Part 4: The Interloper, The Alchemist's Illusions

Chapter 28: Under the Table

Linza made her way over to the private dining area behind the one-way mirrors. There were about a dozen tables and four were occupied—five after Linza sat down.

The folks in the room looked like regular patrons. Sipping tea, reading the paper, scribbling in a notebook.

The one-way mirrors ran nearly floor to ceiling, and the view through to the rest of the teahouse was clear. It was easy to forget that the rest of the teahouse couldn’t see you. And that was the point. 

Linza snuck glances at the other patrons, trying to figure which one was here for Tanyth. In the back corner was an older man with salt and pepper hair smoothed back and an emerald corduroy suit. Linza would have bet a whole night’s pay that was him. Everything about his demeanor said ‘gentleman’.

Tanyth dropped off her tea with the usual formalities and then fluttered over to the gentleman. They leaned close to him and spoke quietly, pressing their fingers to their lips.

But it was improper to stare—those were not the parameters of this experience—so Linza sipped her tea and watched idly out over the teahouse.

Fortunately, she didn’t have to wait long. Tanyth stopped by the main counter to end their shift, though it wouldn’t appear to the other patrons that they had.

They carried a little tray of shortbread cookies with them as they returned to the private room. They delivered these to the gentleman, with whom they shared another flurry of whispers.

Tanyth picked up one cookie and placed it between the gentleman’s lips, and he bit off a piece. Then he took the rest of the cookie and licked playfully at Tanyth’s fingers. Tanyth blushed and giggled.

The two continued, the gentleman becoming more forward, licking further up Tanyth’s hand, making their skin flush.

It was impossible to see through their skirt, but Linza knew that underneath the petticoats was a throbbing erection.

If Linza snuck a glance at the gentleman’s face, she could just make out what he was saying by the movement of his lips. He placed a hand on Tanyth’s waist. “Come, now. Haven’t you got any other sweet treats for me?” He beamed up at them like they were the loveliest thing in the whole world.

Linza’s heart twinged, just a little. She was happy to know that Tanyth cared for her. But she still wished for someone to beam at her that way, someday.

The gentleman’s hand slipped around to the small of Tanyth’s back. Tanyth said something from behind their fingers and he laughed.

“Oh,” he said. “Clumsy me, you’ve got a touch of crumbs.” He brushed off the front of Tanyth’s skirts but pressed more firmly than necessary.

Tanyth’s eyes fluttered at the stimulation, the gentleman finding their erection through the petticoats.

“I-I think I’m quite clean now,” Tanyth said.

“Still, something seems to be bothering you,” he said.

“N-nothing at all! You’re a perfect gentleman,” they said.

“Hm. Perhaps therein lies the conflict… Am I being too much the gentleman and not enough the man?”

Tanyth’s eyes widened as they fanned their heated cheeks with a delicate hand. “What are you saying?”

He reached out and caught Tanyth’s hand and pressed it to his lips. Lingered.

Tanyth gasped, looked faint.

He reached towards them with his other hand, but conspicuously knocked the empty tray onto the floor. “Would you look at that? Clumsy me.”

He kneeled down to get it.

“Oh, you must let me!” Tanyth said.

“No, no, let me be a gentleman.”

Linza was not the only one whose sidelong glances became more and more frequent. The idea was for them to both watch and pretend to not watch. 

The gentleman kneeled to the floor and looked up.

Everyone else glanced quickly away. 

There was a rustling of fabric, and then the gentleman was gone.

Tanyth gasped. They made a show of rearranging their skirts, only partly succeeding at disguising the movements underneath.

Linza thought this kind of complicit voyeurism was quite clever. You didn’t actually need to be subtle. You just had to pretend to be, and everyone else would also pretend you were. So, you could have a bit more fun.

Tanyth’s eyes fluttered and their skin flushed even brighter and they clutched their skirts. The gentleman’s clever tongue had found their shaft.

Tanyth did their best to contain themselves, but a few gasps and squeaks still escaped. And that was what made it especially exciting—how a dress falling off a shoulder could be more arousing than a nude.

Linza wanted dearly to watch Tanyth’s face more closely, but she couldn’t outright stare. Or… could she?

Linza imagined herself sitting there and reading a newspaper. She held out her hands like she might have held the paper. She traced the gesture for a minor illusion, and the newspaper appeared propped on the table in front of her. To those convinced by the illusion, it would be opaque. To Linza, it was translucent like the mirrored windows.

Nobody had been paying her any mind, so she expected it would be convincing.  And even if another patron noticed the illusion, them catching her in such shameless voyeurism would be its own fun, wouldn’t it?

She stared right at Tanyth’s face. 

They were beautiful. Their cheeks flushed, their eyes fluttering. They bit their lip as they attempted to stay quiet, to play it off. Their blue pigtails bounced as they trembled. 

A few minutes passed like that.

Tanyth shook. They wouldn’t be able to stand much longer. They awkwardly shuffled and then sat down where the gentleman had been, turning to face the table and scooting the chair as close to it as they could.

And then their expression melted into bliss again. 

They propped up a menu in front of their face, but Linza could still see their pigtails quivering. 

And so several more minutes passed. Linza’s illusory newspaper must have been convincing, because a patron across from her slipped their own hand under the table. He was out of sight for everyone except Linza, and she had a clear view right under his table to where he unbuttoned his trousers and carefully released his throbbing shaft.

He stared up at the ceiling as if daydreaming and then stroked himself.

If a little gasp just behind Linza was any indication, the woman behind her had also started to furtively masturbate.

Linza’s attention returned to Tanyth as they leaned further over the table. They whispered somewhat loudly, for the benefit of the audience, “C’mon, that’s enough!”

“But I always have cream with my tea.”

Tanyth’s eyes and resolve fluttered again. “They’ll notice!”

“Not if you’re quiet.”

“I can’t be— mmmm…” Tanyth’s eyes squeezed shut. They gripped the edge of the table, and their shoulders quivered. 

Linza inferred that the gentleman had enveloped Tanyth again, and he seemed intent on pushing them to climax. 

Tanyth’s breath was quick and shallow. They bit their lip again. Then, their eyes flashed open. They looked like a cat frozen in the sudden light of a front door swinging open. 

They arched their back, head tilted back, moaned, and then reached their hands above their head.

It was almost a convincing stretch.


A slight knocking sound of knuckles on wood caught Linza’s attention, and she turned just in time to see the man across from her burst onto the floor in front of him. 

Waves of heat overlapped each other throughout Linza’s body. Nobody else would have minded if she slipped her own hand under the table—in fact, the other voyeurs would have appreciated it. But she was still a bit shy for that, and ultimately she liked to push herself, to see how much stimulation she could stand before she broke. Like the bet with Tanyth on her first day in the breakroom, she liked the challenge.

Tanyth quivered for quite a while. They must have been quite worked up indeed, to cum for so long.

Eventually, the gentleman reappeared across from Tanyth, with a moderate effort at subtlety. His hair was a bit untidied, but his demeanor remained polite.

He licked his lips at Tanyth. 

They put their face in their hands and then peeked at him through their fingers and giggled.

“Was I enough of a man for my perfect lady?” he said.

They nodded emphatically, ringlets bouncing.

“I am afraid I must get back to business, you understand.”

Tanyth pouted. “Must you?”

“Aaah… you know I have such trouble leaving you when you make that face. A few more minutes.”

They chatted a bit longer, though quieter now and Linza could hear less of what they were saying. She also was not as interested in eavesdropping on the more personal aspects of their conversation. 

And her arms were getting tired from pretending to hold up the newspaper. When enough eyes were averted from her, she let the paper melt away to nothingness and returned to sipping her tea, which had turned cold. Oh well—she had no regrets about where she’d put her attentions.

Part 4: The Interloper, The Alchemist's Illusions

Chapter 27: Butterflies

Linza needed to debrief about Grun. Wyn would immediately jump on the ‘Grun is an asshole’ train and in this case, Linza wanted a true second opinion.

She was sure Tanyth would have noticed the newcomer. They might even be training him.

It was the following weekend and Linza was on a break, though she knew Tanyth was still working. They’d be at the teahouse. Some tea sounded nice and it’d be a good way for Linza to casually gauge whether talking to Tanyth would be a good idea or not.

It had actually been some weeks since she’d talked to them at all. The butterflies had probably faded.

The teahouse’s main serving area was on the second floor of an ornate building on the main street. Tiny round tables in a tidy grid filled the interior and spilled out onto the balcony that overlooked the street. Each table had a frilly table cloth in ruby, emerald, and sapphire and was ringed by matching velvet chairs. 

The staff were similarly decorated. None were taller than Linza, and they each wore the fanciest dresses Linza had ever seen—snug corsets, billowing bustles, many-layered petticoats, layer upon layer of bows and ribbons and frills. Some dresses were solid, while others were printed with panels of art—scenes of the ocean, unicorns and woodland creatures, pictures of tea settings. The staff wore elaborate hats, bonnets, or pigtails and bows.

Tanyth’s hair was tied up in two pigtails of sky blue ringlets with lilac bows that matched more bows on the ruffled skirt of their dress. The bustier was padded to suggest cleavage, and the corset nipped in at the waist. With the volume of the bustle, Tanyth radiated youthful femininity. Their pointed ears and elfish charm were the cherry on top.

They stepped around the corner as Linza appeared, and they noticed her right away. “Linza! Take a seat by the balcony and you’ll be in my area.” Their voice was especially girly. 

Linza’s stomach flipped. Okay, so the butterflies weren’t totally gone. Linza could manage, of course. She was an adult. This nervous spark with Tanyth was so different from the unbidden heat that Grun evoked.

She went to her seat and waited. The street below was a stream of people, babbling and jostling. A few minutes later, Tanyth fluttered to a stop at the table, ribbons tailing behind them. If Linza hadn’t known better, she would have assumed that Tanyth was a girl. But she was understanding rule number two, nothing taken. Taking someone’s gender for granted, even if it seemed obvious, could be unintentionally hurtful. Tanyth was neither a boy nor a girl, and yet both. Tanyth was themselves.

Linza admired the confidence of their expression. It made her realize how timid she herself could be. She’d avoided frilly dresses at university for fear that her classmates might not take her seriously. And her fear was probably justified. Tanyth themselves probably had to be more careful out in the kingdom. But here at the estate, it was safe to be oneself, both for the patrons and the staff.

Tanyth curtseyed to Linza and then clasped their elegant little hands under their breast. “What can I get you this fine afternoon?”

“A honey milk tea and an estimated time of when you’ll be off shift,” she said.

“Ooh! You caught me at a good time. I’m just about done with my floor shift, and then I’ve just got one experience booked before I’m off for the evening,” Tanyth said.

“Ooh, what kind of experience?” Linza asked.

Tanyth leaned in close and cupped their hand around Linza’s ears and whispered the details. Their voice sent shivers down her spine, but it was their words that sent pulses of heat through her core and legs.

“Oh my,” Linza said. “That does sound lovely.”

Tanyth nodded excitedly, and all their curls and ribbons bounced. “And actually, since you’re already here…” They chewed on their lip for a moment in the cutest way. Linza could see why they were popular here. “We’re short a few voyeurs, tonight. You’d be paid, of course.”

Was it just Linza, or was Tanyth blushing? Surely they were just excited about the experience, and not whether Linza would be there or not. 

Linza herself had been getting the swing of things at the house and was curious to branch out into other roles. This seemed like a great start. She nodded firmly. “I’d love to. It’d be great for my… research, too.” Tanyth would know that said ‘research’ was for her illusions and her writing. 

“Oh! No pressure, but if you also write some smut of it for me, you’ll be my hero!” They said it with all the gleeful sincerity of a princess to a knight.

Linza’s heart turned over in her chest. Tanyth really meant it.

And then Linza realized something. Tanyth did love her. They knew her well and cared for her deeply. That was all Linza had ever wanted, really. The butterflies might want something else, but they were just butterflies. Fun, sure, but nothing to take too seriously.

Linza did not have to fake her smile as she said, “You bet your little ass I will.”

Tanyth put their fingers to their lips and giggled. “Alright. I’ll actually serve you your tea in the room. It’s set just off the cafe with one-way mirrors,” they gestured to a mirrored wall on the far side of the room, “so that they can get the feeling of being in the middle of the cafe without disrupting anyone else. You’ll be the only staff today, other than me. The rest will be esteemed guests, and our honored patron of course.”

Linza nodded, the house’s lingo now second-nature. “Excellent.”

Tanyth turned to leave, then popped back in a springing of curls. “Oh! And he’ll call me a girl and that’s alright. He asked me first and everything, it was all very proper.” Tanyth fanned themselves with a menu. “He’s one of my favorites.”

“How long has he been coming?” Linza asked.

“Years now, about once a month,” they said.

Years! It was difficult to imagine working anywhere for so long, but she’d thought the same thing about university as a freshman. Time would march on. 

Linza grinned. “You’ve been looking forward to this, haven’t you?”

“Of course!” Tanyth nearly whined. “We’ve been flirting all afternoon.”

Linza grinned a bit wickedly. “Must make it hard… to stay focused on your shift.”

Tanyth blushed brightly. “Not you teasing me too! Tsk!” They hid their face behind the bottom of the menu.

Linza giggled. “Alright, alright. I’ll head over to the room. See you soon.”

Part 4: The Interloper, The Alchemist's Illusions

Chapter 26: Solicitations

Linza was eating dinner at a bench by the docks when a greenish shadow loomed over her.

It was the half-orc man from lunch. He still wore just the tight leather shorts, still moved with self-assured swagger.

Her heart surged to a thunder in her chest, her cheeks heating with the memory of not only lunch, but also her subsequent long session in the break room. She hated how hard—and how many times—she’d cum, thinking of the sweat on his chest and his look of enraptured relief. He had no right to affect her this much, and certainly no business just waltzing up to her like he had to the madame.

“Hey,” he said.

She wanted to snap ‘what do you want?’ but she was always so much sassier in her head than real life. “Hello,” she said. Apparently he decided that she existed after all. If he even remembered her from earlier.

“Do you mind if I join you?” he asked. 

She did mind. But she said, “No, it’s fine.”

“Great!” He sat down next to her, and the bench creaked.

He was so broad that his arm nearly touched hers. He smelled like musk, leather, and vanilla. Half of her wanted to lean closer into that smell. Half of her wanted to press as far to the other side of the bench as possible—or just leave. She sat stiffly in the tension between those warring desires.

He looked out over the docks and then the main street. “This place is amazing, huh?”

“Yeah, it’s pretty special,” she said, and she knew he had no idea just how special it was.

“You seem pretty special,” he said. 

She gave him her most skeptical look.

“I just mean, you know the madame?” he said.

So, he did remember her. “Sort of. I’ll be under her tutelage shortly,” she said.

“I’d love to be under her titty-lage…” he said with a smirk.

Linza was too polite to roll her eyes, and she certainly did not find it funny enough to laugh. 

His eyes scanned her face, and he seemed to notice and recalculate. He cleared his throat, smirk fading. “It’s just… It means a lot to see a half-orc be successful here, y’know? And not despite our nature, because of it.”

“Your nature?” Linza tilted her head. She was sure she knew what he meant, but she wanted to see what he’d say if she played dumb.

And he surprised her by going a bit shy and putting a hand to the back of his neck. “We tend to be… really horny.”

Linza scoffed a laugh. “I hadn’t noticed.”

He smiled. “They must keep them really well sated here, then!”

Linza wasn’t sure whether to clarify that she’d been sarcastic.

An awkward moment passed. 

“I’m Grun, by the way,” he said.


“You worked here long?” Grun asked.

“Three months or so,” Linza said. She still wasn’t sure that she wanted to be in this conversation, but she wasn’t creative enough to lie either.

“Only that long and you’re having lunch with the madame?” He looked genuinely impressed.

“Well…” Linza faltered. His current behavior was making his earlier imposition seem more like ignorance than arrogance. Was he just trying to flatter Linza? Or get through her to the madame? Wyn would have already handed him his ass, but Linza couldn’t bring herself to be quite so brazen.

And Grun looked at her patiently, despite her long pause. She half expected him to continue on with whatever other questions he had in mind, but he didn’t.

“… I guess I’m a bit of an oddball around here, myself. I’m an alchemist by day, actually. I’m a numbers person. So that’s mostly why. More of a tutoring in… economics than erotics, you could say.”

Grun chuckled. “You’re clever.”

Linza blushed. “Well, math is like anything, it’s just all practice.” She didn’t know why she was deflecting the compliment, other than reflex. He was right! She was clever! Wyn was always telling her that she should stop selling herself short, but whenever the occasion arose, the rules of polite conversation held her captive.

He said, “I know you haven’t been here long yourself, but…”

Here it comes, Linza thought. He’d be asking about the madame, for sure.

“…I looked over this terms thing, and… well, it all seems very thorough, but I’m not much one for paperwork. I was hoping for an inside opinion. Do you think I should work here?”

Linza blinked. It took her mind a moment to wind back from the answer that she’d already been preparing to comprehend his actual question. Then she said, “Are you willing to learn?”

“Of course,” he said.

“To do things differently than you have before?” she asked.

“Absolutely,” he said.

“To consider every aspect of your work with the utmost care?” she asked.

“Yes,” he said, with that same attentive expression that he had given the madame.

“Then… yes. I do think you should work here. It is a special place. If you come at it selfishly, it’s not a good fit. I could see that you…” Linza looked for the right words. The memory of his quivering obedience surged to the front of her mind. Her arousal flared. “That you, well, you listen. That matters here.”

He didn’t seem to notive her flustering. He just nodded thoughtfully. His eyes were blue—she hadn’t noticed that before. She didn’t know if that was rare or usual for half-orcs. 

He turned those eyes to her, smiling. “Well. I’m going to join, if only to have you as a coworker. I think we’ll be a good fit.”

All she could imagine was the immense fullness of him inside of her, and her arousal flared again. Words failed her.

“I’ve already bothered you enough today,” he said, pushing to his feet. “Thanks for the advice. See you around, coworker!”

And then he strode away, back into the estate.

And her eyes followed the muscles of his ass under those tight leather shorts.

Part 4: The Interloper, The Alchemist's Illusions

Chapter 25: Come for Lunch

Linza had not spoken directly with the madame since the day of her job offer. She’d seen the madame often around the estate, but the madame was usually on her way somewhere or speaking with her assistant. When the madame and her assistant spoke quietly and walked together like that, even guests knew better than to disturb them. 

So Linza was eager for this opportunity to speak with the madame again. They sat on the private veranda just as they had for Linza’s interview. The madame wore a dress woven of golden metallic thread, loose except for where it tied snugly at her waist, effortless and yet extravagant. It made her greenish skin look like jade set in gold. 

Wyn had told Linza that she should harangue the madame into taking her on as a pupil. Linza would do no such thing. She just wanted to express her thanks. 

And so Linza’s jaw had nearly dropped to the table when the madame had said, “The reason I invited you to speak today was to discuss the matter of you coming into my direct tutelage.”

“I would learn directly under you?” Linza blushed at her own accidental innuendo. 

The madame nodded. “Yes.”

“May I ask… why me?” Things were going well with her clients, but it had only been a couple of months.

“You may. Would you like to?” The madame was ever so precise, but never pedantic. 

Linza swallowed and nodded. 

The madame’s full lips curled into a smile. “Your combination of empathy, sincerity, alacrity, and imagination are rare indeed. And, you’re good with numbers. I cannot run this estate forever, much as I’d like to. I seek to leave her with capable caretakers. Eventually.”

Linza took a deep breath. Her heart writhed, looking for some way to defer or deflect the compliments. But she didn’t want to come across as ungrateful. And maybe… maybe she could even believe it was true. Flattery and manipulation were antithetical to the madame’s stated values. And Linza trusted the madame’s opinion—this was only her second time speaking with the woman, but the estate spoke for itself.

So Linza let herself feel a little proud. Let herself smile. And then beam. “There will be documentation to review?”

“Of course.” The madame grinned. 

Linza nodded. “I look forward to it!”

A soft laugh like waves on the beach shook the madame’s ample chest under the golden cloth. “That you are sincerely excited by documentation is no small part of what will make you an excellent caretaker.”

Linza’s cheeks heated with a blush. “That, um, that does make sense.”

With the business out of the way, the madame turned the conversation to more casual topics. It was brilliant to speak freely with her. The madame was sharp and clever and sincere. She was just getting into the story of how she’d purchased the first property in the estate when a commotion arose from just outside the private veranda—shouting and then a struggle by the entrance. 

Then the wooden doors flung open and a broad half-orc man stalked out, shrugging off the madame’s guards, who looked apologetically at her. The guards wore blades at their hips and moved with fatal ease—they would have used deadly force to stop a genuine threat. But this half-orc seemed too strong to contain without such means and yet not dangerous enough to warrant them. He was the sort of man used to going wherever he wanted to. 

He was only a finger’s breadth taller than the Madame, with a mane of wavy black hair, and he was wearing nothing but black leather shorts that were hardly longer than small clothes. Irritation surged up in Linza’s chest like a hissing cat, and she was not sure which she found more annoying—the rude interruption, or that the mess of his hair and the taper from his broad shoulders down to those tight leather shorts was instantly alluring.

“Look.” He held up his hands to the guard. “I said it’ll only take a second. Just a quick chat. No need to be feisty.” His voice was warm and deep and Linza hated how nice it sounded.

The madame stood and crossed her arms, easily looking the intruder in the eye. “Who are you? What do you want?” Her voice was even—neither challenging nor indulging the interloper.

He hooked his thumbs in the front pockets of his shorts. “I heard a half-orc can get some decent work around here, is all. Just trying to put in a polite inquiry.”

The madame put a hand on her hip. “A half-orc can get decent work in plenty of places around the kingdom.”

“Yeah, but here I can get paid to have sex.” His lips twitched with a smile—not exactly lecherous, but certainly not innocent.

“Hm. I see you are not lacking for desire. Few orcish men are. But you may lack desperately for self-control.”

“Let me prove myself.” His bare chest puffed forward. 


The madame leaned over to Linza and explained what she expected to happen, quietly so that the man couldn’t hear. 

Linza’s cheeks heated equally with embarrassment and arousal. Six months ago, she might have slapped someone for suggesting such a thing. Now… she wouldn’t miss what the madame had proposed for the world.

So Linza nodded. “I’ll stay.”

The madame turned back to the interloper. 

“If you would prove yourself, then show me your cock, that I might evaluate it.”

Said cock throbbed underneath the interloper’s small shorts. “With pleasure.”

He slipped his shorts down over his muscular thighs and kicked them off his feet, now fully naked. His cock swelled quickly to full erection, even without his touch. He seemed proud of that. 

Linza could understand why. It was larger than anything she’d ever seen. Not impossible to manage… but certainly a stretch. She shouldn’t have imagined what it would feel like to slide that length inside of her, but she did.

The madame nodded. “Fine. Your girth would please many here. Let us see your performance. You may masturbate.”

The interloper growled out a long sigh as he finally touched his hand to his shaft and stroked himself.

Linza’s pulse quickened, her arousal flaring. But her annoyance grew at the same pace. He was completely ignoring her. Not that a lecherous glance or cross comment would have elicited a positive response, but… well, Linza knew what the madame was about to do, and for the half-orc to cast some of his arrogance in her direction would have sweetened the experience for Linza.

Instead, the unbidden fantasy of grabbing this man by the cock and making him look her in the eye overwhelmed Linza. Her conscious mind reeled, unsure of what to do with that, but her body thrummed with deepening arousal.

“Now, stop,” said the madame. 

“What?” the interloper said.

Linza couldn’t help the wicked grin that pulled at her lips.

“I said stop.” The madame’s voice was pure command.

The interloper stopped stroking. 

“Put your hand down,” the madame said.

With a grunt, he did. His cock throbbed needily, his cheeks flushed and jaw tight with the effort required to stand still. He waited. 

“You may start again,” the madame said.

He was slower now, deliberate. He controlled his breath to curb the building urgency.

“Stop,” the madame said.

He dutifully put his hand to the top of his thigh. Took a deep breath. Swallowed. 

“You may resume,” the madame said.

As he did, he shuddered with a deeper and more visceral pleasure than before. It was not long before pre-cum dripped from his tip and onto the veranda.

“Stop,” the madame said.

He obeyed. 

After her usual length of pause, he twitched. Already, he had learned her timing. Still, he waited.

The madame let another long moment pass and then she said, “Resume.”

Linza was now deeply attuned with many expressions of rising arousal, and she guessed that by his rapid breathing and the steady drip of pre-cum from his tip that he was close to the edge.

The madame allowed him a longer time stroking than before, right up to the edge. 

“Stop.” The word was as powerful as the Command spell that Primmen had demonstrated, though there was no magic now—at least not in the formal sense.

He froze. Shuddered. Grunted. Dripped. Pried his hand away from his shaft.

The madame regarded him, arms still folded.

Linza knew he deserved every bead of sweat forming on his forehead and bare chest with the effort, but she was impressed—mostly because of how sorely tempted she was to slip her own hand down the front of her skirt. She had been eager to watch the interloper squirm, but she was surprised by how deeply she felt the suspense herself. She was irked by how excited she was to see what his face looked like when he came, to see just how much seed a half-orc male could dump uselessly at his feet.

The madame waited a long moment until his breathing had steadied. “Resume.”

And so it went, and the madame edged him again. And again. Five times. The clear puddle at his feet reached his toes. His resolve did not waver. 

Linza’s resolve, meanwhile, was melting like a candle in a furnace. She was going to need a long, long session in the break room after this. Her whole body tingled sympathetically with the interloper’s pleasure, her breath caught with every hitch in his, her own mind was hazy with lust, and she was sure that her eyes were just as dilated as his were.

The interloper reached the edge again. The madame did not tell him to stop. His breath sawed in ragged gasps. He moaned with every exhale. 

Linza felt like she teetered on the edge herself, although she wasn’t even touching herself.

But the interloper didn’t climax. He stopped himself, his eyes locked on the madame. He teetered at the edge. For a full minute. Just dripping and straining and waiting. 

The madame finally smiled. “Very good. You’ve proven yourself.”

He whined as his ass clenched and his spine straightened, a pulse of clear pre-cum coming with the movement. Nevertheless, he waited. 

Linza wanted to scream at him, ‘Just fucking cum already’, but she held her breath.

The madame’s smile deepened. “Please. Do cum.”

Never had Linza seen a face of such excruciating relief, such enraptured release, as when the man tipped his head back, lips parted, and with a low moan, utterly emptied himself onto the wooden deck. Spurt after spurt splattered at his feet. The volume was proportionate to his girth, and then some. Linza wouldn’t have been able to hold even half of it in her mouth, but she sure as hell would like to try.

He hadn’t glanced her way once, but she couldn’t tear her eyes away from him. Her whole body tingled with unreleased arousal, so intense and intoxicating that, despite her better judgement, she would have asked him to fuck her then and there if only he would look at her. And that, her better judgement reminded her, was exactly why the madame insisted on negotiating boundaries and preferences ahead of time before the heat of the moment melted inhibitions.

The interloper’s hand finally slid down to rest on his thigh, his eyes still focused on the madame. It was as if his climax had drained all the fire out of him, leaving just an expression of attentive sincerity. The bullish half-orc seemed now like a lost puppy.

“Good,” the madame said. “You will find decent employ here. Please defer to my staff from now on, and they will show you to your quarters and present you with your terms of employment.”

He bowed his head to the madame and said nothing else as he followed the madame’s assistant away from the veranda. 

The madame returned to her seat.

Linza had not yet returned to her senses. She wasn’t even sure if she could. Or if she ever would again. Who did that brute think he was, stomping in here, demanding a job, and being so fucking attractive? He had no right to affect her this much.

She could put him on his knees, have him begging and pleading to—

Linza needed to do or say something to get out of her head before her mind threw itself completely off the rails.

She cleared her throat and leaned further over the table towards the madame, trying to look casual. “Do things like that happen often?”

The madame looked as nonplussed as ever. “Not often. Half-orcs are usually already a bit more tamed by the time they get here. That one’s fresh from the borderlands. He’ll learn his place soon enough. Quickly, even—he seems like a fast learner.”

“So you’ll have to tame him?” Linza had heard of breaking wild horses. The battle of wills pitted rider against horse, the horse strapped and saddled and bucking wildly to throw the rider. She couldn’t help but imagine riding the half-orc like that, how he would buck and struggle until he was exhausted, how she would break him and he would look up at her with that attentive sincerity—

The madame chuckled. “No, no, and I didn’t mean it so literally. Orcish culture isn’t actually as brutish as that. It’s more about learning what tactics are effective in an interspecies society. He chose to defer and obey, so he’s off to a good start.”

The madame had treated him so unlike she treated Linza. To each their own, it seemed. Would the madame teach Linza more about how to deal with orcish men? And why was she so eager at the idea of putting this particular man in his place?

Linza did her best to focus as she and the madame discussed orcish culture for the rest of their lunch, but she could not quite shake the fantasy of that insufferable interloper moaning obediently between her legs.