Part 6: Denoument, The Alchemist's Illusions

Chapter 48: Enveloped

The following weekend, Tanyth was busy training new staff. This offered Linza the chance to realize that as much as she was loving spending time as the three of them, she had missed her quiet moments with just Grun.

She’d invited him on another tour, but it hadn’t lasted long before they’d ended up back at Linza’s apartment, fucking in her bed.

She wrapped her legs around him, pulling herself down over him.

His eyes fluttered.

She gasped. “Fuck, you feel so good.”

“I know,” he said with a smug grin.

She squeezed him.

It was his turn to gasp, his composure faltering. 

She stole his smug grin until he twitched his hips up into her. 

She rocked against him, her arms over his shoulders, their chests pressed together.

He wrapped his arms around her and she was enveloped in him, in his warmth and his heartbeat, so much of her skin touching his skin.

She wished she could do the same for him, but there just wasn’t enough of her.

Unless… She leaned back for a moment and started a cant. The crystal at her neck hummed.

Grun quirked an eyebrow but didn’t say anything. He bucked his hips, trying mischievously to break her concentration. 

Fortunately, he caught her between words and so she didn’t ruin the incantation. 

As she finished, warm ghostly arms wrapped around him from behind. They caught his chin, gently tilted his head back. 

He sighed, leaning back into the embrace. “Ohh… this is nice…”

“It’s how I feel.”


Linza nodded and pressed herself into him again. As she did, the phantom warmth wrapped around him, pressing around both of them.

Grun shivered and his shaft throbbed inside of her. Soft hands brushed his hair back from his cheeks and ran fingertips down his spine.

“I remember,” she said, cheek pressed against his chest, ghostly fingertips trailing down to the base of his spine, “before, you liked… I thought we might…” The hands grabbed his ass.

He gasped. “Y-yes, please…”

Linza imagined doing to him what he was doing to her. The illusion instantly responded.

“Linza… oh fuck, fuck that feels so good… you feel so good!” His arms wrapped around her, holding her head against his chest.

Her phantom warmth did the same to him, running fingers through his hair.

“We’re not even very far yet,” Linza crooned.

“There’s m-more?”

“Oh yes. There’s so much more.”

Her ghostly shaft pressed in a little further. He’d only taken the head so far. 

She rocked her hips against him, making sure that there was plenty of sensation to help him along. Slowly, she pressed in further.

His eyes rolled back, his face became a portrait of bliss. He trembled and gasped. “Y-you’re so big!”

She wrapped her arms around his waist as the phantom arms cradled him. 

“Shhhh…” she stroked his hair. “Relax. Let me in.”

Those words triggered a chain reaction in his brain and all the tension, all the fight drained out of him and she pressed fully inside.

Her imagined shaft was dramatically thicker in the middle and thinner at the base, leaving him with a more comfortable stretch at the rim and yet a feeling of incredible fullness, much as he did for her.

He panted, squeezing her tight, his face scrunched with the overwhelm of the sensation. 

She rocked her hips against him, giving over her focus to her own pleasure. This heightened his as she squeezed down around him and her phantom shaft moved in time with her.

Slowly, at first. Only barely. 

“Oh fuck, Linza…”

Then a bit faster, still teasing. 

“H-holy shit…”

And then finally at her preferred pace, such that she fucked him both ways at once. 

“Fuck! Lin, I—”

She stopped all her movements, grinning smugly. 

He gasped and shook, but she’d stopped him right before the edge.

“I-I’m so close…”

“And that’s how you’re going to stay.”

A phantom hand cupped his chin, and he moaned. 

His shaft throbbed inside of her and hers in him. 

After a long, quiet moment, she started again. Slowly. Then faster. Right up to his edge— and then stillness. He gasped.

“Didn’t want your fun to be over too quickly,” she said. 

“So you’re tormenting me?”

“Exactly. You like it when I torment you.”

He tried to put on a withering glare. 

She wiped it off of him with a dramatic throb of her shaft. 

She started again. This time, she stayed slower, and dropped one of her hands to her vulva. Combined with the fullness, it felt so good

“I think I wanna come first,” she said. 

Grun nodded dutifully. “Can I help?”

“In a hurry?”

“… N-no.” He had definitely wanted to say ‘yes’. But he was being good. 

“You can help by sitting there and looking desperate, mkay?”

Her words had almost as dramatic an effect as her shaft, and his face softened again. “T-that’ll be easy…”

“Good.” She set the shaft to throbbing rhythmically, knowing that he was dripping pre-cum now. It was a pity she couldn’t see or taste it, but she couldn’t quite have her cake and eat it too.

Her imagination could give her the next best thing, though. Her mind danced with memories of him dripping as she rode him, her fingers working her clit and building quickly towards her climax. 

And she wanted it. She wanted it so badly, just like this. 

He sensed her breath deepening, her grip tightening. “Lin, are you—”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Every beat of pleasure for her was a wave of contractions around him. She captured his face in her memory, the shared bliss and yet growing urgency.

As the waves faded to aftershocks, Linza could think of no better way to enjoy her post-orgasmic sensitivity than to fuck him.

So, she did.

She started slowly again, teasing. 

He sensed the finality and trembled with anticipation. “Lin you’re… ngh… you’re gonna make me cum so fucking hard…”

“Not for a bit.”

“Please! I can’t take it…”

She thrust in harder, and he moaned.

“I dunno, seems like you’re taking it juuuuust fine…”

“Please give it to me, please give me more…”

She thrust hard again, directing most of the pressure at his own spot of especial pleasure. “Like that?”

“Yes! Fuck, yes, exactly like that.”

She obliged, escalating the pace until she was once again fucking him in earnest. Between her sensitivity and her view, Linza felt like she had never come down from her climax. 

He was in her, and she was in him. They moved against each other, skin against skin, not just where they touched but also where the phantom warmth ran over him, around his arms and down his back, through his hair and along his neck. They breathed the same close air, their hearts beat right next to each other, such a thin layer of flesh in between. They gasped and moaned and sighed into each other, content and yet wanting, wanting so very badly what was coming next. She tangled her fingers in his hair. He gripped her ass, pulling her over him. She fucked him, hard.

His grip tightened. His posture tensed. She kept up the pounding pressure on his spot, grinding over him, squeezing as hard as she could.

“Linz… Linz… oh fuck… oh gods… fuck… fuck… fuck!”

He pulled her down over him, holding her against his base as he burst. His face twisted with pleasure and then softened with release as he shook in time with the pulses of his climax, each filling her with more of his heat.

She held onto him as if he were her shore, she wrapped him in her phantom embrace as if he were her dearest treasure, and she was hard pressed to tell whether she herself had cum again or if the sympathetic pleasure was just that intense.

The illusion magic pulled away from her but she held it a bit longer, wrapping Grun in her warmth as he joined her in the afterglow, stroking his hair and giving him the sensation of his cheek against a chest.

And then the illusion faded, and it was just her in his arms.

He sighed and squeezed her tight. “Oh you clever little woman…”

She snuggled into him. Everything was so soft, so warm, so cozy

She could get very used to this.


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