Part 6: Partners, The Dragon's Tower

Chapter 31: With Pleasure

They spent the day building a little hut in the glade by the waterfall and carrying Ada and Pasco’s belongings up the path. Well, Pasco’s belongings and Ada’s belonging. The only thing that was really hers, given that she dressed and ate from the pirates’ communal riches, was the headband that the children had made her. She prized it more than anything else she’d ever had.

Pasco was a handy fisherman, unsurprisingly, and the rest of the pirates wandered back to town as he roasted fish over a fire.

Ada had been pondering something, and she was considering coming at it indirectly. But, she was emboldened by his positive reaction to her proposal and the memory of him saying, what felt like lifetimes ago, ‘try asking your actual question and you’ll probably like the answer a lot more’.

So, as he handed her a skewered fish, she mustered her courage. “I was thinking…”


“Well, I… really liked the way that you tied me up in the inn. And on the ship. With the gag. And before you couldn’t really touch me when you did that since, y’know… it would quickly become a moot point.”

Pasco grinned. “I’m listening.”

“So I thought you might… tie me up again.”

Pasco nodded. “I’d be happy to.”

That was not the part that Ada was nervous to ask, since she knew Pasco would happily agree. “And, though I know you’d never actually do it, I was thinking you might pretend to… force yourself on me.”

Pasco chewed his bite of fish, considering this. “I’m happy to do anything you’re happy to do. But. I’ve seen how you get when I, y’know. Talk to you that way. Are you sure you’ll really tell me if I need to stop?”

Ada nodded emphatically. “I’m sure.”

He seemed relieved. “I just don’t want to hurt you.”

“Well, actually…” Ada took a deep breath, steeling herself. She knew he wouldn’t judge her, it’s just that he was so kind, she felt like she was asking a lot of him. “I like how it hurts. It hurts… really good. I-it’s hard to explain, I…”

“You don’t have to explain. I trust you. You’ll just have to… tolerate me checking in on you now and then.”

“Really?” Ada nearly jumped up with glee. “You’ll do it?”

“With pleasure,” Pasco crooned, and Ada nearly fainted then and there.


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