Part 4: The Trouble with Sirens, The Dragon's Tower

Chapter 21: Mounting a Rescue

Pasco lifted the telescope to see what they were dealing with. The cove was white with the sirens’ spawn. That was nothing new, the sirens’ reputation for horniness was well deserved.

What was new was the waterfall. That hadn’t been there before— oh.

What appeared to be a waterfall was a shiny, foamy cascade flowing down off a flat, round rock a short ways up from the cove. The source was a ring of seething, horny sirens and one very particular dragon. Woman. Dragon. Woman. 

She kept changing back and forth, which was the source of the screams that they’d heard from the other side of the rocks. The ship would have made it around much faster if the sirens hadn’t spun up the magical storm. That was, in fact, exactly why the sirens had summoned it. Pasco hadn’t known them to use that magic in years, though. The reason was now very clear. A dragon was quite the prize.

A quick series of thoughts passed through Pasco’s mind. One, arousal. His own member was happy to rise to the occasion, throbbing painfully against his trousers. Two, jealousy. If anyone was finally going to put mischievous, endlessly horny Ada in her place through unending forced orgasm, he wanted it to be him. Three, further arousal at the thought of that scenario. Four, Ada needed rescuing.

He scanned the crew to see how they were faring. The congregation of sirens was singing as they spawned in the cove, and though they weren’t turning their attention towards any sort of luring, they song still had a sort of halo effect. The crew had been quite close to the song for quite a while as they navigated the storm.

He, Missa, and Forte were unaffected by the sirens, being pirate nobility and therefore having some quite close siren relatives. Teoda was a bit more distantly related and so was shifting uncomfortably, her trousers starting to betray her arousal with a growing wet spot.

Most of the crew was in a similar state, generally doing their best but definitely starting to feel it. A few were not so lucky, including Sendia, who was panting, red faced. She’d been tasked with fetching Pasco’s sword while he surveyed the situation, because she was too lust-addled to help with the plan. 

She was partway across the deck with the sword, her erection showing clearly through her trousers, when she stumbled and dropped the sword. Forte went to help her, but Missa put a hand on his arm. “Let me have a little treat,” she whispered, “It’ll only take a second.”

Sendia’s face was bright red and she was huffing. She was leaning against one of the barrels on the deck and tried to straighten, but couldn’t. “I… I can…” Her hand slowly found its way to touch herself from the outside of her trousers, her swollen shaft damp at the tip. She looked at the sword, then up at Pasco, and blushed harder.

Her eyes found Missa’s as she rubbed herself harder from the outside. “I can’t— I can’t stop. I can’t—” She tugged her trousers down and started to stroke herself, slowly at first, reluctantly. “Missa, I can’t— I can’t stop.” Sendia glanced desperately between the sword on the deck and Missa’s look of mock disapproval.

Missa put her hands on her hips. “You’re being very naughty.”

That did not help Sendia’s predicament. The girl stroked herself harder. “Missaaa… I shouldn’t…”

“That’s right,” Missa said, “You’re being a bad girl.”

Sendia yelped. And stroked harder. “Missssaaaa! You’re making it worse!”

“Nuh uh,” Missa said. She slipped a hand down her own trousers to start rubbing herself.

Pasco looked at Forte and the two men sighed. “Collateral damage?” Pasco said, referring to that Missa was now also useless.

“Call it the ricochet effect,” Forte said.

Missa nodded, pushing her hand further down her trousers. “Yeah, heh, sorry boss. I’m immune to sirens but… definitely not immune to siren-susceptible Sendia.”

Pasco shook his head but smiled good-naturedly and walked past Missa to get his sword. Sendia gasped as he approached but couldn’t tear her eyes off of Missa, nor could she tear her hands off her throbbing dick. “I’m s-sorry captain.”

Pasco picked up his sword. “Not as sorry as you’ll be when I make you clean up the mess you make.”

Sendia yelped, a drop of pre-cum beading at her tip. “Captain!”

Missa moaned happily. “You’re a good man, Pasco. I appreciate you.”

Pasco and Forte got the rest of their things together for the rescue.

Sendia whimpered. “Missa… I can’t… I can’t come in front of everyone.”

Missa grinned. “Well, you’re going to if you don’t stop touching yourself.”

“I can’t! It’s not my f-fault, it’s the sirens!”

The rest of the crew, for their part, was not unhappy about the scene unfolding on deck. A few huffed and pouted and muttered, but that was only because they were annoyed that their arousal was starting to overtake their own discipline. Soon, Sendia and Missa weren’t the only pirates openly masturbating on the deck.

Sendia squeaked as she panted, trying to force herself to go slower. “I don’t… I don’t want to come in front of everyone…”

“Then stop,” Missa said.

“I— I can’t! I can’t… I can’t stop…”

“Then it’s your own fault for being such a slut.”

Sendia yelped and her eyes started to roll back. “Missa… you’re making it worse.”

“How bad?”

“So bad, so bad, I have to… I have to so bad… I’m so full…” Sendia was pumping herself hard, still leaning over and bracing herself against the barrel. Missa watched her and rubbed herself, already edging, just waiting to time herself with the other pirate’s climax.

“I’m going to… I’m going to cum in front of everyone, I… I can’t stop… I can’t stop… I can’t— I’m gonna—”

“That’s right, Sendia, make a mess.”

“Ah! Fuckfuckfuck, it’s, I’m, I’m coming!” Sendia came right there on the deck, and she was not the only one. Missa climaxed as Sendia’s load spurted forth, and the other pirates that were more susceptible to the sirens’ influence orgasmed as well. That in turn made life significantly harder — or, depending, wetter — for the pirates who were still attempting to behave. They grumbled good-naturedly.

Missa picked herself up as Sendia collapsed blissily onto the deck. Missa licked off her fingers, then hoisted her own sword. “Like I said, only took a minute,” she said, joining Pasco and Forte at the side of the ship where they were lowering a rowboat. They couldn’t risk the ship itself getting any closer to the sirens’ rock, so they’d be rowing over. 

Another one of Ada’s anguished cries hurried them.

Part 4: The Trouble with Sirens, The Dragon's Tower

Chapter 20: Siren’s Throng

A cold confusion surrounded her. Breathlessness, darkness, then flashes of light, hands pulling her.

After minutes — hours? seconds? — sunny warmth spread over her. There was bright light, the sound of crashing waves, and she could breathe.

Ada stirred. She was lying on a warm, dry rock some twenty feet across and forty feet up from the ocean. She was on her back, naked, human.

And she was surrounded by sirens. Male and female, all with colorful seaweed-like hair and pointed teeth, some grinning and others eyeing her watchfully. The sirens did indeed have the upper half of humans and the lower halves of fish, though the boundaries were not quite like they were usually portrayed. While many artists represented sirens as having tails that hit like trousers or skirts, leaving some ambiguity about their sexual anatomy, these sirens’ tails started lower.

They had human hips, butts, and genitalia, but from the upper thigh down their legs were lithe, muscular tails with iridescent scales and beautiful tiered fins at the end. They had patches of scales on their shoulders and down their backs as well, and curious eyes with slitted pupils like a cat.

All those curious eyes started at Ada with a certain kind of hunger that she recognized all too well.

Despite her terrifying last few minutes — hours? seconds? — she was more than willing to reciprocate that sort of attention. Was she still under their spell?

A pink, female siren scooted forward from the rest. Her breasts were small and perky, her pink seaweed hair cascading down her back and across pink and lilac scales. Her eyes were lavender and dilated to round, shining pleading. Like a puppy looking for attention — or a cat, about to pounce.

She wiggled a little further forward, on her hands and the front side of her tail. “We like you,” she said. Her voice still had a bit of the music in it, and that set Ada’s heart racing, her head a bit fuzzy again.

“I uh… okay,” Ada said. More than a bit fuzzy, then.

“You like our songs,” the siren said. She wiggled eagerly a bit more forward, until she was within reach. “Nobody likes our songs anymore. Well, almost nobody. The pirate kingdom is alright and stuff. They bring us tasty fish from far off places. But they don’t like our music. We miss having someone who likes our music.”

The rest of the sirens gathered around nodded enthusiastically. Several of the men were already sporting full erections, their eyes also fully dilated despite the bright sun.

The pink siren wiggled, a tremor going down her spine, almost like a fish caught on a hook. “We really… really… like it… when someone likes our songs.” The pink siren glanced down at Ada’s lower half, then licked her lips and swallowed.

Ada followed her gaze. There was no mistaking that the small rivulet of moisture running down the rock was from her, and it was only partly due to her dip in the ocean.

The pink siren was breathing heavily now, her small chest rising and falling quickly, sending her perky breasts quivering. “Would you like… to hear more songs?” She dragged her gaze up to look at Ada with pleading, shining yes.

“Yes,” Ada gasped, “Yes, please.”

The siren lunged forward with the speed of a pouncing cat and grabbed each of Ada’s thighs with a hand, buried her face in Ada’s sex, and drew her tongue up through Ada’s folds.

Ada cried out with delight. She was still so sensitive, so wet. It felt so good. The siren took another long, slow lick, looking up at Ada.

Ada watched in amazement as she realized that the siren’s tongue was fully six inches long. This lead to longer strokes than a human in the same position, both in terms of the amount of time and the amount of Ada’s vulva that was stimulated at once.

Mercifully, the siren did not seem to be trying to make her come immediately, so Ada could actually enjoy it this time. She melted back into the rock.

To her left, a pair of sirens had not been able to await their turn with the newcomer. A male was over a female, face to face, fucking her frantically. She leaned back on the rock, her hair splayed around her face, which was overtaken by a blissy smile. His face was one of raw, agonizing need, and their tails flapped together with a delightful slapping sound.

Other sirens approached Ada slowly, according to some kind of pecking order. Or, fucking order, more accurately.

A purple male scooted up towards her face, offering his erection.

Ada beckoned him closer so that his dick was over her mouth. She started with light licks under the tip, which made him gasp. She then brought her tongue lower for a longer lick, base to tip. He trembled, falling to his hands on the other side of her. She reached her head up and pushed her mouth around him, running her tongue back and forth under his head.

Already, he dripped sea-salty pre-cum onto her tongue, and this spurred Ada to even more enthusiastic efforts.

Having something to suck on deepened Ada’s appreciation of the pink siren’s attention.

Encouraged by the bliss of the two first sirens, the others shuffled in closer.

Ada could still see the couple who had started at the edge of the circle. The orange female looked longing towards the group, wanting to join in, but the male was still fucking her frantically. She turned back towards him and grinned devilishly, then slapped his exposed ass. He yelped, though not in pain, and his eyes started to roll back as his breathing evened. She slapped his ass again, and this time he didn’t yelp, he growled.

Then he came, his entire body convulsing as he pumped the female full. Ada expected this to take the human amount of time, but he didn’t. He kept going, contractions running up his tail, over and over and over again, until foamy cum flowed out around him and pooled on the rock.

Ada’s heart quickened as the orange siren noticed her looking and winked.

The orange siren gently pushed the male off of her and he flopped onto the ground, moaning in the puddle of his own cum. A stream of the foamy liquid ran down the orange siren’s tail as she scooted over.

In the meantime, the other sirens had arranged around Ada. Ada had a dick in one hand and a female siren was fucking herself on the fingers of Ada’s other hand. There were three more males kneeling near or over her, all moaning as they stroked themselves. A smaller female wiggled in at Ada’s side and started sucking at her breast, while scaly tails and soft hands ran down her outer hips and legs.

Ada’s awareness flickered back and forth between the orange female approaching and the ocean of sensation all around her.

The orange female smiled with pointed teeth. Ada could barely hear her over all the moaning of the group. “You like… cum?” She pointed at the purple male kneeling over Ada.

Ada nodded, the movement pulling his dick across her tongue and he moaned again.

The orange female moved around, grabbing the either side of the male’s hips. She stuck out her long tongue, also six inches and prehensile, and teasingly licked the male’s rim.

He gasped and quivered, balls twitching, giving Ada a salty mouthful which she greedily swallowed.

The orange female gave another teasing lick, and the same happened again.

Sirens produced pre-cum with a similar volume to human climax, apparently. Gods, did Ada love that.

Another shudder of pleasure ran down Ada’s spine and she wondered how she had possibly avoided orgasming thus far. She realized that the pink siren was singing, the vibrations of her voice one of the many sensations through Ada’s body. And the song was not anywhere near crescendo. Ada felt every pulse, every flicker of heat, every tensing of her muscles, but came to the sickening and exhilarating awareness that she would not be coming until exactly when the pink siren wanted her to.

Well, better make the most of her endurance, then.

The orange female set to licking the purple male’s ass in earnest. His eyes were entirely dilated now, completely black and vacant as he fought to keep from collapsing into Ada. As the female teased him, his hips twitched, sending his dick further into Ada’s throat.

Normally, it would have been too far, but Ada was delighting to find that the siren’s pre-cum had a soothing, lubricating effect. She tested, lifting her head to take more of him into her mouth. He sensed her movement and pushed carefully into her, until her lips were at his base.

She pulled back out to catch her breath, but she’d been right. It just felt good.

The male’s body suddenly tensed and his breath caught, but it wasn’t anything Ada had done.

He moaned. “Yes,” he said, “Please, yes, yes! Ah!”

The orange siren teased his rim with the tip of her tongue, pressing lightly at first and then harder. Her mouth watered and like the males’ pre-cum, her drool had its own special effect. It was thick and slick and the tip of her tongue slid easily into his ass.

Slowly, the orange female worked her way in, and Ada could barely keep up with the pre-cum that was now flowing from the male. Every few moments he convulsed uncontrollably, pressing himself deeper into Ada’s throat. 

She wanted it so badly, wanted it as deep as it would go. The pre-cum had soaked into her tongue, her lips, her throat. He slid easily in and out, every sensation overwhelmingly erotic.

The preparations were over. A rhythm started up above as the orange siren tongue-fucked his ass, and he face-fucked Ada in turn. Ada basked in this until his breathing started to waver. He was at the edge.

She wanted desperately to keep him all the way inside of her as he came, but she needed to breathe.

Ada slid off of him so that only his tip was left in her mouth.

This also pushed her into the pink siren’s continued attentions, which under normal circumstances would have tipped Ada over the edge. But instead, she just enjoyed the ripples of sub-orgasm as she teased the purple siren, circling her tongue under his tip. He whimpered in the most wonderful way, hips twitching towards her, but she denied him. She still needed a moment to catch her breath — plus, she wanted to taste him.

She pulled all the way back for a moment, letting pre-cum drizzle onto her tongue. His mind was completely gone. The orange siren must have found all his best spots, since he was dripping and edging just from her attention.

Ada kept teasing him this way until she was sure he was right on the edge. She took his tip in her mouth and rubbed her tongue under his head in quick circles, sucking gently.

Give it to meeeee…

The siren moaned, his balls spasmed, and the orange siren took this as her queue to tongue-fuck him harder. The convulsion started in the end of his tail and ran up to the base of his spine, and after a heartbeat of anticipation, the first spurt of foamy white cum arrived. It was salty and sweet and Ada swallowed it, the movement of her tongue drawing even more out of him. 

She gulped it down until he outpaced her and she fell back panting. She pumped him with her hand to keep the foamy white cum flowing over her mouth and her chest and down onto the rocks. The siren’s ejaculate didn’t have the sticky quality of human semen. Rather, it was light and soft like sea foam. Being doused in it felt like taking a salty bubble bath.

His arms trembled and he would have collapsed onto Ada if the orange siren hadn’t pulled him to the side. The orange siren then winked at Ada before descending upon the spent male to lick him clean.

Ada had only a moment to wonder what she’d do about the mess of cum that was all over her before other sirens quickly filled in with their long, agile tongues. They licked her neck, her chest, teasing her nipples. Her ear, her face — she was making out with a green siren now, seaweed hair falling around her. This siren seemed interested in licking out as much of the cum from Ada’s mouth as she could, and with Ada’s mouth and throat still sensitized, it felt amazing. Greedy, the green siren licked deeper and deeper until she was face-fucking Ada with her tongue. Ada couldn’t breathe but she didn’t care, until finally her chest spasmed and the green siren withdrew.

Ada slipped her fingers between the green siren’s labia. Other than the scales that started just below it, her sex was in all ways very human. The siren leaned over Ada, her breasts hanging down. Her areola and nipples were also green, with a sprinkling of shimmering scales like freckles across her collar bone.

Ada leaned up and licked at the siren’s nipple, and the siren gasped and lowered herself so that Ada could suck on her as she fucked herself on Ada’s fingers.

Now that Ada was putting her full attention — well, as full as she could, with all that was happening concurrently — towards the green siren, she tensed her fingers in time with the siren’s wiggling to put pressure on the siren’s inner spot, that wonderful hidden part of the clitoris that sang under such ministrations.

The green siren didn’t last much longer. She clenched around Ada’s fingers, squeezing erratically as Ada pressed rhythmically against her spot.

The green siren had been panting and now gasped in a full breath. She screamed in one long heave, then moaned in waves as she pressed herself onto Ada’s fingers a few more times before collapsing into the puddle of her own making.

The males that had originally set themselves up around Ada had not stopped touching themselves, and the sight of the green siren’s bliss sent a yellow one over the edge.

While Ada had felt more than seen the purple one’s orgasm, she had fully view of this yellow one as he spurted ropes of foamy white cum all over her stomach, chest, and the back of the pink one’s head. He just kept going, the convulsions up his tail revealing that his human-like balls were more of an adornment than the true source of his cum. 

This was how one of Ada’s books had described spawning fish. A female would lay clumps of eggs and it was the male’s job to douse them with semen.

The male sirens certainly accomplished dousing. Just when the yellow one was running out, the other two males over her started growling. They really got off on watching each other come. These two climaxed at the same time, an even more impressive display of volume, thick ropes floating a moment in the air before splashing down on Ada. 

Before they were done, other sirens wiggled in to lap up the mess, licking Ada with their tongues but also catching shots of cum on themselves, which other sirens licked off in turn.

That seemed to really set off a chain reaction in the crowd, sirens wriggling and orgasming and licking all around her, but each too dazed and desperate to pay attention to Ada. All they could do was rub themselves on the nearest surface and moan.

Gods, was that was she looked like half the time?

It was so hot.

Not all the sirens were so distracted — the pink siren still hummed between Ada’s legs, and looked up at Ada with those shining eyes again.

Ada was now barely in her own body, floating on dozens of denied orgasms and almost in the same state of desperate overwhelm as she had been on the ship.

A shocking sensation suddenly brought her back into her body.

The pink siren had only been licking Ada’s folds all this time, and now she angled her tongue so that the tip pressed up inside of Ada. Ada’s muscles gripped compulsively, searching for more sensation.

Another denied orgasm.

The pink siren pressed her tongue further in.

Ada screamed with pleasure.

It was as if she had forgotten how good it felt to have something inside of her, and the siren was now teaching her anew.

Ada panted, mouth watering. “F-fuck me, please!”

The pink siren teased her with the thin tip of her tongue.

Ada whined. “Please!”

The pink siren moved her hands from the outside of Ada’s thighs to rub the outer sides of her labia. That plus her tongue was a moment of bliss, but as the siren withdrew, the hands were torturously teasing.

“If I fuck you… you come, yes?” the siren said.

It took Ada a moment to realize she was being asked a question, but then she nodded.

“You come, you become a dragon… yes?”

Ada nodded.

“But only for a moment?”

“Uh… no for a uh… for however long.”

“Whatever long?”

“Until I— until I c-come again.”

Oh. This one came in the sky?!”


“We’ll have to try this on other dragons. Hmmmm…” As the pink siren pondered, she ran her hands in circles on Ada’s outer labia, pressing little rivulets of wetness out.

Ada groaned. “I c-can’t, I can’t take it. Please.

“Not yet. Together.”

The pink siren scooted herself up and around, lying on her back and pulling Ada so that she kneeled on hands and knees over the siren, Ada’s head over the siren’s sex, Ada’s ass over the siren’s head.

Ada’s sex dripped and the pink siren eagerly licked the wetness from her cheeks. Ada leaned down, gently licking the siren’s vulva.

The siren wiggled under her, tail slapping against the wet rock. Ada felt a bit of the siren’s own pleasure over her own aching. The siren’s pleasure was in the song, shared with Ada through the melody.

Then, the siren reached up to Ada with her tongue.

“Mmmmmph!!” Ada moaned into the siren, which heightened the siren’s pleasure, which heightened the song, which intensified Ada’s moaning, in an overwhelming loop of pleasure.

Ada’s hips collapsed onto the siren’s face, her knees sliding out from under her on the now slick rock. She tried to pick herself up again, but the siren wrapped her arms around Ada’s thighs to hold her down.

Ada’s sex-addled brain tried to make sense of this. Didn’t the siren need to breathe?

She didn’t, Ada realized. Like a seal or a whale, a siren would be able to hold their breath for quite a while.

Just the thought of the implication of that nearly sent Ada over the edge. But, the song didn’t let her. She was denied again.

And the siren’s tongue started pressing between her labia, up inside of her.

Ada licked frantically at the siren, moaning into her.

Ada’s hips twitched uncontrollably, rubbing against the siren’s chin. At the same time, the siren slid her tongue deeper in.

Ada gasped. The tongue was dick-thick in the middle but broader at the base, and the siren pushed through Ada’s clenched muscles, giving her the most delicious stretch. The siren wiggled her tongue around, the textured surface pressing against the outer nub of Ada’s clit, then all the way around to the inner spot of pleasure as well.

Is this something like what Pasco felt when she wrapped her dragon tongue all the way around his dick and up his ass? If so, then holy fuck she was a genius.

That was the last conscious thought Ada had any capacity for as the siren started to tongue-fuck her in earnest, combining all the best parts of going-down and getting-fucked.

Ada did her best to return the favor but mostly just moaned, drooled, and licked frantically. Luckily, the siren seemed to be getting off on making Ada an absolute fucking mess.

The song finally started to rise. The energy of all the denied orgasms quivered in Ada’s body. Her mind’s little boat was shattered into pieces and her body floated catatonic on the roiling waves.

She needed to make the siren come. She needed to make the siren come or she was going to die. The siren seemed to sense that energy, which pushed the siren herself nearly to the edge, but it wasn’t quite enough. The siren seemed content to let Ada quiver into insanity, but Ada had to do something.

She forced herself back into her body to find her hand, and clumsily pulled it towards the siren’s vulva. She slid in two fingers on the other side of her frantic licking, pressing at the siren’s spot.

The music swelled. Pleasure throbbed in Ada’s core, just like it had with each denied orgasm, but finally, finally, it tipped over the edge into rhythmic contractions of sheer bliss.

Yes, yesyesyesyes yes! 

The song became a shrill, piercing note as the siren screamed. Ada came hard, like a desperate inhale for breath after finally reaching the surface of the ocean. Sirens scrambled out of the way, some diving for the ocean to avoid the rapid expansion of her body on the rock.

She stood, for a moment, on the slippery rock. Then, she realized that her sex was still clenching with orgasmic spasms, even as a dragon.

“Oh no, oh— ah, aaaaaaah!”

Human, she tried to pull herself up off the rock, but her core clenched again. It wasn’t over. She came again.

She stood as a dragon, the sirens looking on with awe and delight. Mercifully, she seemed to be done for the moment, but fluid flowed freely from her sex.

“You know—”

A curious siren ran a hand down the scales of her outer labia, grabbing a fistful of dragon slick to taste.

“Fuuuuck!” Ada came again.

Human, she was spread eagle on the rock. The pink siren approached with a devilish look in her eye. “No,” Ada gasped, “Please no—”

The siren came up and put her palm flat over Ada’s sex, rubbing her in broad circles.

Ada twitched but she had no strength left to fight it. “Please not agaaaaaa—ah!”

The next hours — minutes? seconds? — all blurred together in Ada’s mind. She came over, and over, and over again. Every denied orgasm from the pink siren’s initial intentions seemed backed up in some sort of queue. Even the slightest sensation, the least touch, was enough to send her over the edge.

Sirens clung around the edge of the rock, bobbing down as Ada started flailing and then peeking over to see if it was their turn to give the one touch, one kiss, one moan that would send Ada through her orgasmic transformation once more.

There wasn’t enough room for all the sirens on the rock, so the rest congregated in a small cove in the water below. A halo of foamy whiteness slowly spread through the cove and spilled out into the ocean as they filled the water with foamy cum and churned it into an even thicker lather with their wriggling and convulsing. The dragon-woman’s desperate cries of tortured pleasure were a constant source of arousal for the greedy sirens.

Ada’s sensitivity slowly started to diminish — but only to the point that a siren actually got to fuck her to make her cum, or she had a few moments to stand on her four feet as a dragon before the sirens enveloped her. In one of those moments, she thought about making a run for it, taking to wing, but she was sure that she wouldn’t make it far before she fell from the sky yet again.

Ada, for the first time in her life, finally needed to be rescued.

At that moment, the ship finally came into sight around the edge of the cove. Yes! She was so excited at the thought of rescue, of seeing Pasco again, that it sent her quivering into another orgasm. Fuck.

Part 3: Setting Sail, The Dragon's Tower

Chapter 18: About Right

Much like at the tavern, there was music and singing and dancing, and the ale flowed freely.

Unlike the tavern, there was no ban on public sex.

Ada found herself in another predicament. She wanted to stay and watch all the fucking and rutting and sucking and sweating that was happing out on deck as the party quickly devolved into an orgy. But it was proving all too inspiring, and she wasn’t sure whether or not Pasco had told the crew about her… condition. If he had, how had they reacted? He’d been too busy getting them out on the sea and then she’d been too distracted by the view to ask.

Pasco was still dancing, and she went and grabbed his wrist and pulled her to him. “Unless you’re gonna tie me to the wheel of this thing, I am not gonna last.”

Pasco grinned, his eyes darting back and forth between Ada and the wheel of the ship.

Ada’s heart skipped. She hadn’t been serious, but she had suggested it. Gods, that would be… horrific. Amazing. Torturous. She might actually lose her mind. Did she want that? Or not? The question itself made her even more aroused.

Ada was interrupted from her thoughts by Pasco scooping her up off of her feet. Pasco seemed to have made up his mind, and he carried her below deck.

“Your idea was very tempting,” he said as they were alone, “but I prepared something for you and I wanted to show you.” He carried her back towards the stern of the ship and through a heavy wooden door, into the captain’s quarters.

The room was large and nearly empty except for pile upon pile of velvet cushions. A mismatched array of rugs covered the floor, some simple furs, others woven with intricate patterns.

With all of the furniture cleared out, there would be just enough room for Ada to comfortably become a dragon, though she would not be able to stand to her full height. And the back of the room was lined with windows. Pasco set Ada down and she rushed over, marveling at the view of the ocean and the purple dusk sky.

Pasco came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her, pawing at her body hungrily, and she gasped her appreciation. His hands unfettered her arousal and it surged forth.

She spun in his arms and shoved him and he stumbled backwards. He played along, glancing behind himself and then letting himself fall back onto the pile of cushions.

Ada pounced on top of him, wrapping her legs around him and grinding against his growing bulge. She loved the way that the sensation broke his composure. Her own composure was already far gone.

She leaned over and kissed him, hard. 

He moaned and grabbed her ass, pulling her more tightly against him.

She broke their kiss to rip off her shirt, then his. He grabbed her breasts and massaged her nipples with his thumbs. She savored that sensation until she couldn’t take it anymore, and she rolled off of him so that she could kick off her pants.

Pasco didn’t immediately follow suit. Instead, he put a hand to his crotch and it came back damp. “Gods, Ada, look what you did.” Where Ada had been grinding on him, his pants were soaked through.

“Get naked already,” Ada whined.

“But I like to appreciate you,” Pasco said, his grin mischievous.

Please,” Ada panted. 

That seemed to kick off a surge of arousal for Pasco too, because his composure faltered again and he didn’t waste any more time undressing.

Ada stayed on her back on the pillows and reached for Pasco. “Fuck me,” she breathed.

Pasco leaned over her and he didn’t try to tease her this time. It was out of respect, not mischief, that he was slow to slip his tip inside. Ada appreciated the idea of that, but she had other plans. She grabbed his ass and pulled him down on top of her, moaning happily at the feeling of fullness.

Pasco gasped and his hips bucked reflexively, triggering another ripple of pleasure for Ada.

“Gods, yes, fuck me… it’s been so long…”

Pasco obliged, thrusting into her and panting over her.

“W-will you come this way?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” was Ada’s honest answer. She didn’t usually climax from penetration, but she was really pent up by this point.

“Just, uh, don’t kill me?”

“Y-you got it.”

He started a steady rhythm and Ada melted into bliss. As the minutes passed, that bliss became urgency. As the urgency heightened, she became confident that this alone would not make her climax. 

The realization was wonderful and terrible. Wonderful because the experience was not cut short, because Ada could savor it. Pasco’s muscles rippling under his skin, the sweat beading on his arms, his look of determination as he fought to last, the periodic breaks in his composure as she tensed her sex around him.

“C-can you go twice again, like last time?” Ada asked.

“Definitely,” Pasco said, and the look of lust on his face lent credence to his words. That look turned hopeful as he rightly guessed what Ada was about to ask.

“Come in me!”

“Y-yes, my little dragon.” His thrusting accelerated and his look of focus turned to one of pure urgency as he fucked her into the velvet pillows.

The sensation was incredible, like being right on the edge but at no risk of coming, and Ada moaned happily.

“A-Ada, I’m c-coming!” 

One, two, three more thrusts and then Pasco stayed on the last one, deep inside of her. She clenched her muscles around him his shaft throbbed inside of her, expanding with each wave of pleasure and cum.

As Pasco’s climax tapered off, Ada pushed him off of her and he flopped down onto the pillows next to her. She followed and slid down on top of him, grinding against him. His dick was trying to decide whether to stay firm or to resign, and so he twitched wonderfully inside of her as she squeezed him. Very soon his dick decided to stay very, very hard.

Pasco moaned and shuddered, the sensation intense, but he did not ask her to stop.

Which was good, because she would have had a very hard time doing so.

“I d-definitely can come this way,” she said. Her heat started to build, all the accumulated sexual tension from the past forty eight hours quivering in her whole body. Sucking Pasco off under the table. Him tying her up, teasing her, coming on her face. Watching him move the whole crew to his commands. The sensual sunset. The pirate orgy. “Fuck, fuck, I’m coming!”

The sensation started from where her clit was rubbing against his base and then it blossomed through her whole body in wave after wave of brilliant heat.

Her scream became a roar that made every timber of the ship quiver.

Ada’s long, long inhale ended and she sighed the air out again. She loomed over Pasco now, her tail curled back around herself like a cat’s so that she could fit in the room. She plopped down on the pillows next to him, resting her chin next to his head. 

He stroked her cheeks and she purred.

“I’m surprised you’re not still raring to go,” he said teasingly.

Ada huffed at him. “Just how thirsty do you think I am?”

“Oh it’s nothing, just… I’ve never seen you as a dragon with you being, y’know. Dripping and aching with need. Itching to rub yourself off against something, or begging to come.”

Ada’s eyes narrowed at him, but then her composure wavered and she panted, her long tongue unfurling from her mouth with a rivulet of drool. “Well now I am!”

Pasco scritched her chin playfully. “How about you show me how you like to make yourself come when you’re a dragon, and I’ll masturbate while I watch you?”

Ada’s answer was to moan and to start grinding her hips against the pile of pillows.

Pasco stroked himself, still plenty lubricated by the aftermath of Ada’s first orgasm.

It was not long before Ada was gasping and drooling. No longer getting enough sensation from the pillows, she flopped over and started to rub her scales with the tops of her hind feet. The way the knuckles moved over the bony scutes of her stomach sent vibrations through the incredibly sensitive scales and skin. She clenched her sex to intensify the sensation and waves of wetness gushed out from between her inner labia, which were swelling into view.

Pasco seemed to be greatly enjoying the whole thing. “D-do you want me to come now, or wait?”

Ada twitched eagerly, another wave of fluid escaping from her, both from her mouth and from her sex. “C-come, come now!”

Pasco pumped harder and moaned, cupping his balls with his other hand, pushing himself over the edge, spurting onto his stomach and chest and hands.

Ada watched him and panted, open-mouthed and drooling. Just as he finished she climaxed with another thunderous moan, the force of it setting her adrift in her pleasure like a rowboat on a stormy sea.

She came to rest next to him and heaved a satisfied sigh.

Pasco surveyed the room. “Hm, when I thought of the pillows, I hadn’t really considered…”

As he looked for words, Ada followed his gaze. There was not a dry surface in the whole room. A mix of dragon drool and fem-cum was pooling in the center of the floor and nearly all of the pillows and rugs were soaked.

“Shit. Sorry,” Ada said.

“I’m not,” Pasco said. “It’s really fucking hot. I’ll figure out what to do about it… later.”

Ada nodded, still too blissful to feel any guilt.

Pasco pushed himself over to his side so that he was facing her, looking up at her where she lay further up on the pillow pile.

He looked as happy as she felt.

“Were you always this horny, before the dragon thing?” he asked.

Ada grinned wryly. “Yeah. It’s actually why the dragon thing happened. It was supposed to be a curse. My father banished me to the tower with this grumpy old witch so that I’d stop having sex, but then for whatever reason she didn’t want me masturbating either, so I guess the curse was supposed to… teach me my lesson and ruin my prospects at future relationships.”

“Hm. That didn’t really work out for them, did it?”

“Nope, it did not.”

Pasco chuckled. “That sounds about right.”

“You sound… about right…” Ada said, starting to drift off back into her haze.

“What’s that mean?”

The words were already becoming fuzzy. “Nothing, I’m… sleepy.” With her last bit of strength, Ada scooted closer to Pasco so that he could wrap his arms around her. As the dusk turned to night outside, they fell warmly asleep.

Part 2: On the Road, The Dragon's Tower

Chapter 11: Two Things

Ada’s satisfaction was short-lived as she became aware of her own aching desire. She looked back and realized that her wetness had started flowing freely from her, past her scaly outer labia. Her inner labia were swollen with arousal, smooth and black and now visible as they pressed her scales apart, advertising that her dragon sex was open for business. She started to look around, with growing urgency, for an appropriate implement, like a fallen log or a boulder. She wasn’t above humping a tree, or —

There was a surge of pleasure around her sex, so intense that she nearly fell over. Pasco stood under her, stroking around her inner labia as he had her muzzle earlier. He dipped a hand up between them and it came back thick with the clear fluid, and he licked it off his hand like a bear eating honey.

Ada shuddered and flopped over onto her side, exposing her belly to him. He rubbed his hands down the scales of her outer labia, which were incredibly sensitive despite being firm and ridged. This inspired another gush of wetness. Ada settled into fuzzy bliss once again.

This time, she complemented his ministrations with pressure and rubbing from the tops of her back feet, her knuckles rubbing across those sensitive scales.

“What’s your safe word?” he asked.

She thought it not terribly necessary, when she was a dragon and could break him without so much as a second’s warning, but she appreciated it all the same.

“‘Red’ is good for me too,” she moaned. She wondered what he was planning that might need—

Oh. Oh. Oh.

His hands were inside her labia, pressing against her own inner walls. She’d never actually ventured such a thing, always finding it easy enough to come just from stimulating her outer labia or by licking herself. But oh, oh god, he was finding her dragon clit.

The sensation was so much more intense than the diffuse pleasure that her labia provided, immensely pleasurable and yet nearly intolerable. It inspired a different sort of urgency, an abrupt and consuming desperation, and she was soon hissing and writhing and snarling. It took all her focus to keep from kicking him, or lashing with her tail, or doing something else that might have so easily torn open his fragile body.

Ada then realized that the safe word was more for his benefit, whether he had known that or not when he asked. She really could break him in a moment and he might be hard-pressed to distinguish her sounds of pleasure from anger.

She could hardly tell the difference either. This was torture, really wonderful torture. His hands up inside of her. Her so sensitive, him invasive but welcomed, the sensation new and uncertain but she wanted more of it, she wanted it harder.

“That feels so good,” she said. “It’s driving me… crazy… I can’t…”

She looked down to see him elbow-deep inside of, working her clit and her labia, grinning wide.

She whimpered. “I can’t, I’m sorry, I can’t take it, I need—” she tried to roll away but the motion brought the pressure of his hands against her edges and that sensation captured her.

She started to wiggle around him. “I need, I need to come.” She found an angle and started fucking herself against his arms, which was still an agonizingly light sensation, but as she clenched her sex, and with her back feet rubbing outside and around her, and at the sight of him buried in her, it was all just enough, just barely enough, to tip her over the edge.

“I need, I need, I— I’m going, I’m cuuuuaaaaaah!~”

Her own muscles contracted in pleasurable wave, squeezing Pasco’s arms and gushing fem-cum over them, the sensation of heat and lightness and pure pleasure washing over her and the world going bright with sparkling lights, like it did each time she transformed.

As the waves of pleasure finally faded, she found Pasco had fallen over her. Ada realized just how much larger he was than her when she was human. He quickly shifted to avoid crushing her, but she rolled towards him to stay tangled up together.

They lay together and Ada nuzzled up into him as their hearts and breathing slowed. She reached a hand up and smoothed his beard over his cheek, then ran her fingers gently through the coarse hair. He was still damp from burying himself in her folds, and she smiled.

He looked down at her with his morning fog eyes, his kind smile crinkling them shut like the warmth of dawn breaking out over the horizon.

“Hm,” Pasco said. His voice vibrated in his chest beneath her.

“Hm?” Ada said.

“Two things have just occurred to me,” Pasco said.


“One, I appear to have kidnapped you more than rescued you.”

“Oh,” Ada said. She hadn’t really thought of it that way. She would have left the tower months prior but… she just didn’t know where to go. “You couldn’t have taken me if I didn’t want to come.”

“Oh, did you want to come? Or did you want to come?”

“Yes,” Ada said breathily. He was as clever as he was handsome, and Ada would have sworn she had known him two years, not two days.

Pasco laughed. It was warm and perfect with her ear to his chest like that.

“I was lonely,” Ada said. “And you were all beautiful. And different. And your horses have scales. And you don’t have to wear shirts. And your culture is sexy.”

Pasco nodded. “All of those things are true. So I suppose that makes you neither our hostage nor our refugee, but our traveling companion.”

Ada’s head was finally starting to return to sane thought. “Well, when… when I was your refugee, did you intend to, um, well, usually those who venture to the tower are princes intending to, earn a marriage right, so is that… what… um…” Ada had been loathe to suffer any talk of marriage for years, and yet suddenly, she was very very interested. 

She had just sprung upon him the secret of the century and he had taken it totally in stride. Actually, he’d taken it totally in the ass. Gods, that had been amazing. Any man that loved it when she ate him out like that was a man that she wanted to keep very close for a very long time. And he was not lacking in ways to please her, either.

“I am a prince, that’s true,” Pasco said.

“You are?” Ada said. She had never seen a prince that seemed, well, this functional. They had all either been insufferably pompous or worryingly frail. Pasco was strong and firm and virile, and kind and clever and gentle. He was as close to Ada’s definition of ‘prince’ as she was to her parents’ definition of ‘princess’.

“Don’t sound so surprised,” he teased.

“I mean, I’m not, just, I thought I knew all of the kingdoms and I don’t know… yours, apparently.” Part of the reason that the western tower had been abandoned was because all of the powers in the West were now accounted for politically. Ada thought she knew of them all, especially from the history books in the tower, but perhaps she had missed one?

“You wouldn’t,” Pasco said.

“Well that seems presumptuous,” Ada said. She was very well read, after all!

“I come from the kingdom of pirates.”

“Oh. Wait, what?”

“You think pirates can’t have organization?”

“No, I just didn’t think… that pirate royalty would come so far inland to fetch some random princess out of a tower.” Pirate royalty? It did make a kind of sense to Ada. She had read that pirates were often employed as privateers by this kingdom or that. Was it really so different if they made their own kingdom on the seas? Except for that their kingdom seemed very different than hers. For one, they were not so shy about breasts. Or sex.

“Not some random princess. A princess guarded by a dragon.” He put his fingertip to her nose.

She scrunched her face at him, sticking out her tongue, even though she loved it. How could they have known each other two days, and yet already feel so familiar? “You said you had dragons where you’re from? Something about that?” Her books had hinted at places that dragons might still be plentiful, but there had only been speculation.

“We do,” he said. “They’ve been nearly all driven from this continent, but there’s plenty on the seas. That’s not even mentioning the places we sail to, unmapped and wild. We’re used to dealing with dragons, but your folk, not so much. Once we’d heard how many of your knights had failed, we were concerned the dragon might not be content with its territory and might start to roam. That could be disastrous. We wanted to nip that in the bud, so to speak, and leverage that respect to get a few more kingdoms to… subscribe to our protection fees. When the dragon didn’t show at the tower, I’d hoped we’d see it on the trip.” He smiled. “I wasn’t disappointed.”

“So you only brought me along as bait?” Ada pouted.

“Not at all,” Pasco said. “We may do things differently on the sea, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know the marriage traditions in this place. It would be unkind to take your dragon and leave you in the tower, when you could live in comfort with us.”

Ada once again found herself very keen to understand Pasco’s intentions. “So you were sort of thinking… a marriage in name only or… something like that…”

Pasco laughed. “A first lesson about pirates — try asking your actual question and you’ll probably like the answer a lot more.”

Ada shifted so that she could see his face, him lying on his back and her lying on his chest. For all her hedging, she knew exactly what she wanted. Could she truly just be straightforward? There was only one way to find out. “Would you be my lover?”

He tucked her hair behind her ear. “Yes, I would like that very much, my little dragon.”

She purred and folded into him. It was all happening so fast, but she had no interest in slowing it down. In that quiet moment, her mind flicked back to the start of the conversation. “What was the other thing?” she said. “You said ‘one’ like there was a ‘two’.”

“Ah,” he said, “Yes. Two. You destroy your clothes when you turn into a dragon, don’t you?”

Ada looked down at herself. She was completely naked. Pasco still had his trowsers around his ankles. 

“Ah,” she said, “Yes, yes I do.”

It was fully dark when they returned to camp, but nobody was asleep. Ada was wearing Pasco’s trousers, and Pasco was completely naked. “Nothing my crew haven’t seen before,” he had said, and that had raised Ada’s eyebrows.

She understood as soon as they came into view of the camp. Everyone was naked.

Forte was fucking Missa, who lay on the ground with Teoda straddling her face, and Sendia had her dick between Teoda’s breasts.

Forte noticed them approach. “Hey, captain!” he said. “Heard you two fuckin’ in th’ woods an’ figgered the ban was up.”

“That’s only fair,” Pasco said.

The four continued their revelry but each had a half eye turned towards Ada, as if a bit wary to see how she was going to react.

Ada’s heart was singing. It was like a full choir was inside of her chest, swelling louder and louder and louder. If she was dreaming, she didn’t care. She would fully commit. She would live this new life with every ounce of her being for as long as it lasted. 

“Fuck yes,” she said, “You all are the best.”

Ada and Pasco settled in to cuddle and watch the rest of the crew finish their orgy. And finish they did. Several times.