Review: Corruption of Champions II (CoC2)

Corruption of Champions II (CoC2) and its related game Trials in Tainted Space (TiTS) boast not only some of the best names in smut history, but also an immense amount of very erotic content.

I’ll overview the game and gameplay, discuss the kinks and fetishes in the game, and leave you with some of my key thoughts on CoC2.

This will be a fairly detailed review because if you’re here, you’re probably looking for more info before you try out the game.

If you’re ready to dive in already, just head over to the PLAY page on Fenoxo’s blog and get started!

Price and availability

CoC, CoC2 and TiTS are entirely free to play here. If you enjoy them, consider supporting the creators on the CoC2 SubscribeStar / Patreon or the TiTS SubscribeStar / Patreon!

I cannot stress enough that between these three games there is SO. MUCH. CONTENT.

Overview and basic premise

From the game’s intro: “CoC2 contains many weird and exotic fetishes, including but not limited to: sexually invasive tentacles, overly-amorous monstergirls, furry futa femdom, uncontrollable breeding urges, and horny demon sex-wizards.”

CoC2, its predecessor CoC, and TiTS are all text-based role-playing games (RPGs). My experience is with CoC and CoC2, and I’ll focus on CoC2, but trying out TiTS is on my to-do list!

The premise for both CoC games goes a little like this:

  • via sex magic, you find yourself in a world that is not your own
  • you soon learn that as you explore this world, you will be beset with (sexy) surprise encounters!
  • these surprise encounters lead to (sexy) combat
  • (sexy) combat results in (sexy) victory or (sexy) defeat, usually with the victor “having their way with” the loser

There are other non-combat sexy encounters with your party members and other NPCs along the way as well.

The game includes many classic RPG elements like damage rolls, equipment, random drops, quest items, etc.

I generally recommend starting with CoC2 since the UI is a little easier to wrap your head around, it’s being actively expanded, and there’s character art! Once you get started, I recommend checking out the original CoC game too, since it has different characters and scenarios and variety is the spice of life.


In CoC2, you can expect to be building your image of the world mostly through imagination. CoC2 has a very basic map and some very fun art for key characters, but the emphasis is very much on what you read.

You don’t need to be an RPG whiz or even have played an RPG before to figure out your way around CoC (pun intended). While the game does reward some savvy, you can generally get away with just hitting the “auto” button over and over again to get through combat. There’s an “easy mode” that lets you bypass most of the RPG mechanics and explore at-will.

That being said, the UI is a bit clunky and takes some getting used to. That’s no shade — if I had to recommend whether the dev team focus on “polish the UI” or “write more sex” I’ll pick “write more sex” every time.

You’ll almost certainly run into encounters that you lose, but defeat is part of the fun here. There are scenes you only see by losing to certain characters (hence the ‘fantasize’ combat option that hastens your defeat).

Major plot events can result in a “game over”, but you’ll always be able to start again from your latest save.

CoC2 will run on your browser (can confirm that this works generally as expected on mobile Safari, though you’ll want an iPad screen or larger) or if you’re clever with such things, you can download the game file and even side-load onto an Android or jailbroken iOS device (all things I personally haven’t tried).

You can play classic RPG classes focused on physical or magical combat, but you can also play as a seductive class where your main path to victory is by overwhelming the enemy with lust so that they can no longer fight.

As fun as the idea of the seductive classes is (and you get some great little blurbs in combat about how hard your foe is trying to not start uncontrollably masturbating) as I player I haven’t quite been able to “figure it out”. I’ve found combat feels much easier as a physical combat class. Smack ’em a whole bunch and hope you win.

Character Customization

CoC2 gives you very basic character customization options at the beginning. You select your genitals, your character’s race (catfolk is an option!), your player class, and some key descriptors about your other anatomy, like how curvy you are. By default, gender is automatically calculated from your character’s current genitals, but it can be overridden to either “male” or “female” in the settings menu once you’re out of the tutorial.

Under-the-hood, CoC2 scenes are encoded with “parsers” that check the relevant information about your character and customize the scene. So, a scene might include a line like “you shake your [parser] ass at them” and depending on what it “knows” about your ass, it will fill in an appropriate word like “juicy” or “tight”.

Anatomy can get quite wild in CoC because along the way, you’ll collect random items that when eaten/used will cause your body parts to morph. Fox ears, slime hair, lizard tail, dog dick, fur, scales, multiple penises — all of these things and more can become part of your character and will be mentioned in scenes.

Generally, reversing these changes is difficult, so it’s one reason to consider saving often and back-tracking if you don’t like an effect! 😉

Body image

After character customization, it’s worth taking a moment to talk about body image in CoC. Generally, proportions in CoC are absolutely ridiculous, which is part of the charm.

It’s important to note that in how different proportions are talked about, CoC generally follows stereotypes. Big dicks and big boobs are described positively, small dicks and small boobs often as “pathetic” or “inadequate”. Great for someone with a humiliation fetish, maybe a little discouraging for someone with realistic anatomy.

In one of my CoC II save files, I’ve been on the hunt for something to make my fox girl’s dick a little larger so that scenes will stop describing it as “pathetic” and so she’ll stop apologizing to other characters. I like my little fox dick, dammit!

Nonconsensual and dubious consent (non-con and dub-con)

Since non-con and dub-con can be divisive fetishes, I wanted to give a matter-of-fact overview of what’s in the game in case you’re trying to figure out if it might be your cup of tea or not.

The majority of the sex in the game results from combat encounters and is non-con / dub-con. The game itself does rarely use the word “rape” to describe scenarios.

As the player character, you can choose to leave somebody alone that you’ve defeated, but if your character is defeated, this will usually result in a dub-con scenario.

Most of the non-con/dub-con portrays both participants as ultimately enjoying themselves. References to pain are usually of the “hurts so good” variety.

When it comes to gender identity, this game is “equal opportunity” non-con/dub-con. Feminine/female characters are often doing the dominating here. Except for the main villains in the series, the dominance can go both ways — you can go back and find that encounter you kept losing, win it, and get your victory scene with the same character.

There are a few encounters that are more hardcore noncon. One of the benefits of a text-based game is that if you find yourself in a scene that’s not your cup of tea, you can skip through it quickly with no penalty.

Kinks and fetishes

As aforementioned, it’s way easier to write a list of what kinks and fetishes aren’t in CoC than which ones are.

CoC2 comprises the work of quite a few authors, each with their own preferences and styles. So, the kink and fetishes represented are fairly diverse.

You’ll find: giant dicks, animal dicks, furries, morphing, excessive cum, cum inflation, non-con/dub-con, moderate violence, aphrodisiacs, tentacles, ovipositors, blow jobs, PIV (penis in vagina), anal, seduction, impregnation, egg laying, and so on.

There is zero: bestiality, depiction of minors/childlike characters, scat, vore, gore.

Though the combat encounters are a core mechanic of the game, CoC2 has a ton of party and NPC encounters (Minotaur boyfriend! Pink catgirlfriend!) that are very sweet and loving and cute (and hot!) so the overall tone of the game remains fun, warm, and silly.

Not the most trans or non-binary identity friendly

Every person has different preferences (including trans and nonbinary people!) so I’m going to keep this as matter-of-fact as I can. This list is simply FYIs to help folks who want to know what to expect:

  • Trans-masc identities are not very represented in this game (I haven’t come across any in my play)
  • Pronouns default to auto-calculating from your genitals and can be overwritten, but only to male/female
  • Women with penises are portrayed very much in the futanari fetish (some also have vulva/vagina, others don’t) in that they tend to have giant balls, giant dicks, excessive cum, etc

Key thoughts

The game depicts happily horny women, low-consequence and pleasurable sex, shameless sexuality, a wide range of fetishes, some really lovely/loving male characters, and so many different kinds of sex/sexy encounters.

Will you come across things that aren’t your cup of tea? Almost certainly. Are they easy to skim/skip through in that case? Yep. Will you find out you liked things you didn’t know you liked? Almost certainly.

Even just the act of deciding what you do/don’t like can be so enriching. Impregnation? Not for me, I think contraceptives are sexy as hell. Excessive cum? Sign me up!

One of the great things about written erotica is that as the reader, you have so much influence over your experience. Prefer a little vs. a lot of cum inflation? Just imagine it differently than written. Think the content is hot but don’t love dub-con? You can add an inter-dimensional safe-word exit-button to your head canon.

If you’re interested in exploring your sexuality in an imaginative, fun, silly, over-the-top, fantastical way, then I highly recommend CoC2!

Still hungry? You can find more reviews of steamy and erotic media here, or if you’re interested in reading some of my original erotic romance, head over to The Cookie Jar!

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