Part 2: Training, The Alchemist's Illusions

Chapter 13: Have Fun

It was the last day before the weekend, when Linza could have two uninterrupted days of training with her illusion magic. 

Her slow job was even slower on the last day of the week. A lot of the senior alchemists liked to take long lunches. They didn’t start experiments on the last day of the week, so there were no reagents to weigh. Usually, Linza just stayed available to clean whatever they used that day and then she was free to go.

So, she had given herself over completely to her fantasies.

She sat at a small desk in the basement of the laboratory, where the washing basins were, day dreaming so fervently that her heart was pounding.

Wait, was it her heart or was it footsteps on the stairs?

She bolted upright just as one of the senior alchemists, Nanar, came down the last of the stairs. He looked a bit startled that she was already making eye contact with him. But, fortunately for her, alchemists did not tend to be the most socially apt bunch and she was sure he wouldn’t say anything.

She swallowed the saliva that had accumulated in her mouth. “What’s up?”

“I hate to ask you this on the last day of the week, but Borin’s already gone for the day and I just need someone to double-check my math.”

“Oh! Of course! Happy to.”

Nanar stood awkwardly at the bottom of the stairs.

“If it’s alright, I’ll follow you up in a moment, I just need to finish this inventory real quick before I lose count.”

“Of course! Yeah, no hurry. Any time in the next hour is great.”

“Great! See you soon.”

Nanar clomped up the stairs.

Linza groaned and bumped her fist against her forehead. Stupid, stupid! There was no way she could do math like this. And there’s no way that she could cum at work, either! She was between a rock and a hard place. Well, a wet place.

Though, the staff washroom on this floor was relatively quiet… she was the only junior in the office and Nanar was unlikely to come back down…

Linza scurried through the shelves of cleaned cauldrons and sorted reagents, around the corner, and to the washroom. 

There was just the one toilet room, which she’d cursed on previous days when more juniors had been in and she’d been forced to wait. It worked to her advantage, now. As she slipped inside and slid the lock shut, she was quite sure she would be alone.

Linza leaned back against the wall and pulled up her skirt. Then, she hesitated. Was she really about to do this?

Her sex throbbed, demanding.

Yes, she was definitely doing this.

She slipped down her panties and left them on just one ankle as she turned her other leg aside and sunk her fingers into her vulva.

Linza nearly fell over, the pleasure was so intense.

She bit her lip to stifle a moan. Half of her was sure nobody would hear her anyway. The rest of her was sure that if she started moaning, she wouldn’t stop, and she didn’t want to risk it.

So she gasped and quivered.

Tempted as she was to sink back into her fantasies and enjoy herself, she did not have quite enough time for that. This needed to be like the break room at her night job. Quick and to-the-point.

Fortunately, Linza had been fantasizing with abandon all morning, and she had more than enough arousal built up. Already, her fingers were sparking pre-orgasmic waves of heat.

It seemed a bit of a shame to burn it all so quickly like this. But also hot

She just couldn’t help it. 

Here she was, masturbating feverishly in the basement of an alchemy lab.

Because she was such a thirsty slut.

That thought tipped Linza hurtling over the edge and she twisted, leaning heavily into the wall with her shoulder, not daring to breathe lest she scream. It felt so good.

Wave after wave of ecstasy trembled through her, all the anticipation of her fantasies pouring out. This was a kind of alchemy, a transformation of the pleasure of anticipation to the pleasure of release. From the crown of her head to the tips of her toes, her entire body tingled with electric pleasure. 

Finally, she was done.

As she washed her hands in the basin, she could think again. She splashed water over her face and neck, dabbing herself off with a towel, feeling refreshed. She also wiped up the dampness from between her legs and from her vulva. Washing the towels was also part of her job description, so no one would be any the wiser.

The only thing she wasn’t quite sure of was what to do with her panties, which she’d left on her ankle. They were now cold and wet and smelled of her arousal.

She’d opted for a wool skirt that day, which was nearly floor length. And hadn’t she read that women didn’t used to wear any underwear at all?

So, she wrapped the panties in the towel and tucked them underneath her desk. She then bounded up the stairs taking them two at a time, quite looking forward to the task that awaited her.

And the way that her skirt moved over her bare hips and ass excited her. It was an exhilerating secreet, along with what she’d just done. Well, they’d be secrets until she told Wyn, anyway.

She was starting to understand rule number three.

Have fun.


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