on the slick pool towards the open window. One of the courtesans tossed her a rope that was anchored on the inside wall of the quarters for that exact reason.

Ada looped it on her wrist and then floated happily on the ocean of her bliss.

The courtesans splashed buckets of warm seawater over the floor and her, washing the rest of the slick down the back of the ship before closing the windows and politely withdrawing.

Ada did not quite fall asleep, however. She was too excited to celebrate the victory with Pasco, who would only be just starting to let himself relax. She dressed and ventured out, finding him on the deck. He was calling out orders to the two pirates on either side of the deck, who were waving signal flags at the rest of the ships in the fleet.

Ada waited impatiently for him to finish, then as he turned and saw her, she ran up to him and jumped into his arms, wrapping her legs tightly around his hips and kissing him deeply.

He stumbled back into the mast, leaning against it.

That allowed Ada to shift, grinding against him, putting no effort into hiding her intentions from his crew.

He moaned, his shaft twitching against her, his fingertips digging into her ass, and she knew that he’d be getting lightheaded and dizzy with lust.

Finally she broke her kiss and stepped down. Not wanting Pasco to have any chance at rational thought, she pressed her hand against his growing bulge and massaged him through his pants.

She turned to the rest of his crew. Teoda, Forte, Missa, and Sendia were closest, as per usual.

Ada said, “Your captain is very clever, isn’t he?”

Missa grinned giddily, knowing where this was going, and nodded emphatically. The rest of the crew joined in with knowing grins, twitching shafts, and flushing cheeks.

“I think he’s very deserving,” she crooned. “How would you all like to help me thank our brilliant captain?”

“Aye aye!” the crew cheered.

“A-Ada,” Pasco managed to stammer, “W-what are you— ohhhhh…”

She rubbed him again to hush his protests. Ada had pitched such a scenario a few battles back. Pasco had decided that he was happy to let her try it and that he was also happy to put up a bit of resistance. He would, if anything became too much, say ‘red’.

Ada unfastened his belt and pulled down his trousers, letting his shaft rise to full mast. She enveloped him in her mouth and moaned greedily.

Pasco sighed back into the mast and Ada’s ministrations. Ada started up a steady rhythm with her mouth, drawing moans from Pasco.

Missa approached and gently took one of Pasco’s hands, using it to massage her bare breast as she started to masturbate with the other hand.

Forte towered over them, nearly straddling Ada, and then leaned down to kiss Pasco full on the mouth. Pasco moaned and melted into it, even as Teoda came and bent his fingers up into her sex, fucking herself on them.

Sendia could not do much but watch them, face flushed red, erection twitching. “Oh-oh m-my,” she stammered, as the sight made her so very, very sensitive as she touched herself.

The rest of the crew wasted no time in devolving into jubilant orgy, the courtesans emerging onto the deck and joining in.

Ada loved forcing someone to surrender, and forcing Pasco to surrender to the pleasure of his orgasm was her absolute favorite. 

As she worked Pasco to the quivering edge and then over it, she drank deep the sounds of his arousal and the taste of his seed.

And as he finished, collapsing happily onto the deck, she curled in his arms, utterly satisfied.

Part 2: On the Road, The Dragon's Tower

Chapter 12: Six Hands High

Ada spent most of the next day talking to her new friends as they rode towards the shore. Missa and Sendia now openly fondled each other atop their horse. The group bounced question after question to each other, about lovers and life, about hobbies and habits, about preferences and predilections.

Ada found that she could talk openly about herself in every way. Not just sex, but worries. Hangups. Aspirations. These were all met with open warmth, for the first time.

Screw fairy godmothers coming to the rescue, Ada thought. I’ll take a mystical topless sex-positive sea kingdom, thank you very much.

That night, Ada sourced wood for the fire, roaming around the wood and gathering kindling, then helping to haul and chop up a dead log. It felt good to use her body, and even better to know that nobody was judging her. Or, well, at least not negatively. She caught Pasco’s appreciative gaze on her more than once. 

Once everything was prepared, Ada sat next to the fire, pleased to watch the flickering light of the fruits of her labor.

Missa came down next to her. “I saw you working hard. Arms and back must be awful sore. Want a back rub?”

Missa exuded feminine warmth. She was the curviest of the three women, with thick thighs and a cute tummy. Her brown hair was tucked behind her ears, her skin a deep tan. Her tattoos were twirling and delicate, like filigree, in rings all the way up her soft arms.

Yes,” Ada said. She melted into the woman’s touch. The others finished up and came to gather around the fire.

“Do you want… more than a back rub?” Missa asked. “It’s okay if you don’t.”

Ada considered this. Pasco sat across from her. “How does this work?” Ada asked him. She was quite enamored with him, and though she hardly felt like she needed his permission to do what she wanted, she did respect his feelings.

“Well,” he said, “I want you to be happy. I’m secure. You do what feels good… as long as you don’t mind me watching.”

That kindled her arousal something fierce, and made her glad that she’d asked. Knowing that he’d also take pleasure in what followed made it even better.

“Yes, Missa, I would indeed like more than a back rub.”

Missa cooed happily. “I want to see if I can make you a dragon, is that alright?” She started massaging Ada’s breasts, gently at first.

Little sparks of electric energy radiated from Ada’s nipples, which were becoming firm at Missa’s touch. “Yes, that is very… very alright…”

Missa moved one hand to Ada’s waist, then her stomach, then her inner thigh. Ada shivered and pressed back into Missa’s warm, soft breasts.

Missa’s hand slipped into Ada’s trousers, finding her labia with an intimate familiarity. Missa started a rhythm of stroking with her fingers. It was probably what Missa herself liked and it was different than Ada’s preferred style, but Ada liked the change, liked the novelty. She suspected it would be… very effective.

After some minutes, she peeked over at Pasco. She could see him throbbing through the thin fabric of his trousers. Touch yourself, she thought. She would have told him to, but she wanted him to do it because he couldn’t bear to not, more so than because she told him to.

Missa’s ministrations brought Ada back into her own body for a few more minutes. Missa’s hand was soaking wet from Ada and Ada arched back and ran her hands through Missa’s hair to draw out breathy gasps from the pirate woman.

Ada looked at Pasco again. Not just a glance this time. She locked eyes with him. She grinned and ran her tongue over the teeth of her open mouth. She imagined her dragon’s mouth around him, and she swore she saw the same image light up in his eyes.

He grinned begrudgingly. He withdrew himself from his trousers and started to stroke himself.

Missa slipped a finger inside to curl around to Ada’s spot.

 Ada was plenty warm and the sensation was intense and welcome. “Oh fuck…” Ada said. Pasco stroking himself, Missa’s pinch at her nipple, the pressure on her spot, fingers moving through her folds, “Fuck, I’m gonnaaaaaaa!~”

The transformation always felt like she was gasping in, in, in, pulling all of the heat and warmth and pleasure in the world into herself.

Ada barely managed to avoid snuffing the fire as she stumbled to her feet at the edge of camp. She towered over them, though Forte was nearly as tall as her shoulders. Her head was the size of Pasco’s torso. The pirates looked up at her with awe.

That sent a thrill through her. She purred and shook her head, iridescence flickering down her black scales. She spread her bat-like wings to show their shimmering translucent membranes as she settled to lounge at the edge of camp.

“You can touch,” she said to them. “If I say ‘red’, it means ‘stop for real’ and ‘back up because I might crush you’.”

Pasco chortled at that and came to stroke her face again. “You’re so beautiful,” he said, “and strong.”

“Careful,” she said, “the human might get jealous.” That was, perhaps, one of the sadder parts of being able to turn into a dragon. At times, she could feel terribly inadequate standing on just two feet.

Pasco shook his head. “All of you, all the time. Beautiful and strong.”

Ada felt a deep warmth, which was neither particular sexual, nor particularly non-sexual, that she didn’t quite know how to describe. It wasn’t the literal fire that she could breathe, either. It was like a warm hug inside of her. She’d never felt seen, like this, before. And it hadn’t even been a week. How might she feel, how might he know her, after moons or even years? Or might they burn fast and come to fade all too soon?

Missa had the most overt delight and was the first to come and touch. She petted Ada’s scales, then stroked the soft membranes of her wings.

“Ooh that— tickles but— feels really good.” 

Missa started to rub and massage what was the palm of Ada’s wing, the place where all the spokes came together, and that set Ada to quivering. Ada had never thought that might be an erotic area for a dragon, but she was learning all sorts of things from these eager pirates.

Pasco ran a hand down her neck and started towards her belly, and Sendia came up in front of her. The woman’s face was angular and cute, her body lithe and slender. She had no breasts and her body was straight and athletic, her blondish hair pulled up in a messy bun atop her head. Sendia petted the dragon with glee. 

Ada nosed the bulge in her trousers. “I like to suck on something. May I?”

Sendia cupped Ada’s snout in her hands. “Yeah, I’d like that!” She undid her trousers and Ada greedily lapped at her growing shaft. Ada liked the idea of being fucked by someone so cute, just a bouncy, peppy little fuck, and she sunk into that thought as Pasco, Forte, and Teoda evaluated her draconic vulva.

Pasco was sharing what he’d learned so far, offering advice to the other two. Ada couldn’t make out much of what they were saying over the sound of her own slurping and Sendia’s squeaks.

Then it started. Six hands on her. No, eight! Missa had joined in too. The hands were between her labia. All around. Searching, stroking. The moaning started deep within her and made her body tremble.

“That feels so good,” were the last cohesive words she could form.

She had to hold still. This was a delicate thing, one wrong squirm and this could end badly. She groaned and dug her talons into the ground, withdrew from Sendia and snaked her head towards closest tree, biting it hard.

Missa broke away from the rest and came up to Ada’s head. She took Sendia’s hand and lead the other woman up to a rock that was right in the middle of Ada’s view. Missa settled back on the rock and pulled Sendia into her lap. One of Missa’s hands found Sendia’s shaft and the other her balls and ass, and Sendia melted back into Missa just as Ada had.

 Ada moaned into the tree trunk in her mouth, making the leaves atop it tremble and sending down a shower of seeds.

It was clear from Missa’s face that she got nearly as much pleasure out of this arrangement as Sendia did.

“Missa,” Sendia said, “Your hands are still s-so slippery f-from princess Ada…”

Missa growled devilishly, a surprisingly aggressive sound from the soft woman. “Ada, how would you like it if I made Sendia come all over your face, all with the slick from your own sex?”

A convulsion of pleasure rippled down Ada’s spine. She would like that very much. All she could do to reply was moan as her eyes rolled back.

Missa accurately interpreted this as a ‘Yes, please’ and diligently set to making Sendia come her little heart out.

Sendia’s moans raised and quickened. The other three pirates at Ada’s vulva found an effective rhythm. Ada’s whole body shook. It felt so good but it wasn’t… it wasn’t going to make her climax. She needed just another little push.

“Missa!” Sendia gasped, “You feel so good up there!” Missa had two fingers in Sendia’s ass. “You know if you do that, you’re gonna make me, you’ll make me—”

Sendia’s cheeks were flushed, her eyes rolled back, and she was the picture of bliss as she burst, her balls convulsing, sending a spray of warm cum over the tip of Ada’s snout.

That was exactly what Ada needed.

Ada tipped over the edge, clawing at the ground and spasming her own load of slick, clear fem-cum all over Pasco, Forte, and Teoda and the ground at her feet.

She ended up in the middle of that puddle, now dwarfed by it, when her breath finally stopped heaving.

But Ada wasn’t done. Head thick with the heady scent of herself, she playfully pounced onto Teoda and brought the woman down into the puddle. Teoda laughed and they wrestled lightly in the puddle, sliding past each other and brushing sensitive places, nipples and inner thighs. Teoda’s reddish-brown hair was cropped short, and she was more muscular than Missa, though still feminine.

Ada eventually ended up on top of the other woman. “What’s your thing?” Ada said. “What do you like?”

Teoda grinned. She looked at Forte. “Thick dicks.” He’d stripped off his slick-soaked trousers to show the endowment that was the subject of Teoda’s affection. Forte was taller and broader than Pasco and a bit lighter, his hair a warm auburn.

“Can I suck on your nipples while he fucks you?” Ada said.

“I’d like that,” Teoda said.

“Can he fuck me too a little bit?” Ada said.

“I’d like that,” Forte said.

Ada started eagerly sucking at Teoda’s tits while Forte lined up. Teoda lay on her back, with her hips up on Forte’s knees, and with all the slick around, Forte quickly figured out that he could pull Teoda up the ramp of his knees and onto his dick, fucking her over himself.

Ada bent over Teoda, sucking at a tit as Teoda slid by, back and forth, which had the effect of tugging her nipple up and down.

“Ooh, that’s a little much—” Teoda said. Ada moved with her more, lessening the tugging. “Ooh yeah… tight there…”

It had barely been a minute before Ada felt Pasco’s hands on her hips, sizing up her sex, which she was waving proud in the air.

“Pasco,” Ada said, “Don’t you dare stand there and not fuck me…”

And then he was inside of her.

And there was nothing else in the world.

He pulled her into a better position and off of Teoda and started fucking her in earnest.

“Hey!” Teoda complained, “Don’t steal my tit-sucker!”

“Sorry, not sorry,” Pasco said. Then, to Ada, “Fuck, you feel good.”

“So do youuuuu,” Ada cooed.

“Ah, too good,” Pasco said, and abruptly slowed. He took a few deep breaths and slid slowly in and out.

Ada shivered and purred.

“Where should I put my seed, love?” Pasco said.

Ada considered, then pulled away and turned around, kneeling in front of him. She took him up into her mouth and he moaned.

“I want a snack,” she said.

“It might be… more like a meal…” he panted. Ada sucked at him greedily, drawing him down into her throat and licking at him with her tongue, the down-scaled version of her earlier trick.

With her hands, she found his balls, his perineum, and teased out moans and gasps from them. Then, finally, she rubbed circles on his rim. He yelped.

“If you do that, you’ll make me— you’ll— fuck, fuck!

Again she squeezed him as she swallowed his cum, the suction teasing his tip and making him spurt harder. Finally he slowed, and she held him a moment before she gently released him and kissed the underside of his shaft.

She sat back on her heels and looked up at him, grinning, licking a dribble of cum from her lip.

He dropped down to his knees and wrapped his arms around her. They watched Forte and Teoda. Teoda was already moaning and spasming.

“Is she orgasming?” Ada said.

“Yeah,” Pasco said, “She has a lot of small ones. Like, dozens. Pretty different from yours, I wager.”

“Heh, yeah.” Ada said. “I think I’d get stuck in some weird half-dragon state if that happened to me.”

Pasco chuckled. “That doesn’t sound so nice. What’s happening here is Forte gets her right to that place and tries to hold them there as long as he can, but…”

Suddenly, Forte started growling. He pounded one, two, three more thrusts, then came to a stop fully hilted in Teoda, quivers running through his hips as he came in her.

“…It’s not easy,” Pasco finished.

Teoda sighed blissily, hugging Forte as he collapsed on top of her, his dick still inside of her.

Missa and Sendia wandered over too, and the party sat in a misty, blissy haze in the puddle Ada had made.

Some minutes later, Pasco said, “We should all go take a bath, huh.”

Cleaning up proved to be just as fun as getting dirty.

Part 2: On the Road, The Dragon's Tower

Chapter 11: Two Things

Ada’s satisfaction was short-lived as she became aware of her own aching desire. She looked back and realized that her wetness had started flowing freely from her, past her scaly outer labia. Her inner labia were swollen with arousal, smooth and black and now visible as they pressed her scales apart, advertising that her dragon sex was open for business. She started to look around, with growing urgency, for an appropriate implement, like a fallen log or a boulder. She wasn’t above humping a tree, or —

There was a surge of pleasure around her sex, so intense that she nearly fell over. Pasco stood under her, stroking around her inner labia as he had her muzzle earlier. He dipped a hand up between them and it came back thick with the clear fluid, and he licked it off his hand like a bear eating honey.

Ada shuddered and flopped over onto her side, exposing her belly to him. He rubbed his hands down the scales of her outer labia, which were incredibly sensitive despite being firm and ridged. This inspired another gush of wetness. Ada settled into fuzzy bliss once again.

This time, she complemented his ministrations with pressure and rubbing from the tops of her back feet, her knuckles rubbing across those sensitive scales.

“What’s your safe word?” he asked.

She thought it not terribly necessary, when she was a dragon and could break him without so much as a second’s warning, but she appreciated it all the same.

“‘Red’ is good for me too,” she moaned. She wondered what he was planning that might need—

Oh. Oh. Oh.

His hands were inside her labia, pressing against her own inner walls. She’d never actually ventured such a thing, always finding it easy enough to come just from stimulating her outer labia or by licking herself. But oh, oh god, he was finding her dragon clit.

The sensation was so much more intense than the diffuse pleasure that her labia provided, immensely pleasurable and yet nearly intolerable. It inspired a different sort of urgency, an abrupt and consuming desperation, and she was soon hissing and writhing and snarling. It took all her focus to keep from kicking him, or lashing with her tail, or doing something else that might have so easily torn open his fragile body.

Ada then realized that the safe word was more for his benefit, whether he had known that or not when he asked. She really could break him in a moment and he might be hard-pressed to distinguish her sounds of pleasure from anger.

She could hardly tell the difference either. This was torture, really wonderful torture. His hands up inside of her. Her so sensitive, him invasive but welcomed, the sensation new and uncertain but she wanted more of it, she wanted it harder.

“That feels so good,” she said. “It’s driving me… crazy… I can’t…”

She looked down to see him elbow-deep inside of, working her clit and her labia, grinning wide.

She whimpered. “I can’t, I’m sorry, I can’t take it, I need—” she tried to roll away but the motion brought the pressure of his hands against her edges and that sensation captured her.

She started to wiggle around him. “I need, I need to come.” She found an angle and started fucking herself against his arms, which was still an agonizingly light sensation, but as she clenched her sex, and with her back feet rubbing outside and around her, and at the sight of him buried in her, it was all just enough, just barely enough, to tip her over the edge.

“I need, I need, I— I’m going, I’m cuuuuaaaaaah!~”

Her own muscles contracted in pleasurable wave, squeezing Pasco’s arms and gushing fem-cum over them, the sensation of heat and lightness and pure pleasure washing over her and the world going bright with sparkling lights, like it did each time she transformed.

As the waves of pleasure finally faded, she found Pasco had fallen over her. Ada realized just how much larger he was than her when she was human. He quickly shifted to avoid crushing her, but she rolled towards him to stay tangled up together.

They lay together and Ada nuzzled up into him as their hearts and breathing slowed. She reached a hand up and smoothed his beard over his cheek, then ran her fingers gently through the coarse hair. He was still damp from burying himself in her folds, and she smiled.

He looked down at her with his morning fog eyes, his kind smile crinkling them shut like the warmth of dawn breaking out over the horizon.

“Hm,” Pasco said. His voice vibrated in his chest beneath her.

“Hm?” Ada said.

“Two things have just occurred to me,” Pasco said.


“One, I appear to have kidnapped you more than rescued you.”

“Oh,” Ada said. She hadn’t really thought of it that way. She would have left the tower months prior but… she just didn’t know where to go. “You couldn’t have taken me if I didn’t want to come.”

“Oh, did you want to come? Or did you want to come?”

“Yes,” Ada said breathily. He was as clever as he was handsome, and Ada would have sworn she had known him two years, not two days.

Pasco laughed. It was warm and perfect with her ear to his chest like that.

“I was lonely,” Ada said. “And you were all beautiful. And different. And your horses have scales. And you don’t have to wear shirts. And your culture is sexy.”

Pasco nodded. “All of those things are true. So I suppose that makes you neither our hostage nor our refugee, but our traveling companion.”

Ada’s head was finally starting to return to sane thought. “Well, when… when I was your refugee, did you intend to, um, well, usually those who venture to the tower are princes intending to, earn a marriage right, so is that… what… um…” Ada had been loathe to suffer any talk of marriage for years, and yet suddenly, she was very very interested. 

She had just sprung upon him the secret of the century and he had taken it totally in stride. Actually, he’d taken it totally in the ass. Gods, that had been amazing. Any man that loved it when she ate him out like that was a man that she wanted to keep very close for a very long time. And he was not lacking in ways to please her, either.

“I am a prince, that’s true,” Pasco said.

“You are?” Ada said. She had never seen a prince that seemed, well, this functional. They had all either been insufferably pompous or worryingly frail. Pasco was strong and firm and virile, and kind and clever and gentle. He was as close to Ada’s definition of ‘prince’ as she was to her parents’ definition of ‘princess’.

“Don’t sound so surprised,” he teased.

“I mean, I’m not, just, I thought I knew all of the kingdoms and I don’t know… yours, apparently.” Part of the reason that the western tower had been abandoned was because all of the powers in the West were now accounted for politically. Ada thought she knew of them all, especially from the history books in the tower, but perhaps she had missed one?

“You wouldn’t,” Pasco said.

“Well that seems presumptuous,” Ada said. She was very well read, after all!

“I come from the kingdom of pirates.”

“Oh. Wait, what?”

“You think pirates can’t have organization?”

“No, I just didn’t think… that pirate royalty would come so far inland to fetch some random princess out of a tower.” Pirate royalty? It did make a kind of sense to Ada. She had read that pirates were often employed as privateers by this kingdom or that. Was it really so different if they made their own kingdom on the seas? Except for that their kingdom seemed very different than hers. For one, they were not so shy about breasts. Or sex.

“Not some random princess. A princess guarded by a dragon.” He put his fingertip to her nose.

She scrunched her face at him, sticking out her tongue, even though she loved it. How could they have known each other two days, and yet already feel so familiar? “You said you had dragons where you’re from? Something about that?” Her books had hinted at places that dragons might still be plentiful, but there had only been speculation.

“We do,” he said. “They’ve been nearly all driven from this continent, but there’s plenty on the seas. That’s not even mentioning the places we sail to, unmapped and wild. We’re used to dealing with dragons, but your folk, not so much. Once we’d heard how many of your knights had failed, we were concerned the dragon might not be content with its territory and might start to roam. That could be disastrous. We wanted to nip that in the bud, so to speak, and leverage that respect to get a few more kingdoms to… subscribe to our protection fees. When the dragon didn’t show at the tower, I’d hoped we’d see it on the trip.” He smiled. “I wasn’t disappointed.”

“So you only brought me along as bait?” Ada pouted.

“Not at all,” Pasco said. “We may do things differently on the sea, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know the marriage traditions in this place. It would be unkind to take your dragon and leave you in the tower, when you could live in comfort with us.”

Ada once again found herself very keen to understand Pasco’s intentions. “So you were sort of thinking… a marriage in name only or… something like that…”

Pasco laughed. “A first lesson about pirates — try asking your actual question and you’ll probably like the answer a lot more.”

Ada shifted so that she could see his face, him lying on his back and her lying on his chest. For all her hedging, she knew exactly what she wanted. Could she truly just be straightforward? There was only one way to find out. “Would you be my lover?”

He tucked her hair behind her ear. “Yes, I would like that very much, my little dragon.”

She purred and folded into him. It was all happening so fast, but she had no interest in slowing it down. In that quiet moment, her mind flicked back to the start of the conversation. “What was the other thing?” she said. “You said ‘one’ like there was a ‘two’.”

“Ah,” he said, “Yes. Two. You destroy your clothes when you turn into a dragon, don’t you?”

Ada looked down at herself. She was completely naked. Pasco still had his trowsers around his ankles. 

“Ah,” she said, “Yes, yes I do.”

It was fully dark when they returned to camp, but nobody was asleep. Ada was wearing Pasco’s trousers, and Pasco was completely naked. “Nothing my crew haven’t seen before,” he had said, and that had raised Ada’s eyebrows.

She understood as soon as they came into view of the camp. Everyone was naked.

Forte was fucking Missa, who lay on the ground with Teoda straddling her face, and Sendia had her dick between Teoda’s breasts.

Forte noticed them approach. “Hey, captain!” he said. “Heard you two fuckin’ in th’ woods an’ figgered the ban was up.”

“That’s only fair,” Pasco said.

The four continued their revelry but each had a half eye turned towards Ada, as if a bit wary to see how she was going to react.

Ada’s heart was singing. It was like a full choir was inside of her chest, swelling louder and louder and louder. If she was dreaming, she didn’t care. She would fully commit. She would live this new life with every ounce of her being for as long as it lasted. 

“Fuck yes,” she said, “You all are the best.”

Ada and Pasco settled in to cuddle and watch the rest of the crew finish their orgy. And finish they did. Several times.

Part 2: On the Road, The Dragon's Tower

Chapter 10: Tongue Tied

Ada finally stilled, panting, and found her feet. She only barely fit in the clearing, her greenish black scales blending into the night. She was a head taller than Pasco at her shoulder and her long tail curled back towards her in the small clearing. Her bat-like wings were partially unfurled and she tucked them to her spine in a future effort to appear smaller and less threatening. 

Her dragon’s senses hummed with information in this new environment. The smell of peat, the dappled light, the rustling of crickets, and the sound of Pasco’s beating heart, not at all where she’d expected him. 

He was above her now, having raced up a tree. She turned towards him and as her head neared, he threw a dagger at her. It bounced harmlessly off of her forehead.

She laughed and it came out as a rasping chuffing.

“You look like a cat, scared up a tree,” she said. As the air passed over her tongue, she smelled him. The salt of sweat, the musk of arousal, the slightest spice of fear.

Pasco was frozen.

“It’s me, Ada,” she said.

“Fucking gods, Ada,” he said. “When you said you were going to show me something I did not expect you to turn into a dragon.” He did look genuinely shaken.

Ada did not have any defense for her lust-addled decision-making. “Yeah… sorry. How do you… feel about it?” He was talking back to her, so that was a very good start.

“Um,” he said. “Terrified?”

“Terrified-question-mark?” Ada said.


“Why the question mark?”

She started to see her grin reflected in his own.

“I don’t know, it could be something else,” he said. His voice was cheeky, now. Teasing.

“Oh yeah? Well, why don’t you describe your symptoms.” Ada felt like that was something that one of the field doctors from her books would have said.

“Elevated heart rate,” he said. “Sweaty palms. Tunnel vision. Single-minded focus. Panting.”

“Hm… I think I know of a cure for those symptoms.”

She brought her head closer to him. Her golden, cat-like eye was as big as his outspread hand. Her head, from snout to crown, was about the length of his torso though more slender. He reached out and stroked the tip of her snout. That felt wonderful. She let him run his hands over her muzzle, her cheeks and around her eyes, her armored forehead and the soft, delicate skin under her chin. 

This was a new learning about dragons, they loved to be petted.

Ada purred happily. “What would you say if a dragon said she wanted to have her way with you?”

This time, he was the one to whimper. Was this a thing for him? Was he about to love this as much as she was?

He swallowed, his Adam’s apple bobbing under the soft skin of his neck. “I’d say, to please do whatever the fuck you want with me.”

So pliant already, so eager to indulge in her whims. Had he been waiting these two days, also? She regretted not being more forward, and yet, the wait made the sensations all the more intense.

Ada growled with pleasure and plucked Pasco out of the tree — gently, no pokey bits. She put him on the ground in front of her and sized him up. Naked. Erect.

His heart beat so strongly that his shaft bounced with it and he leaned back on the soft peat behind him. She was mesmerized by the way his breath moved under his golden skin. His eyes of morning fog had turned to midnight, so dilated with arousal that they were all but black.

Her hungers welled and though she knew he would welcome them, as so many of her lovers had, she needed his promise that he would accept only what he truly wanted. “What’s your safe word?” she said. This was another thing she had read about, in one of the more… explicit books. She was ready to explain what it meant and she hoped that if he was familiar with the concept, this might mean that she could finally lavish the attention that she had always wanted to, without a power imbalance — royal, draconic, or otherwise — getting in the way. 

“‘Red’,” he said.

“Got it,” she said, and she knocked him further down into the cushion of leaf litter and pinned him under a cage of her talons. The smell of fallen leaves mingled with his sweaty musk.

Her claws were just long enough that the tips caught in the leaf litter instead of in his skin, the palm of her forefoot pressed against his chest. His heart fluttered against her, like when she held a rabbit in her hand.

He was already whimpering.

She was already drooling.

As excited as she was, she hesitated, feeling like it all might be too good to be true. “Is this alright?” she asked, her voice as soft as she could make it. “Do you like this?”

He gripped her hooklike claws in his hands and looked up at her with his grey eyes. “I love this.”

His honest enthusiasm sent her hurtling headlong into even greater arousal. 

She flicked out her long, forked tongue and tasted the night. Fully extended, it was as long as the length from the base of his neck to the base of his sex. 

Then, she tasted him. First, up his legs. Then, across his chest. Then under his face, the two forks of her tongue on either side of his neck. He gasped, moaning with pleasure as his expression melted to surrender.

Then his inner thigh, and she could taste the smell of his sex. Then, finally, long and slow up his shaft. He yelped in the happiest way.

She wrapped the length of her prehensile tongue around him and started stroking. Slowly, at first. He sank into contented moans. She gave him a few minutes of that, then caught his eye. She grinned and opened her mouth, tip of her tongue holding him in place, tip right at her scaly lips. Some of her fangs were as long as his shaft. She brought his very tip into her mouth.

Would he like that? Or was it ‘red’?

Pasco moaned from his very core, and Ada knew that he liked that. A lot.

His dick fit perfectly into the notch of her top jaw where smooth scales allowed her tongue to flick through. She slowly lowered her mouth around him. Safely at the soft, round sides of her teeth, he would feel the ridges of the roof of her mouth, the smooth pressure of her scaly lips, and the ripples of her tongue sliding under his whole length as she moved her tongue back and forth against him.

As a human, she would have strained to take most of him into her mouth. As a dragon, it was more like sucking on a finger, which was to say that she enveloped him completely in moist, undulating heat.

She progressively licked further and further down. Down to his base, then lightly over his balls, then harder and she licked under and around them, pressing over his perineum.

She pushed a little bit further, until she was almost touching his rim.

He cried with pleasure, a gasp of pure delight, and the sound both startled and inspired her.

She stopped for a moment. “Do you like that?” she said.

He nodded.

“Do you like that back there?” she said, with a devious grin. It was a stable hand that had shown her, years back, the kind of fond and pleasurable relationship that a man could have with his ass. She had loved the kind of pleasure that she could give him and she had fantasized about it often since then. She’d even dreamed up this exact scenario, this perfect application of her dragon’s tongue, some months prior.

Her mouth watered. Might he really want it? Might he really like it?

He peeked up to see her face and flopped back against the leaves, huffing. “Yes,” he said.

“Can I… Can I go in?” she said.

He nodded.

“Would you like that?” she said.

“Yes, I would l-like that very much.” His expression was pleading, desperate. Ada’s arousal flared again to a new level of heat.

“I like those sounds you make very much,” she said.

He then became, of all things, bashful.

She grinned, and wrapped herself around him again. His shyness dissolved into shameless, slutty moans as she licked his perineum and flicked over his rim.

Gently, she made her way in, bringing her forked tongue together into a narrow tip. She teased him at first, not stroking with her tongue, just holding him in the warmth of her mouth. He would feel the slight shifts in her tongue as she experimented with the angle of penetration.

He wiggled to push himself up onto her tongue, but his chest was still pinned by her claw. He pulled at her fingers, trying to pry them away, but there was precious little he could do. She paused a moment, part to tease him, part to give him a chance to decide if he liked being helpless.

There was no ‘red’.

She purred and the vibrations set him trembling. Inside of him, she pressed the tip of her tongue against his spot of especial pleasure. Slowly at first, and then faster, she worked her tongue in and out of her mouth. The ridged texture passed under his tip, around his shaft, over his balls and perineum, through his rim, to the internal wall of muscles and his prostate under it. Back and forth, back and forth, both pressure and texture.

Her tongue was wet with the drool that flowed freely from her mouth, so that she moved over him easily. Gradually, she pushed more and more of her tongue out over him, so that she stretched his rim further and enveloped his shaft more completely.

She milked both pre-cum and delicious moans from him as he quivered and panted.

“G-gods you f-feel so good inside of me…” His balls tensed under her tongue. “I’m so close!”

The muscles of his ass clenched around her tongue, the pre-orgasmic waves of tension, and she pressed his base a little bit harder into the roof of her mouth, her smooth upper lip acting as cock ring. The muscle contractions became more intense, but the pressure was enough to prevent his ejaculation.

He trembled underneath her, hands coming to grip her talons that were over his chest, and he looked up at her with those pleading, begging eyes once again. “P-please,” he said, “I’m so full!”

Ada wasn’t quite sure where her boldness came from. Could it be that she was a dragon? Could it be all her fantasies, all her dreaming of something like this, since far before she’d arrived at the tower? Could it simply be the way that even though it had only been two days, she felt like she’d already known him for a lifetime?

She felt so in-tune with his pleasure, so entwined with his lifeblood and heartbeat because of the way she heard him, smelled him, felt him. Her dragon’s senses were all fully applied toward anticipating and heightening his pleasure.

His spasms passed as she kept him held tight, and then she loosened the pressure and started stroking him with her tongue again. She brought him to the edge once more, then just as he was teetering, she stopped and held him tight with her lips again. She repeated this process a third time. Then a fourth. The contractions became more intense with each denial, and this time, they were not abating. Ada knew that as soon as she loosened, all that accumulated lust would come surging forth.

His every whimper, every moan, every shudder, every moment that passed that he didn’t say ‘red’, confirmed that he was loving what she was doing to him.

He became a sweaty, moaning, begging, pleading mess. “Please, pleaaaaaase, please let me come, it’s been days, I’m so full, I c-can’t, please just let me, please—”

She slowly started to release the pressure. He lost words as his panting quickened in pace with the release, the muscles of his ass spasming around her tongue harder, and harder, and harder.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck fuckfuckfuck!”

As he climaxed she squeezed the cum out of him, her tongue wrapped fully around both his prostate and his balls and still stroking. He unloaded spasm after spasm into her eager mouth. Her swallowing created a gentle suction that pulled more out of him.

His breathing slowed and he started shaking uncontrollably. Ada unfolded her mouth from around him and slowly, gently removed her tongue from his ass.

She grinned as he slumped into a blissy, panting puddle.