Part 6: Partners, The Dragon's Tower

Chapter 30: As Promised

Pasco and Ada did everything as they’d promised. The king and the queen drafted up a mockingly complex marital contract, a satire of the sort of thing that Ada’s own parents would have unironically foisted upon her, and it was perfect.

Ada requested a hand-tying ceremony, like was customary in her kingdom, but she requested a modification. Instead of being firmly tied, the rope was tied in a bow, with long ends that Ada and Pasco could each hold in their other hands. Either of them could tug their end of the bow and unravel of it, and neither of them did.

Even when Pasco started dragging Ada around the subsequent wedding feast by their bound hands, teasing her. “Look at this! And this! And this!”

And especially when Ada realized she’d had too much to drink and really needed to pee.

“C’mon,” she hissed at Pasco. “I have to go!” As he’d explained and as she’d seen for herself, pirates did not prefer nearly so much privacy for their evacuations. Already she’d seen plenty of men and women just step over to a patch of grass and relieve themselves, sometimes not even bothering to stop whatever story they were telling. And the women did it standing! Ada was impressed.

However, any time she tried to just do it, her subconscious was not on board and her muscles clenched tightly, even as her bladder throbbed with fullness.

Please,” she said.

“I don’t want to leave,” Pasco said, matter-of-factly, staying firmly seated on his log by the fire. Ada pulled and tugged and dragged at him, to no avail. She even tried to tickle him, but through his incredible self control, he didn’t even seem to feel it.

She humphed and sat next to him, crossing her legs and pressing them together. That felt good. She shamelessly rocked herself against the log that she was sitting at, knowing that the more aroused she was, the less likely she was to pee herself.

Though, her logic may have been fairly flawed. She’d had more than a couple glasses of wine. She tugged at his hand again, and he remained unmovable. Though, she didn’t undo the rope.

“C’moooonnn,” she whined. “I gotta goooo…” Her bladder was throbbing now in time with her arousal, begging for release.

Pasco grinned wickedly at her. “If you want to pee so badly, then just pee.”

His tone of command sent a wave of relaxation through her. Heat blossomed from her sex, spreading down her legs, in a feeling of blissful relief. “I think I… I think I am.”

She was. It lasted so much longer than she expected. It was pressure and release all at once, every nerve around her sex activated and humming with pleasure.

Ada gasped and sighed. She rubbed herself against the log as she finally, totally relaxed.

In a drunk, blissy haze she looked to Pasco, wondering if he’d chastize her. He didn’t. Instead, he tugged her by the arm to her feet. “Yeah, we’re definitely living by the waterfall,” he said, voice hungry with arousal as they hurried up the path to the glade to fuck the night away by the warm and cleansing water.


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