Part 5: Paradise, The Dragon's Tower

Chapter 25: Swimming Lesson

Ada and Pasco were in a glade with a crystal blue pool at the center, ringed by gently swaying ferns and trees, with a small waterfall at the upper end. Flashes of brilliant red, deep blue, and even royal violet glimmered in the trees as parrots and other tropical birds fluttered to and fro, like so many living gems.

Ada would have liked to study them all, to spend hours combing through the forest for their discarded feathers, to slowly teach them to come to a perch with gifts of seeds so that she could see them up close.

But, presently, she was in the middle of a different learning. Pasco was teaching her how to swim in the calm blue pool. It was shallow and she could stand anywhere except by the waterfall where it was deepest. 

Pasco still wore his trousers and she still had a shirt and loin cloth, because Pasco had rightly guessed that she wouldn’t be able to focus at all if they were both naked. The clothes didn’t actually help that much, though.

His golden brown skin glistening with water looked like a shore for her to wash up on and his hair was braided down around his shoulder like his own waterfall of midnight. 

Pasco talked her through the basics, providing gentle corrections and plenty of praise. Was this how his parents had raised him? Her parents had just glowered at her whenever she did something they didn’t like. It hadn’t been long before they were just glowering at her all of the time and it had lost its effect.

Ada’s favorite part of the lesson was when she floated with her face towards the sky and her arms and legs spread out, Pasco’s hand pressing firmly at the small of her back to keep her in the correct posture. She made sure she could float by herself a couple of times, then kept letting her back sag so that he’d keep his hand there.

“We’ll keep working on that one,” Pasco said, as Ada rose back to her feet.

She tried and failed to hide her smug smile.

Pasco surged through the water and grabbed her by the base of her back, pulling her into him. “If you wanted me to touch you, you just had to ask.”

She gasped as heat tingled in her sex, her arms pressed against his bare chest. “Yeah, but that’s not as fun.” She looped her arms up around his neck, and took a moment to just appreciate the way the water reflected in his eyes, turning the grey to blue. “I love the way you instruct. It’s… really hot.”

Pasco kissed her forehead, his lips soft and warm. “I thought you might feel that way, so I had something else in mind for while we were out here.”

Ada anchored her hands around Pasco’s neck and wrapped her legs around his hips, pressing against him. 

He gasped and his member throbbed against her. 

“Oh yeah? What did you have in mind?” She rocked her hips.

Pasco cleared his throat and a look of command returned to his face. He walked over to the edge of the pool and then up and out, easily carrying Ada as she clung around him like one of the baby monkeys that she’d seen on their way to the glade. She couldn’t quite grind on him anymore without the float of the water, so she let her toes fall to the ground and dropped herself down as Pasco went over to the bag he’d packed.

“I brought a couple of things,” he said, coming back with a stoppered clay jar. He handed it to Ada, and she pried it open.

There was a clear, viscous liquid inside. She dipped her fingers in and they came away wet. “What’s this? Do we eat it?”

Pasco laughed. “You can but that’s not what it’s for. It’s aloe juice with a bit of seaweed extract. Makes for a very effective lubricant.”

“Oooh, excellent. What was the other thing?”

Pasco held out his other hand, where he gripped the chain of a necklace. The pendant was a seashell with strange runes carved into the top.

“For me?” she asked, leaning closer.

Pasco chuckled like there was a joke she wasn’t aware of. “Yes. And no. It’s not for you to wear, it’s from the sirens.”

A mix of dread and arousal settled in Ada’s stomach. She did not like that she was sure she liked where this was going. “Go on.”

“The pink siren said it has a little one of her songs in it, so that while it’s open, you can’t come unless I’m coming.” Pasco looked tentative — excited, but perhaps nervous that Ada would not accept the scenario.

Ada’s hand flashed out, grasping at the necklace, but Pasco lifted it out of reach.

He tsked. “Naughty naughty. If you don’t like it, you’re going to have to be a big girl and use your safe word. I’ll give you a minute to think it over.”

Ada pouted. “This isn’t fair!” She jumped for the necklace, but Pasco kept it easily away from her. “Those stupid sirens!”

She wrestled with him to get at the locket, more to feel how strongly and firmly he put her in her place than out of any actual desire to get the necklace from him. She liked that she didn’t have to say it out loud, but she absolutely did want whatever he had in mind. It would be torturous, of course, but what kind of denial wasn’t? Her climaxes were always so much more powerful when they were built slowly, but she could only accomplish so much of that herself, her willpower quickly melting in the heat of her desire.

There was a type of pleasure that was only possible when she was trapped, restrained, fettered. And she wanted it.

They laughed together as she kept trying to dive at the locket, slipping around in the mud of the shore. His hands were so strong around her arm, the muscles of his chest like iron as she tried to climb him, his half-erection throbbing all the while under the thin, clinging sheet of his damp trousers.

“Alright, I think you’ve had long enough to think it over,” he said. “Look at you, you’re a mess!”

She was indeed covered with sandy mud from their wrestling.

He grabbed her firmly by the shoulder and shoved her back into the water.

She let herself fall without trying to catch herself, relishing the brief moment of weightlessness before she was enveloped in the warm blue water.

Pasco didn’t enter the water yet, but rather fastened the locket around his neck and picked up the pot of aloe, kicking off his damp trousers and coming around towards the waterfall where the shore became rocky. The rocks were smooth and rounded, eroded over centuries by the waterfall, which would run much thicker when it rained.

One of the larger rocks tipped down into the pool with its edge just at the surface and Pasco sat there with his legs over it so that his calves and feet were under the water.

Ada undressed also, tossing her damp clothes near his, and then followed him. She could have walked in the water, but instead she paddled over to him, eager to show off.

“Very good!” he said. “You’re a quick learner. Now, speaking of which, I don’t know exactly how this locket is going to work so we’re going to have to do a bit of experimenting. Since I’m immune to the magic, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to hear it or sense what it’s doing, so don’t assume that I know. You’ll have to tell me how you’re feeling as much as you can, alright?”

Ada nodded, loving the way that he looked down over her. She felt a bit like a siren herself, floating in the warm water with her arms over the rock next to Pasco’s knees.

A long moment passed, Pasco teasing her perhaps, though he was still only half-erect. She could sympathize that he was probably thinking through some less sexy aspects of the encounter, tending to things that Ada was not considering, perhaps anxious about what the siren’s magic would actually do.

And while Ada had said that she hated sirens, and she had at that moment, now that the exhaustion had passed, she would have happily done it all again.

All those things considered, and Pasco having already so generously indulged her in letting her put up a fight, she felt it was important that she initiate the next bit before he opened the locket.

She pulled herself up between his legs. “Before anything else, I’d like to thank you for such a nice swimming lesson,” she said. She looked up at him, her arms on top of his thighs, and hoped she looked sultry.

It seemed to be working, based on the way his face softened as his dick bounced further to life.

She took him in her hands, running her fingers gently over his still soft shaft, and then anchored her hands on the tops of his thighs to pull her chest up onto the rock.

She enveloped him with her mouth, easily taking in his whole half-erect shaft, and she encircled him with her tongue.

Pasco braced his hands behind him and moaned deeply, gasping. “You’re so warm!”

His shaft grew, becoming firmer with each heartbeat, pressing against the back of her throat. Ada wanted to keep her lips pressed against his base, to let his shaft bloom to its full length inside of her, but without either the sirens’ magical pre-cum or a bit more time to warm up, she just wouldn’t be able to.

So, she reluctantly pulled back but kept his tip in her mouth, swirling her tongue under him. Pasco gasped and shuddered.

Ada grabbed the outsides of his hips and tested out lowering herself slightly, then pulling back up. The rock below them was smooth and soft, and she slid easily over it. The sun had made the rock warm, and little sparks of pleasure flickered from her nipples as Ada lowered herself down, then pulled herself back up.

Very proud of her discovery, Ada set to an enthusiastic rhythm. She fucked herself over Pasco, taking him as deeply as she could. When she took him too far and her abdomen clenched, her sex clenched too with a ripple of pleasure.

The deeper she took him, the more she tasted a thicker, more mucous-like drool, as if her body was trying to make it easier for her to take more of him. That really got her going.

Pasco, for his part, probably would have declined if she had offered to become a slavering, gagging mess for the honor of sucking his dick. But she wanted it, she couldn’t resist. It was as much about her pleasure as his. She loved the feeling of him in her mouth, the way she felt between his legs. She loved causing his guttural moans, his gasps, his quakes of bliss.

She pressed her own legs together and wiggled in the water, desperate to touch herself and yet unwilling to tear her hands away from Pasco’s hips. She fucked herself over him even harder, as if perhaps that alone might just make her come, as her sex clenched around little sparks of pleasure.

Just as he was really starting to pant, he gently placed his hand on Ada’s forehead and set the pace, slowing her down gradually to a stop.

Ada looked up at him, his dick still in her mouth.

He took a deep inhale and sighed happily. “Alright. Enough foreplay.”


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