Part 6: Partners, The Dragon's Tower

Chapter 36: For Adventure

A lover might be made anxious by a night that passed without making love. But a partner knew that the love was made at all times, during the passion and in between it, during the loud and during the quiet.

They lay together by the ocean for all the night.

In the morning, greater heat sparked where their flesh touched.

As they had by the brook, she enveloped him with passionate certainty.

It was again the wanting and having all at once.

Neither of them orgasmed, but it was not quite right to say that they did not climax. What could or couldn’t be called a climax when you soared on broad wings through mountain peaks? When every breathing moment together was a new delight?

They let their passions blossom and held them there, blooms to offer to each other, as they took each others’ hands and raced giddy over the shore and past the village and up the path to their waterfall.

In the crystal waters of the pool, Ada blessed the island with her body and soul. She blessed the island so hard.

And so it went, the next day and the next. Ada enthusiastically applied her daily dose (or doses) of dragon cum to the pool, letting the rumbling of the waterfall carry her into peaceful, powerful orgasm. Sometimes, they used the locket. Sometimes, they didn’t. She wrapped around him. He tied her up. She filled him with her tongue. He partook of her fruit. She drooled around a ball gag.

For two moons, they basked together in the island paradise.

Though, the very thing that made the island so idyllic was the same reason why they could not stay there forever. It was valuable land, filled by the pirates with riches, and it would not stay so peaceful if they could not retain their authoritative grasp on the surrounding territory.

It felt like a whole lifetime had passed and yet no time at all when it was finally time to return to sea.

Pasco had offered for Ada to stay on the island, but she wouldn’t have it. There was no way she was missing out on pirate adventure.

Pasco had expected as much, and in the two moons, he and his crew had made some important modifications to the Wanderlust.

The primary change was that the windows of the aft side of the captains’ quarters had been set onto doors with hinges so that they could be swung wide open, from ceiling to floor. This meant that Ada could take off and land from the room even as a dragon. And also, that the floor of the room could simply be cleaned by buckets of ocean water.

The second change, nearly as brilliant, showed itself when the crew unfurled the mainsail. Stitched across it, life-sized, was the black silhouette of a dragon.

With a firm wind and a swell of anticipation at their back, they set sail for adventure.


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