Part 2: On the Road, The Dragon's Tower

Chapter 9: Laid Bare

It had been two more days and nights of travel, which had carried them from the plains to a more densely forested area, on their way West and to the sea.

Ada couldn’t stand it any longer. She had been on the edge of climax for what must have been hours. It was getting dangerous.

A forest meant some small hope of privacy.

As the others set up camp, Ada waited for a moment where they were all looking elsewhere and then slipped away into the woods. She’d barely gotten out of earshot when she slumped against a tree and started rubbing herself over her skirt. She was already sopping wet, she had been sopping wet, for days.

The sensation rippled through her incredibly sensitive sex. Relief.

There was a footstep and a voice behind her. “I understand that it’s unfair,” Pasco said. 

Ada yelped and spun, yanking her hand back just as Pasco came from around a tree trunk. He hadn’t seen her yet.

Pasco was a hand’s height taller than her and he looked down at her with a quizzical look. His eyes were grey like fog in the early morning. “But for your safety, I can’t recommend you be alone. These woods hold more dangers than you’d think.”

“Mhm,” Ada said, though she knew she’d put all those other dangers to shame in minutes. Whether Pasco was here or not. She couldn’t take it anymore. She had precious few moments of sane thought left.

“I have a secret,” Ada said.

“We all do,” Pasco nodded.

Ada’s hand inched closer to her legs again. She clenched her sex and that almost sent her spinning over, even without her touch.

She swallowed, her mouth watering at the thought of kissing him. She didn’t have the capacity for subtlety. “I’m… extremely horny.”

Pasco laughed. “Well it sounds like you’ll fit right in where I come from. To be perfectly honest, we’ve been holding back quite a bit these past few days, out of respect. I know our cultures are different.”

Ada’s eyes widened. That was enough to bring her back to the conversation, at least for a moment. “Your culture is sexy?”

“I, um, yeah, I suppose so. I mean, we’re much less… shy about it than other cultures. Sex is an important part of life.”

Ada nodded profusely. “This is what I’ve been saying. That’s what I’ve been telling them. This whole time.” Her legs were trembling. She could actually feel her wetness running down the inside of her thigh now. “Would you like to, um, do a sex, with me, like, right now?

Pasco tilted his head and grinned wolfishly. 

That sent her into another spell of dizziness.

“I would like that,” he said.

Ada grabbed his hand and pulled him deeper into the woods, with urgency. She found a clearing that would be large enough to accommodate her dragon self, and the next moment she had her hands in his trousers. He disrobed and she saw him fully naked for the first time. 

He stood strong and lean like the mast of a ship, his chest broad and his hips slender. His skin was brown and golden like a treasure chest and its contents merged into one, the ringed tattoos up his arms tempting her with questions of their stories.

His grey eyes found her own, his breath caught between his ribs, hinting that he might be as eager and anxious for her appraisal as she was for his.

Though part of her would have loved to languish over the surface of him, reading him carefully like a map, she had no patience left.

She descended upon him greedily, running her hands down his long, muscular legs as her mouth found his rapidly growing shaft.

This desire, this need to fill her mouth with him, to drink in his sweat and to pull moans of pleasure from him with her fingertips, her tongue, was the only thing in all the world that could distract Ada from her own climax.

She basked in the feeling of him filling her mouth, her body full of aching desire. 

He accepted her attention for a minute, then withdrew, crouching down to her level and running his hands up her legs. She shuddered.

He leaned down, face inches from her sex, warm breath over her wetness. “May I return the favor?”

Words eluded her as she nodded so hard her whole body shook.

He pressed his tongue over her vulva and it was as if everything in the world became still, all at once.

“Mmmm,” he said, “You taste good.” And he licked her again. Long, slow.

She sunk back into the ground. After days of heated need, here was pure, soft bliss. 

The unfamiliar sensation brought her back from the edge in the best way. Blissful minutes passed as a deep, strong heat grew. She wouldn’t come in a minute of frantic rubbing, no, gods, she was going to come. So hard.

Oh. Shit. She still hadn’t mentioned the dragon. She had meant to. At some point. And she didn’t have much time left at all, as a ripple of pre-orgasmic ecstasy washed over her.

“I, um, I have another secret.”

“Mhm?” he said, still in her folds, the vibrations almost derailing her train of thought.

“I’ll show you… in a minute… you just have to promise not to freak out.”

He lifted his head. “If you’re trying to say it’s that women orgasm, believe me, I already know.”

Ada whimpered, half that he’d stopped his licking, half at the misinterpretation. “No, not quite, just, you’ll see if you keep — yes, right there, yeah if you do that, you’ll — hah — you’ll definitely… see…”

Ada clenched her sex repeatedly, desperately chasing the whisper of sharp heat that was rising… and then she caught it.

She screamed as the orgasm pounded in waves through her body. Everyone heard, the whole camp, the whole forest — especially as her scream became a roar that shook the trees like a thunderclap.


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