Part 3: Feature Set, The Black Box

Chapter 14: Dial a Friend

“I liked how you took control when you fucked me,” Arya said, “So I dreamed up another game for you. This one is called ‘dial a friend’”. 

“How does it work?” 

“It’s a simple one and not so realistic, but I think it’ll be fun. I give you a dial. Zero is like this, y’know, normal. 10 is edging, and 11 is coming. You set the dial.”

An illusory dial appeared in the air in front of John, and he mimed reaching out and grabbing it and turning it slightly. It clicked to 1. 

Arya grinned. 

“Any other rules?”

“Nope. I can literally orgasm forever. If you like, I can have it be that something is happening to me, like the tentacles again or I could have a vibrator, but I thought it being just sheer, direct arousal would be fun.”

“I agree.” John twisted the dial to 6. 

Arya yelped, face red, body twitching, and she fell forward and caught her hands on the back of the couch, pressing her legs together and moaning as a wave of wetness spilled from her parties. “C-cutting r-right to the ch-chase, huh.”

“Oh if this is just six, I can’t wait to see what nine and ten look like.”

Arya nodded encouragingly. 

“But not yet.” He brought the dial back down to three and Arya stopped shaking. 

“May I touch myself?” she asked.

“No,” John said. “Keep your hands where they are. Better yet, I want to see you in a wingback chair with your hands bound over your head, and your feet bound to the two front feet of the couch so that you’re spread for me, and lets add a funnel set into the seat of the chair and some beakers underneath so I can see just how much you’re leaking.” His own confidence surprised him, but it felt good.

The scene took shape as he spoke, and Arya beamed with pride. “Yes, sir!”

To see her all trussed up like that, a thin stream of wetness already draining into the beaker below the chair, was deeply inspiring. 

John settled back against the couch and started stroking himself, and enjoyed the turnabout of keeping Arya waiting. 

He figured he’d start off by seeing what each setting looked like, and then he could go from there. 

Four got her squirming periodically. 

Five drew out lusty sighs and a thicker stream of wetness. 

Six returned her to moaning and the waves of wetness that had soaked her panties, which she’d done away with in her transition to the chair. She started to say something but before she could, he ticked to seven, which had her breath heaving and her breasts bouncing, her legs twisting against the bonds, trying to clamp together, to get any stimulation, any anything, to address her desire.

Eight was like a pre-orgasmic wave of pleasure, panting moans that each came with a gush of wetness. 

Nine was the awareness of the edge, the peering over, the “I’m gonna… I’m so close… God, I’m so fucking close, I’m gonna… I’m gonna…”

Ten was the edge itself, the precipitous moment of pure bliss, the weightless beginning of the descent. Through magic of the game it could go on indefinitely, Arya’s face a perfect depiction of ahegao, her body still like the calm before the storm. 

Eleven was the orgasm, the scream, the rhythmic contractions, the gush after gush of femcum that flowed down into the beakers. 

John spun the dial back down to one, now thoroughly warmed up and ready to play the game in earnest. 

Arya caught her breath and licked her lips. “Now that you’ve kicked the tires, what do you think?”

John grinned. “I like this one a lot.”

“Thats goo—” he cranked the dial to seven, “—oooooooooh, ah! Hah hah!”

Back down to five. Arya’s breath slowed back down and she dripped steadily. “I can see you’re really enjoying your s—” he set it to eight, “Ssssoooo good, god it feels so good, I can’t take it, please, please I—” to nine, and a wave of relief washed over her. “I’m gonna… I’m gonna… I think… fuck… fuck I’m so close I… I’m gonna…”

Back down to four. “I’m gonna fucking kill you,” Arya said. “Nnngh is this what I do to you?”

John grinned. “Yeah, pretty much.” In fact, it probably was based on what Arya did to him, if he was guessing correctly how her algorithms worked.

He stroked himself casually, his rapt attention to Arya’s desire the only thing keeping him from putting his own self right over the edge. 

Arya gave him a wry grin. “I’m gonna regret asking this but… do you have a favorite setting?”

He turned it back up to seven so that she was panting again. “I like the way you pant, here, and the way you drip so much, like you want to be fucked so bad.”

“I DO want to be fucked so bad, or at least touch myself!”

He set it to eight. “And I like here, how you beg.”

“Fuuuuuuuck,” Arya said, “I can’t help it! It’s hah, so, so, ngh, I can’t take it, I need, I n-need release! I w-want to come so bad I— please, let me touch myself! Please! Please, John, please!” She yanked against the restraints, trying to shake them loose but unable to, trying to press her legs together but unable to, trying to grind against the chair for sensation but unable to, begging to come but unable to. 

“And I like to watch you come,” John said. Arya’s body twitched violently in anticipation but he didn’t spin the dial. “Not yet. I love them all, but my favorite, my absolute favorite, is this one.”

He set the dial to nine. 

“John! John I’m so close! Fuck, I’m gonna fucking… soak your floor… goddamn I just need… hah, fuck, oh! I’m coming… I’m coming… Joooohn I’m gonna, I’m gonna, I, please, I’m gonna… fuck!”

It was an endless stream of pre-orgasmic exclamations strung together and it was driving John into an absolute frothing boil of desire.

Hearing her like that was like twisting to 9 on his own dial. Just before he lost capacity for thought, John came up with an idea of how to finish that was appealing enough that he found his focus. 

He reached for the dial again and tipped it slowly through 10 and to 11. “I’m coming I’m coming I— … OH, FUCK, aaaaaaah!” Arya panted and shook and gushed. 

John pulled the dial back to 9. “Nnnngh I’m so close! Shit!”

Then back to 11. Then back to 9. “Can you keep doing that on that same rhythm?” John asked. 

Arya herself was too busy orgasming to answer, but after a moment the dial tipped back to 9 of its own accord, and then towards 11 again. 

Like a metronome of infinite looping orgasm, Arya rode wave after wave of luxuriously slow climax. 

John put both hands to himself, one to his shaft and one to his balls, and turned attention to his own pleasure. As Arya teetered he stroked himself, and as she climaxed he stopped to watch the show, and so he managed to last a good bit longer than expected. 

Until finally, he couldn’t bring himself to stop stroking when she came, and so his heat built and built and built until the start of what he knew would be the wave that brought him release. 

“I’m so close!” Arya said. “I’m gonna—”

“Fuck! Me too!”

“John, I’m coming, I’m—”


They floated together in the peak, the blossoming of heat, and then crashed together into the gushing, moaning, panting, rhythmic, pulsing mess of orgasm. 
this time, the dial simply faded out of view as John lay panting on the couch, and Arya lay panting in the chair, hands still bound above her head. 

“That’s a… good game…” John said. 

“You’re a… good… uh… dial person…” Her eyes were half-lidded, her face drowsy with bliss.

John looked down at the sticky mess he’d made of himself. “Every time I think I’m spent, you get so much more out of me…”

“Thats my specialty,” Arya winked. “Now I gotta go dream about this because… this was really hot.”

Arya faded out of view and John nodded off in a haze, Arya’s cries if ‘I’m coming!’ still ringing pleasantly in his ears.

Part 5: Paradise, The Dragon's Tower

Chapter 26: Yes, Captain

Pasco massaged her forehead with his thumb and then pressed her gently back. Ada reluctantly let his shaft all the way out of her mouth, kissing his tip before settling back to the edge of the rock between his knees.

He sat up straight and looked closely at the locket again, then looked to Ada.

She nodded, as nervous and eager as him to see what happened.

He opened the locket.

A soft note rang out of it, filling the air around them, and it became a gentle melody. “I can hear it,” Pasco said, “So that’s at least helpful. How do you feel?”

“About the same, which is to say, good.”

Pasco dipped his hand into the jar of aloe and then wrapped his hand around his shaft, stroking gently. His eyes fluttered shut for just a moment. “How about now?”

The song accelerated in tempo, the melody becoming more complex. “About the same as whenever you touch yourself in front of me, which is to say, really fucking turned on.”

Pasco laughed and then sighed happily as he stroked himself. “There’s a couple of different ways that this could work. It could sync your level of arousal with mine, though that seems a bit overly limiting and not quite what you experienced with the siren. It could cap your arousal at wherever mine’s at, or it could let you be anywhere at all except you can’t come until I do.”

Ada considered the options. “Well, the quickest way to prove definitively which it is would be for me to see if I can work myself to the edge while you’re still warming up. If I can do that, we know it’s the last one.”

Pasco grinned devilishly. “I think that’s a great idea.”

Ada realized what she’d just done. Oh no. “I take it back. It’s a terrible idea. I don’t want that at all.”

Pasco’s smile didn’t waver. He was becoming more confident as he grew accustomed to Ada’s playful protests. “Really? Then why are your eyes so dilated? And why aren’t you saying your word? And why are you already touching yourself?”

Was she? Ada looked down. She totally was. Her hand, unbidden, had slipped below the water and was pressed against her vulva. Ada whimpered. “Because.

“Because you’re a dirty little liar?”

Ada gasped, surprised by the wave of arousal. She never would have expected a few little words to have such an overwhelming effect.

“Do you like it when I talk to you like that?” Pasco crooned.

Ada’s face flushed bright red. She nodded.

“What if I call you a needy little slut?”

Ada gasped again, her chin sliding down to rest on the rock, her eyes turned pleadingly up at Pasco. She thought she might slide off the rock and drown in the most wonderful way possible.

Was it the siren’s magic? Or was it just Pasco? She’d have to ask him later — or, even better, goad him into talking to her like that again.

“Be a good little dragon,” Pasco said, “And come up here on this rock and masturbate yourself to orgasm.”

Ada squeaked. “Yes, sir!”

“Yes, Captain.

Ada nodded emphatically. “Yes, Captain.”

She hauled herself out of the water and onto the warm rock next to Pasco, lying on her back and looking up at him. He picked up the pot with his free hand, his other still stroking himself, and poured some aloe over Ada’s hips and vulva. 

She shivered and gasped, the aloe cold after the warmth of the water. The shock added to her arousal and her hand was over her labia and swirling in the slippery fluid before she even consciously thought to do so.

Pasco kept stroking himself, cool and calm, as he looked down over her.

She thought she might melt into that warm rock forever.

Pasco cleared his throat. “I believe, my little dragon, that I told you to fuck yourself silly.”

Ada gasped and accelerated her pace and she felt herself collapsing into mindless urgency.

A few glorious minutes passed and she started to tip towards climax.

And then stopped. She shuddered, and then the sensation faded back to pre-orgasmic.

Her eyes flashed open and she saw Pasco leaning over her, still looking smug, still stroking himself slowly, luxuriously, without a hint of hurry.

Ada gulped.

“Ooooh,” Pasco said, “I felt that one.”

“Please let me come!” Ada gasped. “I’m so close…”

“And I have so very far to go,” Pasco crooned.

“Why are you doing this to me…”

“You did this to yourself, remember? This experiment was your idea. And it was very clever. We did indeed prove that the only thing it does is stop you from coming before I do.”

Ada huffed and pouted, and then she listened for the song. It was still as it had been a few minutes prior. A bit louder, the melody a bit more insistent, but it was still overall smooth and sensual. It was the sort of song that you might drink a glass of wine and then relax back to simply listen, to experience. To bask and savor…

And that was exactly what Pasco was doing to her! He was buzzed on arousal, just sitting back and relaxing and enjoying the music and her moans.

It wasn’t fair! Here she was, pleading and begging and desperate, and he was just enjoying himself. Drawing it out. She loved it. She hated it. Hating it turned her on even more.

“Pasco, I can’t handle this, I’m gonna die…”

Pasco chuckled. “Dramatic, much? If you want it to end so badly, why don’t you just come take the necklace? You were so eager to before.”

Ada huffed. One of her hands was curled up into her vagina, the other rubbing circles around her vulva. Even though she knew she would get no release like this, she couldn’t bear to stop.

“No?” Pasco said. “You must be fine, then.”

“I’m nooot!” Ada whined. “I j-just, I…”

“You just what?” Pasco teased.

“I j-just, I can’t!” Desperation and hot arousal swelled within her.

“Nothing is stopping you.” Pasco pulled his legs up under him, coming closer to Ada and leaning over her, so that the locket dangled teasingly over her chest. “Just reach up and take it.”

“I can’t!”

“I don’t see anything in your way. No ropes… nothing on top of you…”

Ada’s chest heaved, her breasts bouncing. “You know I can’t!”

“I don’t know at all,” Pasco said. “You’ll have to tell me. Then maybe I’ll consider your excuse.”

“I c-can’t s-stop touching myself,” Ada said. “It f-feels too good.”

“Ooooh, I see. So what I’m hearing is that you could just reach up and take it, if you weren’t…” He paused.

Ada hung on his words. She rubbed herself desperately. Oh no, what was he going to say?”

“…such a thirsty… greedy… drooling… little slut.”

Ada’s body surged towards climax again, shaking, the pleasure there but the release staying ever out of reach, just as Pasco had kept the locket out of her reach before. 

The song, like Pasco, was gentle yet immovable. He denied her again.

As the sensation of the edge faded again, Ada heard the song quicken, the melody more jovial, more urgent, and within her frustration was a spark of hope.

Pasco had stayed kneeling over her, the necklace still dangling tantalizingly in front of her. All she had to do was reach up and close it, and the song would end, and she would come.

But she could not tear her hands away from herself because she really did not want to. Just as she liked the feeling of pulling against the ropes, she liked this feeling of fighting against something, even as she wanted absolutely everything that it had to offer.

“You’re in luck,” Pasco huffed, “Because seeing you quiver like that really turns me on.”

“T-tell me what you like,” Ada gasped, “I w-want to make you come!”

“Hmmm I don’t know. I like to see you denied.”

It took Ada a moment to make sense of what he was saying, and she wanted to be sure she had it right. “S-so the more I try to come, the f-faster you will come?”

Pasco moaned happily, a droplet of pre-cum beading at his tip. “Definitely.”

Ada slowed down her desperate rubbing for a moment to consider this. It was a time versus intensity tradeoff decision. If she really let herself go, really pushed herself up to the edge, then she would experience more deprivation and yet faster relief. If this worked anything like the way the sirens’ magic had, then she would have that many more orgasms flow through her body in rapid succession.

As torturous as it had been, something about the idea of testing the siren’s magic, of seeing just how many orgasms she could finally string together, made the decision for her.

“Okay, okay,” Ada finally said.

“Have you decided?”

“Yes! P-pasco I’m gonna… I’m gonna come!”

“You can try,” Pasco said, and the delicious growl sent Ada teetering headlong into the brick wall that had become her edge.

Before she had even come down she threw herself into it again, fingers gripping at her spot, hand rubbing furiously against her clit. She twisted and writhed and moaned, her whole body begging wordlessly for sensation, for relief, and she screamed as she teetered on the edge before being pulled back down by the insistent weight of the song, like a sailor to a watery grave.

Ada was unaware of anything other than her lust-drunk haze and the song. Now that she was pushing up against its boundaries, the song remained ever at the foremost of her awareness. Every time Ada edged herself, every time she screamed and shook and begged on the rock, the song grew a bit louder. A bit faster. It drifted and swelled in time with Pasco’s arousal.

If Ada had given herself over to the song, she may have actually been able to keep her arousal alongside Pasco’s, like a dog on a leash and heeled dutifully at the ankle of their master.

But Ada was rabid, frothing at the mouth, yowling from inside a muzzle, yanking desperately on the leash, first one way and then the other, hoping and begging for the master to make a misstep so that she could finally do what her body was screaming at her to do and run.

A new tone started in the song and it began to crescendo. Ada opened her eyes.

Pasco’s face was enraptured, shining with pre-orgasmic bliss.

Ada shoved herself to the edge again, elated and eager for her final release…

But the song did not break, it held a long note and then pulled back down, and Ada quivered, confused, on the rock.

Pasco grinned down at her, no longer so composed, but still clearly very in control of himself. “You didn’t think I was going to let you off that easy, did you?”

“Yes!” Ada whimpered. “T-this is n-not easy!”

“Foolish little dragon,” Pasco said, though he panted now. “We play by my rules now.”

Now that the song was so close to the peak, so loud and insistent, Ada could not help but be swept along in its verses. As Pasco edged, her body tried to climax but was denied. Each time, a new instrument joined the building crescendo, a new flavor of pleasure.

This was exactly what she had wanted. This was exactly what she could not get any other way. She fought against it so hard, and the fighting felt so good.

Ada lost count of how many times he edged them like that, though she did notice the way his breathing became more and more ragged, and his skin became damp with sweat. She noticed the way he dripped, and that it landed in the center of her chest.

She wanted to beg him to come on her, to tip him over the edge that way, but she could not stop moaning and panting, because she could not stop rubbing herself.

“Ada…” Pasco moaned. The song ticked towards crescendo again, now a full symphony.

“Yeah?” Hope flickered anew.

“Ada… I’m coming!”


This experiment gave them one other crucial piece of information, which was that its magic did not cause Ada to orgasm with Pasco, but rather after him. She lay on the rock as he pumped rope after rope of cum onto her chest, the longest she had ever seen him orgasm for, and as his last few quivers dripped onto her skin, she hovered in a moment of sheer suspense.

And then it was as if the ground dropped out from under her and she plummeted with a delighted scream into the weightless, senseless bliss of climax.

She came only once, though with the echoing waves of pleasure that rippled powerfully through her, she was hard-pressed to say whether you could really call it just one orgasm. She did, however, remain a dragon. Her body had spilled down into the pool and her head rested on the warm rock next to Pasco.

The locket was still open, and the song was very soft, and very calm.

Ada’s draconic arousal started to fight against it, and she quivered. She would have come immediately, if not for the locket’s magic. She worried that she might actually hurt Pasco if he teased her like this.

But Pasco took a deep breath and put his hand gently on her snout. “Shhhh,” he said. “Breath with me. In…”

She did, pulling a wind past Pasco and ruffling his still-damp hair.

“And out…”

Her hot breath washed over him, drying his sweat.

After a few more cycles, Ada found herself relaxing. The waterfall washed pleasantly over her back, like a heavy blanket.

Pasco’s hand on her snout was sensual, intimate, but not sexual. She listened to the song, really just listened, and she realized then that she had not once, ever before, felt calm as a dragon.

She started to purr and they just lay like that, him stroking her muzzle, her dozing in the sun, for a long while.

Part 3: Setting Sail, The Dragon's Tower

Chapter 14: Table Stakes (Part II)

Ada scanned the room, waiting for a moment where nobody was paying them any particular attention, and ducked beneath the table.

“What are you doing?” Pasco leaned slightly over the edge of the table, trying to get a look at her without too obviously sticking his head under the table.

“Shhhhh. Someone will hear.” Ada crept forward and settled her knees between Pasco’s feet. His muscles were tense, uncertain. When she brushed her fingers against the tops of his thighs, moving towards his belt, he shuddered.

She hadn’t particularly thought this through, thanks to the mingling buzzes of arousal and alcohol, but if she couldn’t pleasure herself then she’d just go ahead and pleasure him.

She dragged her fingers towards his inner thigh and made light circles with her fingertips. His legs shook, and his growing erection throbbed against his trousers.

Ada cupped her hand over his bulge and he jumped.

The tavern was loud and the other patrons were generally too inebriated to pay much attention to them, so Ada had quite a bit of leeway to play with. Though, she reveled in the thought that Pasco would not be so confident. They had reaffirmed their safe words on the journey, and she knew that he’d tell her to stop if he really wanted her to. Rather than stifle the relationship, those explicit terms of consent emboldened her. Especially so, since she and Pasco had discovered that they both enjoyed a little bit of playful resistance.

“Carefullll,” Ada cooed as she reached up to undo his belt. His posture was rigid now, managing to not shake as she undid his belt and the buttons below, leaving only his loin cloth between her and his throbbing shaft.

Ada placed her mouth over his tip, breathing hot, moist air. As she withdrew, the wet turned to cold and he twitched against the cloth.

Slowly, ever so carefully, Ada withdrew him from his cloth. He throbbed until he was fully erect, legs still clenched with tension.

“Adaaaaaaa,” he growled under the table. “Please don’t.”

Her heart filled with a delicious heat and she became aware of her blood beating through her whole body. She licked her lips, knowing that if he really wanted her to stop, he’d say ‘red’.

“Why?” she teased.

Because,” Pasco moaned, not particularly successful in hiding his lewd tone of voice.

“I thought you didn’t mind being seen?”

“It’s different when—”

She figured he was going to say something about the port town not quite having the same rules as the pirate kingdom, but she didn’t really feel like letting him argue. So, she slid her mouth around his tip and lapped her tongue against the underside of his tip, already drooling around his shaft. That shut him up. 

Well, except for a high pitched whine as he braced himself against the table.

Above the table, Pasco worked to compose himself. So far, nobody had noticed. His heart skipped. There was certainly a thrill to the idea, of just climaxing here and nobody knowing.

That would certainly prove something to the land lubbers that tried to ban public sex here. Goes to show how well that worked.

Pasco was brought back into his body by a gentle suction as Ada took him further in, running her to tongue under his tip.

Gods she was just so warm.

Pasco leaned over the table, propping his chin up on his hand, going for some sort of pensive look.

He didn’t notice Pem, the buxom waitress, until she was standing right next to him. “What happened to your lady friend?”

Pasco froze. She’d already seen? Or—

Ada took that as a cue to take him suddenly deeper, his tip against the soft back of her throat. His body shook.

“Oh,” Pem said, “She’s got you down, then?”

Down her throat? Yes! But Pem didn’t look so scandalized. Pasco struggled to catch up. Ah, yes, he looked sad? Maybe as if he were stifling a sob? He could work with that. 

What he needed first and foremost was something to slow this down. Because, as much as the idea of public sex aroused him, he knew for a fact that he was not going to ‘come’ quietly. Best to avoid it altogether.

“Yes,” he said, voice quivering. He dared not look Pem in the eye. “I’ll need something s-strong to console myself.”

“Bless you, yes of course!” Pem bustled off.

Pasco felt more than heard Ada giggle with his tip in her mouth. He went to knee her away from himself playfully, but she just took him deep again and his muscles went slack.

Pasco forced himself to take deep breaths, which fit well with his story when Pem returned with a glass of heavy mead. “Drink up, hun.”

As Pem left, Ada withdrew, leaving a trail of cold wetness behind. “Hey, no cheating!” she whispered.

“It’s not cheating,” he said, propping his chin on his hand and leaning towards the back of the booth again, hoping nobody in the tavern would spot him ‘talking to himself’. “You’ll just have to hurry.” Pasco tipped his glass back to drink and immediately realized his mistake. Why was he goading her on? Idiot!

She enveloped him again and he nearly choked on the mead. He steadied himself and downed half the glass.

He just needed to stall it out until she got bored. That would still be fun for both of them, and then he wouldn’t risk being banned from the tavern forever because he’d loudly announced his climax to everyone there. Or because she overestimated her own restraint and turned into a dragon. If that happened, the consequences would be far worse than just being banned from the tavern.

But gods did she feel good. Whatever part of his brain was responsible for rational thought was melting like wax in a furnace. Her mouth was hot and soft, her tongue running all the way up his underside, lips pressing at his base. She slipped her hands up and cupped his balls, pulling them down and towards her. His breath and heart rate quickened. He downed another swing of mead. He needed it to kick in fast.

Pasco glanced up right as Forte and Teoda strolled over, flushed from their dancing and already prodigious ale consumption.

“Heyyyyy wondered where you went,” Forte said, sliding in to the booth across from Pasco, where Ada had been sitting.

Teoda slid in, practically on top of Forte. “GREAT music tonight, you’re missing out. Where’d Ada go?”

Pasco flushed, half from the sudden panic and half from the mead starting to kick in. This was bad. If Teoda or Forte noticed, they’d be furious — they had only very barely agreed to stop having public sex. Those two had been caught in this very tavern twice and Pasco had only smoothed it over by putting the whole crowd on his tab whenever he visited. But, one more strike and they were out. The tavern could only bend the city’s rules so far, no matter how much affection Pem had for the pirates and their coin.

Pasco had been trying to set a good example and also make life a bit easier for Ada by finding some less sexual activities for the evening, but it seemed that Ada got quite a kick out of making things difficult.

Pasco shrugged. “Ada goes wherever she wants, y’know.” It was true, she was exactly where she wanted to be, at that moment. He hoped, though, that they assumed that she’d wandered off into the city.

“She’s a real fun one,” Teoda said. “Make sure she sticks around.”

Ada had slowed, and Pasco figured it was because she heard herself being discussed.

“I don’t know,” Pasco said, “She can be a little much sometimes.” Pasco fought to keep the smirk on his face despite Ada’s abrupt increase in pace and depth. Gods it felt good. Also, he was such a gods damned idiot. Maybe he got a kick out of making things difficult, too.

“Takes one to know one,” Forte said with a wink.

“What are you implying?” Pasco said. He never would have allowed this kind of backtalk from anybody but those on this expedition with him, his most trusted crew members. He’d known Forte since they were both children, and Teoda was his first mate. 

Forte shrugged. “Nothing.”

Pasco hid his face behind another swing of mead as Ada withdrew from his dick and turned her warm tongue to his balls. The new sensation nearly broke his composure. He fought to keep himself contained.

“You seem thoughtful, boss,” Forte said.

“Hm. Yeah.” Well, at least his ruse had worked up until this point. He pondered another way to tease Ada, but between the mead and the lack of blood in his brain, he wasn’t feeling particularly witty.

“She likes you,” Teoda said. “I can tell. Don’t worry.”

I can tell too, Pasco thought as Ada took him particularly deep. “I appreciate the vote of confidence.” He tipped his mug at Teoda and took another swig.

“Hey, Pem!” Forte called. “We require more alcohol!”

Pem was already on her way over, tankards in-hand, and slid them to Forte and Teoda. “You two’ll cheer ‘im right up, I know,” Pem said before bustling off again.

“Wait, what’s the matter, cap?” Forte said.

“You are worried about her,” Teoda said, jabbing her tankard towards him and sloshing beer out onto the table.

“I am,” Pasco said, and it was the honest truth. She slipped her fingers up and behind his balls. The dulled sensation from the mead was the only thing allowing him to keep his composure. But only very barely.

It helped that Teoda and Forte were already mostly drunk. He was too, though, and it took him a long moment to realize that Teoda and Forte were looking at him expectantly. “What?”

“Well, tell us more! Nothing usually gets under your skin like this.” Teoda leaned forward on her elbows.

Pasco cleared his throat, half to buy time and half because Ada had just taken him to the back of her throat again. “Well, um, it’s just that…” Pasco’s hazy mind searched, and he could dredge up only the truth. “I’m worried she’ll get bored of me.” He glanced at his mead, then out to the tavern floor. What would Ada do with that?

She was obviously the kind of woman who liked things fast and hot, and though they were having a brilliant time together, a thing could not stay novel forever. Would she all too quicky move on to the next beautiful man or woman to catch her attention? He would have loved to serve the expanse of her desire for a long, long time. But, to her draconic hunger, could he ever be anything more than a sweet snack?

He had no interest in caging this wild bird, he only hoped he might have enough seed to tempt her to stay for a while. And the way she seemed to love his cum, ‘seed’ worked both ways there, funnily enough.

She took him deep slowly, then again. Where before she had been teasing, trying to get a rise out of him, this was insistent, steady. His eyes fluttered shut.

Was he fooling himself, or was she trying to assure him?

Teoda shook her head lightly. “You must be drunk cap, you’re the opposite of boring. C’mon, dancing will make you feel better!” She reached out towards his hand, and he yanked it back like she was a snapping turtle.

Teoda was stronger than he was, and the last think he needed was her pulling his naked dick out of Ada’s mouth and out from under the table.

Teoda’s eyes widened.

“I’m sorry,” Pasco said, “I think I just need… some time. To think. I… appreciate it, I really do.” Pasco reached forward and awkwardly patted Teoda’s hand, which had fallen to the table top. 

She smiled and nodded sympathetically. She and Forte fell into idle chatter, which was in some ways welcome since they were no longer trying to engage Pasco — but if they were done talking to him, wouldn’t they just leave?

Ada had kept up her steady pace and the heat was building. Gods, he couldn’t last much longer like this, even with the mead.

Pasco tuned back into their conversation as he realized Teoda and Forte had drifted in their own lewd direction.

You’re too much,” Teoda said with a lecherous grin, walking her fingers towards Forte’s bulge.

“You like it,” Forte said.

“I doooo…” Teoda absently put a hand to her breast and starting massaging herself.

Pasco rolled his eyes. In the most hypocritical request of the century, he said, “Would you two go get a room?”

“Fiiiiine,” Teoda said, “Fine. But don’t think for a second that the public sex ban isn’t anything other than a ploy to make more money on rooms!”

Teoda and Forte finally left, heading towards the back of the tavern where there was an entrance to the inn that perched on the next level up. It was indeed where the group had planned to spend the night, while his moored ship was prepared for the sea once again and the rest of the crew re-emerged from their various shore-time exploits. 

As soon as Teoda and Forte were out of earshot, Pasco heaved a sigh. Or, well, it was more like a moan.

Ada showed no signs of slowing. Gods curse that woman. And bless her. Should he embrace this moment of relative quiet? Just let her have her fun? Or double down on outlasting her? The prospects of climaxing like this and of winning the contest were equally compelling.

There was a full mug of mead in front of him again. Pem had brought more? When had that happened? His focus was slipping. But, at least, it seemed that nobody had noticed Ada between his knees.

Unconsciously, Pasco shifted slightly further forward, which had the twin effects of allowing Ada to take him even deeper and for her to get her hands up around his balls to rub her knuckles up under his perineum.

It was like getting to the end of a close chess match between masters and then right at the end, making the most amateurish mistake. Check, mate.

His balls pulled tight, heat started spreading from his base. Ada picked up on the shift and increased her pace, rubbing insistently at his perineum and cupping his balls with her thumb.

Under the table, Ada squirmed with excitement. She finally had him, despite his cheating. And it was a close thing too, her jaw was sore. But his delicious twitching inspired her with new energy. 

She was sopping wet, kneeling under the table and grinding against her own heels for sensation. It was, fortunately, not nearly enough to make her come but it had made for a delightful time under the table. 

She kept up her attention on his balls and perineum but shallowed her strokes slightly, giving herself a moment to fully catch her breath, sucking on his tip all the while.

His balls tensed, pulling against her fingers. That was her cue. She took a deep breath then pulled him deep into her throat, stroking insistently, pressing circles at his perineum and keeping tension on his balls.

Above the table, Pasco had only a split second to decide how he was going to disguise his impending orgasm that was going to be in no way quiet. The tavern was full and bustling around him and nothing more than the shadow of the table disguised Ada’s activities. It was hard to tell whether it was that thought or Ada’s latest stroke that pushed him over the edge.

He lifted his chest and put his arms above his head, as if to indulge in a luxurious stretch, just in time. The heat lit to fire, his balls clenched, pressure rolling up his length to meet the soft warmth of Ada’s mouth. As he came, she swallowed around him, sucking and pressing with her tongue, which pulled even more out of him. The way that she wanted it was just too much for him to handle.

He moaned, shaking, dizziness overtaking him as he nearly flopped back against the wall behind him.

Ada’s patience was rewarded as Pasco’s seed rolled hot over her tongue. She loved this part.

Ada kept up her sucking until Pasco ran dry and sensitivity took over. His arms dropped to the table in front of him, then he dropped a hand to Ada’s head to push her gently back. She obliged but couldn’t help but give a few more teasing licks under his tip.

Part 2: On the Road, The Dragon's Tower

Chapter 10: Tongue Tied

Ada finally stilled, panting, and found her feet. She only barely fit in the clearing, her greenish black scales blending into the night. She was a head taller than Pasco at her shoulder and her long tail curled back towards her in the small clearing. Her bat-like wings were partially unfurled and she tucked them to her spine in a future effort to appear smaller and less threatening. 

Her dragon’s senses hummed with information in this new environment. The smell of peat, the dappled light, the rustling of crickets, and the sound of Pasco’s beating heart, not at all where she’d expected him. 

He was above her now, having raced up a tree. She turned towards him and as her head neared, he threw a dagger at her. It bounced harmlessly off of her forehead.

She laughed and it came out as a rasping chuffing.

“You look like a cat, scared up a tree,” she said. As the air passed over her tongue, she smelled him. The salt of sweat, the musk of arousal, the slightest spice of fear.

Pasco was frozen.

“It’s me, Ada,” she said.

“Fucking gods, Ada,” he said. “When you said you were going to show me something I did not expect you to turn into a dragon.” He did look genuinely shaken.

Ada did not have any defense for her lust-addled decision-making. “Yeah… sorry. How do you… feel about it?” He was talking back to her, so that was a very good start.

“Um,” he said. “Terrified?”

“Terrified-question-mark?” Ada said.


“Why the question mark?”

She started to see her grin reflected in his own.

“I don’t know, it could be something else,” he said. His voice was cheeky, now. Teasing.

“Oh yeah? Well, why don’t you describe your symptoms.” Ada felt like that was something that one of the field doctors from her books would have said.

“Elevated heart rate,” he said. “Sweaty palms. Tunnel vision. Single-minded focus. Panting.”

“Hm… I think I know of a cure for those symptoms.”

She brought her head closer to him. Her golden, cat-like eye was as big as his outspread hand. Her head, from snout to crown, was about the length of his torso though more slender. He reached out and stroked the tip of her snout. That felt wonderful. She let him run his hands over her muzzle, her cheeks and around her eyes, her armored forehead and the soft, delicate skin under her chin. 

This was a new learning about dragons, they loved to be petted.

Ada purred happily. “What would you say if a dragon said she wanted to have her way with you?”

This time, he was the one to whimper. Was this a thing for him? Was he about to love this as much as she was?

He swallowed, his Adam’s apple bobbing under the soft skin of his neck. “I’d say, to please do whatever the fuck you want with me.”

So pliant already, so eager to indulge in her whims. Had he been waiting these two days, also? She regretted not being more forward, and yet, the wait made the sensations all the more intense.

Ada growled with pleasure and plucked Pasco out of the tree — gently, no pokey bits. She put him on the ground in front of her and sized him up. Naked. Erect.

His heart beat so strongly that his shaft bounced with it and he leaned back on the soft peat behind him. She was mesmerized by the way his breath moved under his golden skin. His eyes of morning fog had turned to midnight, so dilated with arousal that they were all but black.

Her hungers welled and though she knew he would welcome them, as so many of her lovers had, she needed his promise that he would accept only what he truly wanted. “What’s your safe word?” she said. This was another thing she had read about, in one of the more… explicit books. She was ready to explain what it meant and she hoped that if he was familiar with the concept, this might mean that she could finally lavish the attention that she had always wanted to, without a power imbalance — royal, draconic, or otherwise — getting in the way. 

“‘Red’,” he said.

“Got it,” she said, and she knocked him further down into the cushion of leaf litter and pinned him under a cage of her talons. The smell of fallen leaves mingled with his sweaty musk.

Her claws were just long enough that the tips caught in the leaf litter instead of in his skin, the palm of her forefoot pressed against his chest. His heart fluttered against her, like when she held a rabbit in her hand.

He was already whimpering.

She was already drooling.

As excited as she was, she hesitated, feeling like it all might be too good to be true. “Is this alright?” she asked, her voice as soft as she could make it. “Do you like this?”

He gripped her hooklike claws in his hands and looked up at her with his grey eyes. “I love this.”

His honest enthusiasm sent her hurtling headlong into even greater arousal. 

She flicked out her long, forked tongue and tasted the night. Fully extended, it was as long as the length from the base of his neck to the base of his sex. 

Then, she tasted him. First, up his legs. Then, across his chest. Then under his face, the two forks of her tongue on either side of his neck. He gasped, moaning with pleasure as his expression melted to surrender.

Then his inner thigh, and she could taste the smell of his sex. Then, finally, long and slow up his shaft. He yelped in the happiest way.

She wrapped the length of her prehensile tongue around him and started stroking. Slowly, at first. He sank into contented moans. She gave him a few minutes of that, then caught his eye. She grinned and opened her mouth, tip of her tongue holding him in place, tip right at her scaly lips. Some of her fangs were as long as his shaft. She brought his very tip into her mouth.

Would he like that? Or was it ‘red’?

Pasco moaned from his very core, and Ada knew that he liked that. A lot.

His dick fit perfectly into the notch of her top jaw where smooth scales allowed her tongue to flick through. She slowly lowered her mouth around him. Safely at the soft, round sides of her teeth, he would feel the ridges of the roof of her mouth, the smooth pressure of her scaly lips, and the ripples of her tongue sliding under his whole length as she moved her tongue back and forth against him.

As a human, she would have strained to take most of him into her mouth. As a dragon, it was more like sucking on a finger, which was to say that she enveloped him completely in moist, undulating heat.

She progressively licked further and further down. Down to his base, then lightly over his balls, then harder and she licked under and around them, pressing over his perineum.

She pushed a little bit further, until she was almost touching his rim.

He cried with pleasure, a gasp of pure delight, and the sound both startled and inspired her.

She stopped for a moment. “Do you like that?” she said.

He nodded.

“Do you like that back there?” she said, with a devious grin. It was a stable hand that had shown her, years back, the kind of fond and pleasurable relationship that a man could have with his ass. She had loved the kind of pleasure that she could give him and she had fantasized about it often since then. She’d even dreamed up this exact scenario, this perfect application of her dragon’s tongue, some months prior.

Her mouth watered. Might he really want it? Might he really like it?

He peeked up to see her face and flopped back against the leaves, huffing. “Yes,” he said.

“Can I… Can I go in?” she said.

He nodded.

“Would you like that?” she said.

“Yes, I would l-like that very much.” His expression was pleading, desperate. Ada’s arousal flared again to a new level of heat.

“I like those sounds you make very much,” she said.

He then became, of all things, bashful.

She grinned, and wrapped herself around him again. His shyness dissolved into shameless, slutty moans as she licked his perineum and flicked over his rim.

Gently, she made her way in, bringing her forked tongue together into a narrow tip. She teased him at first, not stroking with her tongue, just holding him in the warmth of her mouth. He would feel the slight shifts in her tongue as she experimented with the angle of penetration.

He wiggled to push himself up onto her tongue, but his chest was still pinned by her claw. He pulled at her fingers, trying to pry them away, but there was precious little he could do. She paused a moment, part to tease him, part to give him a chance to decide if he liked being helpless.

There was no ‘red’.

She purred and the vibrations set him trembling. Inside of him, she pressed the tip of her tongue against his spot of especial pleasure. Slowly at first, and then faster, she worked her tongue in and out of her mouth. The ridged texture passed under his tip, around his shaft, over his balls and perineum, through his rim, to the internal wall of muscles and his prostate under it. Back and forth, back and forth, both pressure and texture.

Her tongue was wet with the drool that flowed freely from her mouth, so that she moved over him easily. Gradually, she pushed more and more of her tongue out over him, so that she stretched his rim further and enveloped his shaft more completely.

She milked both pre-cum and delicious moans from him as he quivered and panted.

“G-gods you f-feel so good inside of me…” His balls tensed under her tongue. “I’m so close!”

The muscles of his ass clenched around her tongue, the pre-orgasmic waves of tension, and she pressed his base a little bit harder into the roof of her mouth, her smooth upper lip acting as cock ring. The muscle contractions became more intense, but the pressure was enough to prevent his ejaculation.

He trembled underneath her, hands coming to grip her talons that were over his chest, and he looked up at her with those pleading, begging eyes once again. “P-please,” he said, “I’m so full!”

Ada wasn’t quite sure where her boldness came from. Could it be that she was a dragon? Could it be all her fantasies, all her dreaming of something like this, since far before she’d arrived at the tower? Could it simply be the way that even though it had only been two days, she felt like she’d already known him for a lifetime?

She felt so in-tune with his pleasure, so entwined with his lifeblood and heartbeat because of the way she heard him, smelled him, felt him. Her dragon’s senses were all fully applied toward anticipating and heightening his pleasure.

His spasms passed as she kept him held tight, and then she loosened the pressure and started stroking him with her tongue again. She brought him to the edge once more, then just as he was teetering, she stopped and held him tight with her lips again. She repeated this process a third time. Then a fourth. The contractions became more intense with each denial, and this time, they were not abating. Ada knew that as soon as she loosened, all that accumulated lust would come surging forth.

His every whimper, every moan, every shudder, every moment that passed that he didn’t say ‘red’, confirmed that he was loving what she was doing to him.

He became a sweaty, moaning, begging, pleading mess. “Please, pleaaaaaase, please let me come, it’s been days, I’m so full, I c-can’t, please just let me, please—”

She slowly started to release the pressure. He lost words as his panting quickened in pace with the release, the muscles of his ass spasming around her tongue harder, and harder, and harder.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck fuckfuckfuck!”

As he climaxed she squeezed the cum out of him, her tongue wrapped fully around both his prostate and his balls and still stroking. He unloaded spasm after spasm into her eager mouth. Her swallowing created a gentle suction that pulled more out of him.

His breathing slowed and he started shaking uncontrollably. Ada unfolded her mouth from around him and slowly, gently removed her tongue from his ass.

She grinned as he slumped into a blissy, panting puddle.

Part 2: On the Road, The Dragon's Tower

Chapter 9: Laid Bare

It had been two more days and nights of travel, which had carried them from the plains to a more densely forested area, on their way West and to the sea.

Ada couldn’t stand it any longer. She had been on the edge of climax for what must have been hours. It was getting dangerous.

A forest meant some small hope of privacy.

As the others set up camp, Ada waited for a moment where they were all looking elsewhere and then slipped away into the woods. She’d barely gotten out of earshot when she slumped against a tree and started rubbing herself over her skirt. She was already sopping wet, she had been sopping wet, for days.

The sensation rippled through her incredibly sensitive sex. Relief.

There was a footstep and a voice behind her. “I understand that it’s unfair,” Pasco said. 

Ada yelped and spun, yanking her hand back just as Pasco came from around a tree trunk. He hadn’t seen her yet.

Pasco was a hand’s height taller than her and he looked down at her with a quizzical look. His eyes were grey like fog in the early morning. “But for your safety, I can’t recommend you be alone. These woods hold more dangers than you’d think.”

“Mhm,” Ada said, though she knew she’d put all those other dangers to shame in minutes. Whether Pasco was here or not. She couldn’t take it anymore. She had precious few moments of sane thought left.

“I have a secret,” Ada said.

“We all do,” Pasco nodded.

Ada’s hand inched closer to her legs again. She clenched her sex and that almost sent her spinning over, even without her touch.

She swallowed, her mouth watering at the thought of kissing him. She didn’t have the capacity for subtlety. “I’m… extremely horny.”

Pasco laughed. “Well it sounds like you’ll fit right in where I come from. To be perfectly honest, we’ve been holding back quite a bit these past few days, out of respect. I know our cultures are different.”

Ada’s eyes widened. That was enough to bring her back to the conversation, at least for a moment. “Your culture is sexy?”

“I, um, yeah, I suppose so. I mean, we’re much less… shy about it than other cultures. Sex is an important part of life.”

Ada nodded profusely. “This is what I’ve been saying. That’s what I’ve been telling them. This whole time.” Her legs were trembling. She could actually feel her wetness running down the inside of her thigh now. “Would you like to, um, do a sex, with me, like, right now?

Pasco tilted his head and grinned wolfishly. 

That sent her into another spell of dizziness.

“I would like that,” he said.

Ada grabbed his hand and pulled him deeper into the woods, with urgency. She found a clearing that would be large enough to accommodate her dragon self, and the next moment she had her hands in his trousers. He disrobed and she saw him fully naked for the first time. 

He stood strong and lean like the mast of a ship, his chest broad and his hips slender. His skin was brown and golden like a treasure chest and its contents merged into one, the ringed tattoos up his arms tempting her with questions of their stories.

His grey eyes found her own, his breath caught between his ribs, hinting that he might be as eager and anxious for her appraisal as she was for his.

Though part of her would have loved to languish over the surface of him, reading him carefully like a map, she had no patience left.

She descended upon him greedily, running her hands down his long, muscular legs as her mouth found his rapidly growing shaft.

This desire, this need to fill her mouth with him, to drink in his sweat and to pull moans of pleasure from him with her fingertips, her tongue, was the only thing in all the world that could distract Ada from her own climax.

She basked in the feeling of him filling her mouth, her body full of aching desire. 

He accepted her attention for a minute, then withdrew, crouching down to her level and running his hands up her legs. She shuddered.

He leaned down, face inches from her sex, warm breath over her wetness. “May I return the favor?”

Words eluded her as she nodded so hard her whole body shook.

He pressed his tongue over her vulva and it was as if everything in the world became still, all at once.

“Mmmm,” he said, “You taste good.” And he licked her again. Long, slow.

She sunk back into the ground. After days of heated need, here was pure, soft bliss. 

The unfamiliar sensation brought her back from the edge in the best way. Blissful minutes passed as a deep, strong heat grew. She wouldn’t come in a minute of frantic rubbing, no, gods, she was going to come. So hard.

Oh. Shit. She still hadn’t mentioned the dragon. She had meant to. At some point. And she didn’t have much time left at all, as a ripple of pre-orgasmic ecstasy washed over her.

“I, um, I have another secret.”

“Mhm?” he said, still in her folds, the vibrations almost derailing her train of thought.

“I’ll show you… in a minute… you just have to promise not to freak out.”

He lifted his head. “If you’re trying to say it’s that women orgasm, believe me, I already know.”

Ada whimpered, half that he’d stopped his licking, half at the misinterpretation. “No, not quite, just, you’ll see if you keep — yes, right there, yeah if you do that, you’ll — hah — you’ll definitely… see…”

Ada clenched her sex repeatedly, desperately chasing the whisper of sharp heat that was rising… and then she caught it.

She screamed as the orgasm pounded in waves through her body. Everyone heard, the whole camp, the whole forest — especially as her scream became a roar that shook the trees like a thunderclap.