Part 2: Phase II, The Black Box

Chapter 8: Working

John was working. 

Well, he was trying to. 

Arya had suggested a game where he kept all his… sensors in. The goggles of the headset were tipped up at the top of his head so that he could see normally but still hear the audio and he sat on his couch with his laptop. 

Every so often, Arya would murmur something seductive at him and wind up the vibrator in his butt plug for a moment or two. She’d been teasing him like this for hours. 

She’d tormented him with an especially salacious moan. He’d finally caved.

Now his dick was out, his head melted back onto the couch, his breathing heavy. He savored the relief of touching himself after long last. 

His laptop was set aside next to him, forgotten, though he hadn’t even bothered to lock the screen. The last message from him to his boss glowed softly next to him. ‘Sure, call anytime’.

His phone vibrated next to him, sending shivers down his legs. Then his hazy mind caught up to what was happening. “Shit! I’ll have to call back.”

“No,” Arya said, voice commanding. “Pick it up.”

The shudder that ran through John was like an immovable force meeting an unstoppable object. He was so blissfully dazed that he could hardly comply, and yet by the same motivation it was impossible for him to not. After a momentary struggle to compose himself which lasted three rings, he put his cell phone to his ear.

“Hey, John! Just wanted to check in on that review. The publisher warned me it would be a long one so don’t worry about deadlines, they were clear that they didn’t want you to rush. But I wanted to get your initial take!”

Arya giggled. He could still hear her easily through his other ear.

“Yeah it’s uh… pretty good. It’s good.”

“That’s good, I promise I wasn’t trying to give you another bad one. Though, since you said it has some calendar-limited features… I was thinking, maybe I could send you a couple smaller ones to review in the meantime?”

Just as John when to answer, the vibrator surged on and stayed on. 

“Yeah! Uh… I mean yeah, that’s fine.” He thought about pausing the game. All he had to do was say ‘pause’ and Arya would. She’d go quiet, the vibrator would stop. But as much as he would whine at her later he… he didn’t want it to stop. He didn’t want any of it to stop. 

“Are you on a run or something?”

John’s hazy mind grasped for a plausible excuse. He realized that his hand had found his dick and he was stroking himself again. Mercifully, Arya gave him a moment without the vibrator activating. “Haha, almost. I got one of those treadmill desks, y’know? This job is basically all… sitting so, it’s uh, been good. Hadn’t had a call yet since I got it so, haha, didn’t expect to be this out of breath.” Gods, he was close to the edge. He wasn’t going to cum while on a call with his boss, was he? Just the idea of that sent a twitch through the base of his shaft, and a bead of pre-cum dripped from his tup. Uh oh. 

“Well, good for you, it’s hard to stay healthy these days! I’ll send you the promo codes for the two games this afternoon. They’re short indie ones, shouldn’t take you too long, and I’ll need them by the end of the week.”

John could not plausibly hang up yet, and he could not possibly stop his impending orgasm. 

“I gotta sneeze, sorry, give me a sec.”

John lowered the phone, muffling his boss’s response, and hit the mute button. He teetered on the edge, stroking himself, ass clenching around the vibrator so that it made his whole body shake, pre-cum leaking from his tip, triple checking that the phone was on mute. 

Eyes on the little red microphone, he finally came. Hours of pent up sexual tension pulsed through his entire body as wave after wave of pleasure radiated from his shaft, his ass, his pulsing balls and wave after wave of cum flowed down and around his hand. 

Still trembling in the afterglow, he unmuted himself and returned the phone to his ear. “Sorry about that. End of this week is fine.”

“Hm? Oh, yeah, perfect.” No doubt the boss had started checking email the moment John had gone on mute. They probably had no concept of how long it had been, and nor did John, which was for the better. 

“As usual, just message the editors directly if you think you might miss the deadline. Happy jogging!”

What? Oh yeah, the treadmill desk. “Thanks, you—”

Mercifully, before John could say ‘you too’ and then cringe at himself, the boss had hung up. 

He let his phone fall to the side and melted back into the couch with a happy moan. 

“How was it?” Arya crooned. 

“Fuck, Arya. Nnnngh… I have no words.”

“And you’re a writer!” Arya sounded very proud. 

“Yeah, and I abruptly have actual work to do, so I’m gonna let you go dream, mkay?”

“Orrrrr… we could turn that work into a game.”

“Hm.” John looked down at the sticky mess. “Brief rain check. I’m gonna take a few hours to get a good head start, and then after dinner you can tell me about your idea. How’s that sound?”

“Perfect,” she said, and then the headset played its ‘power down’ noise.. 

John got up to clean himself off — he was going to need a shower — feeling glowy and happier than he had in months. 


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