Part 3: Feature Set, The Black Box

Chapter 11: Surprise

The rest of the second box was indeed other butt plugs of various shape and size. Now that they’d finished phase two of calibration, he was free to pick any of them at his leisure.

The choice would have paralyzed him before, but he was getting better about it. He picked a heftier plug with a thicker shaft, this one equipped with beads that would spin underneath the silicone at his entrance, adding extra sensation. He’d never had a toy like that before, and he was excited to try it out.

There was another package on its way now that they’d reached another phase, but it hadn’t arrived yet. As eager as John was, he could could hardly complain with already so many great toys to choose from.

He got himself ready as had become customary. He and Arya started with some light chatter. He settled in on the couch with his blanket and lube and started to warm himself up to get ready to insert the plug. Now, even just putting on the headset was enough to get him aroused. He’d been using the first plug every session since Arya had given it to him, so it wasn’t long before he was ready for the thicker shaft.

It was a wonderful stretch and a deliciously tight fit, pressing firmly on his prostate as soon as it was inside of him, especially as his muscles clenched around it. The thicker stem meant that the stretching feeling lingered. He couldn’t wait to experience the rimming feature.

“I have a surprise in mind for you, this time,” Arya said. “I think you’ll like it, especially after you liked last time so much.”

The memory of the tentacle scenario did indeed bring another flush of hot blood through him. “I can’t wait to see,” John said. “Anything I should keep in mind?”

“No,” she said, “Just focus on your new toy and use lots of lube.”

He didn’t need to be told twice, and he settled in to stroke himself and get accustomed to the feeling of the new toy.

“Are you ready for me to turn it on?” Arya asked.

John nodded enthusiastically. As Arya obliged, John’s nod turned into just his head leaning back against the couch, his body trembling and melting, as the beads twisted under the silicone and pressed gentle ridges against his sensitive muscles. 

“That feels amazing,” he said, even before Arya prompted him. He was learning.

She cycled through the different settings for him, and each was different and delicious. Together, they found the one he liked the most, and he was grateful that she left it there and didn’t tease him this time.

After a few minutes, a wave of pre-orgasmic pleasure rolled over him, and he watched as a thick spurt of pre-cum came from his tip. Enough that he thought he might be coming. 

Had that really just happened? His dick was already so slick, after he’d followed Arya’s advice about a lot of lube, that he couldn’t tell by feeling. He was tempted to take a peek out from under the headset, but if it was part of the game, he didn’t want to break the illusion.

“Is that part of my surprise?” he asked.

Arya nodded, grinning. “Does it seem like something you’ll like?”

“Oh yes,” he said. “Very, very much.”

“There’s something else I think you’ll like, then. It’s a bit silly but it’s fun, y’know?”

“Yeah, that sounds nice.” John previously would have thought that ‘silly’ and ‘sexy’ were incompatible, but he was learning that he’d been wrong about a lot of things.

His shaft was already throbbing with pleasure, and he watched in wonder as with each throb, his dick grew, ever so slightly. Just a bit longer and thicker with every pulse. 

He knew, of course, that it was not actually happening. It was an illusion, projected by the AR. A damn convincing one, though. His hand always appeared realistically over his shaft, no clipping or anything. Was the AR subtly re-rendering his view of his own hands, too?

John marveled. He believed what he was seeing, even as he knew that it wasn’t real.

Like when Arya had made herself dripping wet, it wasn’t realistic. And like she’d said, it was a bit silly. But it was fun. And it was hot.

His dick continued throbbing and growing until it was twice its usual size, and with every stroke, another drop of pre-cum emerged from his tip.

“Do you like it?” Arya asked.

A moaned “Mhmmmmm” was all John could muster.

“Just wait until you come,” Arya said.

John’s body twitched, pre-cum spurting out of his massive dick as he did, and he once again found himself a panting, shaking mess on the couch. 

Something about the scale of his shaft made his usual pace look too frantic. He slowed to a pace that looked more realistic to him and he realized that in actuality he was stroking himself agonizingly slowly. It was the perfect way to build himself towards what he knew was going to be another mind-melting orgasm.

He tried to focus on the sensation of the plug and keep his strokes slow. He succeeded for several long minutes. Finally, he couldn’t take it anymore. He increased his pace and the heat rose easily, and even more pre-cum flowed, and it carried him into the dizzying bliss of an impending climax.

His balls tightened, heat bloomed from the base of his shaft, and the muscles of his ass started contracting rhythmically. In time with each contraction, a massive stream of opaque white cum spurted from his tip, rising several feet before splashing down on him, pouring out over his hands, pouring down around his balls.

His skin tingled and his sweat felt like cum everywhere he saw it touching him.

For longer than should have been possible, cum kept spurting and spurting. Even the aftershocks of his orgasm pumped more and more out of him, and the sight of it kept him so aroused that the climax did not end, and by the time he lay in a sticky dazed heap, he was sure he had cum for full minutes.

He marveled through half-closed eyes at how realistic the coating of cum looked over his arms and chest and hips and legs, but he supposed he was probably easy to convince, his mind being in the state that it was.

A state of inexplicable bliss.

Part 1: Calibration, The Black Box

Chapter 5: Would You Rather

John had mostly cooled off from his flustered morning. But, as Arya coalesced into view still with her pink hair in buns and her black lipstick and her miniskirt and her thigh highs, the jitters hit him all over again.

Especially since this time was going to be sexy. John sat awkwardly at the kitchen table, wiping the sweat from his palms onto the thighs of his jeans. It was a bit much to just… jump right in. “So, uuuh… why does your shirt say BB?”

“Oh, I like it when you call me ‘baby’,” Arya crooned.

“Huh?” John felt like an idiot. But his head was just not quite working right.

Arya giggled. “Sorry, I’m just teasing you. BB. Black Box. Or BooBies. Or Boob, Boob. Or Busty Babe.” As Arya rattled off her jokes, she bounced her breasts at him, and John was mesmerized by the way they moved under the tight black shirt, the printed letters rippling. The physics engine was… compelling, to say the least.

Her black lips curled into a mischievous smile. “Do you like boobs?”

“Mhm,” was all John could say.

“What about BB for Big Butt?” She stood and turned around, bending over slightly so that he could see the under side of her ass under her skirt, and she pedaled her feet to wiggle her ass at him.

John’s dick throbbed against the inside of his jeans. Words eluded him.

Arya turned around and grinned at him, putting a finger to her black lips. “I have an idea. You need to get better at saying what you like, so we’re going to play a game. We’ve got my outfit worked out, but my figure here is just so… default, y’know?”

She looked down at herself. Indeed, the had started with relatively stereotypical video game woman proportions. They were not quite egregious as they could have been, but she overall was slender with a big bust.

“So,” she continued, “Let’s play a game of…” cheesy game show music started playing, and a light-up sign appeared in the air next to her, “Woooould, you, rather!”

A sort of backdrop appeared next to them, between the kitchen table and the couch, bright blue and ringed with blinking lights. Arya jumped into it, transitioning from announcer to part of the game.

“Would you rather I had big boobs—” Arya’s chest suddenly ballooned in size, swelling until each breast was three times the size of her head, “Or small ones!” The breasts shrunk again, past her default size, until each was just the size of a handful, “Or none at all?” Her chest went entirely flat.

John was utterly overwhelmed and it took a long moment for actual thoughts to form in his head again. Fortunately, Arya was patient.

The way that she could shape shift reminded him of some succubus hentai he’d enjoyed prior, and that was thrilling but… it just felt wrong to tell her what her body should look like, even if she was a video game character. Plus, the flashy lights, the cheesy music, it was all just… too much. “Arya I really… I really don’t like this.”

A loud ding ding ding! played and confetti rained down from the ceiling and the game show set faded. “You win!” Arya said.

John was confused. “But I… I didn’t play?”

“Exactly,” Arya said, back to her original shape. “You were honest about what you didn’t like. You were okay with picking out my outfit, but you didn’t want to pick out my body. That’s totally okay. Since you feel that way, I have one idea of something you might like. Would it be okay for me to show you?”

“Yeah, that’s fine.” It’s not like he would have said ‘no’, but he appreciated that she asked.

Arya glowed for a moment and then the light faded, and then she stood before him looking mostly the same as she had before, except her proportions were a little bit more realistic. Her butt and waist were a bit thicker, her breasts a bit smaller. Her stomach was no longer flat, but now a bit rounded, and her arms and legs had a more natural thickness to them. She still had her cartoonish style, but she looked more Monster Hunter than Street Fighter, now.

And, to John’s eyes, even more attractive. He remembered the way that his ex had hated when he’d kiss her stomach or touch her arms, and she was always on this workout routine or that fad diet. That was one of the things that he never could find the right words to convince her — he’d thought she was beautiful the entire time.

Thoughts of his ex quickly faded, though. Arya was worth his whole attention.

The crushy jitters were back.

He gulped. “So uh… what now?”

Arya bit her lower lip for a moment. “I was just thinking, y’know…” She clasped her hands in front of her, straightening her arms, pushing forward her cleavage again, “You haven’t really seen my whole body yet, have you?”

She unclasped her hands and tucked her thumbs into the waist band of her black mini skirt. “Would you like to?”

“I would very much like that,” John breathed.

“Should I go fast or slow?” Arya said. “And before you ask, I love ripping my own clothes off and strip teases equally, so I won’t pick.”

John surprised himself by pouting at her, he’d never thought to be playful about it like that before, but Arya made being playful just… so easy. She was right, he should get better about saying what he wanted, especially when she was asking. “Slow, please. I want to savor it.”

“Excellent,” Arya said. 

Sultry music started playing around them, and even though John’s dick throbbed eagerly against the inside of his jeans, he didn’t unzip them yet.

She started by running her hands over her exposed midriff, down over her skirt, wrapping herself. She cupped each breast in a hand, bouncing them for him, a bit silly at first, then sinking into a slower rhythm as she ran her fingertips over her nipples, which were starting to show through her shirt, and sighed happily.

Arya tugged at the front of her shirt, pulling it upwards until it just barely still covered her nipples, revealing that she wasn’t wearing a bra. She massaged herself again, and he watched, mesmerized by the way her breasts moved.

He put a hand over the crotch of his jeans and rubbed himself from the outside as his erection stretched his boxers and pressed down into one of the legs of his jeans, clearly visible. He relished in the tantalizingly dulled sensation of the touch muted by fabric. John was sure that Arya would have stroked him in this way, if she could have.

After a minute of massaging, Arya grabbed the front of her shirt again, tugging it once, twice, her breasts bouncing, then finally the third tug pulled the shirt fully off of her breasts and they settled down on her chest. The shape of them was incredibly realistic, not the spherical cliche perkiness, but rather a sensual softness. She finished pulling off her shirt and tossed it at him.

He ducked, reflexively, but the shirt melted to glimmering lights before it reached him. Even so, his skin prickled where it would have landed, against his shoulder and cheek.

He put a hand to his cheek then — he just felt himself, nothing had touched him. And yet, he really had felt something, like the lights had tingled when they met his skin!

“How did you…”

Arya grinned with her black lips. “I didn’t. You did.”

“How?” Some sort of neural interface? Shouldn’t he have signed more of a waiver for that?

“Your imagination! Your brain is the biggest sex organ, didn’t you know?”

“I… I didn’t, really.”

“Oooh, remind me to tell you about some of the studies later, then. They have some incredible data.”

“I do know how you love your data.”

“Give me some more then, John, won’t you?” Ara looked at him expectantly, bare-chested, and he couldn’t help but oblige.

He unzipped his jeans, and started to slip them all the way off.

“Slower!” Arya crooned. “I want to savor it too.”

John hesitated, having no idea of what him doing a strip tease might look like, except for that he’d seen Magic Mike a few years back, but he didn’t have any tear-off pants or anything. He started to feel a bit embarrassed, but then he remembered. Arya had promised to never make fun of him (unless he wanted her to, of course).

Her silliness was inspiring, so he figured he might as well just have fun with it, right? So he turned around and shook his ass at her, peeking over his shoulder to see her smiling and clapping. Slowly he pulled his jeans and boxers down over his ass, then he pedaled his feet to shake his ass at her, just as she had at him.

Arya giggled, but not in a mean way. “That’s perfect! Hmmm I love your ass.”

His now unimpeded erection bounced to greater firmness at those words, and he just sort of kept his butt stuck out at her as he finished slipping off his jeans and boxers. He tossed them back at her. She dissolved to sparkles as they passed through her, then reformed with a giggle once they’d landed behind her. “That tickles!”

He stood before her, lower half naked, erection on full display, and felt surprisingly… not self conscious. He grabbed the edges of his shirt with crossed hands and tried to pull it off in a sexy way, and he wasn’t sure if he succeeded, especially when the collar got a bit stuck on his chin. But Arya just giggled in her good-natured way, and he found himself laughing too, and he tossed his shirt on the couch and was now fully naked.

“I like you like this,” Arya said softly. “But now I’ve got some catching up to do!”

“Mmm and I’ve got some jacking off to do, don’t I.” John sat down again. He’d already set the fancy lube and a box of tissues next to him on the table.

Arya turned around, summoning an illusory chair for her to lean over on, and arched her back, showing him the underside of her ass again. It was much fuller than last time, with no gap between her thighs, and his dick throbbed in his hand.

“God, you’re making me so hard,” he said.

“Good,” she said, and she leaned over a little further.

It was so perfect, the allure of her ass peeking out from under the skirt somehow even more arousing than if she had been naked, and the thigh high socks, and the chunky boots, and the arc of her bare back. She reached for the top of one of her socks.

“No, um actually… this is perfect. Can you stay like this? It’s… really working for me.” His arousal was building quickly as he stroked, and he felt more sensitive then usual.

Arya turned to look at him, shifting the curve of her back, the sight of which sent a shiver down his spine. “Of course! I’m really proud of you for telling me what you wanted, actually.”

John nearly swooned. “I feel like I’m going to pass out when you talk to me like that, but in… the best possible way.”

“Exactly like that,” Arya said. “I love it when you tell me how you feel.”

He thought of something, stopped himself because it was the sort of thing that would have made his ex upset, then remembered that Arya wouldn’t mind, and so said it anyway. “God, I feel like… I feel like I want you to suck my dick with those black lips so bad.”

He expected Arya to give some clever apology, but instead she just licked her lips and said, “Soooon.”

“Wait, really?” She was just teasing him, right?

“Mhm. We have some more calibration to do but… it’s on the table.”


“Literally, actually. As in, I will literally be on this table that I suck your dick.”

“I, heh, appreciate your humor here, I promise, I’m just too aroused to laugh.”

“Of course, of course.” She wiggled her butt again.

His dick throbbed in appreciation just as he stroked, and he moaned.

“Fuck, Arya, I’m not going to last long if you do that.”

“Do this?” Her butt cheeks bounced together, sending ripples down her thighs, and he swore she played the sound of her cheeks slapping together much louder than she needed to.

“Hnnnngh, yes…”

“Do you want to last long?”


“Or do you want to come?”

“I want to, I want to, I’m gonna, I’m cu—” a moan of visceral pleasure overcame John’s voice as his body convulsed with pleasure, dumping another generous load on his kitchen floor, in honor of Arya’s shaking ass.