New Release – The Gentle Dark

Professor Rosalyn Greenwood just wants to continue her rare species research in peace. But when a supposedly extinct werewolf appears, she volunteers to study him—even if it risks her career.

Jules Abbot was perfectly content with his predictable life and boring job at the bank. But when he wakes up in the basement of the Museum of Natural History, he must face his inner demons or live the rest of his life behind bars.

As Rosalyn and Jules investigate Jules’s curse, they learn that lycanthropy spreads not through bites, but through a much more intimate act… complicating matters with Rosalyn’s prudish colleagues.

If Rosalyn and Jules don’t crack the curse in time, they’ll lose their futures—and each other.


The Gentle Dark is a short monster/human romance novel (52k words) in a lightly magical Victorian/Steampunk setting. Featuring high heat and neurodivergent main characters, The Gentle Dark explores themes of intimacy, stigma, loneliness, love, and facing your shadow.

Detailed content advisories are available on the author’s website.

Get your copy here!


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