Part 1: The Premise, The Alchemist's Illusions

Chapter 5: Sleepover

Wyn’s bedroom was nearly as large as Linza’s whole apartment. In the center was a beautifully carved four-poster bed with a velvet canopy.  The walls were hung with pictorial tapestries that depicted farmers, kings and queens, a baker’s shop and — Wyn’s addition — a woman in the nude.

Linza and Wyn sat next to each other on Wyn’s bed. They were both wearing nightgowns, Linza’s borrowed from Wyn’s closet. Linza had stopped by for dinner and soon realized that there would be no way that Wyn was going to let her leave that night.

The papers were all strewn out in front of them, Wyn poring over them. Wyn herself had studied evocation. She could make her hands burn with fire, could summon sparkling lights, could create ice out of thin air. She could also be drafted during a time of war, which was the major downside of becoming an evoker. When pressed on how she felt about military service, Wyn would just giggle and say ‘I’d like to see them try and catch me’. To Linza, it was a refreshing departure from her mother’s dutiful worship of the royal navy.

Evocation was also an attractive School to casters who were more emotional than studious, more physical than academic, and so it had been a good fit for Wyn.

Linza had hardly ever seen her read a book (unless it was romance, of course) and she had certainly never seen Wyn study anything so intently as she studied the terms of employment strewn across the bed.

Wyn set down the final page, having finished her third reading. “So little of this is about sex!”

“She said something like, ‘sex is one constellation among galaxies’.”

Wyn’s eyes snapped up. “Oh. My. Gods.” She pulled her hair and threw herself back on the bed, sending a few of the sheets fluttering. “She sounds so freaking dreamy!”

“She was! She was like… like a professor almost.”

“A hot professor,” Wyn said.


“Ugh. I heard she doesn’t see clients—”

“—esteemed guests—”

“—yeah yeah, whatever. I heard she doesn’t see guests anymore because she’s so busy training the staff. You have to try and get with her! I need details!”

“I’m going to be at the very bottom of the pecking order, there’s no way. Not for ages.”

“Ugh, but wouldn’t that make it, like… a little bit forbidden? Like hot professors at JSMI. Like, you’re not supposed to, but… doesn’t that make it more exciting?”

Linza snorted. “For you, maybe. It just makes me feel bad!”

“Really? Just imagine it… all this line of other staff before you, but she’s just as captivated by you as you are by her… you’re not supposed to, you know you’ll have to wait ages, but you flirt anyway… and flirt, and flirt… You try to woo her, but she declines… just as she’s about to crack, you dutifully agree to follow the rules, and then she’s trying to woo you…”

Wyn’s eyes lost focus, her nipples perked under the thin silk of her nightgown, and she ran her legs against each other luxuriantly. Her hair had come to rest across the pillow. She heaved a sigh, her breasts bouncing under the silk. “Do you want to fool around or should I go take a bath?”

Linza bounced up and straddled Wyn, only the thin silk of Wyn’s nightgown between her vulva and Wyn’s skin. “I would really like to fool around.”

“Fuck yes.” Wyn reached up and pulled Linza down on top of her, their lips meeting.

Linza particularly liked the comparison of sex as a constellation amongst galaxies. Hers and Wyn’s constellations shared this star. They had learned after some trial and error that they made better friends than lovers.

Neither was made jealous by the other’s flings. Each supported the other in whatever they might pursue. Mostly they met for tea and chatted.

And every so often when the stars aligned and they both happened to be feeling it on the same night, they fooled around.

Linza rocked her hips against Wyn. The silk was smooth against her labia, the other woman’s mound providing pressure. Wyn’s lips were soft and welcoming, her touch was fervent and greedy.

Their kiss ended as Linza rested her cheek on Wyn’s breasts, grinding even more fervently. Her moisture was soaking through the thin silk between them.

“F-fuck, you’re wet.” Wyn arched her back into Linza. “You poor thing, did the madame leave you all hot and bothered?”


“Hmmm let me see!” Wyn pushed up onto her elbows.

Linza reluctantly tipped herself off of the other woman, falling back to the bed next to her. The skirt of her nightgown remained at her waist, leaving nothing between her vulva and Wyn’s appraising eyes.

Wyn ran her fingers up the insides of Linza’s thighs and Linza shivered.

“My my, you are quite the mess,” Wyn chided.

She descended on Linza with her tongue and Linza screamed with delight.

It was overwhelming. It felt so good. Though, Linza wavered a bit in one of the uncertainties that meant that she and Wyn weren’t the best of lovers. Linza was the sort of woman that needed to sink deep into the fantasies of her own mind in order to climax.

Wyn preferred a more urgent and present sort of love-making and she grew quickly bored without variety or banter.

If Linza obliged with banter, she could extend the length of Wyn’s attentions, but she would delay her own climax. Some times, that was alright with her.

Other times, like this time, when she was fit to burst after days of building anticipation, she craved that release.

But then, she realized something. It brought her out of her arousal just a bit, but it was worth it. She propped herself up on her elbows. “Wyn?”

“Mhm?” Wyn looked up at her, face still buried in her vulva.

“I-I was thinking—”

Wyn started to roll her eyes. Wyn was always teasing Linza for thinking too much, especially during sex.

“—I could summon a phantasm?”

Wyn’s eyes widened and she perked up. “Can you summon an octopus mermaid to fuck me right now?”

Linza was surprised and impressed by how instantly Wyn knew what she wanted. It was one of Linza’s favorite things about the brazen woman.

Linza nodded. “Can do!”

Wyn’s breathing quickened. “Both holes, wrap my legs and hips, hard. Fuck me into your pussy.”

At Wyn’s lustful command, Linza almost forgot how to think, let alone recite the spell. Maybe Wyn had more of an imagination than Linza had given her credit for. She was all too happy to oblige.

Linza began the spell. It required all three components. 

Verbal, a spoken incantation.

Somatic, a measured and precise movement of the hand.

Material, the focus crystal that hung on a golden chain around her neck.

The crystal vibrated as she spoke the arcane verse and sculpted the nascent magic into shape.

As was ever true of artists and illusionists, they became deeply acquainted with their inner and unconscious imaginations in a way that few others ever did.

The resulting octopus mermaid looked much like Wyn herself, golden skin melting into ochre tentacles. Brown hair spilled in waves over her shoulders. Her face was aglow with mischief, her smirk decorated with cute little fangs.

To Linza, the image was translucent. To Wyn, who welcomed it, it would be totally opaque. To anyone else, it would be invisible. 

Wyn glanced over her shoulder and her face sparked with delight for one brief moment.

Then her expression melted into ecstasy as the tentacles wrapped firmly around her and into her.

Wyn moaned in a way that Linza had not heard before, and in a way that set Linza’s own arousal blazing again.

“I c-can feel it!” Wyn gasped. “Gods, I can feel it! It’s inside of me, fuck, Linza, it feels so good!”

Linza did not give the spell its next instruction explicitly. Rather, it responded to the fantasy that it had been summoned from, the unconscious thoughts from which it was drawing its power and form. Her’s and Wyn’s imaginations, together.

A limit of the illusion was that it worked directly on the mind and could not have a direct physical effect. But, expectations were powerful. As the illusory sensation thrust into Wyn, she moved instinctively with it, pressing into Linza’s vulva with the same rhythm.

The pleasure and heat built nearly immediately.

Linza’s breath heaved, her own breasts bouncing on her chest.

The mermaid’s face was glowing with abject pleasure, as if each of her tentacles was as erotically sensitive as a cock. She rubbed her own nipples with the ridged underside of one of her tentacles. 

As soon as the mermaid’s breath started deepening into deep gasps, Linza knew what was next.

“Fuuuck,” the mermaid said, in a voice that was smoky and sweet and a bit like the madame’s. “I’m c… I’m c… I’m cumming!”

Thick white foam that smelled like the ocean sprayed from the tips of each of her tentacles, including those that continued to vigorously fuck Wyn.

Wyn’s scream of climax joined the mermaid’s, and Linza’s was close behind.

It was the kind of orgasm that hit her like a rogue wave. Her conscious mind was swept underwater by, utterly overwhelmed for a moment before bobbing back to the surface. She rode out the waves of pleasure, recording every detail into memory.

Wyn’s screams of pleasure vibrated through her sex. The mermaid kept fucking her with a squelching sound and the smell of the ocean. The mermaid’s fluids were everywhere, soaking both of them.

Gradually, the waves turned to ripples and then the ripples to stillness.

Wyn now floated on the afterglow, cheek on Linza’s thigh and arms around her hips as if Linza were a life preserver.

The mermaid gently disentangled herself from Wyn, who gasped at the renewed pleasure of the receding tentacles. The mermaid just giggled and then turned and dived off the side of the bed. 

The sound of a splash was the last of the illusion as Linza released the spell.

Linza melted completely and became one with the silky cushions and smooth sheets of Wyn’s bed. Everything felt so soft, so cozy, so nice.

Wyn heaved her head up from Linza’s thigh. “Fuck, Linz… that was… holy shit. Your imagination is hot. Charge me next time.”


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