Part 2: Training, The Alchemist's Illusions

Chapter 12: Growth Mindset

Linza did not again attempt to make it through an entire shift in the break room without cumming. Tanyth had said that it might get easier with time, but for Linza, it actually got more difficult.

As she became more familiar with the room and the other staff, just entering the room made her quite aroused. Just the sound of the door opening stirred her further. And then as she recognized a coworker, the memory of them riled her. And then the present sight and experience of them left her dizzy and throbbing.

After a full week of shifts in the break room, Linza’s arousal had not at all diminished.

She confessed this to Tanyth one night as they walked together to the trolley.

“Oh!” they laughed. “Oh, I’m sorry if I made you feel like it should lessen! It’s normal for it to grow, too.”

Linza fidgeted. “Which is… preferred?”


“Oh.” Was there some third option that eluded her?

“Both,” Tanyth quickly corrected. “Variety is good. If you’re matter-of-fact about it, that’s better for guests who are themselves matter-of-fact. But, the best illusionists tend to be highly empathetic, like you.”

The way they said it, ‘highly empathetic’, made it sound like they meant it beyond just Linza’s arousal. It seemed like they meant it about her in general.

She blushed. “Speaking of which, I haven’t actually started practicing with magic, yet.”

“Speaking of empathy, you read my mind,” they tapped their temple. “I was just thinking we could start that tomorrow.”


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