Part 1: Calibration, The Black Box

Chapter 6: Porn Tinder

John sat on the couch now. Arya sat next to him, legs curled up under her. They were chatting again.

John’s eyes kept flicking to the strip of bare skin between the edge of her skirt ant the top of her socks, where her thighs pressed together. 

She was still in her goth outfit and her BB shirt, blowing bubbles with chewing gum the same bright pink as her hair. She licked her black lips in between each pop.

He’d always thought there was something kind of sensual about bubble gum, the way it swelled and swelled and swelled and then popped… and when Arya did it, boy was it sexual. Especially when she let it splatter all over her face and hair. And then it just kind of faded away, no clean-up required, so that she could do it all over again.

It was effectively pulling John’s mind away from their more general conversation and into a distinctly aroused state of mind, but he still wasn’t quite comfortable just abruptly transitioning the subject.

“How were your dreams?” John asked. That was a gateway topic, for sure, given that Arya apparently dreamed about sex.

Arya grinned as she smacked her gum. “Lovely. I’m proud of you for getting better at communicating. I thought we might do something along those lines today. A game you might like a little better.”

He knew she was just a game, but… man did his heart get butterflies when she said she was proud of him. He couldn’t think of any ex he’d ever had saying that to him, or any of his friends, for that matter. They’d probably think it was cheesy, but Arya didn’t seem to have any of those inhibitions. It felt nice.

She blew another bubble, and John’s balls twitched as it popped. He’d Googled what she said, about the brain being the biggest sex organ, and she was totally right. 

“Alright, so, what’s this game?”

A gentler intro jingle played. John’s TV lit up, though it must have been the AR, since he wasn’t aware of any connection between the console and his TV. At the end of the theme music, a logo appeared for “Porn Tinder!”

“It’s a swipe left, swipe right kind of game,” Arya said. “I’ll play a clip, and if you like it, swipe right. If you don’t like it, swipe left and I’ll start a new one. The ones you like, I’ll save for later. Here, try one out.”

The logo faded and a video started playing on the screen. It was live-action, a woman in a skimpy dress sitting on a leather couch. “I’m so excited for my BIG audition!” she said, with fake enthusiasm.

John, taking a guess at the way it would work, swiped his hand from right to left, and the video tumbled off the screen.

“Exactly!” Arya said. “Though, the swiping is just for fun. You can also just tell me what you do and don’t like, because… eventually, you’re going to need both hands.” She grinned at him, mischievously.

“Haha, alright. This definitely seems like a more fun way to watch porn than just scrolling through Pornhub.” He wondered if Arya would throw in any clips for ‘hot moms in your area!’ or ‘big-boobed singles waiting to jerk off with you now!’ for giggles.

“Well, everything’s more fun if you make it a game!” Arya said.

“Fair enough,” John said, and Arya started playing the next clip.

This one was cartoonish, the same style as Arya herself, and so it seemed like the black box could mix stored and dynamically generated content. A feminine character was riding a masculine one, and they both had looks of pleasure on their faces. The clip was fairly short, though, less than a minute long. John swiped right.

The next was a woman with her hair up in pigtails, sucking on a lollipop, looking straight at the camera, a smile in her eyes. John hesitated.

“Be honest,” Arya said gently. “I promise I won’t judge you.”

John swiped right.

Next was a video of an older woman dressed like a teacher. He swiped left. Then two men, one fucking the other, both panting. Swipe right.

And so they continued, clip after clip, and Arya was right that it was not long before he needed both hands, stroking himself with one, balls cupped in the other. He said “Yep” or “Oh yeah” or “Yessss” and the video would tumble right, or he’d say “Nuh-uh” or “nope” or “not for me” and the video would tumble to the left. He took it as slow as he could, his curiosity in constant tension with his growing arousal.

The clips got shorter as they went, and if he hadn’t chosen before the clip ended, the screen froze, denying him until he made his choice.

He found that as they went he grew more and more confident. This was partly because the arousal was lowering his inhibitions and partly because Arya never reacted with anything other than curious excitement even as he swiped right on a time-lapse of a blooming flower, a man with fox ears and a tail, a tangle of fleshy purple tentacles fucking a blissed-out woman, a man kneeling in a collar with a leashed pulled tight, a woman eating out a man’s ass.

As he swiped right on a topic, he was presented with more extreme examples of it — more anthropomorphic people, more tentacles, more bondage. He swiped left when he hit his limit of comfort with the theme. He swiped left early on some samples of piss play and scat, though he knew that if he’d swiped right, those too would be accepted without judgement.

John dissolved into a rapid blur of yesses and nos, instinctive reactions, building heat. He actually didn’t mind when the ‘nos’ popped up, because they helped him slow down a bit. But the ratio became more and more skewed to ‘yes’ as Arya dialed in on his wavelength.

He’d forgotten that he used to play with his ass, but he hadn’t since his last relationship, since his ex didn’t like it. But the deep, visceral reaction he felt to the flashes on the screen were more than enough reminder that he was missing out. He’d have to get acclimated again, but… there was no time like the present, and he was plenty turned on.

John paused to get a bit of extra lube on his fingertips, and he let his fingers wander slowly down, over his balls and perineum, lingering to massage his cum vein, tease himself, and then finally brushing over his entrance.

The sensation was electric. He had truly forgotten how good it felt, how many nerve endings he was leaving out by not engaging this part of himself. His stroking slowed as his attention shifted, fingers running around his rim, filling him with a tingling heat, pulsing to the rhythm of the images flickering by. He was only barely capable of the ‘yes’, ‘yes’, ‘yes’ that kept fresh images coming. Though it had been a while, he felt so totally comfortable that he was even able to press a fingertip inside.

He teetered in a blissy haze, the ever-changing images distracting enough to keep him from getting quite to the edge, but his desperation building all the same. He felt himself twitch around his finger as pre-cum dribbled from his tip, muscles spasming in waves of pleasure and orgasmic false-starts. He had just resolved to close his eyes and finish when a longer clip played.

It was a mix of the cartoony style and more realism, with a bit of a film grain to it to help blend the mismatch. He recognized after a hazy moment that it was his own kitchen he was seeing, and Arya bent over the table, her ass in the air, and a man came over to fuck her.

Not just a man, him.

He was fucking her.

“Aryaaaaaa,” John moaned, pumping himself on the couch, rim tingling with electric pleasure, mind enveloped in the scene on the TV. His balls tensed, muscles preparing, and he pushed them down and away from his shaft with his other hand, the delicious stretch pushing him right over the edge. 

As he climaxed, cum flowed out over his tip, his shaft, his hand, his balls. He’d forgotten how there was always so much more when he played with his ass.

As the spasms faded, so did the TV, and it returned gently to black.

Arya sat on the couch next to him, smiling softly, as he heaved a massive sigh.

John chuckled a bit awkwardly. “Did you um… get the data? You needed?”

“And then some,” Arya crooned. “I think we’re ready for the next stage, actually.”

“We’re done calibrating?”

Arya giggled good-naturedly. “Not quite. This was phase one of calibration.”

“How many phases are there?” Was this going to be like one of those bosses, where every time you thought you’d defeated them, there was another phase? Would he ever not be calibrating? 

“Like I said, I honestly don’t know. It depends. But I know you’ll like this next one.”

John’s curiosity overcame his blissy exhaustion, and he cleaned himself up and returned to the couch.

“Alright, so what’s the next stage?”

“I have a promo code for you!”

“A promo code?”

“Yeah! Y’know, like for an in-game gift. But it’ll come in the mail.”

Arya gave him a URL to go to and he punched it in and was greeted with a website that was all black, except for two text entry boxes. Arya listed off two alphanumeric codes, explaining that one was her identifier, and the other was the code for his gift.

“Don’t they need my address?” he asked.

“They have it on file from shipping you the first box,” Arya said. 

“That’s a good mix of convenient and not too creepy,” John said.

Arya nodded. “I agree. It can be fun to get surprises in the mail, but, well, I want you to be confident that I’m not telling anyone your secrets, so this seemed like a good compromise.”

They chatted a bit more before he logged off. Despite how tired he was, it took him a little bit longer to fall asleep than usual. What in the world was going to come in the mail?

What did Arya have planned?


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