2022 in Review – Updates & Musings

Quiet as the site has been this year, rest assured that I’ve been cookin’ up some goodness behind-the-scenes.

First off, I for-real published an eBook in 2022 and forgot to post it here!

At first, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to get into eBook publishing—it’s intimidating. And while I’ve remained sure that I want to steer fully clear of a certain unlimited reading subscription, and I’m glad I didn’t rush into eBooks right away, it really is a much better format for long-form work, both for reading and for publishing.

Plus, the idea of having my covers in a storefront gets me excited, so I’m going to keep doing what’s gotten me this far–chasing the dopamine.

Towards that end, I have a ~50k word werewolf manuscript that’s just pending final copyediting and cover tweaks before I publish it as an eBook. I had intended a spooky season release there, but life got hectic. I’m really, really excited to share this one–it’s an especially quintessential expression of my signature blend of hot, heartfelt, and philosophical.

I also started a Tumblr! There will be some original shorts there, mostly as responses to writing prompts, and it’ll be another place to get news about new stories–and chat a bit, if you’d like! I’m excited that Tumblr seems to be reliably allowing spicy stories again, since it’s very much my vibe overall. Feel free to follow me there, and if you have any requests you’ve been sitting on, my main blog allows anon asks! There’s a chance I change the main blog URL, so if that link breaks, you’ll always be able to find me through monstrous-morsels.

Just in time for Christmas, I’ll be publishing a new Krampus short. And for no seasonal reason whatsoever, I’ve got a first draft done of a ~20k novella inspired by a certain strange plant in a certain little shop–so stay tuned for that too.

Further out on the horizon, I’m most of the way through a first draft of current-day farm-themed monster-loving goodness, and have an outline together for a sequel to the werewolf story. We might even see some of that before this time next year! 🙈

Most importantly… wishing you pleasurable holidays & a frisky new year~

♥ Bethany


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