Review: Morning Glory Milking Farm

Morning Glory Milking Farm by C.M. Nascosta is an exceptionally well-written erotic romance novel about a minotaur milking farm and also my favorite. 🤩

At approx 50k words (160 Kindle pages, 198 paperback pages) it’s a little shorter than a typical fiction novel (approx 70k words).

Pricing & Availability

MGMF is free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers, $4 to buy on Kindle (Kindle link) and $15 for paperback (paperback link).

You can also support C.M. on Patreon (exclusive content!) and Ko-Fi. They’re on Twitter @cmnascosta and you can find their other social media via their website.


I cannot overstate how much I love this book. 🥰 I’m a sensitive reader (and person in general) and this checks all of my boxes. It’s on a very similar wavelength to my own erotic romances!

Some no-spoiler clarifications:

  • The premise is milking minotaur men for cum (not a lactation story)
  • The tone is wholesome, relatable, charming, romantic, sexy
  • There is indeed a plot! And it’s romance~
  • There are some truly beautiful turns of phrase to describe the characters’ emotions, I really enjoyed both the overall story and the word-by-word prose

Some low-spoiler clarifications (highlight text to read):

  • Though the story includes the idea of excessive mintotaur cum getting everywhere, it does not directly depict this happening. So if you’re iffy on excessive cum, it’s easy to gloss over, and if you’re into it, it’s easy to imagine.
  • Minotaur dicks are human-shaped (no horse cocks here)

What makes this book so sexy

Two independent elements in this book are spot on: emotional engagement and sexual depiction.

Emotional engagement

Emotional engagement is all about stakes, and C.M. gives us such excellent, juicy stakes here! The story provides that addictive swing back and forth between “omg, yes!” and “oh, no!”

The pacing did a great job of giving me enough information that I always understood the stakes, but never so much at once that I was tempted to start skimming.

The emotional descriptions in this book are standalone excellent, erotic content aside.

Sexual depiction

As I see it, reading is basically hypnosis, and so the best erotic scenes bring you into a meditative/flow state, providing specific sensory details and a pacing/rhythm that match the scene. The more thoughtfully the author depicts the details, the deeper they pull you into the trance, and the sexier the scene. Contrast this to writing styles that summarize or gloss over the sexy details.

However, detail along doesn’t quite do the trick. For a sensitive reader like myself, there are a lot of things that can break that trance–stilted dialogue, overly silly descriptions, confusing descriptions, etc. C.M. handles the details brilliantly and keeps that trance intact.

This is what I’m thinking of when I say “high-quality erotica”. The attention to detail, the creative prose, and the effectiveness of creating and holding that flow/trance state for the reader.

A few of my favorite things

Mild spoilers in this section–if you don’t want any spoilers, go start reading!

I love fantasy that considers the little things–like that enzyme wash pods would be necessary to break down minotaur semen enough for it to not clog the plumbing.

I’m not one for lore dumps, but when thoughtful little details like that are sprinkled throughout and woven into the story, it makes the setting feel real to me. Cambric Creek breathes off the page, bustling with all the strange-yet-familiar creatures of this multi-species community. Vampire restaurants! Mothperson babies! Chlorophyll lattes!

And there are just so many delightful turns of phrase in this book. Here are some of my favorites:

“The pressure of being a perfectionist, the unarticulated terror of not being an automatic expert… it would pass, she knew, but that never calmed her jangling nerves or settled her stomach at the time.” —Kindle Page 17

“The rational part of her brain kicked at her spinal cord in an effort to wrestle back sense, but she ignored the shudder, settling into the rhythm she knew he liked.” —Kindle Page 52

“His voice was a rumble of thunder caught in the mountains, the deep and sonorous warning of a coming storm[…]” —Kindle Page 71

“[…]but if the night didn’t end with her screaming his name as she came around his cock, Violet was certain she was going to perish from terminally unmet sexpectations.” —Kindle Page 104

And last but not least, spoken like someone who’s written smut in a coffee shop…

“Violet was certain she was about to swoon, the lights overhead suddenly too bright and the voices of the other patrons too loud, her thoughts to obscene for the polite company of the little coffee shop.” –Kindle Page 71

Go read it right now

Seriously! Just do it!

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