Part 3: On the Job, The Alchemist's Illusions

Chapter 20: Possibilities

Over the next few weeks, Linza distracted herself from pining after Tanyth the only way she knew how—by throwing herself into her work.

She attended more lectures, talked shop with other illusionists, and went out for tea with any of the other staff who would give her the time of day. Each one had their own advice and inspired their own new scenarios. Every time Linza thought she’d gotten her mind around what was possible, some nascent understanding sparked new possibilities. She explored each of these with her clients.

Most importantly, she learned that the illusions were made especially powerful by the addition of props, actors, and partners. Strategically placed dildos or masturbation sleeves, which could be strapped to or embedded into appropriately shaped cushions, added a whole new dimension to the experience.

Succubus themes were common. One woman sprouted wings, her breasts swelled, and she descended upon a strategically placed dildo which was to her perception a young man who she sucked to orgasm immediately and ceaselessly throughout the duration of her illusion. She actually didn’t start masturbating until after the illusion was over, and Linza had left her to finish on her own time.

One man liked to lie on his back and masturbate while a succubus woman ground on his face, another liked to be smothered by breasts.

There was a couple who liked to be twin anthropomorphic foxes and they fucked each other in a tangle of expressive ears, flailing tails, and clever golden eyes. It required two illusionists, but they were more than willing to pay accordingly.

An actor, usually from the vanilla sex department, could join the guest and then be transformed in the guest’s eyes at an appropriate time. So, these actors frequently became succubi, incubi, anthropomorphic animals, slimes and more. 

Linza loved the slimes because whenever someone ejaculated into one, she let the cum unfurl and swirl in slow motion. The guests particularly appreciated that detail.

Another woman had a favorite staff member from the vanilla sex department and she liked him to fuck her vigorously and then transform into a werewolf—knotted cock and all—in time with his own climax. To calibrate this, the staff member had come to masturbate in front of Linza often, and she could see why he was this guest’s favorite. Even while solo he got himself worked into a growling frenzy and he nearly howled when he came. 

Some sessions seemed largely therapeutic. Trans men and women described their spirits to her. She modeled them in minor illusions first, showing them to the guests and then incorporating corrections or elaborations, and then spun the illusion so that they would perceive themselves in their preferred form. Some just sat and looked in a mirror and seemed at peace, not even masturbating at all.

Linza was particularly fond of a couple, a woman and a trans man. He wore a dildo in a harness and simply fucked his lover. The illusion—though ‘illusion’, while technically accurate, did not quite correctly describe the realness of the effect—merged the dildo to his body so that it felt perfectly a part of him. 

There were some limits, of course. Linza would not summon illusions of specific people that they knew, though that would have been difficult anyway, given that she’d never met them. Nor were any scenarios involving children or characters that were too childlike allowed. Linza had also been able to provide a list of fetishes that she would not personally service and these were available to guests beforehand.

A few of the requests did surprise her, but she never let that surprise show. One of the other illusionists had said, ‘whenever anything surprises you, it just means you have an opportunity to expand your imagination’. Linza had taken that to heart. So, when one guest requested a pair of giant feet next to them that they might feel as small as a mouse, and then when they later set to fucking the gap between two of the toes of the foot, she set the toes curling and a distant voice moaning. The guest had given her a particularly large tip after that one.

What surprised Linza most shouldn’t have surprised her at all—a lot of her guests were exploring very common fetishes but were shy to do so with a partner. Some liked the opportunity to branch out into something new, like piss play, without the mess or potential hurt feelings of finding a willing partner but then finding that they didn’t like the kink. 

In general, one of the most appreciated aspects of illusions was the ability to throw all kinds of fluids every which way, without any cleanup required.

Other common themes were: large dicks, large balls, large breasts, the sensation of dripping, exaggerated semen volume, cum inflation, lactation, and group sex.

On that last one, Linza wasn’t quite satisfied with her performance. The guests seemed happy enough, but as Tanyth had teased her, Linza was ever an over-achiever. The groups moved a bit too much in unison, were a bit vague. 

The remedy was obvious. She needed to do some research.


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