Part 3: On the Job, The Alchemist's Illusions

Chapter 24: The Invitation

In the coming months, Linza settled into her routine. Just as with the break room, the routine did not diminish her pleasure—rather, the reliable expectation spurred her on.

She spent nearly every weekday evening and weekend afternoon at the estate. Linza usually had at least one session a day that was just Minor Illusions, but there was one weekend day where she had fully ten. Whenever her work permitted, she scrawled stories in her notebook in the dim light, inspired by the guest’s noises of pleasure in the other room.

Before and after her shifts or even between sessions that were further apart on the schedule, she wandered the estate. She bought pastries, perched on balconies and watched the people below, sat next to fountains and enjoyed the rushing water. She attended more lectures, each with their own explicit demonstrations.

Molly had been eager to read Linza’s smut, and Linza had been eager for a receptive audience. Spurred on by Molly’s encouragement, Linza wrote more than she ever had before.

Linza saw less of Tanyth. She still loved them, she knew. She missed them. But she could not complain and there was plenty to distract her.

She put nearly every copper of what she made towards her loans. At this rate, she might even pay them off within two or three years!

As her three month anniversary of being officially on the schedule approached, she’d received a letter in white ink on black paper. It was from the assistant, on behalf of the madame.

It was an invitation to lunch.


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