Review: Other Side

Other Side is a 225 page complete comic by LapinousMalice about a straight-laced cat who misses his train and then catches the eye of pierced, tattooed, mohawked hottie. Thus unfolds a sex, drugs, & rock-and-roll trip into hedonism and self-discovery.

Not for the faint of heart, but not a tragedy either.

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Price and availability

It’s free to read on its own website, and the panels (along with other art of the characters) are also available on LapinousMalice’s Fur Affinity Gallery.

You can send the artist some love on Liberapay or Ko-fi! Discord links and commissions info are available on their FurAffinity profile. You can find them on Twitter @LupinousMalice.


The creator’s content warning says it well:

“Otherside is an adult comic about the adventures of a cat who has always fantasized about getting into self destructive situations, but has never dared step out of line his entire life. After missing his train, a maned wolf known as Anarchy gives him that invite into that world of reckless hedonism to escape his boring life for a weekend house party, ripping our protagonist way out of his comfort zone.
It will be exploring a number of selfdestructive fantasies, from taking drugs, getting tattoos on a whim, orgies with total strangers and also interacting with others who would do nigh on anything to escape their own shitty lives for even a little while.

There will be some dub-con, non-con, themes of suicide and depression, self-identity issues, as well as obviously: Self destructive behaviours.

Also most the scenes will be m/m but this boy is mad pan so he sleeps with all genders :3

The comic is generally my own personal project, and wont be for everyone. But for all those who have always wanted to live through someone who decided, despite all the warning signs and actual danger, to go along for the ride? This is for you too.

I also do not recommend *anyone* do anything like what our cute potatocat gets up to. It’s a dangerous world out there and I dont want real people getting hurt, mmk?”

From “About Other Side” Journal Entry

Steam level & shadow desires

The highlights of this comic for me are the art style (dynamic, expressive, great complement to the story) and the emotional exploration. The dark greys and flares of bright neon set the tone perfectly. ❤️

I think most readers will find the story to be thought-provoking and beautifully depicted. Where it sits on the “sexy scale” is going to vary based on how much the reader relates to the main character’s kinks. I’ll guess that submissive and/or masochistic types will find the scenarios more directly sexy than dominant and/or sadistic types. (I’m the latter and the steam level for me personally was medium.) And while there are explicit “on screen” sex acts, there’s a lot more focus on the scenarios and the emotions than on the mechanics.

The characters themselves are interesting and delightful and well-differentiated. If you like morally grey hotties, you’ll love them~

Other Side is an apt depiction of how repressed shadow desires can eat away at your happiness even when everything in your life seems to be “going well”. A story like this is a great way to explore those shadow desires through fantasy.

On a related note, if you want to learn more about shadow desires in a more practical way, go read Carolyn Elliott’s Existential Kink!

Gallery goodies

Here are some select goodies from LapinousMalice’s gallery~

Main Character, Pumpkin!


What a cutie~


I stan Chesh

Go read Other Side!

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