Part 7: Birds of a Feather, The Dragon's Tower

Chapter 37: Dragon’s Fire

Ships turned to torches as the fires on their decks sent plumes of smoke into the sky. The battle still raged but it was turning in their favor.

Ada wheeled in the sky and dove for another pass, emerging from of a billow of smoke and giving no warning. Fire burst from her chest and poured between her teeth as she doused another deck and the people ran, jumping overboard and scurrying below like rats.

Her laughing roar cut the sky and set the other crews trembling. Even the Wanderlust’s crew turned a wary eye to the sky. One time she had gotten a teensy bit carried away and set their own ship on fire, and now they never let their guard down during battle.

To the enemy crews, Ada’s appearance was some miracle of luck, some blessing from an ocean god. A dragon, a feral beast of the skies, wreaking havoc on the foes of the great pirate lords. It appeared from nothing. It disappeared into nothing.

She was already legend.

Ada wracked another ship with flames, but as she flew away from their heat, she felt a different warmth start to grow beyond her control. Light as a ribbon, she twisted through the air, diving behind Pasco’s ship but not appearing again on the other side. That was because she’d tucked her wings and landed as gracefully as she could on the back of the ship, slipping through the open aft and into the captain’s quarters. 

She tumbled more than landed and ended up on her back already pawing at herself. Being a dragon, she was a pivotal part of these battles, but being a dragon who was a pivotal part of battles really got her off.

Initially, Pasco had just opened the locket, his battle focus keeping Ada firmly from orgasming and returning to her human form. However, as her sexual urges built, so did her violent ones, and she found it difficult to tell friend from foe, and that was in fact the one time she’d lit the Wanderlust on fire. 

Pasco had been terrified that he may have to choose between the lives of his crew and Ada, if he were forced to snap the locket shut while she was over one of the ships or too high above the waves. Such a fall could kill her. Mercifully, it had not been long before she had swept low over the water.

Pasco had closed the locket, she had screamed her pleasure and fallen into the water, and he had jumped in himself to swim to her and keep her from drowning. She was a passable swimmer, now, but the sea was violent and could easily swallow even the strongest.

Since then, they had worked together to devise a way that Ada could still participate in the battles, but without the risk of a lust-mad dragon destroying everything in sight.

The answer had been a harem.

As Ada flopped to her side in the captains quarters, which had no furniture or fabric to speak of, a dozen sets of hands descended upon her. Anybody on the ship with sailing skills was needed during such a fight, so these were courtesans, the best in all the land, and handsomely paid.

Like the priestesses of old, the men and women worshipped her with ecstatic orgies.

And she blessed them, each in turn, with the ministrations of her dragon mouth and tongue. 

This round’s beneficiary was a plump, curly-haired woman, and Ada set to tongue-fucking her immediately. Her cries of pleasure worked Ada up into even more of a froth, her drool flowing out around the woman’s hips and Ada’s own arousal leaking down her hind legs.

Ada had learned to not fight the arousal it when she was out in the sky. It was best to just let it happen, to come here, frantic, clawing, so that the intensity never fell and she was back in the sky as soon as possible.

As soon as possible is definitely how soon she wanted to come as the rest of the courtesans set to rubbing her scales, having learned all the best, most wonderful, most tortuous spots.

It didn’t take long.

Ada climaxed before her beneficiary did, but the curly-haired woman’s turn was not up. As usual, Ada’s head stayed about where it had been, and so she hardly had to move to bury her tongue between the woman’s labia again, eagerly licking her own drool out of the other woman’s sex.

The courtesans and Ada had learned that in such a situation, Ada wanted to be fucked with the thickest dick available, so the appropriate courtesan obliged. Ada moaned into the curly-haired woman as a thick shaft slid deliciously inside of her, stretching her out in the most wonderful way.

The rest of the courtesans set up around the trio, as they knew Ada liked, as they themselves also liked, and got their best orgy on. It was overstimulating. The orgasmic trembling of her beneficiary, the delicious stretch of that dick inside of her, the moans and gasps all around her, and within moments, the ropes of cum spraying this way and that.

Ada’s dragon body swelled over them, but they knew the drill, and scurried knowingly out of the way. 

Ada shook herself down, fire in her bones. She lowered to her stomach and pushed with her hind legs against the back wall, like the ocean faring iguanas native to the nearby islands. She slid on her belly and the slick of her own cum and drool, dropped out over the edge and plummeted towards the water below before snapping her wings out and rising.

Again she descended on the enemy fleet, dousing them in fire. Her spreading legend had two opposite effects on the opponents that they met in battle. On the one hand, more and more fleets simply surrendered as soon as their first boat was alight. Some, even as soon as they saw Ada’s shadow on the sky. And still others surrendered as soon as they saw the Wanderlusts distinctive blue sail.

On the other hand, the most fearsome pirates sailed their fleets quite intentionally towards Pasco’s waters, eager to try their hand against this legendary foe.

This was one such fleet and they were putting up a decent fight, having rigged their decks with barrels of seawater to put out most of the fires.

Ada could only breathe so much flame, and if Pasco’s fleet had relied on her tricks, they may have actually lost this battle.

But Pasco’s fleet had not grown lazy even with the addition of a dragon, and they remained a well-trained and tightly coordinated crew, still deserving of their prior reputation.

In fact, Ada was more distraction than trump card. If the enemy fleet didn’t fend her off, she could sink their ships, that was true. However, it would have taken her more time and effort than they realized. 

They assumed that she was the greatest threat, and turned all their attentions towards fending her off. They chased her with ballistas and harpoon guns, tried to lay traps of raw meat and even live cattle. They filled buckets to fight the fires, and invested in metal shields and fixings that would resist the heat.

All of that distracted them from the true threat, which was cannons from Pasco’s ships punching through the hulls of the boats beneath the water. Once the hulls cracked, it was not long before the ships sank beneath the waves.

And Pasco’s crews, coordinated and dedicated as they were, were incredibly effective at leveraging Ada’s distractions.

Half of this current aggressor’s ships were sunk before their captain realized her mistake and starting barking orders to ignore the dragon and watch out for the cannons.

It was too late for that captain. The battle was effectively over. 

With an enemy fleet like this, Pasco liked to sink all but the flag ship, then make sure that ship was nice and toothless, and then leave it to slink back to shore. The more survivors there were, the more tales they spun of the pirate prince and the black dragon, the fewer interlopers came and the more nations agreed to pay the pirate nation’s protection tax so that their own ships might go safely through the waters.

And so Pasco’s fleet swiftly crippled the rest of the ships, leaving only the largest, which was now completely out of both ballista bolts and cannonballs.

Ada came to rest on the mast of one of Pasco’s ships, her claws hooked over the crow’s nest. She spread her wings wide, like her silhouette on the sail, and breathed gouts of flame into the sky.

The golden light illuminated the rising white flag on the mast of the other ship, and Ada grinned to herself, her satisfaction and thrill turning to arousal. She loved forcing someone to surrender.

She realized then that she’d wrapped her hind legs around the mast and was grinding against it, dripping her clear, sticky fluid down its length. If the end weren’t so pointy, Ada would have sincerely considered fucking herself on the mast, even though Pasco would have complained. As it were, it didn’t look comfortable, so she leaped into the sky again and wheeled back around to the rear of the ship, climbing eagerly inside.

The battle won, there was no need to hurry.

This time, she could really savor it. She’d only pleasured half of the courtesans during this battle, so she turned her attentions to each of the rest in turn, her focus on their pleasure allowing hers to build and build and build without threatening climax.

She moaned and dripped, her slick fluid pooling on the floor and then dripping over the back of the boat.

After all of her courtesans were fully satisfied, she turned her prehensile tail towards herself and fucked herself with the tip, gasping and groaning with delight. She curled up her feet and rubbed with them too, building herself to a luxuriant, jubilant climax.

She bellowed as the pleasure ignited, a victory roar that shook every plank of the ship, and she let all of the pleasure and the exaltation pour out of her until she just a human again.

As she lay breathless on the wooden floor, she started to slide on the slick pool towards the open window. One of the courtesans tossed her a rope that was anchored on the inside wall of the quarters for that exact reason.

Ada looped it on her wrist and then floated happily on the ocean of her bliss.

The courtesans splashed buckets of warm seawater over the floor and her, washing the rest of the slick down the back of the ship before closing the windows and politely withdrawing.

Ada did not quite fall asleep, however. She was too excited to celebrate the victory with Pasco, who would only be just starting to let himself relax. She dressed and ventured out, finding him on the deck. He was calling out orders to the two pirates on either side of the deck, who were waving signal flags at the rest of the ships in the fleet.

Ada waited impatiently for him to finish, then as he turned and saw her, she ran up to him and jumped into his arms, wrapping her legs tightly around his hips and kissing him deeply.

He stumbled back into the mast, leaning against it.

That allowed Ada to shift, grinding against him, putting no effort into hiding her intentions from his crew.

He moaned, his shaft twitching against her, his fingertips digging into her ass, and she knew that he’d be getting lightheaded and dizzy with lust.

Finally she broke her kiss and stepped down. Not wanting Pasco to have any chance at rational thought, she pressed her hand against his growing bulge and massaged him through his pants.

She turned to the rest of his crew. Teoda, Forte, Missa, and Sendia were closest, as per usual.

Ada said, “Your captain is very clever, isn’t he?”

Missa grinned giddily, knowing where this was going, and nodded emphatically. The rest of the crew joined in with knowing grins, twitching shafts, and flushing cheeks.

“I think he’s very deserving,” she crooned. “How would you all like to help me thank our brilliant captain?”

“Aye aye!” the crew cheered.

“A-Ada,” Pasco managed to stammer, “W-what are you— ohhhhh…”

She rubbed him again to hush his protests. Ada had pitched such a scenario a few battles back. Pasco had decided that he was happy to let her try it and that he was also happy to put up a bit of resistance. He would, if anything became too much, say ‘red’.

Ada unfastened his belt and pulled down his trousers, letting his shaft rise to full mast. She enveloped him in her mouth and moaned greedily.

Pasco sighed back into the mast and Ada’s ministrations. Ada started up a steady rhythm with her mouth, drawing moans from Pasco.

Missa approached and gently took one of Pasco’s hands, using it to massage her bare breast as she started to masturbate with the other hand.

Forte towered over them, nearly straddling Ada, and then leaned down to kiss Pasco full on the mouth. Pasco moaned and melted into it, even as Teoda came and bent his fingers up into her sex, fucking herself on them.

Sendia could not do much but watch them, face flushed red, erection twitching. “Oh-oh m-my,” she stammered, as the sight made her so very, very sensitive as she touched herself.

The rest of the crew wasted no time in devolving into jubilant orgy, the courtesans emerging onto the deck and joining in.

Ada loved forcing someone to surrender, and forcing Pasco to surrender to the pleasure of his orgasm was her absolute favorite. 

As she worked Pasco to the quivering edge and then over it, she drank deep the sounds of his arousal and the taste of his seed.

And as he finished, collapsing happily onto the deck, she curled in his arms, utterly satisfied.


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