Grand Opening

I’m so excited to be sharing this project!

It’s been several years in the making, slowly developing from something I did for myself to something I shared with my partner to something I can’t not share with you all.

Sexual health and wellness are really important to me, all the more so because mine started out so poor. (‘Purity culture’ kids, holla back!)

This project is all about putting forward a playful, imaginative approach towards sex and intimacy. Play and imagination were such effective antidotes to the shame and gravitas that characterized my early sexual experiences, and I hope you’ll find them therapeutic too!

I strongly considered going the traditional publisher route for sharing these stories (you’ll find full-length, carefully edited novels here) but there’s one key reason I didn’t.

I want this project to be something that a younger me would have stumbled upon, like I stumbled across, I Roved Out, and so many others.

Sexual health should be a right, not a privilege, and so for that reason also it was important to me that these novels be available for free.

That being said, I do have goals that you can help support! I’ve launched a Patreon page and have my sights set on making eBook and print-on-demand versions available. At Patreon you’ll find WIP updates, Q&A, exclusive voting, and more.

To see my ongoing and completed projects, head over to The Cookie Jar.

I’ll be posting regularly, so if you want notifications for the latest posts you can follow on Patreon, Twitter (@BakeSmut), or subscribe below.

Thanks for stopping by the kitchen, and hope to see you around! ☺


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